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 Do You Believe in FAte?

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Do You Believe in FAte? Empty
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Chapter 8:

The last hour had been a nightmare, as Michael chased the toddler all over the house. Amelia who could walk on her own on tore through as she did her best to get to the packages under the tree. Not fully awake yet Michael had to keep reminding himself she was only one and not an adult as she kept insisting everything was hers. “Put it down Amelia, that’s for your mother” he said as he took the wrapped package away from her again.
“Mine, Mik”, she said as she picked it right back up.
“No it’s not”, he said as he took it from her again and put it back.
“You thought you had the easy job didn’t you”, Beth laughed as she walked in the room.
“This is your fault”, he accused as he looked at her smiling. “Wow I cannot imagine the terror she will cause when she gets older”.
Picking Amelia up she stuck her tongue out at him, “Airplane”, she screamed as she began whirling her around. Amelia screamed in delight as Beth flew her around the room.
“Now you know what I go through”, Sharon laughed as she sat beside him on the floor.
“You deserve a medal, for not killing them both”, he smiled at her.
“Actually I love every moment of it”, Sharon replied. “Merry Christmas Michael”, she said softly.
“Merry Christmas”, he said as he kissed her cheek.
“How is the tour coming”, she asked. “Everyone on the streets are so excited, I just heard about it again at the store yesterday, your fans are so happy”.
“Are you all going to come when we get back here”, he asked.
“Maybe Beth but I can’t, Amelia is just too much to deal with”, she answered.
“You have to come, I want to look out and see you both right there up front, I saved you tickets, I know Mother will watch her for a bit”, Michael suggested.
“Oh no, I couldn’t ask her to do that”, Sharon sighed. “You see what a handful she is now”.
“You’re not asking, I am”, he said as he ran for the phone. Sharon watched as he talked softly to his mother. Hanging up he smiled at her “it’s all set then, I’ll see you there”.
“Oh my gosh Michael”, she said as she threw herself into his arms “thank you so much, this is the best present ever”.
“What is”, Beth asked.
As she filled her friend in they jumped around together, the doorbell ringing brought them back to earth. “Your back to work”, Beth said as she handed Amelia to him.
“Michael”, Sharon said as she fussed with her hair. “Do I look okay”?
“You look beautiful”, he assured her as they watched Beth greet her family.
Beth quickly welcomed her family and introduced them to her friends “Michael, Sharon, this is my father Richard, my mother Ann, my brothers Donald and Steven, and my sister Helen. Donald of course had his wife Dorothy and their son Billy. Steven who was going through a divorce had his two boys William and Rick. Helen was with her husband Tomas and their daughter April. Suddenly it was now Christmas and this was a reason to celebrate.
Although the other children were quite a bit older than her Amelia did her best to keep up with them as they played on the floor, all of them grew excited when it was announced it was time to open presents. Beth had made sure the children all had the same amount of presents and helped as her father passed them out. The living room quickly filled with paper as Michael and Beth helped them pick it up.
Sharon had moved their presents to the back of the tree insisting on waiting till last to open them. Handing Michael her present she smiled as he opened it as quickly as the kids had. He laughed as he saw the Micky Mouse shirt and ears “This is great”.
“I just wanted you to always remember us”, Sharon said.
“I never could forget”, he said honestly. “I will treasure it always”, he said as he handed her his gift.
Smiling she opened it and the water globe stared back at her “its Disney World”, she sighed.
“Great minds think alike”, he smiled as he handed Sharon hers.
Sharon tore into hers and the art book fell into her hands “Oh Michael it is perfect”. She told him as she handed him the present.
Michael again opened tore the present open quickly. Shocked he stared at the newest children’s novel by Bethany Adams titled simply “Lost in a Dream” at her urging he opened it ‘illustrations by Bethany Adams and Michael Jackson’, carefully he turned the pages as the beautiful pictures filled his head. Each one meant a different time to them, a different conversation, and a new learning experience to him. Tears came to his eyes ‘You added my name”.
“Well yeah, you did help do them”, Beth answered “You are now Michael Jackson, singer, songwriter, and illustrator”. She laughed as she handed Sharon hers.
Touched he watched as Sharon and Beth exchanged hugs “This better not be soap on a rope”, Sharon teased knowing it was too big to be such. As tears filled her eyes she hugged her friend again, as they looked upon the beautiful portrait of Amelia.
“I take it you know who that is”, Beth teased.
“A mother knows her own child no matter the age”, Sharon sobbed against her. “All I got you was a blouse”.
“Well thanks for ruining the surprise”, Beth laughed. Opening the package and pulling out the silk blouse “I love it”.
“You mean it”, Sharon sniffed.
Pulling her close again she hugged her “Yes I mean it”.
“Okay let’s eat”, Beth’s mother called from the kitchen.
Michael drove home that night feeling happier than he had in a long time. He could not wait to read the book and decided to wear his shirt when he did so, that way they would always be with him. Bethany’s family had the most loving attitudes he had ever ran across, they were a close family, and it showed. He glanced at the words Beth had written in the dedication as he stopped in the drive way ‘To Michael, you just another part of me, thank you for your help I will cherish our work together. To Sharon my best friend in the world, nothing will ever stop me from loving you, I am so glad God introduced us. To my parents I thank you for believing in me and letting me fly. And Lastly to Amelia, my greatest joy is watching you grow, thank you for the inspiration, someday I hope you will love this book, always demand what you want in life, and I will always give it to you, because I’m cool like that. I love you all Beth’.

Chapter 9:

The audience roar to life as the music started; as Michael stood there he looked out over the crowd. His eyes finding the two most special ladies in the world to him, they waved to him as their eyes meet and he smiled and waved back. There was no way to talk right now that would have to wait, but for now it was time to put on a show, and this is what he did best.
Beth and Sharon danced together as the music filled their heads, you just could not stand still while Michael performed. They laughed in delight during the song ‘she’s out of my life’ as Michael asked them “can I come down”, the women around them went nuts. “This is crazy”, Sharon shouted to Beth.
“This is so cool”, Beth shouted back.

