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 Bringing Sparkles 5

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PostSubject: Bringing Sparkles 5   Bringing Sparkles 5 EmptyJuly 9th 2010, 4:54 am

Mariana's feet were killing her. What had she been thinking wearing brand new shoes to a concert and after show party? Was she out of her mind? Yes - in a word! And she was crazy with nerves where only excitement had been just minutes before. The concert was over and Andy and Tom, together, had whisked her to the after show party and here she stood. All alone and all of a sudden feeling very odd and out of place. What the hell was she, of all people, doing here? This now seemed like a bad idea. And how would Michael react to a surprise like this- yes, she knew he liked to goof around, but this was different. Surprising him like this in front of all these strangers was probably not a good idea. Mariana's confidence seemed to pop like a bubble.

Bringing Sparkles 5 Disco

"Wanna dance?" asked a familiar voice. Mariana looked up and saw a handsome young man, not unlike Michael, which was not surprising actually as they were related. Mariana had spent a little time chatting to some of Michael's relatives whilst she was watching the show. Thankfully they didn't seem to know who she was and they hadn't asked any questions. The cordoned off VIP section of the arena was packed with family members, not just of Michael's, but of many of the other performers, she could have been anybody really so she was grateful to feel quite inconspicuous. "Sure!" Mariana replied, beaming back. It was difficult to say no to that smile and those friendly soft eyes which reminded her so much of Michael himself.

The dance floor was already getting quite crowded and of course most of the songs the DJ was playing were Michael's. 'Workin' Day and Night' had just started and Mariana was grateful not to be alone anymore. She really felt like dancing and couldn't help but laugh in awe at how well Michael's nephew knew all his uncle's moves. She really couldn't dance all that well herself, but it was hard not to be inspired by all the other great dancers on the floor, including Chris Brown, who was dancing with Fergie! It was one awesome after show party.

Michael's nephew continued to chat whilst they were dancing. Well it wasn't chatting exactly, more like bellowing in each others ears, the music was that loud.

"So, I didn't catch you name!"



"MARIANA." she giggled.

"Pretty name! Are you with anyone?"

"Um well actually, I'm a friend of Michael's."



"Oh really? Do you work for him?"

"Oh no! We just know each other..."

"Oh. My. Gosh! You're the girl in the papers!" suddenly the light dawned all over his face, and Mariana was glad the lights were predominantly red, she was blushing profusely.

"I gotta introduce you to my cousins! They are dying to meet you!" He grabbed her arm and led her towards some tables in the far corner of the room. Something made Mariana feel extremely awkward about this suggestion.

----------------------------------------------> update

The music was deafening which meant Mariana could make out only some of the things Michael's family said to her. Wow!! It's so cool to meet you Mariana... I can't believe it - Uncle Mike is such a dark horse! You'll have to tell us all about how you met!!! Where is Uncle Mike? I wanna see you guys dance together... Tell us everything... Knowing Michael he won't tell us a thing about you!!! Mariana didn't recognise many of the younger members she was introduced to, but she knew Michael's brothers and sisters and his parents were seated not too far away around other tables bedecked with white linen and the most fabulous floral displays which filled the room with an intoxicating aroma and she felt a little self-conscious even if her worries were all in her head. She tried to listen as best she could and she smiled and made small chat, but she felt quite uncomfortable and not least because her shoes were still killing her. The ballroom, and ballroom was the only word to describe such a place, was lavishly decorated and heavy chandeliers, dimly lit, were reflected in the huge ornate mirrors which were hung the full length of the room. The music was complimented by one of the most amazing light displays Mariana had ever seen and which momentarily lit many famous and familiar faces now crowded on and around the dance floor. But though she strained to see through the pervading darkness around the edges of the room, Michael was still nowhere to be seen.

Michael was there alright. He'd managed to sneak in a while ago, without being seen by too many people, and he had sat down with his parents who were chatting away to old friends of the family. But after kissing his mother and father and joining in with some of the banter at the table, he settled back in his chair to watch Mariana. He smiled and looked over the rim of his sunglasses as she danced with his nephew, Taj, (did Taj know he was dancing with his Uncle's girlfriend?? Michael casually wondered) and he groaned as Taj introduced her to all his nieces and nephews. Oh, they would be grilling her alright, he thought, shaking his head in mock disapproval. He knew Mariana would be feeling a little uncomfortable right now, but he admired her poise and that dress. She looked good he thought. So, she was here to surprise him, was she? - the deceitful little minx. He'd watch her a little longer, he decided, whilst he wondered how he might surprise her.


