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 I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"

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Chapter 10
Michael and Debbie followed the ambulance to the hospital, and they flew in the door behind her as she was unloaded to the emergency room; Michael felt the eyes staring into his back as they talked to the lady behind the counter.
“Please”, Michael cried “I need to know she is okay”, he begged her.
Seeing his distress tore at the nurse’s heart, normally she would not do this, but this was Michael Jackson after all, and she could not to stand to see his heart so hurt. “Have a seat Michael, I will slip back there myself and check on her”, she whispered to him.
Michael felt very uneasy as they sat in the waiting room; Debbie held his hand and tried to comfort him. “How about something to drink”, she asked him. As he shook his head no she added ‘I need to call Amy and tell her what happened, will you be okay for a few minutes”? As he assured her he would Debbie ran off to find a phone.
“Are you really Michael Jackson”, a little voice asked him.
Michael glanced up to see a little blond headed girl with blue eyes like his darling Joy’s, ‘Yes I am”, he managed to choke out.
The girl looked closely at him and sat beside him on the couch, the small hand reached out to him and he gladly took it. “Don’t be sad, it’s okay”, she soothed. “It’s a very good ‘ospital”, she said.
Michael smiled, “Yes it is a very good hospital. Thank you; you’re a very smart young lady. How old are you?”
She smiled back “I’m almost six”, she declared.
“Six wow”, he said “what is your name”?
“Mary”, she giggled.
“That’s a very pretty name”, he said as he watched a woman come over to him.
“I’m sorry”, the woman said “is she bothering you?”
“She is a very welcome distraction”, Michael said to the woman. “What’s your name?”
“Caroline and this is my daughter Mary”, she explained.
“Nice to meet you Caroline”, Michael said as he shook her hand.
“I know this is inappropriate, but I am a huge fan”, she said.
“It’s okay, like I was telling your beautiful daughter the distraction is welcome right now”, Michael told her.
“Are you sick?” Mary chimed in.
“No my friend was stabbed tonight, she is very special to me, and I don’t know if she is going to be okay”, his voice broke as he spoke.
“Oh my goodness”, Caroline said as she sat on the other side and hugged him. “Mary baby, Michael needs us to say a little prayer for his friend, want to help me?”
“Yes we can pray for his friend”, she agreed as she stood in the chair and wrapped her small arms around his neck.
“Is that okay?” She asked him; at Michael’s nod she asked “What’s her name?”
“Joy”, he said as his tears fell down his face.
“Dear heavenly father”, she began as her daughter repeated her mother’s words. The prayer lifted his heart and gave him peace, as he sat between them and listened to their words. As they ended they both said “Amen”
“Amen”, Michael agreed “thank you both so much”, he said to them.
Debbie walked up and watched them pray for her friend, tears flowed from her eyes as she closed her eyes and prayed with them. She did not want to interfere but the nurse was coming back. “Michael”, she called as his head came up she pointed to the nurse.
‘I have to go”, he said to them. “Thank you both again”. Running over to the nurse he looked at her hopeful. “Did you find out anything?”
The nurse smiled at him, “Yes, she has lost a lot of blood, but the knife hit no major organs, so it looks like they are just going to stitch her up and she will need some blood, she is awake but in pain, so they have given her something for that, the worst part is her face it is very swollen and bruised, as well as her side and chest from the blows she took”. Looking at the relief on his face she added “I heard her asking for you so they will come get you after the police ask her a few questions first, it won’t be too much longer”, she assured him.
Michael and Debbie hugged and he ran over and hugged little Mary and her mother, “she’s going to be fine”.
“I am so happy for you Michael”, Caroline told him.
Turning back to Debbie he noticed her tears, “hey now she is going to be fine, don’t cry”, he said as he pulled her in his arms.
“I know”, she sobbed, “but where is Charlie. He should be here by now”.
“Charlie”, Michael whispered. He had forgotten about the man who saved her life. Something had to be wrong she was right he would be here by now. “Where is that phone”, he asked her.

Chapter 11
Charlie could hear their laughter as they approached Joy’s room, stopping short Debbie looked at her sweetheart “are you okay”. She asked him.
“I don’t know what to say to her”, Charlie said.
Smiling at him she said “how about hi Joy”?
Pulling her in his arm he lifted her head and kissed her lips deeply, “you’re so smart”, he said smiling at her.
Laughing she opened the door “see what would you do without me”.
The laughter inside the room died as the door crept open, as they entered the room, a weak voice said “here is my hero now”.
Charlie smiled at her lying on the bed “you look like shit”, he teased.