As the concert ended they made their way backstage, Michael had the passes sent to them with the tickets, he truly thought of everything. “Did you like the show”, he said as they came in the room”.
“The words cool and awesome come to mind”, Beth said as she hugged him.
“You were wonderful Michael”, Sharon said as she took her turn. “I felt right at home with all the screaming, it was just like Amelia was right there with us”.
“How is she”, he asked.
“She’s good, if your leaving we can wait for you a bit so you can see her”, Sharon asked.
“Or you can just bring them home, and I will go on home”, Beth suggested.
“Don’t you want to come”, Sharon asked her.
“Well in a way, but if it is going to take some time I just can’t, I have that meeting tomorrow and I have to get ready”, Beth said.
“I’ll bring her home then”, Michael smiled “I really do want to see Amelia I bought her some things”.
“Oh Michael, you didn’t have to do that”, Sharon said.
“Oh but I did, I promised”, he answered smiling at her.
“Not you too”, Sharon groaned.
Beth sat and talked with them for over an hour but finally excused herself when security made its way in the room to take Michael to the waiting car. “Are you ready for this”?
“For what”, Sharon asked. The crowd mauled them as they were pushed to the car. Sharon had never seen anything like it before in her life. Quietly she sat as they were drove across town. “Is it always, like that”, she asked as he helped her out.
“That was mild”, he laughed as they flew up the stairs to the nursery. Michael excused Annie as he stared at Amelia “She has grown so much”, he said as he looked at her in shock.
“We can wake her”, Sharon said as she started towards the crib.
“No way, you let her sleep, I am not having that girl pissed at me”, he laughed. “Besides I am not ready to take you home”. As he pulled her out of the room he informed Annie where they would be, and quickly brought her to his room and closed the door.
Sharon glanced around nervously as he leaned against it. Informing her he needed a shower he turned on some music assuring her he would hurry. Something about his manor seemed edgy to her, and it had her uncomfortable as she waited patiently. Her head screamed to just go home, but her heart held her still.
Michael joined her quickly as he sat there quietly as well, “Michael what’s wrong”, she asked breaking the silence.
“Sharon, I just am so tired”, he said softly.
“Well have someone take me home then, I know those shows have to take a lot out of you”, she said as she slipped her hand in his. “We can talk later”.
“No not that kind of tired”, he said smiling at her. “Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions at once”? As she shook her head “Well, be thankful you’re not, I am, if it is not my family demanding concerts, it’s the record companies trying to take over, and time for friends just is so little”.
“I’m sorry I never realized”, she said softly.
“There are only a few times I am truly happy, one is on stage, and the other is when I am around you guys. When I looked out there tonight and saw your face, I knew I was home”, he whispered. “You have become so special to me; I can’t describe what you mean to me”.
“You mean a lot to me as well Michael”, Sharon said softly.
“I know you love Beth and I do as well, but there is something I feel when I am with, that is not there when I am with her”, he said turning to face her. “This is sudden I know but it all I have been thinking about since Christmas, Sharon say something”.
“I don’t know what to say”, she sighed overwhelmed by his words. “What do you want me to do Michael, choose between you both”?
“Does it have to be”, he asked.
“I don’t know we haven’t talked about it in a long time, I love her”, she whispered to him.
“Do you love me”, he asked.
“With all my heart”, she replied. “Michael”, she called as she stood up “I just can’t”, she said as she started for the door.
“Please”, he begged as he followed to stop her “Please not tonight, can we pretend for one night, like it is another way we met each other, another place, and another time”. He said as he pulled her to his chest.
Sharon giggled “Was that a line from a movie”?
Michael laughed as he held her “I don’t remember but it worked right”.
“Yes”, she said as she looked up at him “Let’s pretend for one night”.
Smiling back at the bright eyes looking at him he slowly lowered his head softly taking her lips in his. The kiss deepened as she pulled his head down and wrapped her arms around his neck. Tomorrow she would feel guilty, but tonight was for him.
Slowly he walked backwards to the bed urging her with his kiss to follow; as he lay down upon it, he pulled her with him as she slid her body down his to lie across his body. She allowed his hands to roam freely as he explored her body. Kissing her slowly as his hands explored her hair, her back, her bottom. Softly he caressed her while the burning fire deep inside her begged for more. ‘Beth had to be right, Michael knew what he was doing’, her head screamed, ‘this was not the way a man would act if he never done it before, had there been someone else, was it a lie’.
Feeling her tense up Michael look in her eyes “What’s wrong”, he asked her softly.
“Have you done this before”, she asked.
“What kiss a girl”, he answered innocently.
“No make love to one”, she asked as her heart sank.
“No, did I do something wrong, you don’t like it”, he whispered.
“Oh Michael I love it, I ..you just seem…what I am trying to say is”, she sighed.
“I seem more experienced”, he finished for her.
“Yes, that’s it”, she returned grateful.
Michael smiled as he pushed her back on the bed gently. “I told you, I have been thinking about you, about this, about us”, he said as he placed a few more tender kisses on her lips. “And no I have no idea what I am doing, but it feels like it does when I dance”, he continued as he gave her a few more kisses. “It’s natural, I want you”, he finished as he kissed her again.
As he moved from her lips he left a trail of soft kisses down to her neck. Feeling his breath against her ear, blowing softly as he nibbled her earlobe was more than any woman could stand, “I want you too”, she groaned as she pulled him back up to her lips.
Deeply he kissed her as his hands began to roam down her body again. Her breath caught in her throat as his hand made contact with her breast through her shirt. How she wished he would take it off, if he was not going to she would teach him to, her mind raced as her hands slipped down his back to tug on his.
Michael shift slightly to allow her to pull it over his head, her hands ran over his naked chest and her mouth left a small trail behind them. He groaned at the sweet torture it caused him, pulling her up to him, he quickly rid her of her shirt. The red bra stared at him and he smiled, he loved the color red. Her cleavage heaved as it begged to be kissed. As Michael stared at her chest she reached behind her back and undid the clasps that held her breasts in captivity. Nervously he looked at her ‘did he stare too much, what should he do now’.
Sharon lay back on the pillows as she pulled him back down with her, placing his large hand on one and squeezing it gently. Michael followed her instruction and began to career her breasts as he kissed her again. Urged on by her moans he broke their kiss and began to slowly lick his way to the breasts his hand now caressed. Her hands tangled in his hair as she guided him to them. Tracing her nipples with his tongue he planted his lips around on and sucked it into his mouth.
Sharon’s hip rocked at Michael sucked on her nipple; her hands ran wildly in his hair, and her head began to toss on the pillow it rested on. His excitement was overwhelming at her response ‘whatever he was doing she was enjoying it’, he thought as his manhood grew larger by the thought ‘should he do it now, should he wait longer’ his mind raced as his member demanded release.
She knew he was hesitant about what to do, but since it was his first time she wanted him always to remember it as well. Before she could change her mind, she quickly urged him to the bed beside her and stood up beside the bed. “Do you want me Michael”, she purred. “Yes”, he whispered as he watched her slowly slip out of her pants. The red panties matched the bra she had taken off and he found himself mesmerized by them. He jumped as he reached for the button holding his pants in place. Groaning in protest as she slowly pulled them off. He expected her to laugh because he was no wearing any underwear but was thrilled at her mouth pulled the swollen member into her mouth.
As her hand caressed his shaft, her mouth slid around the tip, sucking, nibbling, licking, putting it all back in to the base. He pulled her auburn hair out of her face fascinated to watch her as she expertly manipulated him. Worried he might finish in this manor, he begged her to come back to him. Smiling seductively at him she slipped the panties to the floor and joined him back on the bed.
Sharon’s body burned as it made contact with him, the heat radiating between them was intense. “Are you ready for me”, she whispered as she straddled his hips. Michael could only nod as he watched in amazement. Slowly she slipped him inside of her very wet womanhood, groaning as he stretched the walls inside to fit. His hands held her breasts as she slowly started to move on top of him, he felt himself sliding in and out of the warm haven, his hips began to move to the music he felt in his head, and he quickly grabbed her hips to make them do the same.
Trying to think of anything other than her moans, he felt himself unable to control himself as she moved faster, now there was nothing, no thoughts, only the pleasure he felt all through his body. Sharon’s fire demanded to be put out as the burning coursed through her, harder she rode him till she could feel her consecrated release. Michael could feel the inner walls tighten around him squeezing his manhood harder. “Oh Dear God”, he cried out as his released pulsed through his body. Sharon’s cries matched his as she collapsed on top of him.
The room around the filled with silence as he pulled her tightly to him. Kissing the lips she so offered to him deeply, as she shifted to lie in his arm next to him.”That was amazing”, he whispered in disbelief. “Yes it was”, she purred closing her heavy eyes. Michael pulled the cover up around them and wrapped her in his arms, as he closed his heavy eyes as well.

Chapter 10:

Sharon awoke still caught in his arms, groaning she struggled to see that clock beside his bed, it was morning and this was not going to be a good day, she thought. Looking up a Michael she found him smiling down at her.
“Not a morning person I see”, he giggled.
“I am, but I just was thinking of how I will explain this to Beth”, she said.
“The truth always works, I wish I could go with you but we have a commercial shoot today”, he said as he jumped up and reached for the robe on the chair.
“What kind of commercial”. She asked.
“Pepsi, they sponsored the tour this is part of it all”, he explained.
“That’s kind of cool”, she replied, as she fought to put her clothes back on. Giggling as she watched Michael shyly turn away “it’s not like you haven’t seen it”.
“I know”, he said softly. “Are you talking to Beth then, what are you going to say”, he asked changing the subject.
“The truth, I love you and I want to be with you”, Sharon answered.
“Me too”, he smiled. “So let’s get Amelia and I’ll have you two taken home”, he said as he pulled her in his arms. “Then after the shoot we will all get together”, at her worried look he added “don’t worry it will all be fine”.
Sharon felt ill as she got off the elevator and walked to the door, “Okay Amelia, now we find out if we gain love and lose a friend or if God allows us to have them both”.
“Good morning”, Beth called as she shut the door and put Amelia down.
“Morning”, she said looking at her friend.
“Did you have a fun night”, Beth asked. “How was Michael, did he get to see Amelia”?
“Not till this morning, I need to tell you something”, Beth said.
“Let me guess”, Beth said as she walked over to her. “Hummm judging by the glow on your face I would say Michael is no longer a virgin”. Laughing at her friends shocked look she continued “did you think I could not see it, the looks that man gives you are very shall I say x rated, it is about time you two got together and did something about it”.
“You’re not mad at me”, Sharon asked.
“Why would that make me mad”, she started then thinking for a few moments she said. “Because of me, you did not want to because you thought it would hurt me”. At her friends nod she smiled “You are an angel, but I would never stand in the way of your happiness or his for that matter, if you want to be with him I will be contend to be his friend”.
Sharon launched herself into Beth’s arms, “thank you for understanding”.
“You’re my best friend, that’s what we do, but I get to be a bit jealous, okay”, Beth smiled.
Later that afternoon
“Why are you watching the news”, Beth asked as she came in from her appointment.
“I was hoping they would cover the commercial shoot Michael is doing”, she replied. “Oh here it is shhh”. She said as she turned up the volume.

This just in Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital after a problem in the timing of the pyrotechnics caught his hair on fire, he has been rushed to the burn unit, we will keep you updated on the details as we have them available

“Oh my God NO”, Sharon screamed. Beth gathered her close “Hush it’s okay, we will go to him”, she answered as tried to calmed her, knowing there was no way they would get anywhere near him.

Later that evening

Beth kept the television on as Sharon slept, waiting for an update to Michael’s condition. She had to slip her friend a pill in her drink to knock her out as she was growing increasingly hysterical as the hours slipped by. Amelia had finally settled down and was off to dream when the phone finally rang. Racing to it she answered breathlessly.
“Hi Beth”, the soft voice answered.
“Michael thank God, are you okay, let me get Sharon”.
“No”, he screamed in her ear. “I want you to just tell her I am fine, but I don’t want to see her anymore”.
“Why”, she yelled back.
“Beth I don’t want her to see me like this, I look so ugly”, he whispered.
“Michael she loves you, she doesn’t care what you look like”. She pleaded.
“Well I do”, he screamed as he hung the phone up sharply in her ear.
Beth laid the phone back down as she looked across the room at her sleeping friend, “How am I supposed to make her understand that”, she whispered as the tears fell down her face.