Rebbie, Michael's eldest sister watched both Michael and Mariana with interest. Sat next to her husband, she whispered in his ear, "I really wanna meet that girl over there. Look at Michael! Have you ever seen him look like that before?" "Like what?" her husband replied. "Like THAT!" Rebbie said, trying to keep her voice down, "Look at him, Nathaniel! He's staring at her... like... like there's no one else in the room." Rebbie sounded as if even she couldn't believe what she was saying. "I haven't seen him like THAT since... well, since you-know-who!!" Nathaniel turned to look at his wife, "Who?" he mouthed absent-mindedly. Rebbie didn't even bother to answer she just screwed her face up and rolled her eyes at him. "Well, I don't know who you are talking about!!" he continued, returning to the plate of food in front of him. Rebbie looked at him as if he were mad, "Do you never listen to anything I tell you!" "Of course I do sweetheart! That is when I'm not being totally distracted by how much I love you." He batted his eyes at her and she laughed out loud. "And that, my dear man, is exactly why I fell in love with you!" she replied moving in for a kiss. "All the same," she continued, as she looked over his shoulder, eyes wide with curiosity, "I still really wanna meet that girl!"

Janet noticed everything too. In fact, she caught Michael's eye at one point and gave him a look that said she knew exactly what he was thinking. He was caught completely off guard by her and tried to look all confused. "What??" he mouthed back as he read his sister's face. Nothing!! her face said beaming back in all its sweetness and innocence. But he knew he'd been caught red-handed! His sister could read him like a book. And when Janet and then Rebbie, (where did she come from?), approached Mariana he knew it was time to act and fast!

Without really thinking, Michael literally grabbed Taj, who was walking past carrying a couple of glasses of champagne. Momentarily distracted, Michael asked him who the champagne was for. "YOUR girlfriend, Uncle Mike! Who else? I'm looking after her for you." "Oh you are, are you?!" Michael quizzed, bemused by his nephew's behaviour. Taj retorted, "Well YOU are not paying her much attention are you? Besides she's really nice. I thought you would have introduced her to us already!" "I didn't know she was coming! And she doesn't know I'm here. And I don't want her to know I'm here.... yet!! So before your Aunties go and ruin everything go and ask her to dance or something. Just get her away from them. I know what they are up to!" Taj was laughing hysterically at his Uncle's behaviour. "Seriously Uncle Mike,you must be smitten, acting all mysterious!!!" he teased, "But okay, okay. I'll do it. But you owe me!!" "Go and do it then... now before they say anything...."

Bringing Sparkles 5 Blame%20It%20On%20The%20Boogie%201978G

Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times... Mariana was laughing so hard her cheeks hurt. One minute she was being grilled by Michael's sisters, though neither had actually realised the other sister was approaching so they apologised profusely for seeming to gang up on her. They admitted that, in recent years, Michael never told them anything about girlfriends and they just wanted one up on him - "a bit of inside info," as Rebbie put it. Janet told Mariana that she had never seen Michael this interested, but just as Mariana was about to ask where Michael was, Taj had dragged her onto the dance floor and was now engaged in some of the most outrageously silly moves to the disco classic. Half the people on the floor were laughing and even Michael winced and half-regretted sending him to dance with Mariana. But he soon saw the funny side and appreciated the distraction whilst he thought about surprising Mariana. Both Rebbie and Janet appeared either side of their brother and all three watched the spectacle on the dance floor. Michael said nothing though he glanced sideways at them and bit his lip in anticipation. He knew what was coming.

Bringing Sparkles 5 Rebbie_Jackson_rebbiemichaeljanet1989

In fact, not only did he know what was coming he could read their minds. What they REALLY wanted to say was written all over their conniving faces. So the three siblings were actually conducting two conversations and the three of them knew exactly what the others were saying.

"We're proud of you Mikey! You know that?" I want to know all about the girl, Mikey!!

"Thanks Rebbie. It means a lot that you're here!" I know you're going to ask me about the girl. Nothing ever changes with you girls does it?

"Yeah! I'm proud of you two big bro! You seem very... how shall I put this? Contented?" Oh God! here is comes. Play it cool, Michael - they're your sisters and if you tell them anything they'll want to know more.

"Yep! Things are good. I'm happy." Janet's eyes narrowed at Michael's repsonse. Come out with it Michael, we are your sisters. You can tell us EVERYTHING!!

"And...?" Rebbie's eye's widened. Come on Michael... WE ALREADY KNOW!!!