“I was going to say the same thing about you”, Joy answered back.
“See I told you she was feeling better already”, Amy said to Brett sitting in the chair with her.
Michael rose from his place on the bed beside Joy and walked to him from across the room. “Thank you”, he said as he pulled him into a hug “I don’t know what I would have done”, his voice trailed off.
“I know”, he answered as he patted his friend on the back.
“Hey I want one of those”, Joy called from the bed.
“Here she goes with the commands”, Charlie teased as he released Michael, as he walked to the bed he wondered if he should lift her or not, but Michael was quick to get to her other side and helped her sit up. Noticing her pain at the small movement he worried about hurting her, carefully he gave her a small hug as he sat beside her on the bed.
“You can do better than that”, Joy whispered in his ear. As he tightened his hold she smiled to Michael over his shoulder. “I can never repay you, thank you”.
Trying his best not to cry he released her, “anytime blue eyes”. He said as he went back to Debbie.
“Let’s get something to drink”, she told him sensing his need to get away for a few minutes. “Anyone need a drink?” Taking their request she led him from the room, finding a small waiting room that was empty she sat him on the small couch and held him in her arms “let it out, it’s okay”
Holding the strong man in her arms, she comforted him as he bawled like a small child. “You’re a good man Charlie Jones and I love you so much”, she whispered in his ear.
Her word sang in his ear, she loved him. Drying his eyes he looked at her “You love me?”
Debbie smiled at him, “how could I not”. Seeing the doubt in his eyes she searched for the words to say “do you love me”, she asked holding her breath. He nodded as his lips crashed down on hers; breaking his kiss she laughed “Oh no Charlie, say it I want to hear those words out of these lips”, she said placing her finger on his lips.
“I love you”, he said as her held her face.
Smiling at him she asked “Charlie Jones will you marry me”?
“Yes”, he said as he kissed her again.

Chapter 12
The light fluttered in her eyes and Joy groaned, trying to sit up the pain shot through her entire body, hearing her gasps Michael sat up beside her. “Wait now let me help you”, he said as he lifted her back slowly.
“Michael I really have to go pee”, she said embarrassed.
“Oh”, he whispered. “Um I can run and find Debbie”.
“I can’t wait that long,” she confirmed. “I can do it if you help me to the door”, she suggested.
Worried about her falling in there alone, he cautiously helped her inside and stood beside the door. “Michael?” he heard her say. “Yes”, he answered. “Um I got this can you move away from the door”. Smiling at her shyness he walked across the floor and turned on the television. Hearing her yell again he helped her back to the bed.
“Okay let’s brush this hair”, he said as he sat behind her, pulling it out of the ponytail he slowly ran it through her hair.
“I feel like a princess when you do that”, she whispered.
“You are, you’re my princess”, he smiled.
Looking around the cottage she always stayed in she asked, “don’t you want to stay in your own bed”?
“Nope”, he said as he brushed. “I like it here, the big house is too empty, this one is my favorite, and it reminds me of my old home in Indiana”.
“This size with all you in it”, she asked.
He smiled as he thought of the fond memory “some time I’ll take you there, I think this is larger”.
“Sound like you all were so close”, she said.
Michael thought of her family, it must be hard to live without a family, he thought as he remembered her story of her parents dying in a wreck when she was nineteen. “We are and soon I will introduce you to them all, and they will love you almost as much as I do”, he said as he kissed her head.
“Sounds nice”, she murmured as her eyes closed from the brushing to her hair, he had magic hands, and she could not wait till they did more than brush her hair.
“Did you hear me”, he asked.
‘I’m sorry I was not thinking, it is hard to concentrate when you touch me”, she said honestly.
Michael blushed “I was saying, we should get you out today and work out some of this soreness, maybe a small walk”, he repeated.
“Yeah okay, I guess”, she murmured, as much as she wanted to get better she also loved being in this room with him, what would happen when she felt better. Would she have to leave and go to her apartment? Would she be able to stay alone anymore? Her thoughts always turned to her attack and she worried Lenny was out there somewhere waiting. “Do you love me Michael”, she whispered into the room.
His hand froze in mid air “Um yes of course I love you”. He said softly as he stared at her back.
Stiffly she pulled herself off the bed away from him; she crossed over the floor to the window and looked outside. “I’m scared, do you know that”?
“Of me”, he asked her as he crossed the floor to her. Her carefully placed his arms around her stomach and leaned against her back.
“Of the outside”, she answered him in a whisper. “I think what if he is out there, watching us again, what if he comes back, what if he finds me alone again”?