Chapter 11:

Three months later:

Beth stood and looked at the mansion in front of her. Her heart pounded in her ears, she had no idea how she would get into Michael’s room, but she had to for Sharon. Sharon spent her days in a daze, her emotions were out of control, and for Amelia and herself this could not be allowed to go on. Running into La Toya had given her a reason to stop by, as she brought books over for the children. Beth took a deep breath to calm her nerves as she started up the stairs.
The door swung open as she waited on the steps, Katherine’s smile met her “Miss Adams I am so happy you came by Toya said you finally finished the novel, that must be exciting”, she said as she lead her into the living room.
Beth handed her the copies of the book as she sat down “I just wanted to thank you for the time”.
“Oh you’re welcome”, Katherine said as she looked through the first book “It was kind to sign one for each of the children”.
“I always keep my promises”, Beth smiled at her.
As Beth looked around the room Katherine studied her as she made small talk about the kids, noticing Beth was not truly interested in her she asked, “so what is the real reason you are here”?
Beth took a deep breath to calm herself, as she started to fill Katherine in on the situation between Michael and Sharon, her tears fell as she told her about her friend’s state of health, and she begged to allow her some time to talk to him.
Katherine sighed as she listened to the story, handing Beth a tissue as she moved to the couch to comfort her. “Beth you are a very good friend, and I don’t know why Michael did that, but I do know he is in pain and does not want to see anyone”. Katherine did her best to explain the skin graphs and the embarrassment Michael felt at his appearance. “I will go talk to him, but I cannot promise you anything”.
Beth smiled as she dried her eyes “if he says no, I will go, I did not come here to upset him, I just needed to do something, she is my best friend and she is hurting”. “Thank you” she said as Katherine started up the stairs.
As she sat in the room watching the stairs for any sign of Katherine, she silently prayed he would allow the visit. Katherine smiled as she came down the stairs “He will see you on two conditions”.
Beth jumped up as she raced to meet her “anything, what are they”?
“The first one is you cannot see him, you will have to talk to him through the door, the second one is I have to be there as well”.
“That’s fine”, Beth agreed as they started up the stairs. As they neared Michael’s door Katherine left her in the hall to join him in his room. Patiently waiting for him to get ready she sighed as Katherine pulled the door aside and stepped back to allow her in. She showed her to the bed and Beth sank into a chair next to it. His bed was covered with a canopy sheet and she jumped when she heard him great her.
“Hi Michael”, she said softly as she stared at the bed.”How are you doing”?
“I’ve been better”, he replied in a soft voice. “How are you all doing”?
“We miss you, Amelia says your name every day, and Sharon”, she trailed off. “Well I guess she misses you the most”.
“I missed her second birthday”, he answered.
“Yeah she is keeping me busy, she catches every word now”, Beth smiled as she thought of her small ward.
“I bet she is”, he laughed. “What about Sharon, is she okay”?
“No Michael she’s not, did you expect her to be”?
The silence hung in the room as he searched for the right words to say, “I did not mean to hurt her”, he said softly.
“Michael I love you, she loves you, there is nothing she would not do for you”, Beth said.
“I know, I can’t ask her too”, he replied. “What would you do”?
“I would fall at her feet and beg her to forgive me if I was you”, Beth answered. Michael remained quiet behind the veil he hid behind; as Beth waited her anger grew. She knew he was in pain physically, but her friend needed him emotionally. “Michael”, she said angrily “I know you hear me, tell me how am I suppose to fix this, Please come see her, she needs you”, she begged as she stood up. Not wanting to upset him she started for the door, she was about to explode and she needed to get away from him.
“Michael, say something”, his mother said as she watched with concern.
“Tell her I will always love her, and to move on”, he said dramatically.
Beth stopped as her head heard him words, leaning heavily on the door she sighed. Buried deep within her was the secret she fought not to use, but she had to let him know, he deserved to know. “Michael, what do I tell your child”, she said softly. “Do I tell him the same”?
Michael remained silent and Katherine stared at her in shock. “Okay Michael”, Beth said “this is the way you wanted it, I won’t come back again, but I’ll be damned if I do you dirty work for you again”.
As she opened the door Michael’s voice was clear as he screamed “Wait Beth, close the door”.
Smiling she closed the door and walked back to the bed “It’s time to come out of there Michael”.

Chapter 12:

Beth smiled as she heard the small knock on the door, looking at the clock she knew who it was. “Want me to get it”, the voice called as she jumped up. “No it’s fine I got it, it’s midnight I know it’s Michael”. “Do you want me to go to the bedroom”? “No it’s time you met him as well”. As she hurried so Sharon would not be woken up she smiled in delight into the face she loved so much. “You look good”.
Michael hugged her as he came into the room “It feels funny”, he said as he messed with his hair.
“No one would be able to tell”, she said as she inspected the weave that ran into his natural hair. “Does it still hurt”?
Michael smiled into her concerned eyes. Bethany Adams his friend, the woman who waited patiently him to get himself together, while she protected the woman he loved, as always. She was indeed a guardian angel. “You’re going to make a great mother someday, and no there is no more pain”. It was this angel who eased Sharon into talking to him again, and through her the love had been rekindled with his Sharon. Three months ago she stood in his room and told him to think of others besides himself, snapping him out of the depression he felt. Breaking her promise to her best friend to inform him of his child and being the go between to mend both of their broken hearts. He owed her so much.
The sound of someone clearing their throat turned his attention behind her. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, Michael this is the man I was telling you about, I would like you to meet Darrin”, she gushed.
Michael smiled as he shook his hand “Hello I am pleased to meet you; Beth has said so much about you I feel I already know you”.
“Me too”, Darrin smiled back.
“Oh enough about us go see your woman”, Beth said as she shooed him off the Sharon’s room.
As he watched her wipe a few tears from her eyes Darrin wrapped her in his arms “It’s okay baby, this is what you worked so hard for”.
“I know but it still makes me kind of sad”, she sniffed.
“Sad, why”, he asked.
“Isn’t this how a fairy tale ends, the prince marries the princess and they live happily ever after”, she sighed. As she looked into the face of the man she had come to know and love so much these last seven months she slipped deeper in his arms as he pulled her close. “I am going to miss those girls is all”?
“I am sure Sharon will always call”, he said into her hair.
“I know she will, but I just won’t see them as much. What is Amelia forgets me”?
“Are you serious that little girl loves you, she is never going to forget her Auntie. However, maybe it’s time for you to have a child of your own”, he teased.
Beth stared into his eyes as they shined back with love in them “I would like that very much”, she said as she raised her head for his kiss.
Michael carefully shut the door as he walked across the room, the nightlight she kept for Amelia lit his way in a soft glow. Creeping over to the crib against the wall, he glanced down at the little girl asleep, as she sucked on her thumb. His hand caressed her hair and he carefully pulled the blanket back up around her. She was so much bigger than he remembered, and his heart ached that he had missed those moments “I promise you I will spoil you rotten”, he whispered.
“She already is”, Sharon whispered back.
“Did I wake you”, he said softly as he came to the bed where she laid.
“Yes but that is okay”, she answered as she struggled to sit up.
Michael smiled at her movement and quickly helped her sit up. At six months along she was in fact huge; Beth had told him that, but seeing it for himself filled him with joy. “You sure that is one baby”, he teased as he sat down beside her on the bed.
“Are you trying to say I am fat”, she replied as she stared at him.
Michael smiled “Never would I say that, I think you look beautiful”. As he looked at her she smiled coyly “How are you feeling”?
“Like a beached whale”, she laughed. “So Michael, what do we do now”?
As he leaned in close he smiled “This is the part where I tell you how much I have missed you and beg for your forgiveness”, he said as he placed a small kiss on her lips.
“And then I remind you what an ass you were, but I become all understanding and accept it right”, she smiled back.
With another kiss he added, “Right, and then I sweep you off your feet and we live happily ever after”. “You do believe in fate right”?
“I believe in whatever it takes to make you take me in your arms and never push me away again”, she sighed as he gathered her in his arms. “We’re cool right”, she asked him.
“We’re so cool”, the small voice said from across the room.
Glancing over at the little girl who stood up in her crib watching from afar, Michael threw back his head and laughed as her mother groaned. Sharon quickly laid back down as he took her from the crib and hugged her close. “I miss you princess”.
“I miss You Mik”, she said as she lay in his arms. Looking back at her mother he sighed “Okay Yeah I get it, you wake her you watch her”.
“That’s the rules around here”, she giggled as she tried to make herself comfortable. “See you in the morning”, she called happily after them as he took her into the other room.
“Well Amelia my sweetheart it is just you and me”, he said as he looked around the empty room. “What do you want to play”.
“Airplane”, she giggled as he threw her into the air.
“Your wish is my command”.


