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 Bringing Sparkles (Part 3)

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Bringing Sparkles (Part 3) Empty
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Michael always felt most awake at night. For some reason he was more relaxed; all his senses heightened and tuned in to everything around him. As a little boy he lay awake well into the small hours just listening; the muted voices of his parents arguing quietly about one thing or another; the sound of his brothers sleeping, sometimes murmuring private thoughts they kept well and truly buried during the day; the scrabbling of a mouse or a rat under the floorboards; even the sound of his own breathing. It was a world away from the noise of the day; his father’s booming voice, reprimanding and scornful; his brothers bickering, teasing and clamoring for attention; the constant cacophony and drumming of recording studios; the chaos of screaming fans as he and his brothers were pushed and shoved from one venue to the next. The hullabaloo of his every waking minute!

As he grew older, Michael would lie awake night after night just acknowledging the solitude and quiet. He found he was at his most creative when the world and its constant and unforgiving gaze would finally leave him alone just to think, just to be. But somewhere down the line, solitude and quiet grew into restlessness and anxiety. Creativity turned into despair. He had cried out for help and doctors subdued and numbed his nocturnal spirit until he drifted off into a drug-induced coma. He woke every day neither refreshed nor optimistic, but at least it had recharged his body a little and given him some strength to face the daily onslaught once again.

Michael allowed his eyes to rest on the full moon that bathed their bare bodies in its strange and brilliant light. He had meant to allow his doctor to put him under once again this evening, but that was before. Everything seemed different now, clearer somehow. He held her tight and absorbed the gentle rise and fall of her body against his. Her bare arms were wrapped around his and he listened intently to the sound of her sleeping. Michael didn’t feel sleepy, but neither did he feel anxious or restless. He drew circles lightly on her upper arm. He kissed the top of her head and held her tighter. She stirred slightly and one of her legs fell back between his. Now they were completely entwined. Even without sheets covering them, Michael felt warm and comfortable. She looked so peaceful, but if she did stir then they would surely make love again and again. Michael felt his senses heighten just like before. He loved the night.

Wake-up Mariana

‘Hey, Mariana,’ he whispered her name over and over again. He was careful not to wake her straight away. He wanted to rouse her slowly.

Mariana don’t you hear me calling, Mariana.

He smiled as she turned over. Her eyes were still closed tight. She snuggled closer to him.

Mariana girl you know you were the only one

Hey hey Mariana

She stirred and groaned, ‘It’s so bright!’ He giggled and pulled her closer lifting her thigh high over his waist.

Mariana don’t you miss me just a little

Mariana after all you were the only one.

Mariana opened her eyes a little and was instantly dazzled by his smile and bright-eyed gaze. She smiled and kissed him on the lips. ‘I love that song, Michael. It’s one of my favourites.’ He rolled on top of her and continued singing.

Come on back to me, Mariana

Mariana come on back to me girl.

He continued humming the melody and slowly made love to her again. His voice was deep and resonant and his body rocked hers in time to the tempo he could see and hear so clearly in his mind.

‘Mariana, I need you!’

‘C’mon, get up girl!’ Michael said, still lying on top of her. ‘How can I move?’ she protested. ‘Try!’ he teased. She tried to push him off, but Michael didn’t budge. She slowly caressed his body with her fingertips working her way upwards. She looked up innocently into his unsuspecting eyes, ‘Mmmmmm girl, what are you…. OOOooooooowwww!’ he howled. Mariana’s fingers had worked their way up into his armpits and she was now on top straddling him. Still tickling him with both hands she basked in her success. He stopped smiling and grabbed both her hands in his. Looking at her intently, he was aroused again. She blushed as he held her fast, his large fingers now pressing into her thighs. ‘I’m going to be sooo late, again,’ he sighed, smiling up at her.

TWO: I don't know what's gonna happen to you, baby (Shake Your Body, The Jacksons: Destiny)

Mariana listened with fascination from the bedroom, as Michael and his assistant ran through his schedule in the next room.

‘Good Morning, Mr Jackson! The interviewer is already here and their technicians are setting up cameras and equipment in the library. The interview will begin in one hour. That will be followed by four more interviews – I’ll ensure they keep a very tight schedule, Mr Jackson. I’ve already briefed them all. Lunch will be here at the castle at 12sharp and Frank and Gary want to run through issues with regard to the technical checks this afternoon. The crew are already at the arena rehearsing and you’re expected there at 1pm precisely. Sound checks and dress rehearsal will finish at 3pm. Your children will join you for dinner in your hotel suite in Barcelona at 5pm and Karen will meet you there for hair and make-up. Your car will pick you up at 7pm. Any questions, Mr Jackson?’

'No, no. Thanks, Jill! I’ll be down in an hour.'

‘Wow!’ said Mariana as Michael jumped on top of her. ‘I feel dizzy just thinking about your schedule.’

‘That’s nothing!’ Michael replied. ‘I am so excited about seeing my kids, Mariana. You have no idea! It’s been nearly 2 weeks. Will you join us for dinner?’

‘Michael, I would love to. But they’ll want to talk to you, not some stranger.’ Michael grabbed Mariana’s hand. ‘You’re right. It is too soon. They will have enough excitement this evening! We could all have breakfast together, tomorrow?’

‘I would love to, Michael!’ Mariana smiled and returned Michael's kiss.

‘I gotta jump in the shower.' He jumped up pulling her with him, 'Come on! I want you by my side the whole day.’

He was very late for his first interview.

The Interviews

Michael tried to convince Mariana that nobody would bat an eyelid if she accompanied him that day. But that wasn’t entirely true, of course. Everybody noticed. And nobody missed the lingering glances she and Michael exchanged. Even the television director whispered to one of his assistants, ‘What’s going on there, I wonder?’ But he’d been given strict instructions not to allow any questions regarding Mr Jackson’s personal life. How frustrating it was for all of the journalists who had been granted an interview with Michael that day not to be able to ask the questions people really wanted answers to. Everybody had read the newspapers and seen the photographs that week. Michael’s crew were very careful to hide copies of the tabloids they had been pouring over that morning at breakfast. They spoke of nothing else: ‘She’s very pretty, but who is she?... I wonder what’s going on?... They can’t stop looking at each other.... Look at him! He’s smitten!’ One of his bodyguards remarked, ‘I have worked with Michael for over twenty years and I have never seen him like this!’ A junior runner whispered to another, ‘Look! He’s smiling at her again, he isn’t even listening to the interviewer.’ They giggled.