“He can’t Joy, he is in jail, and Thomas said 10 years max.” Michael said to calm her fears.
“What then, sitting in a jail will only make him madder, he will come back”, she said to his distress.
“No he won’t Joy, we won’t let him”, Michael vowed.
“You can’t be with me all the time Michael”, she said.
“Yes I can”, he returned.
Joy turned in his arms and pulled him close “I wish you were”.
Michael smiled “I can be, move here to Neverland with me, forever”.
“You really want me too”, she asked as she held her breath.
“Yes I do Joy”, he whispered in her hair.
Debbie’s knock sounded as she followed closely behind it “Good morning”, she called as she walked in. Seeing her friends in such a warm embrace she asked “did I come at a bad time”.
“No”, Michael assured her, “you help her get a shower and I will find us some breakfast”. Looking down at Joy he asked her “Sound good to you”.
“Sounds perfect”, she said as she smiled back in his eyes.
Debbie smiled “okay then let’s get this day started. Are you up for a walk today”?
Smiling at Michael as he kissed her cheek she added “I sure as hell am”.

Chapter 13
Holidays how beautiful it was going to be this Christmas Joy thought as she stood in the front of the big house and watch them carry the huge pine up the steps into the doorway. Never had Christmas meant more to her, it had been so many years since she celebrated this day. She watched as the crew Michael hired were stringing Christmas lights around the bushes and trees outside, hoping they would be done by tonight so she could see it all lit up.
“You just going to stand there and watch all day or are you ready to decorate this tree”, Charlie called to her from the doorway.
“I figured I would just sit here and boss you around all day”, she said as she smiled at him.
“As much as I enjoy all that, Michael called and I am off to pick him up”, he said smiling at her.
“Oh my Gosh so soon, I have to hurry”, she said as she flew into the house.
Charlie smiled at her retreading figure it was always fun to him to tease her, and she took it so well. Gone were the physical bruises that had stayed so long on her beautiful face, but he worried about the ones that might never go away. Teasing her brought out the old Joy, she was still in there, just not as sure of herself as she used to be. He smiled as he watched his beautiful wife coming across the lawn “I have to go pick Michael up at the studio, you want to come or stay behind with the girls”.
“I get a choice, hummmm, girls of course”, she smiled back to him. Reaching him on the porch she hugged him tight. “Did you tell them yet”, she asked.
“Nope I thought we would just wait till Christmas Eve”, he returned.
“How about no, I can’t it’s eating me up inside, I want to scream it from the mountain tops”, she begged him.
“Okay fine you tell the girls and I will tell Mike when I get him, deal”, he countered.
Debbie clapped with delight “Deal, see you later daddy”, she said as she kissed him.
“I’ll be home soon Mommy”, he said as he left her go.
She had barely gotten in the house when he heard the screams, ‘women’ he thought as he got in the car, ‘it just a baby’. ‘Just a cute little sweet baby that hopefully looked like its mother’, he thought as he wiped the tear away. “Women”, he said again as he drove off. ‘Wonder what Mike is going to think’?
Joy hugged her friend and danced around the room, this was too good to be true, a little baby. As much as she was happy for her friend she also envied her as well. Although she slept in Michael’s bed now, he never touched her in a sexual way; she longed for him to do so, but was so scared he might turn her away if she asked about it. “I wonder which of us will be next”, she asked after they calmed down.
“Oh Joy I hope it’s you”, Debbie said “Then the kids can grow up together”.
“I agree, besides I am not ready for a baby yet”, Amy said.
“Are things okay between you and Brett”, Joy asked her friend.
“Oh yes, it’s just I want him all to myself for a bit longer”, Amy answered as she blushed. “Is that bad”?
“No of course not”, Debbie answered her as they began to hang the lights on the tree. Glancing over at Joy she noticed how quiet she had become. “Joy what is it”?
Joy could not help the tears that sprang in her eyes, seeing her distress Debbie ran to hold her in her arms “it’s okay sweeties, tell me what’s wrong”?
“I’m so happy for you”, she cried as she sank into her friends arms.
“Not not why your crying I know you, please tell us”, Amy urged.
Trying to pull herself together was hard to do “I want to be you, I want a family”, she sobbed out.
“These things take time Joy, I am sure you and Michael will have one when the time is right, I know he loves you”, Debbie said as she comforted her.
“We don’t have sex”, Joy blurted out.
Amy and Debbie stared at each other in shock. They had no idea, they seemed so close they had just assumed. “You sleep in his bed every night and you two have not ever been intimate”, Amy asked in shock.
