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 i know One day….Just one day….we will meet, and you will complete my whole LifeUPDATED! NOT A MJ SO PLEASE GIVE A CHANCE PLEASE!

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PostSubject: Re: i know One day….Just one day….we will meet, and you will complete my whole LifeUPDATED! NOT A MJ SO PLEASE GIVE A CHANCE PLEASE!   March 26th 2010, 11:29 pm

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Posts : 11
Join date : 2010-03-19
Age : 23
Location : Simi Valley, California

PostSubject: i know One day….Just one day….we will meet, and you will complete my whole LifeUPDATED! NOT A MJ SO PLEASE GIVE A CHANCE PLEASE!   March 21st 2010, 3:44 pm

okay so this story is not really of MJ so i would really appreciate if u gave it a chance! This story is about my bestest friend online here and some other ones too!! Half of the story is true half i just put in there, but i think u could tell the parts that r not true heehee!!! thank you, and god bless everyone!! Enjoy!

Chapter One
My Life…will Never Be The Same Again

Have you ever had the feeling…where you love some one so much, and so deeply, but she or he lived miles and miles away from you…that’s how it’s like being me. Nicole White, I live in California, I’m four-teen years old, and yes, I love Michael Jackson very much. Now back to the topic, I bet somebody reading this has got to have the same feeling towards someone? A friend? Family member? Boyfriend? Anyone! This is who changed my life, and showed me so much in the world. Not only Michael Jackson, my biggest idol ever, but someone really important in my life, I could never risk giving up. Here’s how it all began. If you don’t care, please don’t read this, if your going to fall asleep, leave now. If not, thank you. Now here is the person who came, changed my life, and became the bestest friend in the world.

I rushed up to my room, shut the doors, put on my Michael Jackson music on, and went on the internet. Of course, knowing me, I was looking at Michael Jackson pictures, or learning more facts about him. It was 7 in the morning, and I was ready for school waiting for my mom to get ready. There I was, on my computer, looking at Michael Jackson. Then a thought came to me, “I wonder if there’s a Michael Jackson.com,” I thought to myself.
I typed in Michael Jackson.com in the search box, and appeared on my screen was a big This is it picture, with videos and news about Michael. It was about six months after Michael had…passed away….and I was a big fan. Michael changed everything in my life too, he changed how I loved, how I spoke, and who I am. I was a mean, shy person who never did anything, than turned into a fun, loving, hyper, child. He taught me to love and care for the earth, and the children. He made me back into a child. Now I will forever be one. He taught me how to care for the poor families and kids, and how to heal the world.
Now, on Michael Jackson.com, you were able to sign up and become a member, chat with people. I wasn’t allowed to do these things, not allowed to chat online. But I had a feeling, that this site was safe and loving. I quickly looked around me, made sure my mom or dad were no where near me to see what I was about to do. I clicked on the sign up thing, and typed in a username, Crazy4MJ88, and password. It was set, my account had been created.
“Nicole!” My mom yelled.
I jumped up from my seat and fell splat on my bottom. I thought I was caught red-handed. Thankfully my mom was calling from downstairs for us to get going. I grabbed my back pack, and got in the car with my mom.
“You ready for school?” My mom asked.
“Yea, another day with drama, yup…I’m so ready,”
“Cheer up, oh and after school you have to take the bus, I’m going to be working late,”
I smirked, “Alright, no problem,”
“Don’t you think of throwing a little party with your friends,”
“Oh don’t worry, nothing will be going on, you could trust me,”
Five minutes past, I got to school, out of the car and onto the campus. I went to my locker, then met up with my friend Arielle.
“Hey Nicole,” She said.
“Hey, how you doing?”
“Good, man you missed out a lot in the morning,”
“It’s only the beginning of school, something already happened?”
“Um, yea, where you been,”
I looked down and sighed, “Well, you know I don’t like getting into all the drama,”
“Yea, which sucks for you…I’m going to be with Ashley and all of them if you don’t mind,”
“Oh, I can’t come?”
“Well, no not really--see you later,” she said then left me alone.
My mouth dropped my eyes wide…she didn’t just ditch me! I thought I was part of sisterhood.
You see, sisterhood is a thing my six friends made up. Ashley, Diane, Arielle, Valeria, Isabelle, and me…I think. We promise to do all things together, never forget about eachother, and never get into fights. Apparently they don’t like to keep that promise with me because I’m always left out, they never talk to me and I don’t even do anything to hurt them, they make fun of me because I like Michael Jackson, and they leave me alone to cry to myself, just like Arielle did right there. I walked around the school for a little while, and when the bell rang I went to my first period. Then second, third, lunch, forth, fifth, sixth, then home. The best part of the day, going home! Mom wasn’t home, dad was at work, my brother and sister were at their friends house, and I had the house all to myself! I ran up to my room, opened up my laptop and went to Michael Jackson.com to look at my account. One person had added me to friends, and sent me a message too. The first person ever to send me a message was Dawn of Love, a very, very sweet person. And I saw she too only had one friend…me. I added her back and looked at the message, it said something like this:

I read your about me thing and I feel the same way too. I pray look at the stars everyday and think of Michael…
And I can’t really remember the rest. I looked at the screen and froze. My first message. Should I reply, I don’t want to get in trouble. I thought to myself, ah, what the heck! If my parents come in I’ll just quickly exit out and pretend I was just listening to music or writing my story. So I wrote back to her, and I did it with faith in myself, that nothing would ever happen. I sent the message then started browsing around the site. I started searching around the people on the site to see which people I would like to add as a friend. I sent 3 messages, one to AintNosunshineWhenHesGone, MJzJem4eva, and MJ smile lover. This is what I said, Hey I’m Crazy4MJ88, and I would like to know if I could add you to buddys? Or something close to that, and I was satisfied for who I picked. I went back to my profile and saw the names MoonWalkerGurl…that’s going to be improtant later in the story. Two hours pf looking around, exploring the sight, I heard a car pull up in the drive way, and then my mom opening the door. I quickly logged out of my account, went on youtube watching a Michael Jackson video looking inisant, and pretened like nothing ever happened. It was 5 pm, and I finished all my homework. All I could think about was the site…I couldn’t get it off my mind. I decided to go in my room, and shut the doors, and went back onto the site. I logged back in and saw: One new message.
It was MJ smile lover! It said these exact words:
I smiled, and felt a connection right there, then I replied back to her, excited for her to respond back. I browsed more around the site, and figured out there was a place called forums. I clicked on it then saw General Michael Jackson Discussion. I clicked on that and saw all these topics about Michael Jackson and stories about him too. Cool, I thought, maybe I’ll post up a story of mine up here too.
I went back to my profile and saw that name again…MoonWalkerGurl. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. My heart dropped and I quickly logged off and exited out. “Time to sleep Nicole,” My mom said opening the door.
“O-oh, a-alright,” I stuttered.
“Something wrong?”
“Oh no! Everything’s perfect! Goodnight, see you tomorrow,” I said closing my lap top.
“Um alright, goodnight I love you,”
“I love you too,”
I closed the door and sighed in relief. I then changed into my PJ’s, turned on my angel night light, sat down on my bed and prayed.
“Dear Michael,” I started, “please help me, make sure everything will be okay, I love you! I wish you were living here on this earth still, you’ve inspired me so much, I love you,”
A tear went down my face, and suddenly it dried away so fast, like someone had wiped it away for me. I lay down and slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

The very next day I got up and ready for school…again…ugh! It was just a normal day, the same thing happened, I got left out and everything you know. I just couldn’t wait to get back home because mom wasn’t going to come until midnight because she has a party, and my siblings are going to be with their friends again which means…I GOT THE HOUSE ALL TO MYSELF, I GOT THE HOUSE ALL TO MYSELF, YEA! Sorry, needed to get that out. I took the bus home again, and finished up all my homework. As soon as I was done, I went up stairs, to my room, and opened up my lap top. I logged back in to my account and saw: Two new messages.
One was from MJ smile lover and the other from Dawn of Love. I happily replied back to their messages and started browsing the sight again, looking at Michael Jackson pictures, and reading stories on the forum. Then I went back to my sight and saw the name again, MoonWalkerGurl.
Who is this? I thought to myself. I always see her username on my account, I wonder who she is.
I clicked on her username, and got redirected to her account. It was so pretty and awesome ha ha! I read her about me part and got a very good vibe from her. I sent her a message asking if I could add her to my friends, then went back exploring, figuring out new things. I decided to write my very first story on the forum, where this story is at right now. I had a lot of pages done already because I wrote it in my word document, so I went there, clicked copy, pasted it on MJ.com, named it My Michael Jackson Story, and it was set! My story was now officially on the forums. I went back to my messages and saw I had gotten a reply from MJ smile Lover again,
I replied back to her message asking for a favor. She said yes, what is the favor, and I asked if she could read my new story. Annie, that’s her name, said of course! She read my story and fell in love with it! From that day until now, she has been one of my biggest fans of my story. Now we are great friends. Keep on reading to see how we did, and much more. You still now finding this interesting? Why you here?
Now back on topic, later on at night I checked my messages and saw….

thats all for now!! Please please please leave a comment i really need to know if u liked it and if i should continue!! thanks!!!
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i know One day….Just one day….we will meet, and you will complete my whole LifeUPDATED! NOT A MJ SO PLEASE GIVE A CHANCE PLEASE!
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