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 Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ

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Superfly Sister
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Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ   Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ EmptyMarch 25th 2010, 4:29 pm

very nice
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Maikeru Jakuson
Maikeru Jakuson

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Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ Empty
PostSubject: Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ   Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ EmptyMarch 25th 2010, 2:34 pm


Dear Michael,
You walked into my heart, back in 1972. Ever since that day, I knew
I'd be in love with you. (Necey)
With the mic in your hand you commanded the stage with a sound we had not yet heard. (NoAnniesNotOKMJ)
The crowds cheered, listening carefully to your golden words. (This Is Thriller28)
With a single touch, your magic.. we felt from head to toe;
it reverberated in our hearts and in our smile it did show. (Nikkikate)
You sang so sweet, and boy when you danced…no other could compete. (Viscera19)
You made all of us smile with your unique and amazing musical style. (MJGodofPop)
Your heart was pure; your music so real, at least that’s the way you made me feel. (mgssoutherngirl4’s brother)
Your music inspired millions; you made the world dance. (denissemjfan)
Fedora, sparkling glove; let’s not forget your tip-toe stance. (Criminally_Smooth)
And nothing could put us more in trance…than your golden pants! (vilamag)
From your youth and ever after, you filled our hearts with joy and laughter. (MJLuv4Ever)
I thought what a precious jewel sent from heaven above. (Azure)
You shared your beautiful smile; you healed the world with love. (sandramtz)
Love, generosity, and grace incarnate; misunderstood, slandered, and used. You rose above the monotony and transcended being accused. (poshlily)
Your open heart you shared with the world, the love you gave was timeless. And every time they tore at you, you chose to answer with kindness. (LillyandGish)
And in a world with no hope…it was found in you. (cynicalgirl)
You still chose to love regardless of what the world had put you through. (P.Y.T.isMe)
You were so humble; you never bragged about your accomplishments. (MJJ♥️PYT4Ever)
And in this time of sorrow we also send your family our sentiments. (LuvIsMJ)
Through your voice we heard compassion, compassion that embraced our hearts. (Tambriell_MJ)
You taught the world how to love unconditionally. Maybe that was your true art. (NotSoDirtyDiana)
You have captured my heart and never let it go, I will love you forever...this I think you know. (Himmycat18)
I just hope one day I can join you and we can finally meet; you touched so many lives; in your music we did retreat. (autumn_mist_127)
A hopeful heart wrapped ‘round our earth, your notes took to the sky (lorinelizabeth)
But just trust you are in all of us as we still wonder why? (cheluvmj4evr)
Our hearts are broken; can't believe you are gone, but your spirit, your legend, your music lives on. (Donnamichael)
You’re like magic in the night the stars that shine so bright; one day you were here, the next day out of sight. (mgssoutherngirl4)
You gave to the world your music and love, but you were needed more from up above. (mjfan082958)
You let us feel the peace in your garden of dreams. We touched heaven sitting upon your wings. (Lonely heart)
On earth you "looked to heaven to fulfill a prophecy." Now up above you are finally set free. (MjsmyTeacher)
You loved life, risked love, and kept on loving up until the end. (Dee.Nagao)
You finally made it back to your beloved Neverland. (Maikeru Jakuson)
Michael you're our supernova...yes! To have lived the same time as you, we are truly blessed. (LuvofMJ)
Your beautiful smile and all your bliss will forever be cherished and truly missed. (slclvn)
You will always be...the most special man in the world to me. (iloveyou.mj)
You danced with flair; you danced with passion and always showed the world your endless compassion. (HannahluvsMJ)
I cannot imagine the time which comes without you and your songs. (janaveronika)
We will never forget you Michael, not in a million years to come. (i♥️mj)
I love you more than you'll ever know, my heart is broken because you had to go. (invinciblemj)
Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel. Listening to your music, I hear the beating of your heart. (sophie)