“No he won’t touch me that way”, she sobbed.
“Did you ever try to touch him”, Debbie asked.
‘Should I”, Joy asked.
Debbie threw back her head and laughed “Of course you should. Michael is so shy”, she started. “We’ll just say we cannot sit around waiting for them to act first.”
“That’s right”, Amy agreed. “If you want him, then I say it is way passed time to show him that”.
“What if he doesn’t want too”, Joy asked.
“Oh he wants too”, they both answered her.
“Let’s get this tree done and go plan this out”, Debbie suggested.
Joy smiled at her friends and flew to the tree, ‘hurry he’ll be home soon”, she called.

Chapter 14
Seeing the lights around Neverland lit up Michael smiled. “That is just beautiful”, he sighed.
“Sure is”, Charlie agreed as he pulled through the gates. “They did a great job at getting it done”.
“I hope Debbie did not exert herself helping out”, he said to his friend.
“I am sure she is fine Michael, she was having a blast”, Charlie assured him.
“Do you like living here”, Michael asked him.
“I love it here and Debbie loves being so close to Joy”, he answered honestly.
“I think we should build you a bigger place, before the baby comes”, he said.
Overwhelmed by Michaels’ generosity he stared at him through the mirror, “you don’t have to do that, the cottage is fine, you have done more than enough”.
“I want to, I think I like having you two close, Joy doesn’t have any family, and Debbie and Amy are like her sisters, one of them should stay close. Brett plans to ask Amy to marry him on Christmas so Amy will be doing a lot of traveling to be with him”, he stated.
“If she says yes”, Charlie teased.
“You think she might tell him no”, Michael asked as they pulled in front of the house.
“I doubt it, they seem happy, she will say yes”, Charlie returned. Seeing Michael frown he turned in his seat to look at him “something bothering you?”
“Keep a secret”, Michael asked at his nod he added “even from your wife”.
“Especially from her”, he smiled back.
“I love Joy’ he said as he stared at his hands.
“That’s not a secret”, Charlie laughed.
“No, that’s not it”, he said smiling back shyly. “I have not been with Joy”
Charlie’s eyes opened in surprised, Michael laughed nervously. “I know, it is hard to believe, I wanted to give her some time to heal, but I kept thinking if she asked me then it would be okay, but she never has, so I don’t know if she wants me too”.
“I am sure she wants you to Mike”, he said understanding.
“It is not a subject that is easy to bring up”, Michael sighed.
Charlie laughed, “you don’t talk about it, it just happens.”
“So I shouldn’t ask’, he asked.
“Nope, just relax and let it happen”, Charlie said.
Michael smiled at him “Thanks Charlie”. “See in you inside for dinner”.
“Anytime”, he called as Michael jumped out of the car and ran up the steps. Laughing he pulled the car around back to the garage.
Michael raced up the steps into the door of the house, his eyes caught the huge tree decorated with blue lights and gold trim ‘wow”, he thought as he walked over to it. “Do you like it”, Joy asked from the doorway.
“It’s beautiful’, he said as he looked at the girls standing there. “Congratulations’, he said to Debbie as he walked over and gave each of them a hug.
“Thank you Mike”, Debbie replied as she motioned to Amy over her shoulder.
“Well we better be on our way’, Amy said as she took the hint.
“You’re not staying to eat dinner”, he asked them.
“All this decorating has put me in the holiday spirit, so we are going shopping”, Debbie said as she walked to the door.
“Oh Charlie did not mention you were going out”, he said staring at them. There was something going on here, their looks to each other spoke that, but as to what Michael had no idea.
Amy laughed “Like we tell him anything”. She walked over and hugged Joy and whispered in her ear, then giggled and joined Debbie and they walked out.
Michael stared at Joy as she smiled. Something going on I need to know about”?
Joy purred “No dear”, as she walked over and hugged him close. “I missed you today”, she sighed at he returned the hug.
“How are you feeling”, he asked her.
“Michael I’m fine and I have been fine for a while now”, she sighed. She raised her face to meet his and kissed his lips softly, “See I’m fine”, she whispered into his lips.
Michael groaned as her lips played with his, her tongue ran across his mouth demanding access, he opened his mouth as his tongue played with hers. Her hands roamed down his back until they rested on his behind; softly she squeezed his bottom, as his mind scrabbled to understand her meaning. Did she want him to make love to her? Should he ask her? ‘That’s a stupid question’ he thought as she deepened his kiss. He should say something his mind raced.
Breaking her kiss he looked into her eyes, “I love you”, he said as he stared at her.