Michael was behind schedule all day, but he didn’t care. Mariana dazzled him. He smiled to himself as Mariana blushed and tried in vain to remain discreet, but Michael could see the looks she was receiving from people around her. He knew what others were thinking and he knew they’d probably read the papers. But for some reason he didn’t mind. His staff would be too embarrassed to say anything outright. Not in the middle of a tour, anyway. But when the tour was over? What then? Michael knew he and Mariana would cross that bridge when they came to it. Together. He smiled at her. He actually felt a little surprised at himself with just how lackadaisical he’d become. Maybe he should worry more. This wasn’t going to be easy for Mariana. But so far she seemed to be holding her own! And maybe it was time to think about his own life for a change and not what the public or even those closest to him thought. He liked her. He thought about her all the time. He couldn’t keep his damn eyes off of her. Michael cleared his throat and quickly looked back at the interviewer in front of him. Oh God! What question had he just asked?

Mariana arrives at the hotel

The rest of the day was a blur. Mariana couldn’t take her eyes off of Michael. During the rehearsals he kept looking over to where she was sat in the empty arena giving her the most dazzling smiles. He sang to her and seemed oblivious to what everyone else might be thinking. Whenever he got the opportunity he ran over to her asking her questions about the show, “What d’ya think?” “Do ya like the changes we made?” “Hey! Mariana, come see this!” He was like a child showing his best friend a new toy as he explained what the technicians were doing and what happened backstage. He introduced her to everyone and Mariana couldn’t help smiling at his joy. He was so unaffected by his success and hadn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for it all even after all the years he’d been performing.

Although Mariana had seen the concert before, this was a completely different experience. It wasn’t just the different country, the new song list or the extra dance sequences Michael had included. There was something else. She watched the man dancing on the stage before her with new eyes. He wasn’t a stranger anymore. The memory of his hands touching her, his body pressed hard against hers, his lips brushing her own overwhelmed her as she watched him spinning and sending the crowd into a frenzy. He put his heart and soul into every note, every beat and every move and when he smiled at her it was like there was nobody else around. This was all for her. She waved back and immediately felt very silly. Michael seemed to giggle as he continued to perform.

One of Michael’s drivers took Mariana back to the hotel in Barcelona where Michael and his children were staying for the next three nights. Mariana would meet them at breakfast tomorrow and she immediately felt very nervous. She probably wouldn’t get to see Michael before breakfast as he would be so busy after the show and probably exhausted anyway. Mariana was shown to her room that was actually a suite. It was beautiful. Nearly everything was white except the magnificent drapes, that had already been drawn closed, and the curtains around the four-poster bed that were deep red. The bed had been prepared for the evening and the rich red throw had been folded back revealing the crisp white blankets underneath. Mariana noticed a box of chocolates on each pillow and couldn’t resist. Her clothes had already been unpacked and hung in the wardrobe. She took off her shoes and wandered around the suite enjoying the softness of the sumptuous cream carpet on her bare feet. She helped herself to a glass of red wine and continued to explore. The bathroom was unbelievable. The bath was in the centre of the room and was huge. Again everything was crisp white except a huge modern painting of red squares that hung on one wall and was reflected in the mirror that covered the wall opposite. Everything was perfect. She began pouring a bath and put on one of the white robes that was hung behind the door.

There were several different oils to choose from and she finally settled on jasmine. She inhaled deeply as the aroma and steam filled the whole room and then she removed her robe and tested the water before submerging herself in the enormous tub. She rested her head and closed her eyes as she savoured the taste of the red wine. Thoughts of Michael filled her head.

“I just came to say, make yourself comfortable, my lady.” He was standing in the doorway wearing a silver gown, the kind boxers wear, but it was open revealing that he still had on his last costume from the concert. His hair clung to his face and neck and he was holding a water bottle from which he took a swig, “But, I can see you’ve already done that.” He leaned against the doorway and smiled at her.

My Cherie Amour

Mariana was embarrassed and had spilt some of her wine into the water at the sound of his voice. Her eyes adjusted to the steam filled room and she strained them to see where he was, but Michael had disappeared. Where had he gone? She sat up waiting to see if he would come back. All of a sudden music filled the room.

Mariana smiled as she heard Michael’s crystal clear voice singing along to the song.

La la la la la la
La la la la la la

My Cherie Amour, lovely as a summer's day
My Cherie Amour, distant as the Milky Way
My Cherie Amour, pretty little one that I adore
You're the only girl my heart beats for
How I wish that you were mine

In a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street
I've been near you, but you never notice me
My Cherie Amour, won't you tell me how could you ignore
That behind that little smile I wore
How I wish that you were mine

Maybe someday you'll see my face among the crowd
Maybe someday I'll share your little distant cloud
Oh, Cherie Amour, pretty little one that I adore
You're the only girl my heart beats for
How I wish that you were mine

La la la la la la
La la la la la la

She smiled at the irony of the words as he sang, “Maybe someday you’ll see my face among the crowd.” Michael reappeared in the doorway. He’d removed his gown, but was still wearing his concert costume: a pair of tight black leather pants covered in buckles and a silky red top with several black buckles around his arms. Mariana couldn't help but laugh as Michael danced for her in his own inimitable way to the Stevie Wonder song.

Michael's private performance

In fact, Michael put on such a performance she forgot she was completely naked and submerged in a tub. The steam filled room made her feel she was watching him live on stage and he sang and danced with such passion and fire for her she was completely lost in the moment. He twirled and span and grabbed a shampoo bottle to use as a microphone. They were laughing so hard and he was enjoying her reaction. She was now kneeling and dancing herself, completely oblivious to her nakedness as she enjoyed his performance. Michael suddenly stopped and looked at her. “Mariana!” he gasped, his eyes were wide open. Mariana quickly lowered her body back into the tub, suddenly aware of herself. He knelt down by the side of the tub, “Come here!” he whispered.

Mariana was glowing. Her cheeks burned and he marvelled at how beautiful she looked right now. Her hair was flat against her face and shoulders and he moved some of the stray hairs from her face. He noticed that she looked a little vulnerable: she was completely naked in the water. “Mariana, I missed you so much today. You don’t mind me coming in?” he asked softly. “It’s just that we’ve got so close over the last few days. I didn’t think you would mind me coming into your...oh!” She kissed him. “Michael, I was thinking about you all the time! I missed you too!” She whispered in reply and kissed him again, more slowly this time. “You could never make me feel uncomfortable, Michael!” He held her body close to his, “I missed holding you!” she gasped as he put his arms around her wet body and kissed her more deeply. The music had stopped and although they were both speaking, neither he nor Mariana was really listening. Mariana kissed him as he continued to whisper. She lifted herself further out of the water as she rose to meet his kisses. Michael continued to apologize, but his own body language was not at all apologetic. His kisses were deep and urgent and he paused in between each kiss to gaze at her glistening body. “I didn’t think to knock, Mariana… mmmmm!” She kissed him again. “I thought I’d surprise you… oh! Gggirrrrrl!” he gently cupped her cheeks as they kissed, “you look so hhottt right now!” His fingertips moved down her neck and shoulders and he moved his hands up and down her arms. “I want you rrright now!” he said, but Mariana could hardly hear him speak she was so consumed with desire.