Beth sat with the small children at her feet reading them the newest of her short stories. Contentment washed over her as she accepted the applause at the end. This was her 25th short story and in her career she had added another 8 children’s novels. Life had been good to her although she barely saw her old friends she talked to them often. Her marriage was strong and this month would see it into the 15th year. Darrin’s career had moved them to New York and she loved the new scenery, but her heart always remained behind in L.A. for it was here a part of her family remained.
Michael and Sharon had married and spent a lot of time travel overseas. Old friend were not forgotten but the traveling gave them very little windows to see them in person. Michael Jackson had become a superstar and an international entertainer, there was not a magazine you could pick up that did not have his face on it. Sharon had given him six children the last being a set of twins. Beth smiled as she thought of her old friend fondly, as she sat down to sign autographs. The line was long indeed for she had her own followers who enjoyed her books, sighing heavily she thought of her husband and two boys waiting at home for her to join them. The time fly by as she repeatedly sighed her name, grabbing the book she asked “Who is this for”, at receiving no response her eyes lifted for the table to the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.
The girl was petite a soft round face and eyes that sparked with merriment. Shocked she whispered “Amelia”. Her thoughts raced to the old image she had on her computer, which matched this girl’s face. She had been right this child had become quite a beautiful young woman
The smile lit up the sky as the girl looked down at her and held out her arms. “You remembered me”, she said excitedly as Beth pulled her in her arms. Glance over her head to the woman standing by the door she waved as Sharon smiled back at her.
“Of course I did silly, a mother knows her child”.

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Do You Believe in FAte? 006

Chapter 1:

“So this is LA”, Bethany said as she stared out the window of the bus. She looked out in wonder as the buildings flew passed her, ‘it’s perfect’, she sighed as she snuggled back into her seat. This would be her first time living on her own, she was scared but her excitement ruled her more. As the youngest of four children Bethany always struggled to have her voice heard, moving so far away from her family was her way to find the independence she so desired. She smiled as she remembered the shock from her parents as she told them what she was doing, they did not give her a week before she would come running home, but they would see she had no intention of ever going back to that small town in Oklahoma again.
She sat up as the bus pulled into the station, waiting to allow the others to pass, she noticed a younger lady struggling as she tried to gather her things and the seat that held her child. “Can I give you a hand”, she asked as she walked to the back of the bus.
“That’s so kind of you”, the girl smiled back “Please”.
“Not a problem”, she returned as she took her bag and allowed the mother to grab her child. “My name is Bethany but everyone calls me Beth”.
“Pleased to meet you, I’m Sharon and this is Amelia”, she said as she nodded towards her child.
Beth glanced down at the child who smiled up at her as well, “You’re a cutie Amelia”, she said and laughed as the child smiled wider. “How old is she”, Beth asked.
“Five months tomorrow”, Sharon replied as she lead the way down the aisle to the door.
Beth followed and accepted the help from the bus driver as he helped them down the steps, “Thank you”, she said as she was safely off the bus. He smiled at her and nodded as they stood looking around. “Let’s go over there”, Beth suggested as she pointed to a bench; “Where are you headed to now”, Beth asked as she sat down beside them.
“I don’t know”, Sharon answered quietly.
“Where are you from”, Beth asked.
“Kansas”, she replied.
“No way”, Beth said “I am from Oklahoma”.
Sharon’s eyes lit up “Oh my goodness, what town”.
“Pryor, what about you”, Beth replied.
“Galena”, she smiled.
“I moved here to start out a new life, I wanted to be somewhere exciting, how about you guys”, Beth asked.
“We um…..We are”, she stammered.
Beth reached her hand out and took hers “It’s okay”.
Sharon looked at the woman sitting beside her, her long blonde hair framing her face looked like a halo as the sun shined through it, “Amelia’s father and I broke up, he is not a nice person…..so I had to get as far away as I could”, she said as she struggled for the right words to say.
“Well why don’t we find a cheap place to stay, and get something to eat, does that sound good”, Beth offered.
Sharon stared up at this angel, had God answered her prayers, “We were going to find a shelter somewhere, I can’t ask you to do that”.
“Hum….I don’t think I heard you ask, I think I offered”, Beth said.
“But why”, Sharon asked her,
“Because it is the right thing to do, do you believe in fate Sharon”, Beth asked.
“I believe in the power of prayer, and how things happen for a reason”, Sharon replied.
“Exactly”, Beth smiled, “so let us get out of here”.
Sharon almost leap off the bench, most people would call her nuts for putting her trust in a complete stranger, but she would be doing the same thing if she went to that shelter, besides she felt a kinship to Beth there was something about her that screamed out that she was a good person. She did not know how the path would end that they were setting out on, but one thing she did know Beth had to be sent to her from God.

Later that day

Beth laughed as Amelia chuckled; she cooed as Beth tickled her chin and stared at her with the most beautiful big blue eyes. “We are going to have to buy you a wig, you’re in Hollywood now, bald babies just are not in”, she said to Amelia and laughed as she sighed apparently agreeing. “It’s okay the look works for you”, she laughed as Amelia smiled.
Sharon smiled as she came back into the room from her shower. “She really seems to like you, she usually cries around people she does not know”.
“That’s because I am so cool”, Beth said as she smiled at Amelia “Tell your momma, Beth is cool”, she said stressing the last part.
Sharon laughed as she walked over and picked her child up “Your turn”, she said to Beth nodding to the bathroom. Her laugh carried Beth to the room as she headed off for a long soak in the tub. “She is cool right”, Sharon said as she looked down at her daughter. Amelia’s smile confirmed what she already knew.
Looking around the motel room she sighed, this was much better than she thought it would be, they had two queen sized beds, a small kitchenette, and it was cozy. “Thank you Lord for helping us when we needed you most”, she prayed. The unpleasant smell hit her “Amelia yuck”, she said wrinkling her nose “someone needs a new diaper”; she laughed as she carried her to the bed. Cleaning her up she sat beside her as she looked through her bag, her wallet held all the money in the world she had “Less than three hundred, that won’t last us long” she said to her daughter, pulling her into her arms she sighed.
Beth whistled as she came back in the room, stopping short when she saw her friend holding her daughter with tears falling from her eyes, “Sharon what’s wrong”.
Sharon quickly wiped her tears “It’s nothing”.
“Yes it is, tell me what’s wrong”, Beth urged as she knelt in front of her.
Sharon handed her the wallet “I don’t have much, but I want to help out, so take it”.
Beth opened her wallet and saw how little she had, “I will not, you two need this”.
“I like you”, she cried “I don’t want to be a burden to you”.
“Sharon”, Beth said raising her head so she could look in her eyes “You guys are no burden, you’re a blessing to me, I thought I would be sitting in a room not knowing one person, and by now probably thinking about heading back to Oklahoma. I need you guys as much as you need me, we can help each other, but I will not take your money”.
“But I saw how much the room was for the week, you cannot afford to do it alone”, Sharon sighed.
“Well I am not alone, I have you guys”, Beth smiled, “Now as for money I have quite a savings built up, I have been planning this move for years, it will last us long after we get an apartment and find some jobs”.
“An apartment”, she asked “we are going to find an apartment, together”?
“Unless you don’t want to”, Beth asked.
Sharon stared at her in shock “I want to; yes we want to, are you sure”?
“Let’s go find something to eat, we are celebrating then, something nice”, Beth suggested.
Sharon laughed with delight “I better find something nice to wear then”, she said as she laid Amelia in Beth’s arms and started going through her suitcases.
Beth smiled at Amelia, “see I told you Beth’s cool”. Amelia smiled in her face as she cooed her approval as well.

Chapter 2:

Sharon grabbed her daughter to keep her out of the way as the movers moved in package after package and set up the new furniture Beth had ordered. They had lived in the room for two months before Beth found this apartment, she had thought they were moving into a small place but to Sharon this was a condominium not an apartment. She shook her head as she thought of her friend; Beth was a mystery to her even though they had yet to find jobs Beth had never ran out of money, she wondered where it kept coming from.
“Oh good it’s all here”, Beth said as she came in the apartment.
“Beth it all looks so expensive”, she said to her friend.
“It was”, she said as she walked over to the desk sat up in the corner of the room, running her fingers over the keys of the computer.
“I just don’t understand where all this money keeps coming from”, Sharon questioned her.
Amelia reached for Beth as she came back to them, smiling she took her from her mother and snuggled her close. “So the question is, how do I have so much money, is that what you’re asking”, she smiled.
“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I would say I am really curious”, she sighed.
“Come on”, Beth said as she walked to her room. Sharon followed as they went into her room; it was filled with some of the boxes the movers had brought in today. “Hold her a second will you”, Beth asked as she handed Amelia back to her. Sharon watched as Beth searched through boxes until she found one labeled simply with books. “Okay take a look in here”, she said as she took Amelia back into her arms.
Sharon pulled a few books out as she looked at the titles “I don’t understand”, she said.
“Look closer”, Beth urged.
Opening the cover she caught the words ‘written by Bethany Adams, illustration by Bethany Adams’ Turning to her friend with her eyes wide in surprise she gasped “You’re a writer of children’s books, are all these yours”, she asked amazed.
“Yup”, Beth smiled proudly “I told you Beth is cool, right Amelia”, she answered.
“Cool”, Amelia answered as she chewed Beth’s hair.
Beth and Sharon laughed as she answered with her favorite new word “I have read some of these to her when we lived in Kansas, they are great stories….where does your inspiration come from”, Sharon asked as she looked through the box.
“From people like Amelia here, I love children”, Beth sighed as she kissed Amelia’s forehead.
“So you don’t have to work then”?
“Oh I have to work, my publishers demand that, but I put it on hold for a bit to move here……I needed some new things to inspire me, and I found that on a bus one day when I met these two sweet angels”, Beth answered.
“We inspire you”, Sharon asked.
“Yup”, she answered simply as she moved out of the room.
Sharon heard her daughter giggling as Beth was probably playing airplane or throwing her in the air. Glancing at the box labeled music she shout to her “Hey can I open the one with music”, at her friends approval Sharon tore into the next box, she giggled in delight as she saw the music from her favorite artist “Beth you like Michael Jackson”, she shouted as she pulled the “Off the Wall” album to her chest.
“Well yeah”, Beth said as she poked her head in. “Bring them in and we can listen to them”.
Sharon put the album back in the box as she drug it into the living room “What should we start with”, she asked a she turned on the record player.
“I love off the wall, is that okay”, Beth asked as she spun around with Amelia.
Sharon jumped with delight “Me Too”, she replied as she turned it up.