“I love you too”, she said as she raised his hand to her face “and I want you”.
Michael swallowed the lump in his throat “now”. He asked her.
Joy smiled “yesterday and the day before that and the day before that”. “Do you want me”?
“Oh my God yes”, he groaned as she lowered her hand to his hard member.
“I feel that”, she smiled at him overjoyed at his response.
Michael groaned and pulled her close as his lips sought hers out again.
He side door flew open as Charlie walked in, Joy whirled at him and blushed “turn around and get the hell out of here”, she said as fire lit her eyes.
Michael stared at his shocked face and laughed “What Joy is trying to say is now is now is not a good time”. He said as he gathered her back in his arms and kissed her.
Charlie quickly retreated back through the door and hurried back to his cottage.
Michael swept Joy into his arms “Let’s go somewhere more private”, he said as he carried her upstairs.
Charlie chuckled as he walked to the cottage, “That boy is a quick learner, and I have the worst timing”, he said to himself laughing.

Chapter 15
Michael carefully sat her on her feet as he stopped to open their bedroom door. Joy smiled as she walked in ahead of him and waited till he closed the door. He needed no urging to restart his passion as he reached out to find her in the dark room. His lips sought hers and began to kiss her passionately again.
“Wait Michael”, she whispered as she broke her lips free.
“Are you okay”, he asked as he turned on the light.
“Yes, well a little nervous”, she giggled, “I want to change into something a little more comfortable”, she said as she blushed.
“You look fine”, he said as the heat raced through his body. He was afraid to allow her time to stop in case she might change her mind. Pulling her back in his arms his lips attacked hers, and then slowly moved down her neck. As his tongue traced it up to her ear, he nipped her ear and blow into it slowly.
Joy’s head began to spin, ‘this is not how it was planned’, but for the life of her she could not remember exactly what the plan was anymore. His warm breath against her ear was unsettling as she held onto his neck for support. Her head became fuzzy and she swore she was going to pass out. This was not her first time, but never before had someone had this effect on her like Michael.
Michael smiled as she moaned her pleasure. There had been other women but his shyness had taken over with them, and he had never dared to take control like he was now. Something about her moans drove him out of his mind, he wanted to explore more of her, and he could not wait to see what else pleased her. Sweeping her legs in his arms he carried her to his bed.
Joy hung onto his neck as he lifted her in his arm, her face was lying in his neck and she could not resist kissing it as he carried her across the bed. She felt a bit disappointed as he placed her on the bed and walked away, but she quickly figured out he was turning off the light again. She jumped as his hands found her again in the darken room.
Lying beside her on the bed Michael pulled her back into his arms, her hair fell across her face and he pushed it back as his kissed her lips softly again. Joy’s arms pulled him closer as she fitted her body against him more. His hand roamed down her side until he rested it on her bottom. Joy’s breath caught in her throat as he squeezed her behind, as their tongues danced together in wild abandonment.
Breaking their kiss Michael pushed her back softly on the bed and his hands sought out the buttons on her shirt. The faint lights coming from the outside lit his movements up for them and Joy stared in fascination as he slowly released one after another. Her body burned from his fingertips, and she sat up to help him take it off her body. Sliding his arms behind her back he released her bra as well and quickly threw it to the floor. She laid back on the bed as his slide his hands down her body to unfasten her jeans. Quickly he slid them off her hips and they joined her pile on the floor as well. Her lacy panties were the last item keeping him from his prize and he slowly ran his hand over them before condemning them to the same fate as the rest of her clothes.
Joy stared as he stood up by the bed and slowly began to remove his clothes. She almost giggled ‘how many women would love to see him do this on a stage’, she thought. As he came back to her on the bed he crawled to her on his knees. She wanted to tell him how sexy he looked right then but she could not make the words come out of her mouth. Lying back beside her, his hand began to roam over her body. Slowly he explored with his hand as his lips began to follow. Every moan she made became torture as he investigated the spots with his tongue. Caressing her breasts with his hands he heard her moan slowly, as he began to lick and suck on them her moans became louder. Michael smiled to himself ‘this was fun’, he thought as he moved lower.
His hand moved to her womanhood and slowly he began to caress her there, her moans assured him he was hitting the correct area, and like the rest of her body his mouth soon followed. As he moved between her legs Joy thought she would lose her mind, no one had ever done THIS to her before. Her mind screamed to make him stop, but her body begged her to let him continue. Her hand ran through his hair as her body won the fight there was no way she was going to stop him.