DANGER: Slippery When Wet!

Now, I don't know how many of you have ever tried to have sex in the bathtub, but Michael and Mariana were about to discover it isn't always that easy. Combined with the fact that Mariana had been rather liberal, shall we say, with the jasmine oil it was all rather a slippery and dangerous affair. That's not to say it wasn't enjoyable, of course. Had you been staying in the room next door you would have heard for yourself the shrieks and laughter, the gasping for air and even the occasional expletive, which was not unwarranted as Mariana was so caught up in the moment at one point, she forgot to come up for air.

Michael, of course, had been unable to contain himself and had ripped off all of his clothes by himself. He leaped in, rather too confidently, unfortunately, and nearly lost his footing so the first word he uttered in the tub was, "Sh*t" which caused Mariana to double up in hysterics. "How much oil did you add, Girl?" Michael overcame his embarrassment and soon got back to business.

Or, at least, he tried to get back to business. He carefully crept on all fours towards Mariana, who was still giggling at him, "Too much red wine for you, I think!" and Michael removed the glass from her hands and took a sip for himself, "Mmmmm!" he said as he licked his lips, "but not as fruity as you, my girl!" and he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. Mariana literally melted again and disappeared under the water before he had time to catch her. She came up spluttering and gasping for air and now it was Michael's turn to laugh at her. But, once he had started giggling he found he just couldn't stop it. Mariana was kneeling and still trying to catch her breath. Her eyes were closed tight, but she wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway through all the hair which now covered her face. "Oh very funny!" she pouted, but this only served to strengthen Michael's hysterics.

When he had finally composed himself he tried to help her move all her hair from her face. Not very successfully. "Here!" he said "Lie back in the water." Mariana lay back so her hair fanned out around her face. "You look like Ophelia!" said Michael smiling down at her. Mariana was floating in the tub, "Mmmmm! This is sooo relaxing." she murmured closing her eyes. "Don't you dare fall asleep!" warned Michael and he grabbed a facecloth and some soap from the side of the tub. "Aaaaaagh! That's cold!" Mariana squealed as he poured the liquid soap all over her breasts. "I warned you not to drift off." Michael smiled. But she had already forgiven him as he began to work up a lather with his hands. She arched her back and pulled herself to the side of the tub for support. "Does that feel nice!" Michael's voice was deep and seductive. She couldn't respond as his hands continued to slowly lather up her whole body regardless of the fact the soap had long since disappeared. And now she felt his hands everywhere as the water gently lapped at her breasts. Again she closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy. She didn't notice Michael had disappeared under the water until she felt him gently nibbling his way up one of her legs. His mouth felt hot and she could feel him as he gently bit and sucked her flesh. He came up for air, gave her a cheeky smile and then disappeared again. Mariana could not begin to think how it was he could bring her so much pleasure and hold his breath under the water for so long. All she could think about was what his lips and his tongue and his fingers were doing to her. All she could hear was the sound of the water lapping against the side of the tub. And then she heard her own cry of ecstasy before her head went under again.

This time Michael was ready and had a firm hold of her. He knelt to prevent her slipping under again. She found herself in his arms, her legs wrapped around his lean waist and she kissed him with all the strength she could muster. The feeling of weightlessness heightened her senses. Michael needed just one hand to ensure her hips were at the right height before he eased himself inside of her. "Is that okay?" he managed to ask before plunging himself in deeper. Mariana was holding on to his arms for extra support and when she opened her eyes she couldn't help gazing into his eyes, but not for long. Whenever she looked at his face whilst they were making love it always sent her over the edge and she wanted to prolong this wonderful agony. His strength was incredible, the depth and rhythm of his stroke was reflected in his face of which she stole just a glimpse and then savored the supreme concentration of his eyes and the lip he was biting both of which were etched upon her mind now she'd closed her eyes again.


Michael struggled to contain his own excitement as he greedily devoured her body. He kept his eyes on Mariana the whole time. Seeing her body barely covered with water was simply too beautiful for words. He knew he should try to resist looking at her if he wanted to keep going, so he attempted to close his eyes and he bit his lips in an effort to hold back. But it was futile. The image of her looking back at him, herself fighting the urge to look down at what he was doing to her, now filled his head and sent him hurtling over the edge towards his own release. Mariana, who had almost given up hope of waiting for him, joined him in his throes and together they washed up against the side of the tub, panting like the survivors of a ship-wreck scrabbling ashore in each others arms.

Hold my hand, feel the touch....

"You okay?" Michael asked. "Yes of c-course," was all the reply Mariana could manage as she nuzzled into Michael's neck and he was suddenly aware of her shivering. "Oh my God!" he said, "The water is freezing." They both jumped out of the bath and put on bathrobes and set about drying each other vigorously. Then, rather foolishly, they attempted to brush each others teeth, but they got toothpaste everywhere and spent the next five minutes trying to rinse it out of their hair. Michael suddenly picked Mariana up and almost ran towards the bed. She lay in the centre and giggled as he set about drying her toes. "Are you ticklish?" he asked slyly. "Noooooo!" she responded unconvincingly. "I think you are!" Michael held her foot fast so she couldn't move it away and proceeded to tickle her feet until she was literally begging for him to stop. "You are such a liar." he admonished pinning her against the bed before he kissed her. "I don't want to go home tomorrow!" she complained breathlessly as Michael planted kisses around her face. "Well stay!" he answered casually, "I don't want you to go. So stay!"

"But Michael!" Mariana sat upright as he proceeded to play with the belt of her robe.

"You can stay with me!" Michael whispered nuzzling against her belly. "Stay with me whilst I tour!" He looked up at her expectantly.

"Of course, I can't Michael. I have to get back to reality." She immediately regretted her poor choice of words, but returned his gaze, nevertheless.

Michael looked back up at her. His large doe-like eyes looked a little sad, "But this is reality, Mariana!" and crestfallen he added, "It's my reality."

"Oh Michael, I know, I know!" Mariana smoothed his brow and played with his knotted hair, "I didn't mean it like that. I meant that, to me this has all been like a fairy-tale."

"But it is a fairy-tale!" Michael replied, "It's our fairy-tale and I want you to stay." He kissed her fingertips which were close to his mouth and looked up waiting for her response.

"And then what?" Mariana didn't like the way she sounded when she asked the question. She really didn't want to appear to be backing Michael against a wall, but the words just seemed to tumble out of her mouth. Michael leapt onto his knees and brought his face close to hers.

"I don't know, Mariana. You tell me!" He raised his eyebrows almost daring her to speak.

"Well, I don't know, I mean... I don't know!" She was useless at this game. She really didn't know what to say or how to respond. She suddenly felt out of her depth. "I have to go home," she said quietly.

"Hey!" he said lifting her chin with his finger, "Don't be sad, stranger!" He hadn't called her that since they had spoken on the forum on his website and the memory of it made her smile.