Chapter 3:

Amelia rolled across the floor as her mother smiled at her “When are you going to start crawling”, she said to her, as Amelia kept repeating her favorite word ‘cool cool cool’, she said as she continued to roll.
“She will do it as soon as she wants to”, Beth laughed as she looked up from her computer.
“Should I take her in the other room”, Sharon asked afraid she would disturb her work.
Beth looked down at the blue eyes staring up at her from her feet, as Amelia had made it all the way over to her “Do what Amelia”, she said as she listened to the coos “No she said she wants to go to Disney world”.
“Did she now”, Sharon laughed, “I think she needs to quit being so demanding”.
Beth threw back her head and laughed, “Momma thinks you are being demanding, but she doesn’t understand all princesses’ want to go there, Right”.
“Cool”, Amelia said as she held her arms out demanding to be picked up.
“I think so too”, Beth said as she helped her stand “If you want to go we have to walk to momma and tell her, is that a deal”.
“Cool”, Amelia said as Beth lifted her to her feet.
Holding onto her hands as Amelia took the shaky steps to her mother, Beth smiled as each one became surer, she released her as she took those last two steps into her mother’s waiting arms. Sharon smiled up at Beth as she stared in amazement.
“Amelia you did it, you walked, Momma is so proud of you”, Sharon said as she held her close.
“Ma Ma”, Amelia said as she looked at her mother,
“Did you hear her”, Sharon demanded.
Beth smiled at her friend “I heard her now that is worth taking her to Disney World”.
Disney World
Sharon sat on the bench as she waited for Beth take Amelia for ice cream, her feet were killing her but they seemed to be having a blast.
“Beautiful day is it not”, the man sitting beside her on the bench asked.
His soft spoken voice seemed familiar but his appearance did not, “Yes it is”, she returned.
“Are you having fun”, he asked.
Sharon smiled as she answered, “I think it has been one of the best days of my life”.
“That’s good” he said as he studied her.
“I’m Sharon”, she said as she extended her hand.
“Mike”, he said as he took it in his. “Are you here alone”?
“No we brought my daughter, my friend took her for ice cream”, she replied.
“How nice, how old is she”?
“Almost nine months in another week”, she answered, “Do you have kids”?
“I am a big kids myself still at heart, but no not yet”, he answered almost sadly.
“Well I am sure one day you will”, Sharon said as she spotted her friend coming back.
“Do you know how many benches this park has”, Beth laughed as she handed Amelia to her mother.
“Please sit down”, the man answered as he stood up.
“No it’s okay, you don’t have to get up”, Beth replied.
“Beth this is Mike and this is my daughter Amelia”, Sharon said introducing them.
“Pleased to meet you”, Mike said as he shook Beth’s hand. “You are a beautiful young lady”, he said to Amelia as he touched her cheek. Amelia’s hand shot out and pulled at the beard on his face “cool, cool”, she said.
Sharon grabbed her hand as she apologized to him “she likes you”.
“Well thank you Amelia I like you too”, he said as he stood back up from her. “I hope you have a fun day”.
Beth smiled up at him, “it was nice to meet you”.
“You too, have a nice day ladies”, he said as he walked off.
Do You Believe in FAte? 09-7-09-image-1-49475847

“He was nice”, Sharon said after he was out of ear shot.
“So did you like him”, Beth asked.
“Well I was trying to picture him without the beard but all I kept seeing was Michael Jackson, weird huh”, Sharon said as she stared after him.
“Oh my God Sharon I saw that too, do you think it might be him”, Beth replied.
“Let’s find out”, Sharon giggled as she jumped up “hurry before he gets away”.
Searching the park for over an hour they had no sight of the mystery man anywhere. Ending their search they headed for the gift shop to look around. “Beth some of you books are here”, Sharon said as she looked through the shelves.
“No way really”, she said as she ran to her friend.
“Wow it feels like my best friend is famous or something”, Sharon teased.
“Thank you”, Beth said as she bowed “I just don’t know why they are here”.
“I don’t know”, Sharon answered puzzled.
Beth turned as she was bumped into, the book she was holding fell to her feet “Excuse me’, she said as she quickly reached for it.
Her head connected with the man who also reached down to retrieve it. “I’m sorry”, he said as he rose up rubbing he head.
“Mike”, Sharon said as she recognized him.
“Well hello again ladies, Beth isn’t it”, he asked as he helped her up.
“Yes that’s right’, Beth replied as she stared at him again.
“Are you all looking for some books for Amelia, these books by Bethany Adams are great”, he suggested.
Beth smiled at Sharon “Well thank you”, she said.
Mike looked at them questionably “for what”.
“I am Bethany Adams”, she said laughing at the shock on his face.
“Seriously, oh my goodness, if I buy one, will you sign it for me”, he asked “I thought you were out of Oklahoma”.
“I was but I moved here a few months ago and met Sharon here, and now I will be writing from here”, she explained. “How do you know of my work”?
“I have read them to my nieces and nephews, they love them, I know they would be delighted to meet you in person”, he said “Oh Please come meet them, I would be the coolest uncle ever”.
“That depends”, Beth answered.
“On what”, he asked.
Whispering to him beneath her breath she asked “Are you Michael Jackson”?
Michael smiled shyly “I am indeed, but shhhh”, he said looking around.
“We knew it”, Sharon whispered.
“Hey how about a ride home”, he asked.
“We drove today”, Beth said as she looked him over.
“I was asking you to take me home, if that’s okay with you”, he asked. “We can talk privately there”.
Beth smiled at Sharon “We would be honored”.
“Great” he said as he reached for a book, “let me go buy this, we have not read it yet”, he said as he walked to the counter.
“Oh my goodness”, Sharon sighed “we were talking to Michael, and we are taking him home”.

Chapter 4:

Michael insisted on riding in the back with Amelia, he was quite content to play with her toys and make her giggle. Sharon and Beth could not help to laugh as she was determined to pull the beard off his face as well; listening to his howls of pain brought more laughter. “How does she know it is not supposed to be there”, he asked.
“She is a girl we just know these things”, Beth said as she watched him in the rear view mirror, “Just like we figured out who you were”.
“Okay”, he said as he smiled up at her reflection, “I think you didn’t know the whole time or you would have not let me walk away in the first place”.
“Really well I believe it was Amelia there who tried to take that beard off the moment she met you”, Sharon reminded him.
Michael looked back to Amelia, “So she was, you know little miss you can’t go around blowing my cover like that”.
“Cool”, Amelia stated as she handed him another toy and smiled at him.
Michael took her offering and smiled, “I’m cool with that too, so are we friends”.
“Cool”, she told him again and everyone busted up laughing.
“Why does she say that”, Michael asked as everyone calmed down a bit.
“That would be Beth’s fault, since the day I met her she has taught that word to her, so it was no surprise she said that word first”, Sharon explained.
“Does she say anything else yet”, he asked her.
Sharon smiled “today she said Ma Ma before we left the house”.
Michael grinned at her “that is cool”.
“Cool ma ma”, Amelia said.
Sharon smiled at her daughter “yes it is baby”.
“Michael where do we turn”, Beth asked changing the subject.
Michael leaned close to her as he looked around, “Oh we have to go up a bit further, see where that van turned up there”, he asked at her nod he laughed “follow that car”.
Beth snickered and did as he asked; having him lean so close as he pointed the way was intoxicating, it was making her concentration slip “wait stop”, he yelled in her ear, “you just went passed it, by the way lock the car doors too”.
Slamming on the brakes she quickly turned the car around, the site that met her eyes made her realize why locking the car was so important to him. The crowd in front of the gates was unbelievable as they stopped a guard came to the car, Beth motioned him to the backseat behind her.
“Hi Tony, can you hurry up and get us in”, he asked through the crack in the window. As the guard ran off the crowd began to gather around looking inside. Beth and Sharon waved to them, Amelia seeing the crowd began to cry, “Don’t cry they will help us”, Michael said as he tried to calm her.
Amelia was not to be calmed until the guard pushed back the crowd and the car was safely inside the gates. Looking around at the new view, she began to relax; Michael smiled at her “yeah they make me feel that way too sometimes”.
As Beth pulled the car in front of the house, she and Sharon stared in amazement. “This is beautiful”, Sharon said.
“Thank you”, he said as he opened his door, “come on I’ll show you around”.
Jumping from the car they watched as Sharon got Amelia out of her car seat. As she walked over to them Amelia demanded that Michael hold her as she threw her arms out to him. “Oh no, you didn’t”, Beth said as she watched her fall into his arms.
“I know she always want Beth”, Sharon laughed as she went back for her diaper bag.
“Sorry”, he said as he held her tight “I seem to have this effect on all women”.
“I bet you do”, Beth said as she saw Amelia snuggle against him. For that moment she felt jealous of this child.
“Come on”, he said as he started for the stairs.
Sharon laughed as she followed “Don’t worry Beth; she just has a new toy”.
“Well I want to play with her toy, and she is not good at sharing”, Beth whispered to Sharon.
Sharon’s laughter drawled Michael’s attention “what’s so funny”.
“I was just telling Beth I doubt if she will even let me change that diaper”, she sighed “you’re just going to have to do it”.
“Ha, diapers do not scare me”, Michael said as he walked in the door. He waited for them to join him as he continued into the house. “Mother, I am back”, he announced.”We have guests”.
“Well how was Disney World”, Katherine said as she walked into the room.
“Great, you will never guess who I ran into”, he said as his mother looked their guest over “This is Bethany Adams”, he said at his mother’s questioning look he added “she writes those children’s books”.
“Well I’ll be”, she said as she shook her hand “we are indeed fans of yours, my grandchildren love to hear your stories”.
“Thank you”, Beth said meekly.
“This is her friend Sharon and this angel is Amelia her daughter”, Michael continued.
“Nice to meet you as well” Katherine said as she shook her hand as well, “This little thing is a cutie”, she said as she moved to her son to see Amelia.
Amelia studied her for only a second and threw her arms out to be held by her as well. Sharon stood there in shock as Katherine lifted her up and moved to the couch to hold her. “Wow”.
Katherine laughed as the baby mumbled to her. Amelia had a way of drawing the attention of everyone she met. Sharon looked in wonder as they talked back and forth together like old friends.
“I’ll be right back”, Michael said from behind them “Got to get rid of this”, he said as he lifted the beard.
“Is it hard to get off”, Sharon asked.
“It’s glued pretty well, I can’t have people able to just take it off, now can I”, he replied as he walked up the stairs.
“Sharon”, Katherine called. Bring her attention back to his mother she felt guilty she had been staring after him and had been caught red handed by his mother. “I think she needs a new diaper”.
“Oh yeah”, Sharon said as she walked over to her daughter. “Come to momma baby”, she said as she held out her arms, but Amelia just shook her head and laid it on Katherine’s neck.
“Amelia”, Katherine said “Will you let me change you”?
Amelia smiled as Katherine laid her right on the white couch and started to remove it there. Sharon was afraid she might make a mess and tried to interfere. “Oh it’s okay”, Katherine laughed “She would not be the first to pee on the couch here”.
Beth laughed at Katherine’s honesty “you have a lot of experience at this”, Beth asked as she had the task done quickly.
“Well after ten children and five grand kids I would say I am a pro right now”, She laughed as she sat Amelia onto the floor. “Go ahead look around” she told the baby as she stood up. “I’ll be right back I promised her a snack, how about a cookie”?
“She loves cookies”, Beth answered as she watched her walk out of the room.
“Well hello there” the soft voice said from behind them.
Beth turned and saw La Toya as she entered the room. “Hello” they replied as they stood.
“Michael said to come down and keep you company, he had to jump in the shower”, she explained “now who is Beth and who is Sharon”, she asked.
As they cleared up who they were La Toya walked over to Amelia on the floor, who was rolling around exploring “Now this must be Amelia, you seem to have already stolen my brother’s heart”, she said as she knelt down beside her.
Amelia studied her face for a minute then let loose with a loud cry, as La Toya recoiled in shock. “What in the world”, Katherine said as she came back into the room.
Beth jumped up to pick Amelia up as Sharon was too busy laughing, “I’m sorry she must be sleepy”, she told La Toya.
Beth handed Amelia off to her mother as La Toya went to sit by her mother; Amelia continued to keep an eye on her as her tears subsided. Katherine handed her a cookie and she seemed content to gnaw on it as the chocolate chips melted on her face and hands. They sat there talking as Amelia ate.
Michael came into the room with his curls falling in his face, “Sorry I had to take a quick shower and make sure all that glue washed off, I think I used too much”.
Amelia at hearing his voice threw her hands up to him to be picked up. Michael quickly took her into his arms as her fingers quickly covered his face with chocolate. “Oh My God” Sharon said as she reached into her bag and grabbed the baby wipes. “I’m so sorry”.
Between her mother’s voice and La Toya giggles Amelia’s eyes filled with tears and the crying started again. Michael quickly wiped her hands and face as he calmed her. Laying her on his shoulder he tried to wipe the mess off his own face. Sharon helped him as his efforts were making it worse. As Michael patted her back she calmed and slowly started to drift off. “I am so sorry”, Sharon said again “Now you smell like baby powder and chocolate”.
“Is that a bad smell”, Michael said smiling into her eyes.
Sharon’s knees felt weak as she replied “No, I think that works for you”, as she smiled back.
Michael adjusted Amelia so she could sleep as everyone watched him cradle her in his arms he kissed her head and said, “We are going to have to bottle this fragrance, we will be millionaires”.
Sharon sat back down beside him on the couch “do you want me to take her”, she asked him.
“It’s okay, she’s fine”, he answered as he watched her sleep.
“Michael loves babies”, Katherine explained. “Toya go get the children and introduce them to Miss Adams. Don’t tell them who is here let’s surprise them”. La Toya ran off to do as her mother asked.
“I am going to take her up to the nursery and ask Alice to keep an eye on her”, Michael said as he stood. “Sharon come with me and I’ll show you were it is at”.
“Okay”, Sharon said as she grabbed the bag and followed him upstairs. Beth felt instant jealously at her as she watched her friend leave with Michael.

Chapter 5:

Bethany sat in the center of attention as the children were caught on her every word. Even though their focus was directly on her, she could not seem to help but wonder why Michael and Sharon still were not back yet. Her anger grew with every passing second, as she threw herself into the story she was reading. Her story ended with applause from the children and she stood and took a bow “Thank you how great an audience you all were”, she said kindly to them.
“That was great, you are a wonderful story teller”, Katherine said as she clasped her hand. “I just can’t thank you enough, for signing their books and reading one to them, you have such a way to draw a child in”.
“Thank you, I love children and I hope that shows”, Beth said honestly to her. “I receive such inspiration when I see their faces”.
“You know Michael said that about song writing, are you writing anything now”, Katherine asked.
“Yes actually I am working on my first children’s novel, I wanted to build a fantasy world with a princess as the main character, Amelia has been quite the inspiration for that”, Beth said as she heard the unmistakable cry bellowing from inside. “I better check on that”, she said as she excused herself.
Walking in the home she found a woman holding a screaming Amelia, seeing her Amelia threw her arms out, “what is all of this princess”, she soothed at she calmed down a bit. “Are you Alice”, she asked the young woman.
“Yes I am so sorry, she woke from her nap and I went to change her and then she started screaming”, Alice explained. “I barely got a new diaper on her, but I can’t find her mother or Mr. Jackson anywhere”.
“It’s fine, I’ll find them”, she said as she smiled at her.
“I don’t know if I should”, Alice said.
Reaching her limit Beth fought to control the anger in her voice “Well it would seem you can let me take her and go look for her mother, or you can take her back and listen to her scream and I’ll still go find her mother, your choice miss”.
“Um she seems to know you so I’ll just leave her in your care”, Alice decided.
“You’re a smart girl Alice, and thank you for taking care of her for us”, Beth said as her anger faded “By the way I am Bethany”.
“The book writer, the kids said you were here, they were so excited that you were going to read to them, did they behave”, she asked.
“They were all Angels”, Beth smiled at her.
“That’s good, well thank you again”, Alice said as she went back up the stairs.
“Ma Ma Cool”, Amelia said as she looked at Beth,
Smiling at her she said, “No momma is not cool, and Beth is going to kill her”, as Amelia giggled Beth added “if I can find her that is”.
Walking out the front door she stopped short as she caught sight of them across the lawn. Michael held her in his arms as she buried her face in his chest, “Oh Hell No”, Beth said as she started across the lawn to them. She could see Michael say something to her and as she reached them Sharon sat back up quickly. “Did you all have a good time”, she asked as she handed Amelia to Sharon.
“I guess she woke up”, Sharon said as she took her.
Beth smiled “yeah and she screamed the whole house down too, luckily I got to her because she broke the windows”.
“I’m sorry we lost track of time out here”, Sharon said.
“Oh I feel so bad we missed story time”, Michael said as he looked up at her “Did the children enjoy it”?
Beth swore his voice could stop a raging bull, as her anger faded “yes you did and I do not do that for just everyone, the children had a blast and behaved themselves nicely”.
“Thank you so much Bethany for doing that, I know it meant a lot to them”, Michael said to her.
“It was my pleasure, I have never read one of my books to children before, it was very inspiring, and on that note I really think it is time for us to get going I have a deadline I am supposed to make”, Beth answered.
“I’ll run and get my bag”, Sharon offered. “We’ll meet you at the car”.
They watched as Sharon ran to the house. “She is a great girl”, Michael said as he watched.
“Yes she is”, Beth answered as she started to walk to her car, Michael quickly fell in step beside her “I must say it was a pleasure to meet you as well”.
Michael smiled at her “I would have to say the pleasure was all mine, so how soon till the new book is out”, he asked.
“Well I think we are looking at a Christmas release date, but I promise to bring you all some for the kids before then”, Beth said as she reached the car. “It’s my first novel so I am excited to see it through”.
“What is it about”, he asked.
“It’s about a little princess who does not know that is indeed what she is and she is lost in this strange world trying to get back to her family”, Beth said as her eyes glowed.
Michael stared at her with concern in his eyes, “She will make it back right”?
Beth clicked her tongue “Now you will just have to read it and find out, won’t you”.
“Awe no hints”, he said smiling that devilish smile.
“Oh no, it is a secret”, she said as she melted inside.
Hearing Sharon coming back outside, she turned to see them coming out with Katherine and the children. As the children all hugged her good bye she watched Michael out of the corner of her eye as he hugged Sharon and whispered to her and strapped Amelia in her seat after he hugged her as well. As he came back around the car he waited patiently while the children finished talking to her. Katherine followed the children and hugged her as she thanked her again, inviting her back anytime. Michael took his turn to hug her as he helped her in the car; he again thanked her like his mother and invited them all back. Beth watched as they disappeared in her rear view mirror, and pulled out onto the road.
They drove in silence as Amelia bored fell back to sleep; the low music was the only sound. Sharon watched her friend, she knew she was angry at her but she did not understand why. “Beth did you not have a good time”, she finally asked.
“It was okay”, she replied.
“I think Michael is such a sweet person and the family was so kind as well”, Sharon said.
“I did not know you took the time to meet them”, Beth countered.
“That’s not fair, your mad because Michael entertained me while you read to the children”, she accused.
“Well yeah, was that not why we were invited in the first place”, Beth said “It doesn’t matter, it’s over, I know you’re a fan, I just wish I could have had some alone time as well, I guess”, Beth said as she tried to smile.
“But you will, did you know Michael draws, and when I told him about you doing your own illustrations he asked if you might like to see some of his”, Beth blurted out. “So I invited him to bring them over and show you, and he said he would”.
“You talked about me”, Beth asked.
“We talked about everything, how we met, why we live together, what you are like, and why I ran away from Kansas. He is so easy to talk to Beth you just want to spill everything, and I started crying and he held me in his arms, and told me I was so lucky to have a guardian angel like you, that’s when you came out holding Amelia, and he said there is your angel now”, Sharon choked out.
Beth felt like she had been kicked in the heart, she had been thinking the worst and her friend was just talking and mostly about her. “I’m sorry, I should have known better than to think you too”.
“That we what”, Sharon said.
“I thought you were off somewhere private”, Beth whispered.
“What having sex, Lord Beth I am not a whore, besides Michael is a”, she trailed off.
“A what”, Beth asked looking quickly at her, seeing her eyebrows rise “Virgin, no fucking way, Michael Jackson, superstar who can have any woman he want is not”.
Sharon giggled, “We played confession and to get me to open up he told me, it’s true I swear it”.
“A man would not admit that to a woman”, Beth said laughing at her, she was so naïve.
“If Michael said it then it’s true, I believe him”. “Besides”, she said as she crossed her arms “you were not there he was embarrassed to admit it to me, but he wanted to know my secret, he loves secrets, but you can’t tell anyone, people would make fun of him”.
“Who am I going to tell”, Beth said.
Sharon smiled “So are we cool then”.
“We are so cool”, Beth answered.
“Cool cool cool”, Amelia said as she woke from her little nap.

Chapter 6:

Sharon laughed as she watched her daughter fly across the kitchen in her new walker; she seemed to love the new power it gave her. Checking the items she had on the stove she checked the clock, Beth should be home any moment as she had to meet with her publisher and show them how much she had on the story. Sharon herself had read it and was excited for her; she knew they would love it. The door bell sounded through the house and she quickly pulled her daughter back onto the carpet so she could answer the door. Glancing around the flowers that met her she smiled as her eyes met Michael’s. “Come in, I did not know you were coming today”, she laughed as he stumbled in. His arms were full and he giggled as he tried to watch his feet.

Do You Believe in FAte? Micheal-jackson6

“Amelia is not rolling around anywhere is she”, he asked as he stepped carefully.
“No she is way across the room, let me help you”, she said as she tried to lighten his load. Walking to the counter she sat her items down as he followed and did the same. “What is all this”.
“Presents, I hope it is okay I came by unannounced”, he asked as he began to sort them.
Sharon smiled there was not a day he had no called and talked to her since their meeting, but this was a new step for him. “Where’s your beard”?
“I am living on the dangerous side tonight, here I brought these for you”, he said as her handed her the flowers. “Where is Beth”, he said as he looked for her.
“She will be right back she had a meeting today, I expect her home anytime, Thank you for the roses”, she said as she walked into the kitchen to find a vase to put them in.
“Are you cooking dinner”, he said as he smelled the air.
“It Chicken Fettuccine with Broccoli and some homemade garlic bread, do you like that, we love it if you would have dinner with us”, she said as she hurried around the kitchen.
“Sounds good, if you have enough I will”, he said as he spotted Amelia smiling at him from her walker. “Hello Amelia, how are you”?
“Cool”, she said as she shyly laid her head down.
Michael began to walk closer to her saying “I’m gonna get you” with every step he took to her.
Screaming she made the walker take off and hitting the smoother floor in the kitchen she laughed as it quickly flew away from him. Glancing quickly over her shoulder to make sure he was following her, she rammed it into her mother leg.
Sharon’s cry of pain stopped them both short, as Amelia looked up at her mother, Michael ran to her side and helped to a chair as he tried to see if she was alright. “Let me see”, he said as he pulled the leg of her slacks up to check her leg.
The shiver that coursed through her body at the touch of his hand on her skin, took any pain she felt away instantly. “Michael I am fine”.
Seeing the huge mark starting to turn purple he answered “No you’re not, let me get some ice for that”. Michael flew around the kitchen to her directions and quickly put together and ice pack and placed it on the swollen part of her leg that was not dark purple. “Maybe we should take you to a hospital”.
“No”, she insisted “But can you take that bread out of the oven and turn off that stove top before it burns”.
Michael quickly did as he was instructed and as he was reaching in the oven to take out the bread Beth walked in the room, “What is going on, why in the world Michael is cooking, and where is his apron”, she laughed as she took in the sight.
Michael smiled at he laid the bread on the counter, “It was a surprise”. Seeing her watch with mild amusement he added “Amelia hurt Sharon I was helping her”.
Coming to Sharon’s side she removed the pack that covered her bruise, glancing at Amelia who had yet to leave her mother’s side she said “What did you do honey”?
“Boo boo”, she said pointing to it.
“I see that, it’s a bad boo boo too”, looking up at her friend “can you walk”.
“It just hurts, I can walk”, Sharon assured her
“I feel so bad I was chasing Amelia and she ran her walker into Sharon”, Michael said. “Does she need to go to the hospital”?
“I don’t think so, but I know that has to hurt”, Beth said as she stood. “Michael can you help her to the couch and prop it up and Amelia and I will finish up here”
Michael helped Sharon stand and helped her as she hobbled into the living room. “Hi princess”, she said to Amelia who smiled at her words. “Are you hungry”?
Michael stopped at the doorway and watched as Beth smoothly made her way around the room dodging Amelia’s attacks in the walker and humming a tune as she put together a salad. He cleared his throat to let her know he was back.
“Michael can you get her one of those pills out of my purse and some water and have her take it”, she told him without turning around.
“You want me to dig in your purse”, he asked.
Beth laughed, “After you get passed the bear trap it is smooth sailing”.
Approaching the bag she mentioned he cautiously looked inside, it was the first time he had looked inside a bag a woman carried it was a little embarrassing as he found her “Female supplies”, quickly grabbing the bottle out he opened the lid. “What are these”?
“It’s a pain pill I take when my back hurts from sitting too long, it will help her”, Beth said.
“Are you sure”?
Beth turned to see the concern on his face “Michael they are very mild she has taken them before, I promise she will be fine”. Handing his a glass of water she shooed him out of the room. As she come pulling Amelia into the room ten minutes later, Michael had lit the candles on the table and stood in the middle of the room looking around at their pictures. “Feeling better”, she called to Sharon.
Sharon’s goofy smile said it all the medicine had already started working. “I’M Great How are you”? She said loudly.
Beth laughed as she went back into the kitchen. Michael stared at her concerned, “you sure you’re okay”?
“Michael”, she said motioning him closer, “has anyone ever told you how absolutely beautiful you are”?
Michael looked away shyly and bushed “not today”.
“You know”, she slurred “you should be told this every day, I am going to call you every day and tell you that”, she smiled. “If I thought you liked me a little bit I would throw you on the floor and rip your clothes off and make sweet love to you”.
“I do like you”, he said as he looked at her intently.
Sharon stared at him “No you can’t like me, it has to be Beth”, she whispered to him.
“Why”, he whispered back.
“Because she is my best friend”, she slurred as Beth walked back in the room bringing the food to the table. “Can we eat now”, she asked her friend.
“Yup, hobble over here and grab a seat, I’ll get Amelia her food and feed her”, Beth said as she went after the baby food.
“That’s why”, Sharon said as she limped to the table. Michael followed her as he picked Amelia up to bring her as well to the table; his thoughts were racing as he thought about what she had just said. Michael watched them closely as they ate their dinner, Beth laughed and took care of Amelia as she ate with relish, Sharon seemed to be better as she ate something, the slurring was now gone and she laughed as they all talked through the meal. Michael knew the girls were close, and if Sharon had no interest in him he would not push the issue, but the picture of what she said she would do to him burned in this mind.
“So what did the publisher say”, Sharon said.
“They love it, I have to start the illustrations now”, Beth replied.
Michael immediately snapped back to attention “you do them after”?
“Sometimes, it is my first novel so I was more excited this time to finish the story, but to hold a child’s attention I have to have them, Sharon said you like to draw, are you going to show me what you got”, Beth asked.
“Yeah after dinner I was hoping you would ask”, Michael said excited to maybe play a part.
Beth and Michael cleared the table after everyone had finished, he even helped as she scrapped the plates and put them in the dishwasher. Sharon had moved off to bathe her daughter, against Beth insisting she would do so as soon as she finished cleaning up. Amelia was not to wait much longer as her eyes began to grow heavy, her bath would end her night as the sandman would take her away for the evening. After she finished cleaning up Beth used the table as she gathered her supplies. Michael listened intently as she explained what she looked for to illustrate. Time fly quickly as they began to concentrate in the story.
“That’s really good”, Beth said as she peaked over his shoulder having to stand to stretch out the small aches.
Michael smiled up at her from his drawing, “It is amazing how much detail that has to be in it”.
“Children catch that every part, they want to see the world described to them, every detail from flowers to the dirt on the ground has to be perfect”, she explained as she added a bit to his picture. “I am going to go check on Sharon, I’ll be right back”.
Michael smiled as he looked at the picture imagining the world the princess was thrown into, if it were him he would never leave it. Sharon coming back scared him as he was staring so intently. “Is she okay”?
“Yeah she was asleep, did you know it is midnight”? She informed him. “Okay bring that here”, she told him as she walked to her computer.
Michael stared in anticipation as she scanned the picture and suddenly it popped up on the screen. Sitting down in her chair Michael leaning on the desk beside her as she began to clicking buttons and the black and white picture came to life with color. The process did not take her long and the imaginary world took shape right in front of him. “Wow”, he sighed.
“Pretty cool huh”, she smiled. “Look at some of these”, she said as she pulled up some other photo’s.
Michael stared with fascination as he was introduced to monsters, animals, people, and finally the little princess. “Beth its Amelia”, he said excited.
“You see it”, she asked.
The picture was not the small child that she was right then, but a look of her aged by a few more years. The same eyes and smile stared back at him “Do you think she will look like this”?
“I am pretty good at aging children; sometimes I work with the police on missing children cases”. She explained “The face remains the same just the bone structures grow. So yeah it is what she will look like in about five more years, and this”, she smiled at she clicked again. “This should be her about 18 to 20, I can’t wait to see if I am right”.
“Did Sharon see this”, he asked.
“Not yet, I am going to blow it up and it is one of her presents this Christmas, you think she will like it”, she said as she stared at the little girl.
‘I know she will, you are amazing”, he said as he stared at her.
Beth melted under his praise “thank you”, she said simply.
Michael stared back into her eyes; he felt the strongest urge to kiss her as she looked back at him. Clearing his throat he stood “I better go home, it’s late”.
“Well thank you for the help, I had a nice time” she said as she followed him to the door.
Michael hugged her as he took his leave and asked if it was okay to come back, she agreed to his help and welcomed him back. As the door closed behind him, Michael was more confused than ever, was it possible to fall for two women at the same time.