Michael’s senses took over as he licked between her legs, her body wiggled and he locked her legs to hold her still. Her groans grew louder as they filled the room, her head thrashed on the pillow beneath her head. Michael’s licks turned to sucks as her took her womanhood in his mouth, slipping his finger deep inside her. Joy’s hips rose to meet his thrusts, as her body reached its climax.
Her screams of ecstasy filled the room and her body convulsed, unable to control his raging passion he quickly buried his hard penis inside her wet opening, her breath caught as he plunged deeply inside her and her inner wall continued to pulse around his hardness. Her hands moved to his buttocks as she urged him in deeper with his every thrust. His arms ached as he held himself upright to accommodate her wishes, harder he thrust as her hips rose to meet him. The warm pleasures washed over him as he moved unable to control his growing need he buried himself deep inside her as his seed spilled.
Collapsing on top of her as his body convulsed with his release. Joy held him tight as her eyes filled with tears; it was more than she ever hoped for. Michael felt the wet tears against his chest and quickly moved off her. “Did I hurt you”, he whispered.
“No, not at all, it was perfect”, she said as she snuggled into his arm.
Michael kissed her softly on the lips, “yes it was”, and he smiled as he drifted off to sleep.
Lying in his arms, she felt as his body relaxed, and as his breaths became heavier she adjusted the covers around them, snuggling back into her spot in his arms she smiled and followed him into sleep.

Chapter 16
Debbie laughed as she talked with her friends in the kitchen, it was Christmas morning and they were up early fixing the meal they would share together. Her stomach fluttered as she felt the baby move and she smiled as her hand went to it.
“You okay”, Joy asked as she saw Debbie’s movement.
“Yes”, Debbie assured her “I think she’s hungry”, she said as she patted it.
“Oh we cannot have that”, Amy said as she passed her some cheese she was slicing. “Feed her, I can’t have my princess starving in there”.
Debbie laughed as she took the cheese and nibbled on it, “Like I don’t eat, look at me I’m huge”, she complained.
Joy glanced at the small bump on her friend’s stomach “Oh my God, your only three months and you think that’s big wait till she is ready to come out, you’re going to be a whale”.
Amy busted up “Ha”, she laughed “Then we can push her back to the ocean and play free Willy”.
Michael giggled at them from the doorway “That’s mean”, he said as he smiled.
Joy smiled at him shyly and walked over to him, greeting him with a kiss, his hand slapped her behind as she started to walk away. “Michael”, she purred as she walked back to the counter. ‘We were just telling her that baby bump is not big yet, she is trying to act like it is”, she explained to him.
“Well she is entitled to some pampering”, Michael said as he joined them and kissed each girl on the cheek. “How’s he doing”, he asked as he stopped in front of Debbie.
“He no she is just fine, and she thanks you for asking”, Debbie said as she smiled.
“Why do the guys think it is a boy and we think it is a girl”, Amy asked.
Debbie laughed “we will know for sure in a few weeks”.
Michael moved behind Joy and grinded his hips against her behind, Joy giggled as Amy and Debbie laughed.
“Please dear God not around the food”, Charlie called out as he walked in the room. “If you two want to do that, then go upstairs”, he said as he smiled.
Michael whispered in her ear and she said “I can’t right now, I’m helping”
Amy laughed and pointed to the door “go we got this”.
Winking at Amy he pulled her from the room and back upstairs as the laughter erupted behind them.
Charlie smiled “Boy he is not shy anymore is he?” Turning back to the girls he asked “Amy you are coming right”?
“I’m ready”, she said as she jumped off the stool.
Debbie looked at them “where are you going”?
“To pick up Brett from the airport, I told you this”, Amy said as she followed Charlie out the door, “we’ll be right back’, she called over her shoulder.
Debbie sighed at the empty room “No I don’t mind, you’re welcome”. Laughing to herself she said “so much for being pampered”.
Joy laughed as Michael almost dragged her up the stairs “Michael slow down”.
He giggled “come on before they change their minds”.
“We can’t take too long, I feel guilty”, she reminded him.
“We won’t”, he promised. “You’re the one who left the bed this morning and didn’t wake me up”.
Joy laughed “I was doing you a favor by letting you sleep in”.
Michael stopped by the bedroom door and smiled at her “how’s that working out for you now’, he teased.
“Embarrassingly”, she smiled as she threw herself into his arms.
Kissing her lips greedily he walked through their room into the bathroom as he stripped their clothes off along the way.
‘What are you doing’, she asked looking around the room as he started the shower.
“Saving time’, he answered as he pulled her in with him.