"Do you remember when I called you. For the first time?" Mariana asked.

"And you thought I didn't know you were about to call." Michael giggled, "You were talking to me online thinking I was someone else and telling me you were about to call me!" Michael fell backwards laughing hysterically at his own cleverness. Mariana bashed him with a pillow, "Oh, you think you are so clever, don't you?" She continued to hit him with the pillow until he covered his head with his hands and pretended to be hurt.

"OOOOwwww, Mariana, stop!" He was still half-laughing, but preparing himself to launch his own attack.

"Will you listen to me, Michael?" She protested, but she couldn't help smiling at his reaction. "You sang to me! Do you remember?"

"Sure, of course, I remember, silly!" Michael moved closer to her again.

"It was lovely, Michael!" she purred, "I was all tucked up in my bed and Michael Jackson was singing to me. Just me!" she added. "Can you remember what you sang to me?"

"I sang lots of songs to you. And you knew nothing about The Jacksons!" he teased.

"That is not true!" she scolded, "And anyway, you still can't remember what you sang to me!"

"Mmmmm! Let me think...!" Michael stalled pretending to wrack his brains.

"See! You don't remember!" she fell back on the pillows almost victorious. Slowly, Michael crept up over her body reaching over to switch off all the lights in the suite, he pulled the sheets over both of them and lowered himself on top of her. And then he sang, punctuating the lyrics with long, deep kisses:

Hold my hand, feel the touch of your body cling to mine,
You and me, makin’ love all the way through another night
I remember, you and I, walking through the park at night
Kiss and touch, nothing much, let it blow just touch and go...

You're a Parasite in Black and White

Mariana enjoyed meeting Michael's children at breakfast the next day. They were beautiful, funny and sweet just like their father. Michael was clearly in his element around them and they had clearly inherited his sense of fun and mischief making. They teased their father about the number of girls who had fainted at last night's concert and they couldn't resist trying to impersonate some of his dance moves for Mariana who was laughing so much she couldn't stop. It was a bittersweet occasion because Mariana knew she would be leaving today. Deep down Michael knew she had to get back to her own life and they exchanged glances in between all the carousal that expressed their disappointment that their time together was coming to an end.

Michael arranged for Tom to take Mariana back to the airport and after saying goodbye to the children she'd only just met, she and Michael exchanged a rather awkward goodbye.

"Well, let me know when you get home?" Michael asked.

"I will. Bye then!" Mariana tried to smile, but instead she felt her face crumple and her eyes water.

"Hey, buddy!" Michael tried to lighten the mood, "We'll talk soon, kay?" They exchanged a quick peck on the cheek and all too soon Mariana was following Tom down to the car park.

Michael spent the rest of the morning with his children and then Frank joined them in order to brief Michael on the day's events.

"Where's Mariana?"

"She had to go home."


"She had to go, Frank." Michael repeated, "She has a job."

"Mike, you should'a told me!" Frank was clearly worried.

"What d'ya mean?" asked Michael.

"Michael, have you seen the papers today? And yesterday's?"

"No, what delights have they come up with now?" Michael asked, without batting an eyelid.

"This time it's not you. It's Mariana!" Frank continued, "Michael, she will need security as soon as she lands!"


Wearing sunglasses to hide her red eyes Mariana was oblivious to some of the looks she was receiving at the airport. Tom noticed, however, and wasted no time getting Mariana to the check-in desk. "Tom!" Mariana suddenly stopped, "Check-in is over there!" Tom informed her that Michael had upgraded her ticket to first class. "Oh!" said Mariana surprised. "Have a good flight, Mariana," said Tom as they walked towards the First Class departure lounge, "And take care of yourself my girl!" Mariana removed her sunglasses and smiled, "I will Tom! And thank you for everything!" She gave him a peck on the cheek and made her way into the lounge.

She was met by two very good-looking and immaculately presented stewards who were standing behind a reception desk. She felt quite self-conscious as she gave her name as both stewards seemed to eye her strangely, but she passed it off and was escorted to a sun-lounger (the lounge looked like a Caribbean island complete with grass huts and palm trees.) Mariana made herself comfortable and was just about to select a magazine from one of the many laid out on a table next to the her when the other steward suddenly rushed over and grabbed all of the magazines in his arms. "I'm sorry, Senorita!" he gabbled, "These are yesterday's!" To Mariana amusement he laughed a little too loudly. "Let me get some more for you!" he continued. The other steward returned with champagne and strawberries. "Perhaps Senorita would care to sit over here?" Mariana who had made herself quite comfortable was bemused by their behaviour, but thought it was simply the quirks of traveling first class and she followed the steward to a more secluded area within the lounge and was given a selection of fashion magazines to browse.

She smiled at one of the articles, "How to Have Great Sex" and her mind drifted back to Michael. She smiled as she remembered their love-making: the first time during the thunderstorm, kissing in the bookshop, making love whilst reading poetry to each other, in the shower, the bathtub and then there was last night. She had lost count of the number of times they had made love last night, each time she thought her body had given up and she'd tripped into the land of slumber, Michael began again and each time was sweeter than the last. She smiled as she recalled the feeling of being gently aroused each time as Michael worked his magic on her.

She didn't have too long to wait before she was escorted on to the plane. "Wow!" she thought, "So this is how the other half travel." There was none of the stress of wandering aimlessly around shops or desperately trying to discover which gate you had to find. Everything was done for you. You didn't have to think. And on board the plane! Well no wonder those traveling economy were packed in like sardines, there was acres of space here and her seat wasn't so much of a seat as a space capsule, beautifully fitted with everything you could possible need. It wasn't that long into the flight before she received a call from Michael's manager, Frank.

Leave Me Alone

Mariana felt agitated as she sat in the back of a chauffeur driven car surrounded by security personnel. Frank had told her that some of her old friends, if she could now call them that, had started selling stories in response to a huge amount of media curiosity about her. He told her that much of the tabloid press as well as some of the entertainment channels were carrying stories about her past, including ex-boyfriends who had been persuaded to spill the beans. No wonder the stewards back at the airport had behaved so strangely. Mariana was desperate to see what had been written because she really didn't know whether to feel embarrassed or angry. What would Michael think? And then she suddenly felt sick as the memory of one particular ex-boyfriend came back to haunt her.

"Hello Mrs. Papadopoulos!" Mariana tried to sound cheery as she passed her neighbour on the staircase. "Hello, dear!" she replied. "Did you have a nice holiday?" "Yes, thank you. It was lovely, Mrs Papadopoulos." But Mariana could see her neighbour wasn't really listening and who could blame her as Mariana was surrounded by a small crowd, as it seemed to Mrs Papadopoulos, of rather large, well-suited men all wearing shades and earpieces. Mrs Papadopoulos stood against the wall as the crowd passed and then suddenly coming back to her senses again, called, "Oh, by the way my dear, I meant to say, your door is ajar. I just noticed it on my way out." Mariana froze. Her neighbour continued, "I thought you were back already, my dear!" "What?" said Mariana looking back in disbelief. She couldn't possibly have left it open!