Chapter 7

Michael laughed as his brother’s fought ‘some things will never change’ as long as he could remember the choreography never matched the new music. Marlon and Jackie attacked Tito, Randy, and Jermaine for the music not sounding right, and they in turn attacked back saying they did not practice. This was one thing he never had to worry about he was never judged from their fear of him just walking out on them, but he was always prepared. “Okay guys, let’s take it for the top”, he said as he walked back to the stage.
“Mike I think these boys of yours went and forgot how to dance”, Tito said,
“Whatever grandpa”, Marlon returned “I think you forgot how to move those hips”.
“Oh really”, Tito said as he began to walk through the first part, showing his skill.
Watching Tito’s stiff move raised the levels in the room to hysterical. Jackie and Randy laughed so hard tears fell from their eyes. “Oh my Lord, I can’t take it anymore”, Randy said holding his side “Stop it please I beg you”.
“Are we going to do this or spend the day laughing”, Jermaine reminded them sternly for the other side of the stage.
Michael looked over at him; so much of their father was coming out in him. However he was right, “Okay guys places, from the top”. Nodding to his brother he glanced up at the drummer “Sugarfoot count it out, Wanna be starting something, hit it”.

The hours of grueling work were starting to pay off and the concert was forming, although Michael hated being out voted by his brother’s to even do this concert, he was excited to perform again in front of the fans. “Okay that’s good, let’s call it a night”.
“Mike I think we need to schedule in some more practices”, Marlon said as he started to walk away.
Michael knew this would come up; he simply refused to do so, and would not be bullied into doing it. “I said I will be ready, just make sure you all are”.
“That’s another thing Michael we should be singing songs off the new album, instead it’s like we are promoting yours”, Jermaine accused.
“Guys I love you, but I am working on new things right now”, Michael sighed.
“Bro I know that and off the wall is a tight album, but our fans are coming to see us all not just you”, Jackie said.
“The set list stands or I do not perform”, Michael insisted as he walked away.
“I think it is best to just leave it alone guys”, Tito said as he walked Michael make his hurried exit. “We do it his way or no one tours”.
Randy sighed, “Sometimes I feel like he hates us”.
“No, he doesn’t hate us, he just wants to do things on his own”, Tito said.
“Well who does he think he is anyway”, Jermaine scoffed.
Tito busted up laughing “He is Michael Jackson baby, stand back our brother is going to be a superstar”.
“You think so”, Marlon asked.
“Yup”, Tito replied “he always has been”.
As Michael came home his father waited patiently “Mike how did it go did you all get it together, Mr. King called again and wants to know if we are all set”?

Do You Believe in FAte? A%20jackson%20victory%20tour

“I did my part; you remind Mr. King about those ticket prices, let him know I will not go on if people are not able to purchase the tickets”. Michael said to him as he headed upstairs.
“Don’t worry I will take care of it”, Joe called behind him.
Climbing out of the shower Michael quickly dressed, he felt so depressed; the stress of dealing with his family always pushed him to the edge. Looking at the clock he knew it was late, but he needed to talk to someone. It was Christmas Eve, in his family it meant nothing, but to another family he knew it was a celebration, he wished they could have had grown up like Amelia full of excitement by a tree filled with lights and presents. “I’ll just let it ring a few times, if no one answers I’ll hang up”, he decided.
Catching the phone on the first ring Beth whispered “hello”.
Michael smiled she had to be up wrapping presents “Hi, your awake”.
“Well yeah”, she laughed, “Amelia has to have Santa put her things together, and she is an impatient girl”. “What are you doing”?
“Just reaching out to touch someone”, he sighed.
“Michael, are you okay”, Beth asked.
“I am better now”, he answered honestly.
“I bet your house is just full of Christmas joy”, Beth said.
“We don’t celebrate Christmas Beth, my family does not celebrate anything really”, he sighed.
“Oh great”, she said excitedly.
“Um yeah that’s wonderful”, he said confused.
“No it’s great because you can come celebrate with us”, Beth suggested. “We would have invited you but we just assumed you would be with your family”.
“Are you sure that I won’t be in the way”, Michael asked. He had heard her talk about her family coming down and he did not want to interfere.
“Dinner is at one but present time is at ten, so please say you’ll come”, she said waiting.
“I would love to”, Michael smiled into the phone. “Beth, thank you”.
“For what”, she asked.
“Just being you, you are an angel”, Michael said.
A smile touched her face “so are you, good night Michael, we will see you tomorrow”.
“Good night, I’ll come early and help out”, he said.
“I have just the job for you then”, she whispered.
“And that would be”, he asked thinking of the apron.
“You are on Amelia duty, keep her out of the presents and off our legs”, she laughed.
“That’s a deal”, he laughed as he hung up.

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are you serious?? that's it?? not fair!! that was incredible!! again!! i want MORE!! lol!!

with much MJ L.O.V.E.

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Great !! a new story !! Lemme check on it !!

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Haaaaaaaaaaaa...beautiful, so romantic.... Do You Believe in FAte? 211325
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These stories are why my homework suffers......oh well it's all for LOVE!

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