Joy giggled as he quickly wash her body down and shampooed her hair, returning the favor she grabbed the wash cloth and added soap and slowly began to wash his body. His penis stood solid as a rock as she helped him clean up. It began to push against her demanding attention. Joy fell to her knees as she took it in her mouth. Michael fell against the wall of the shower as she began to suck and lick his swollen member. His hands gripped her hair as he guided it in and out of her mouth. Joy held her hand around his shaft as she drew him in deeper, his hips thrust faster into her mouth, and she felt like she might choke. Quickly she pushed him back and began moving slower so she could suck harder on his greedy member.
Sensing him reaching his peak she was surprised as he quickly pulled her up and threw her against the wall. Lifting her up Michael held her as he thrust deep inside. Joy wrapped her legs around his waist as her arms held on to his shoulders. The water poured over them as his mouth selfishly sucked on her nipples. Groaning out in pleasure she held on as he pounded against her.
Michael’s thoughts tried to hold back his release as he waited for her to join him. Feeling her body start to shudder he relaxed and allowed his own release as their cry’s of passion filled the room. Michael pushed against her as his body shuddered against hers. Joy’s lips sought his as he lowered her back to the floor.
Michael pulled her back under the water as he washed them both back off, “There’, he said as he smiled at her, “now you don’t have to take a shower”. He said as he reached behind her and turned off the water.
Joy smiled as he handed her a towel. “Showers have just taken on a whole new meaning”, she said as she walked into the bedroom to get dressed.

Chapter 17
Charlie stopped the car in front of the house and quickly left them alone as he flew into the house. The smells of food teased his nostrils, finding his way back to the kitchen he watched as Michael helped Joy around the stove and his beloved Debbie sat in a chair. “You got Michael cooking”? He teased as he came in the room.
Debbie laughed “don’t let them fool you they have only been in here for the past twenty minutes”
Charlie smiled as he kissed her head “My poor baby”, he cooed.
“Where are the other two”, she asked looking toward the door.
“Um, they needed a few minutes”, he said as his eyes found Michael’s and they smiled. “He wanted to give her his present in private”.
‘What is it”, Debbie whispered to him.
“It”, he said as he kissed her nose, “is a secret”.
Amy stared at Brett as they sat in the back seat of the car, “are we just going to sit here or go inside”.
Brett smiled as he fished in his pocket “patience my dear, I want to give you this first”, he said as he opened the box in front of her.
Amy’s hand flew over her mouth as she looked in disbelief “for me”, she whispered as she stared at his hand.
“No it’s for Debbie I wanted to know what you thought of it”, he teased.
Amy smiled as tears came into her eyes. Brett moved closer and tried to kneel in front of her “Would you please marry me, I love you so much”.
Amy threw herself into his arms as she screamed in excitement “yes yes oh God yes”, she cried. “I love you too”, she sighed as his lips kissed hers.
The pandemonium inside upon their entrance was crazy. The ladies screamed and carried on as they looked at her ring. Charlie laughed as he punched at Michael “Wonder whose next”, he teased as Michael watched smiling. Did Joy want him to do that? Was it too soon to ask? He did not want to take away from their happiness, but at that moment he knew Joy deserved it as well. “But when should he ask”, he thought as she smiled at him.
Late into the evening they exchanged presents, Debbie fussed over the baby furniture Michael and Joy had picked out for her, As Charlie complained about having to put it all together. Amy loved that they had given her such an expensive necklace with matching earrings, Brett teased they were bigger than his ring. Michael had picked out some jersey shirts for Charlie since he was such a baseball fans, he was delighted as he tried them on. Michael had bought Brett an amazing camera since that was what he used for his job; he snapped pictures of everyone the rest of the night. Joy was a bit disappointed that Michael bought her a new book of poetry; she had hoped that he would ask her to marry him as well, but she made sure not to show it as she thanked him for it. ‘Maybe he already knew Brett was asking Amy that day and did not want to take anything away from them’, she thought.
As everyone went to bed Michael helped her straighten out the mess around the tree. “You don’t like the book, do you”, he asked as he looked at her.
“No I do love it’, she said as she glanced at him.
“Did you want something else”, he probed searching her eyes.
“I have all I need and more Michael”, she said as she hugged him “I have you, how could I ask for more”, she sighed honestly. “I love you”.
“I love you more”, he whispered back as she pulled her deeper into his arms and kissed her. ‘Why did women not just say what they were thinking’, he wondered.