Mariana's headache was blinding. She dreaded to think what had happened and was growing increasingly restless and upset. She waited outside her own apartment with one of the security personnel whilst the other three men went inside to look around. Eventually one of them came back to inform her that nobody seemed to be inside but that it was clear her possessions had been rifled. There was quite a mess. He told Mariana she should look around herself and then call the police. Meanwhile, he would make arrangements to find hotel accommodation. Her answerphone was flashing madly and she began to listen to an array of panic-stricken friends and family concerned about her well-being. It was the last one that surprised her the most:

"Mariana? It's your Mother, dear." as if Mariana wouldn't recognise the sound of her own Mother's voice. "Please call us, Mariana!" Mariana listened, "We feel terrible about the story!" Mariana was confused. "We really didn't realise what we were doing, Mariana! Richard called." Mariana's heart stopped. Richard? No, please, no! "We gave him your address, dear. Well I did! Your father told me not to, but it was too late! Please call us, Mariana. Let us know you...." The end of the message was cut off.

Mariana was listening but she couldn't really take it all in. She sat on the sofa in the middle of her own apartment whilst the police came and took photographs and asked questions. She had no idea what had just happened: one minute she had been living in a dream world with Michael, the next, her life had turned into some kind of nightmarish hell. Who would have broken into her apartment and why? Not Richard. He couldn't have, surely?

On the way to the hotel, later on that evening, Mariana persuaded the security team she needed to know what was being said about her in the newspapers. Reluctantly, they agreed and accompanied her to a newsstand where she purchased an armful of newspapers and magazines all running stories about Michael or herself. The headlines were crazy and her mind was spinning.

June 2005

She heard the car approach her parents' farmhouse and looked up out of the window. Sure enough there it was a brand new glistening silver Mercedes looking completely at odds next to her father's rusty old Chevy truck that to his pride was still as reliable today as it was the day he bought it over twenty years ago. Mariana smiled. It was a beautiful day and it would be nice to go for a picnic in the countryside. She grabbed a yellow cardigan and threw it on over her white summers dress and ran downstairs. She could hear voices coming from the kitchen, but before she got there, he had opened the door and was walking towards her.

"Good morning, beautiful!" he said flashing that brilliant white smile of his. God! He looked so handsome thought Mariana and even though he was several years younger than she was he had a habit of making her feel like a princess. She kissed his cheek and noticed her parents looking at them in the kitchen. They were smiling and her father had his arm around her mother who was holding a tissue to her face. "Is everything okay?" asked Mariana, moving towards them.

"It's fine, Mariana!" said her Mother picking up a picnic basket from the kitchen table "You two go and enjoy your day, okay?"

"Okay!" Mariana took the basket but she still wasn't convinced, "C'mon Richard I know you are dying to get behind the wheel."

Richard flashed that winning grin at her parents and together they walked out to the car.

They raced along the winding country roads and even though Richard was driving a little too fast, Mariana decided not to say anything.

"So what d'ya think?" he asked giving her a sideways glance.

"It's nice Richard! You deserve it, you've worked hard!"

Richard smiled and looked back at the road. "Sure have! Hey, what about here?"

"Perfect, I love it here."

Richard pulled off the road and Mariana carried the picnic basket over a gate which led to a footpath. "Hang on, I've brought a newspaper!" Richard called heading back to the car.

"A newspaper! Richard, it's a beautiful day, and we have a picnic!" Mariana protested.

"I just wanna catch up on the news is all!" Richard winked and grabbed the paper anyway. "Come on! I'll race you!" he said banging the newspaper on her head.

Mariana tried to keep up but she didn't want to ruin the strawberry meringues she had made specially.

Eventually they came to a hidden enclave under a tree. They were quite high up here so the view of the countryside was quite breathtaking. Rolling green hills formed the backdrop to a patchwork of fields of corn and barley and green fields where cows grazed nonchalantly in the midday sun. Here and there were dotted red barns and the occasional tractor rumbled by on the road behind them.

Mariana laid out out the picnic blanket and set about arranging the food whilst Richard threw himself down and opened up the newspaper.

"I see your idol's made the headlines yet again, Mariana" he cajoled.

Mariana ignored him. But he continued anyway.

"You don't really still like him, do you?"

Mariana knew where this conversation was heading. How she was tired of having to justify herself. She loved Michael Jackson. So what? When were people going to give her a break and why oh why did people bring him up every conversation. What did they think she was his spokesperson or something? She felt a bubble of anger pop inside her stomach, but decided to change the subject anyway. "Here, try a strawberry meringue, Richard!"

"No thanks! I have to maintain my physique!" he replied flexing his muscles. " Ha look at this! There is no way this guy is innocent. Look at him!"

Richard pushed the paper in Mariana's face. Michael Jackson's face stared back at her. He looked tired and crestfallen. In his eyes she could almost see reflected the media circus before him. She bit her lip, but still she decided not to say anything.

"Ugh! You love him don't you?" Richard's face darkened, "He's a freak, Mariana! And you're a grown woman. Get over him already!"

"Richard, please stop this!" Mariana was tired, "I don't want to talk about Michael Jackson! We are supposed to be having a picnic. Look it's a beautiful day!"

"C'mere!" Richard put the newspaper down and looked over at Mariana who was eating one of her strawberry meringues. "Don't eat that. You'll get fat! Come over here, I said"

Mariana sighed and put the meringues back in the basket. Reluctantly she went over and sat down by his side. Why did he always have to be so mean? She tried so hard not to argue, but why did he do this to her? He could be so kind and attentive and then suddenly he would turn. She really didn't know what to make of him at times.

"Mariana!" his tone had softened and he looked her in the eye, "You look very beautiful today, you know that right?"

Mariana tried to smile, but she was still uncomfortable about the things he had just said. "C'mere, Mariana!" He began unbuttoning her cardigan and pulled it off her shoulders. Then he ran his hands gently up and down her bare arms. Mariana flinched when he began circling her nipples with his thumbs.

"I like this dress, Mariana." he cooed, "It's soooo pretty! You're so pretty!" He bared his teeth as he took a sharp intake of breath. His hands had now moved down her dress and he began pushing it up over her thighs.

"Don't Richard!" Mariana tried not to overreact, "I'm not ready yet!" She flinched.

"Mariana, it's been three whole months!" Richard showed no sign of stopping, "Don't make me wait any longer. You're a big girl now you know!" He tried to separate her legs.