And like you said in “Will You Be There,” we will never let you part. (lanore76)
Michael, I never can say goodbye because in my heart you'll never die. (MJJ4LifeFan)
You taught me lessons I once ignored. I feel indebted forever to you sweet Michael, I love you so much more. (celtic7rose)
I cry to sleep to your sweet song; how I wish you were still here. Though your time with us wasn't long God's presence brings you near. (MY-LUV-4_MICHAEL)
Your beautiful music shined a light from heaven, your compassion outshined the world and at that moment your soul drifted away…(kaluvzmc)
…and left the world so cold. (jayshelle78)
The only words I speak, from when I wake up in the morning until I sleep;
I say Michael I love you...I love you more deep. (Neeldaswani)
Like the angel you are, forever you'll shine bright as the North Star. (JustLove)
The world has suffered a big loss...but you’re still here just looking from afar. (bowlinghallen)
Michael, you're shining brighter than the stars at night, thank you, my miracle man for bringing me back to the light. (annetonie)
Love was your message, smile was your tool. Thank you for showing us the way, thank you for being you. (optimist)
You said heaven could wait but I guess that it could not.
You will be forever immortalized in my heart. (Mjtruelove)
Our love for you will never die. Maybe one day will come when we do not cry. (mybaby)
As the man in the mirror, you've made us eternally love and admire you. And for that beloved Michael, our love and admiration shall stay forever true. (KinGofPoP411Jnky)
You will dance your dance in the sky and forever be divine. (Annieruokay)
And though you’ll forever be in our hearts, the hurt will heal with time. (MJsWendy)
When you wish upon a star; your dreams can take you near or far. (CassieForMaxwell)
In dreams you lose your heartache and I will keep believing the dream that I wish will come true. (tabea)
I pray that God will hold you close and in His arms enclose you. (smokymountaingirl)
God said "Michael you have done your best for the world and you've done it well, now it's time for you to rest my son; it’s time for your soul to sail. (luvmj4allmylife)
I mourn the death of the one who gave; the lost of the ONE so adored. (MJJmahal)
Michael, it is so empty without you here on the dance floor. (Danielle73)
Even though it hurts we have to live, because we are your army. (Solonoy)
And if we ever made you feel you let us down, Michael we’re so sorry. (KingofPopnLuv)
With tears in our eyes this is how we say goodbye. Your love and spirit will never die. (Lonnie38)
I love you now and I'll love you later, just promise me that you'll return the favor. (4TheLoveofMichael)
I can feel you in the blowing wind, the singing birds and the twinkling stars; your spirit will forever have a place in my heart. (Caroline96)
We're not merely fans, we're followers of truth. For all of our lives we watched someone with proof.
Proof that our souls could soar if we dare to live our imagination, that our hearts could do more if we loved without hesitation. (CarlaMarie)
You will never be forgotten, you'll be in our hearts, minds and dreams; we all have your back....we're all on your team. (aj13)
How do you spell love? Michael Joseph Jackson of course! (Debrah)
We admire our King, and will love him everyday just like he taught us. (Michael 4ever)
Amazing are your talents and honored fans are we, to carry the torch of your life's work for all to behold and see. (Countryrocker)
You were our story hero; you were our friend in times of joy and pain. (PCR)
If tears could build the steps and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven
and bring you back home again. (MsKGB)
Every day is a struggle but we're trying to get better. Michael, we'll love you always and I hope you see our letter. (JadeMango)
To the Angels wrap your wings around him and hold him really tight. (Shirley_gregson)
Take care of our King, we know you will. Bring him into heaven’s light. (AChildsHeart)
So fly away now, the skies are shining; fly away and smile, we will be watching. (The marchioness)
Michael you are love; Michael you are now with Him. (rndream)
The light of your life will continue to illuminate the universe…and never dim. (speechlesslvmj)
LONG LIVE THE KING! (gunverdi)
Your Fans
We Love You Forever More
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Dear Michael A poem made by the friends and fans of Michael. Compose By NoAnnieNotOkMJ
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