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 Michael Jackson Fragrances - Perfumageddon!!

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PostSubject: Re: Michael Jackson Fragrances - Perfumageddon!!   July 8th 2011, 2:37 pm

Meh, I'm sure Bravado International has some skeletons in their closets so. The only way I wouldn't get behind something with Michael's name is if it were a stinky perfume. nono no ma'am.
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PostSubject: Re: Michael Jackson Fragrances - Perfumageddon!!   July 1st 2011, 8:03 pm

I do not understand why The Jacksons are constantly wanting to do business in the name of Michael with these shady ass business men?! nono


He will forever be the king of my heart ♥️
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PostSubject: Michael Jackson Fragrances - Perfumageddon!!   July 1st 2011, 4:45 pm

Julian Rouas and Joe Jackson made headlines on June 9th 2011 when they were sued by Bravado International for illegally using Michael' s name and likeness in their upcoming line of perfumes. What's happened since? Julian Rouas paris took down a few pictures of Michael in its website and replaced them with other pictures that have a passing resemblance with Michael. Tricky, tricky!! However, Joe Jackson is pursing his morbid agenda with the French perfumer, whom has been pegged as a scam-artist in the news. All Michael Jackson Fans ought to keep a close eye on this shady operation. I highly recommend that everyone reads the following link to know the disturbing and ugly truth underneath Julian Rouas, the man behind the Jackson Tribute Fragrances...

Jackson Tribute Fragrances

A reputable French newspaper Le Figaro is also highlighting this issue...

Le Figaro Jackson Tribute


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PostSubject: Re: Michael Jackson Fragrances - Perfumageddon!!   

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Michael Jackson Fragrances - Perfumageddon!!
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