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 my michael story so far chapter 2 continued after the kiss

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my michael story so far chapter 2 continued after the kiss Empty
PostSubject: my michael story so far chapter 2 continued after the kiss   my michael story so far chapter 2 continued after the kiss EmptyMarch 19th 2010, 4:35 pm

"um i think we should change , Michael." i said."Oh ....yeah your proalby right" he said. I nodded and realized i was straddling him I got up and picked up two towels and handed one to Michael."Um......well.......that was"........."nice?"i asked searching his eyes for answers."Mmmm hmm"he said nodding.We changed our clothes and i emerged wearing an orange fitted t-shirt , a pair of white shorts and some orange sandals.I put my hair into a high ponytail and left my bangs out.I walked back down into the dining room and sat down.Michael came out wearing a yellow button down shirt (it was open) with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans.His hair was down and a bunch of curls were covering his face.This time he sat next to me.I brushed away a few of the curls and looked into his eyes and smiled, he mumbled something under his breath "huh?" i asked."Nothing"he replied...."Er , hrm (clearing my throat)" Do you have something that you would like to say to me Mr Jackson?" I said in my best British accentHe shook his head and giggled."That accent was horrible!" he said laughing."Oh yeah?! I'd like to see you try mister."I said sticking out my tongue"Okay I will." he replied.He cleared his throat and said "Ma'am would you like a spotted dick?"I started to laugh ,so did Michael and then Bleaker walked in with our food "This looks great!"I said"Yea it sure does ." Michael said looking at me. I blushed and thanked the chef for the food."Mmmm....this is delicious" i said smiling. Michael started laughing at me."What?" I asked."Your so cute, girl" he giggled."Am I"i asked sarcastically ,He giggled."You kids behave"the chef said before leaving for the kitchen, we nodded and grinned at eachother. I scooted closer to Michael and grabbed his hand from under the table ....he smelt so good i couldn't even put my finger on what the smell was.After we had finished eating he stood up."Um let's go to the studio."he said I nodded. We walked down the hall, made two left turns and walked down a bunch of stairs, he held my hand and told me about the new song he would working on.."It's called she drives me wild" he said as he opened the door to the studio."This is where the magic happens"he said. I started giggling and said "What kind of magic?" "The musical kind." Michael said laughing. I tried my accent again "Well ,hop to it!" I said......to be continued
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my michael story so far chapter 2 continued after the kiss
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