"And what?" I'm not playing along - I know what you two are about

"Well you know! She's very cute Michael. You seem different... preoccupied! Dare I say, distracted, even...?" Come on, tell us - purllllllleeeeaaaase. Michael knew that look Janet was giving him. Still he was playing hardball.

"I swear I have no idea what you two are talking about!" Butter wouldn't melt.

"Don't you pretend with us.. we know what's going on, Michael. You haven't taken your eyes off her since you came in. You can't fool anyone in here. I'm surprised she can't feel your eyes boring right though her this instant!!!" Now I'm losing it - if he doesn't tell, I swear I'm going to explode.

"And when are you going to introduce us? Or at least to Mother and Father. Katherine and Joseph know something is going on, Michael. Mother asked me who she was!" Oh no you don't... that emotional blackmail is not going to wash... and using Mother to get me to tell you about my personal life!!!

"Does she even know you are here?" This is INFURIATING - just tell us already!!!

"And what in the world is Taj doing?" What is Taj doing??? That boy is dancing more like his father every day.

"I have no idea! Nothing I've ever taught him - that's for sure. Don't you think it's too soon for me to introduce her to everyone... I mean it would be like introducing her to the... world! I don't know if she's ready. I don't know if I'm ready..." Okay - there I've opened up and now I'm asking for your advice girls. So stop staring at me like a pair of puppies and tell me what the hell you think I should do!

"Have you talked to her?" Oh my God! This is serious... he doesn't know what to do. My calm collected big superstar brother is behaving like this is school prom or something. This is funny... and sweet.

"No!" Oh God! I wish I knew what to do!

"Well, she's here isn't she? And you haven't even spoke to her yet!" Look at Michael. He's blushing!

"You'd better get your act together before she sees you and begins to wonder what you're up to!"

"I know. I know. Oh God! I don't know. I don't know what to do."

"How about you talk to her."

"Yes! Bill could find you a room or an office or something..."

"Just take a breather and talk to her."

"Anyway, whatever you do you need to get her away from Taj as soon as possible. I swear he's not living up to his family name."

"I know. He's dancing more and more like his father every day."

------------------------------------------> update - In the Closet!

Bringing Sparkles 5 La-Toya-Jackson-michael

"Mike, my darling little brother, come here and give your favourite sister a big kiss!" Michael hadn't walked two steps away from Janet and Rebbie before he was accosted by his third sister. She squeezed his arms before planting a huge lipstick laden kiss on his left cheek. She leaned away to get a good look at her brother. "Michael, the show was wonderful, darling, but tell me WHO is that girl over there and WHY are you not dancing with her... I swear to goodness nobody tells me anything in this family!" Michael smiled sheepishly, there was no need to read between the lines with LaToya, what you saw is what you got - somethings never changed. "Well, she is a girl I met, she came to see me in Barcelona!" "But she must be somebody, Michael, don't play games with me. Tell me ALL about her!" "No seriously I just met her... she's a.. she was a fan of mine!" "WHAT?? A fan???? Michael you can't just date a fan!" "Why not?" "It's unprofessional, is what it is - what about all the things I told you... you need to date a girl who's famous or... or whose job means as much to her as yours does to you!" "Well! I still don't know what you mean by that LaToya, and anyway what happened to good old fashioned love? What about someone who just loves me? Somebody I find incredibly sexy, who, I think, finds me sexy too? Someone I just want to get to know... the old fashioned way... forget who I am for one second!" "Michael, it's a bad idea... what if she doesn't live up to your expectations... what if you don't live up to hers? You'll get hurt... again, Michael!" Michael smiled at his sister. He realised she just wanted the best for him, but she didn't really understand what was going on in his head right now. "Look, LaToya, I listened to you and where did it get me? I know you only want the best for your kid brother, but I have to try this... and if it isn't meant to be, or we find out this isn't love, or it's not gonna last, well let me deal with that later... for now this is what I want. I like her a lot. I think I love her!" LaToya looked up at her little brother. She could see his eyes were full of affection and love. She smiled back at him. What could she say to that? He was telling her he thought that he was in love - there was nothing to say other than, "Well, why aren't you dancing with her right now." The sexy introduction to "In the Closet" began playing. This was most definitely not the song he wanted Mariana dancing to with his nephew! Suddenly Michael lost all interest in finding a room and having that 'talk.' He kissed his sister on the cheek,

"Talk shmalk. I wanna dance!"

Latoya watched, mouth open as her brother walked, without stopping to talk to anybody, to the dance floor. The room fell still. The only sound was the music and a collective gasp as Michael took Mariana in his arms and started to dance.

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Bringing Sparkles 5
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