"No!" She said firmly. "I really don't want to do this. Not yet. Please Richard!" Mariana moved away and began tidying up some of the food. Richard knelt behind her and grabbed her wrists, "C'mon Mariana! You know you want to." She struggled but he wouldn't let go. He turned her around so she was facing him. "C'mon, baby! Give in to me!" He suddenly grinned, "That's one of your favourite songs isn't it?" he mocked, "You can pretend I'm your little King!" He pressed his body on top of hers and forced her to the ground, "Cos I am on fire! Quench my desire! Give it to meee!" He was laughing and forcing his hands up her dress. Mariana was shocked, but quite helpless as he pinned her to the ground.

"W-what the hell are you d-doing? Get off of m-me!" she stammered. Suddenly they heard voices walking along the footpath behind them. Richard sprang up and fumbled around for a can of lemonade in the basket. Mariana was shaking, but tried to smooth out her dress.

An elderly couple walked pass. "Hello!" called Richard, flashing a grin in their direction, "Beautiful day for a walk, isn't it?"

Present Day again

Mariana shuddered and looked again at one of the headlines:


And splashed across the banner at the top of the page was a photograph of Richard crouching in front of one of his flashy cars: EX-BEAU SPILLS THE BEANS ON JACKO'S GREEDY GOLD-DIGGING GIRL...

Mariana looked at the main photograph which unsurprisingly was one of Michael performing on stage. His face expressed anger and his finger was raised accusingly. Mariana almost laughed aloud when she read the caption: "Time after time I gave you all of my money." The multi-millionaire, self-proclaimed King of Pop needs to watch his back according to ex-beau Richard Tompkinson.

-----------------------------------> update

Mariana had pushed her life and all her past into the deepest recesses of her mind whilst she had been with Michael. It was like she had been floating in the present: the past and the future just didn't seem to exist anymore. And now her eyes were well and truly open, unblinking, hardly believing what she was seeing in front of her. And worse, what Michael would no doubt be seeing. Mariana dropped her head into her hands and sighed. She'd always known Richard was a scumbag, but she would never have dreamed he would ever stoop this low. She felt shame and embarrassment. As if Michael needed more negative press. Would he even want to talk to her again?

Mariana had been escorted by Michael's security team through the lobby of some hotel. She didn't notice which one. She felt weak and exhausted and she only wanted to lie down. The head of the security team took Mariana to her room and wished her a good night. "I'm staying at this hotel, Miss. If you need anything you can call me on this number." he said handing her a card. Mariana thanked him and closed the door.

She threw herself fully dressed onto the hotel bed. It was cold, but she didn't have the energy to get up and adjust the air-con or change into her night things. Hot tears gathered and began streaming down her face onto the pillow. She felt like an idiot. Who had she been kidding? She didn't belong with Michael Jackson. He didn't need some girl with an unscrupulous, lousy ex. Who was she to think that he would? The headlines stabbed her eyes and whirled around her sore head. Who would come out of the woodwork next? She sat up suddenly and looked around the luxury hotel suite. She certainly didn't belong here, wallowing in self-pity at Michael's expense. She went into the bathroom and filled her cupped hands with cold water which she pressed with relief against her face. Mariana stared at her own reflection. She looked tired, drained and disheveled. Before she could begin crying again, she picked up her bags and after checking the way was clear made her way back to the hotel lobby and out into the chilly night air.

Mariana didn't have a clue where to go so rather than looking lost in an unfamiliar part of town she began walking purposefully. She would find a diner or cafe that was still open and think about her options. She found a deli that, miraculously, was still open and serving coffee and food. She ordered a ham and brie baguette which came stuffed to the gunnels with an assortment of other goodies. She was suddenly ravenous. Mariana put her small travel bag under the table and then retrieved her phone from her handbag and placed it on the table before her. A waitress brought her order to the table and smiled at Mariana. "You look tired, my dear. Enjoy!" Mariana took a huge bite of the baguette and savoured the taste of the salty ham and the creamy brie. The smell of her coffee alone was enough to revive her senses and she suddenly knew what she wanted to do. Call Michael. It suddenly seemed the most obvious thing in the world. His was the only voice she desperately wanted to hear. He'd know what to do. She already felt like a fool for leaving the safety of the hotel and he'd most likely tell her to go back there. Still, she wanted to hear him speak to her. She felt warm just thinking about it. She was thinking logically again, thanks to the food in her stomach.

She worked hard to contain herself as she listened for his phone to ring and was so disappointed when she was redirected to his voicemail. She left a short message saying she was okay and that she looked forward to talking soon. Almost as soon as she had placed the phone back on the table she jumped as it started ringing and bouncing around on the glass top table.

"Hello?" she gushed still fumbling with the phone in her hand.

"Maria? It's me!" Michael's familiar voice was like medicine. Mariana closed her eyes with relief.

"Hey stranger!" She smiled as he chuckled at her words.

"Maria. You sound sad. Are you sad?" Michael asked sensing the reason behind Mariana's call.

"Michael, I'm devastated!" Mariana bit her lip as she waited for his reply.

"Please don't be sad. This is just to be expected. It comes with the territory as they say." Mariana smiled at Michael's kind words. "I was too relaxed about everything. I let them get to us and I feel terrible. I just want to be with you right now." he continued. Mariana forgot to speak, she was listening to his voice, it soothed and calmed and reminded her of the first time they had spoken on the phone.

"Hey girl! Are you still there?" Mariana giggled.

"Of course I am!" She replied.

"Just remember," Michael continued and then he started singing, "All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us..."

"Where are you?" He stopped abruptly. He could hear a coffee machine and voices in the background.

"I'm in a deli. Just down the road from the hotel you arranged for me."

"Are you with someone?"

No. I'm on my own. Why?"

"Mariana!" Michael sounded cross. "What do you think you are doing? Please go back to the hotel. I need to know you are safe. Okay?"

"I will!" Mariana promised. "I just need to clear my head. And eat. And hear your voice..." Mariana's voice trailed off. "Michael?"

"Yes, my darling." His voice was so gentle and full of love it took Mariana's breath away and she almost forget what she was going to say.

"Somebody broke into my apartment."

"I know, I know." Michael soothed, "I've already got my people talking to the police. "We will find out if it's connected to us. Hopefully it isn't. But I want you to go back to the hotel now. I'll talk to you there."

"Okay. Michael?" Mariana felt a surge of relief flood through every vessel in her body.


"Thank you."

-------------------------> update

Mariana breathed a sigh of relief. Michael had soothed away her fears and anxiety as soon as she heard his voice. She wrapped up her baguette which was too delicious to leave behind and gulped down her coffee. Thanking the waitress as she left she headed back to the hotel a much happier person than when she had left.

"Hello Mariana!"

Mariana stopped dead in her tracks. Richard!? Oh God! What was he doing here? Had he followed her from her apartment? Mariana swallowed hard and turned to see his familiar outline only half lit by the street light above them. She refused to ask him anything thinking only of getting back to her room and to Michael.

"My my, Mariana. You've been a busy girl of late." His voice was laced with menace and scorn. She hated him. Hated what he had tried to do to her. She kept her eyes on him but her body was turned away.

"In a hurry, sweetheart?" he cajoled. "Back to Michael?" His voice was steady, but the pitch left Mariana in no doubt about his intentions.

Still Mariana said nothing.

"Do you know how long it took me to find you Mariana?" Richard continued, as if they were having an ordinary conversation. "Weeks. No, months!" He paused but knew she wasn't going to respond. "And now? Now you have created quite the little life for yourself haven't you?

"I had it all worked out Mariana. I was going to marry you, buy a nice house in country, have kids. But no. That wasn't enough for you. You wanted more didn't you? You wanted your idol didn't you. I wasn't good enough for you." Mariana knew it was all rubbish. How on earth had he convinced himself that this was their future together. He had never acknowledged the fact that he attacked her and his smooth reaction immediately after it had happened convinced Mariana that nobody would ever believe her. Even her parents were won over by the local golden boy and the fact he was interested in their daughter. They had treated her like a complete oddity when she began ignoring his calls. He'd been so hostile and physically aggressive towards her, the truth was she was frightened of him, but what made matters worse was how kind and wonderful everyone else thought he was. She had had no choice. She had to leave. And now here he was again ready to destroy any happiness she had finally found in her life.

"And now it's all gone Mariana. I'm flat broke." Mariana shivered as she felt his hand grab hold of her sleeve and his eyes seemed to bore through her skin. "It's all gone, Mariana. The market's dried up and so have I." His steady voice had broken and there was rage in his eyes. "But look who's come into a bit of good fortune!" His hand tightly squeezed her upper arm and Mariana knew she had to respond carefully. He'd been drinking, heavily, and he was on the edge. There was no telling what he would do. He was shaking and volatile she thought. Suddenly she felt another hand on her shoulder and she turned, relieved to see a friendly face.

"Miss? Is everything okay?" It was the head of the security team who had brought her to the hotel. Mariana hesitated. He then extended his hand to Richard, "Hello, I'm Max a friend of Mariana's." Richard who had released her arm, ignored this gesture and had already turned to leave. He looked over his shoulder at her and smirked. "Go back to your ivory tower, Mariana!" he snarled before he sauntered off into the darkness. But she had an uneasy feeling that this wouldn't be the last she would see of him.

"Are you okay, Miss?" Max noticed Mariana was shivering so he wasted no time getting her back inside the hotel.

"I'm okay, just a little shook up! Thank you, Max. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there."

Max was still worried. He had already decided to call the police who were investigating the break in at Mariana's apartment. This latest situation which occurred just outside the hotel Mariana was staying at was a major concern and he immediately decided to call Michael's people in Europe.

-----------------------------------> update - Sunday 10.16

When Michael found out about the incident he was distraught. It was his responsibility to ensure Mariana was safe and with her name and image splashed all over the media he knew she was highly vulnerable, especially to any ex-boyfriends with a chip on their shoulder. He knew from personal experience that all kinds of people had it in them to crawl out of the woodwork and create stories for cash, but even more disturbing was the fact that this same person was harassing her. Frank had relayed Max's description of the man. He was unshaven, unkempt and had clearly been drinking, heavily. Michael took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Would this taste of being associated with him be too much for her to bear? They had hardly got off the ground. He was angry with himself for having been so public with his affections towards her. What had he been thinking? The truth was he hadn't been thinking. She had sent his mind into a spin to the point where he had almost forgotten who he was. With her there was no past, no future to worry about, just the bliss of loving and living in the moment. What a fool he'd been. Now he had to think. How would he protect her? He wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool until he could be with her again. Then everything would be okay. He would have her in his arms once again and everything else would be forgotten. He still had over three weeks of the European leg to perform, before he could fly home and be with her. Then it struck him. His condominium in New York. Of course. She could go there! She'd be safe. Various members of his family were always borrowing it, but he would ensure no one would be there whilst she was using it. Just three more weeks and he would join her. Then they would talk about their future - together. All of their troubles would just disappear when he was by her side again. He would make sure of that.

------------------------------> update Sunday 10.58

Michael and Mariana talked for several hours. For some reason they didn't talk about the incident or the media. They didn't talk about the past and they didn't talk about the future other than when Michael explained that he wanted her to stay in his apartment. Mariana protested at first: she felt helpless and unable to defend herself and falling back on Michael's charity just seemed plain wrong and slightly pathetic.

"Mariana. Listen to me. Please, I want you to do this for us." Michael implored. "I could never forgive myself if anything happened to you. What happened to you this evening scared me. Besides it's just for a little while, until I get back to you."

Mariana finally agreed, her heart was filled with warmth from his sincerity and concern for her. Nobody, other than her own parents whom she loved dearly, had ever looked after her like this. She felt herself well up with tears again.

"I miss you so much, Michael" She sounded so lost and sad, Michael couldn't help feel sorry for her.

"Hey now, don't cry, Maria!" His voice was soft and quiet. Even the silences were filled with longing and desire. They talked about nothing in particular after that, the sound of each others voice was all they needed to hear. Michael sang and whispered silly things to her that made her giggle and long for him even more. He told her about things that had gone wrong on stage and the discovery that his zipper was undone whilst he was dancing full pelt made her shriek with laughter. He told her he was glad to have the children near him again but that he wished they could have got to know her better and then he told her that he missed her, desperately. She sighed and didn't speak for a long time. Michael swallowed hard and wondered if he should tell her that he loved her, but he didn't. It was too much and he wanted to tell her face to face. He couldn't bear the thought of making her feel awkward or shy, so he kept that thought to himself. For a little while longer at least.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Max. He asked Mariana if she was ready to leave and thought that it would be best to go before it got light again. Not many people knew Michael had living accommodation in New York and the fewer people who saw her associated with the place the better. She explained to Michael that she was going to his apartment now and he promised to call her back as soon as she arrived.

----------------------------------> update

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This is the second part to Part 3 - the first part is below (I couldn't fit it on the same post!)

It was strange being back at work. She'd only been on holiday a week, but it felt like a lifetime. Being back in such a familiar environment was strange after the time she'd spent with Michael in Europe. All of that now felt quite surreal. Even the events that followed with Richard and the burglary at her apartment felt like a dim and distant nightmare. The police were still investigating, but they had let Mariana know she was now able to get back into her apartment as they had taken all the evidence they needed. Staying in Michael's apartment was surreal, beautiful but surreal. Everything about it screamed Michael from the lavish and regal furniture to the gallery of portraits and pictures that filled almost every inch of available wall-space.

Mariana felt like an intruder and it wasn't until Michael called her and told her to make herself at home that she had actually been able to relax. Well, relax is something of an understatement. By the time the call was over it was almost time to get up and get ready for a work. No wonder Mariana was indifferent to the looks and rumours flying around the office. She could barely stifle her yawns.

Michael had called about ten minutes after she arrived in his apartment.

"Where are you?" he asked softly.

"I'm still in the entrance hall, looking at all your things. Michael it's so big!" She was in awe and rooted to the spot, mesmerized by the museum-like beauty of the place. The most ornate table she had ever seen bore the weight of beautiful white Greek sculptures whilst the towering walls were covered in the most beautiful Impressionist watercolours. She felt like she had just walked into a cathedral. The eye was drawn upwards beyond the grand staircase to a glass dome at the very top of the building. It had been lit from the interior to show off all the beautiful colours of the stain glass windows.

Michael laughed at her voice so full of wonder and awe. "Mariana, relax! You have had a long day, you need to make yourself at home! Listen when I'm back I will show you everything - I love that place, but for now I want you to go to bed!"

"Okay, but where do I go?" Max hadn't come in knowing Michael would call and tell her everything she needed to know, but the place had already been lit up and was warm.

"Right! Are you facing the staircase?"

"Yes - it's awesome!"

"Okay! Go up the left side of the staircase and into the one.. two... take the third door on your left."

Mariana picked up her small travel case and headed upstairs, still looking up at the dizzy heights of the dome above her head!

"Got it! Do I go in here?"

"Yes! It should be all ready for you!"

Mariana opened the door and nearly dropped the phone, "Oh Michael! It's beautiful!" She kicked her shoes off by the door and put down her things and walked around the bedroom suite in admiration of everything she saw. She quite forgot about feeling exhausted and all the drama of the evening seemed to melt away.

"Mariana? Are you there? Listen to me." Michael smiled imagining the look of wonderment on Mariana's face.

"Yes, I'm still here, but I feel like I'm dreaming, Michael."

How he wished he were there with her. He'd take her by the hand and show her everything.


"Yes, Michael?"

"Are you tired?"

"Not anymore!"

"You have to sleep, girl."

"I won't be able to sleep - not now! This is too much!"

"Mariana," Michael was whispering. He wanted his girl to feel comfortable and he didn't want her lying awake the whole night thinking about all the things that had happened to her.

"I want you to get into bed, okay? Get ready for bed and keep talking to me"

Mariana and Michael kept the phone locked to their ears as she got ready for bed. She felt excited beyond words and was relieved Michael was with her - if only on the end of the phone.

"Are you in bed yet, lovely one?"

Mariana climbed into the huge bed and pulled back the heavy sheets. The pillows were so soft and plump she immediately felt warm and safe.

"I am now - I'm very comfortable. Where are you, Michael?" she whispered back.

"I'm in my hotel suite. I wish I were with you!" he sighed.

Michael imagined her in his bed and felt all the longing and desire for her return. How he longed to touch her again. To kiss her and make her forget all the stress and strain she had had to endure. All he could now was just talk to her and make her feel safe and happy. He wanted to arouse her and remind her of him. He wanted to put her into a deep sleep and only wished she was in his arms once again.

"I want to touch you, Mariana."

"I wish you were here with me. I want to feel your soft lips against mine. I can't stop thinking about you, Michael."

"Close your eyes, Mariana. Pretend I am next you. My hands are caressing you. Lulling you to sleep."

Mariana swallowed hard. That thought alone was almost too much to bear.

"I can feel you, Michael."

"Can you feel me breathing on your neck. I want to kiss it. Softly. Butterfly kisses up and down your soft skin. Can you feel them?

"Yyyyyeessss." Mariana gasped and touched her neck with her fingers. She sighed with contentment. Michael realised she was aroused too so moved towards his own bed in order to continue the conversation. He knew he was turning her on and felt himself stiffen with excitement as he imagined her lying there in his bed.

"Now I'm kissing your mouth, but my hands are slowly running up and down your side, feeling the outline of your hips... Your breasts..." Even as he said it, Michael bit his lip as he imagined her nipples harden at his word. He imagined opening her night-shirt and gazing at her breasts before continuing his exploration of her soft skin with his tongue. Mariana was imagining exactly the same thing. It was pitch black in the room and she had no trouble visualising Michael lying right there next to her. She knew his face so well and could see every little change in his expression, from the creases of his smiling doe-like eyes and his thick lashes as they grazed her skin, to the curl of his lips as he smiled at her reaction and then softly pressed against her most sensitive places. She moaned audibly as Michael's voice continued to whisper in her ear.

Michael hardly dared breath as he listened to her soft sighs and moans.

"Take your clothes off, Mariana."

"'Kay." Mariana murmured sleepily. She felt so turned on, as if she were floating between sleep and reality. She could actually feel Michael's warm breath on her skin as she responded to his sweet talk.

"Ooooh, Girrrrl! I can see and feel your sweet, sweet body. It's so soft and... you look beautiful tonight. I just wanna look at you for a while, okay?" Michael closed his own eyes and sighed with contentment as he heard her remove her clothes. He could hear the sheets rustle as she moved her body on his bed. He was now touching himself and wishing he could be with her right now. He imagined staring into her eyes as his lips and tongue navigated her soft, nude body and his hands began caressing her thighs.

"Open your legs for me, Maria." he whispered.

Mariana could hardly speak, "Mmmm!" she managed to respond as her own hands imagined Michael gently stroking and teasing her.

"Your skin is so soft. Don't touch yourself yet, okay?" he warned as he imagined how he would tease and turn her own.

"Oh, Michael! I can't..." Mariana was struggling to obey his word as her fingertips came dangerously close to the place she most wanted to feel his touch.

"Oh, Girl! You are sooooo bad! If I were there right now, you know what I would be doing to you, don't you?" Michael was slowly relieving himself as he lay back on his own bed the phone pressed between his shoulder and ear.

Mariana's fingers were wandering now and she knew Michael was as turned on as she was.

"Girl, I bet you are soo wet, right now!"

"Yyyyyeeees! I am. Michael, oh!" Mariana's fingers gently circled the soft, intimate flesh above her opening. "Oh God! Michael, I want you rrrright nnooooowww. Ooooohh!" She imagined all his weight pressing down upon her, and his body moving inside of hers. "I neeed you. I want you inside of me. Ooooh! Michael! Please. I can't wait!"

Michael swiftly brought himself to completion as he realised she had reached the point of no return.

"Uh! G.... g... gggirrl. Uh... uh... ahhhhhh!" was all the sound he could make to let her know he was with her all the way. In that single moment they both felt each others ecstasy as if they really were lying in each others arms. She and Michael laughed with joy and contentment as they listened to each others breathing become ragged and disjointed and then slowed down. Their breaths were laboured as they came slowly back to the realisation that they were still miles apart.

"Oh My God!" Mariana whispered, barely audible.

"No! It's just Michael!" he replied.

Neither could stop giggling after that.

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