Chapter 18
Joy awoke to the pain shooting through her stomach; quickly she flew into the bathroom and threw up. Her stomach heaved as she fought wave after wave of sickness. Laying on the floor as her stomach settled down she moaned ‘Happy freaking Valentine’s Day to me”. Hearing the knock on the door she hollered “Come in, it’s open”.
Debbie walked in and looked for her friend “where are you hiding”, she called.
“I’m here’, Joy called as she struggled to sit up and decided against it and fell back on the floor,
Debbie stopped in the doorway, “are you okay”.
Joy groaned “just sick”.
Debbie looked at her “can you sit up”?
“No I am so dizzy”, Joy whined.
Clearing her throat she smiled knowingly “Joy, your last period was”? She trailed off.
“None of your damn business”, she moaned from the floor. As her friends words rang through her head, her eyes opened wide. “Do you think, maybe”, she asked Debbie.
“I would say so”, Debbie agreed. “I’ll go call my doctor and see if he can see you”.
Charlie laughed as he waiting for Michael to pick up her ring, today had been busy running Michael to the studio, then taking Joy to the doctor and now back to Michael. He was so full of secrets he thought he might explode. Signing as he looked at the flowers and chocolate he bought for his wife sitting beside him on the seat ‘well at least he found time to pick those up”, he thought to himself.
Michael flew into the car as the crowd around them grew larger, before Charlie could make a getaway the crowd had them surrounded. “Shit”, he cursed as he honked the horn. “Get back”.
Michael giggled as he waved “Guess I took too long in there”.
“You think”, Charlie shot as he looked over his shoulder. “Now what”, he said as he grew angry.
The police siren was the answer as a policeman made his way to the car, cracking his window to talk to him; Charlie cheerfully said “Hi officer, nice day isn’t it”.
“What is going on here”, the officer asked.
“Well I think they would like to take my employer out of the car and rip him to shreds, so if you could get me a little space to move I will gladly be on my way”, Charlie suggested.
The officer stared into the back and Michael waved at him, “Oh my your Michael Jackson”, he said.
Michael leaned forward “Yes I am could you help us out”, he asked him.
Quickly the officer called for reinforcements and they were allowed to go free, Charlie shot down the highway, but slowed down as they were safely away. Michael smiled he was learning well.
“So you think she will like it”, Michael asked showing him the ring as they waited for the gates to open.
“She’s going to love it Mike, she might even say yes”, he laughed.
Michael smiled at his teasing. He knew she would say yes. As he pulled up to the house Michael thanked him and jumped out. Charlie pulled behind the house, he was ready to just lie down, but then Debbie would not allow that.
Joy smiled as she heard Michael come into the house; she was so excited to tell him the news. Would he be happy?
‘She looked like she wanted to tell him something’, Michael thought as he walked into the room towards her, but first he was going to do this, before he lost the nerve too. “Hi blue eyes”, he said as he sat beside her.
“Michael I need to talk to you about something”, she said.
“I know, but first I have to ask you a question”, he returned.
Her heart sank, ‘had Charlie told him already’. “He already told you”, she whined.
‘What are you talking about”, he demanded.
“What are you talking about “, she countered.
Michael laughed “Never mind, you tell me first, what is your news”?
Giggling she said, “Michael we’re going to have a baby”.
Michael’s eyes opened in surprise, he threw his arms around her and hugged her tight “Are you sure”, he asked and his heart leaped as she nodded yes. He kissed her tenderly and held her tight. “Okay my turn”, he said as he pulled her to her feet.
Kneeling before her on one knee, her eyes opened in surprise as he pulled the ring out of the jacket’s pocket. “Joy Weber, will you marry me”, he asked as he looked into her eyes.
“Oh my God Michael, yes, I mean I will”, she sighed as she pulled him back on his feet. She threw herself into his arms and kissed his lips. He stared in disbelief as she ran into the other room.
“What are you doing”, he asked as he followed her.
Her scream met him as he walked into the kitchen, standing with the phone against her ear, she hollered as she told first Debbie then Amy the news. Knowing this would take awhile he smiled as he walked upstairs to shower “How do I love thee, let me count the ways”, he said to himself as he climbed the stairs.

The end
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Chapter 1
The rain fell hard against the car as it raced down the highway. His hand grasped the handle as fear washed through him. The situation was under control now; there was really no need to continue like this.
“Charlie slow it down before you hit someone”, he called out to the driver.
“Sorry Mike I was caught up in the moment”, Charlie said as he took his foot off the gas to slow the car back down.
Michael felt instant relief as he the car started to slow down, “its okay you’re new at this. Were you scared?” he said smiling.
“Oh my Lord above Michael, I have never seen so many people in one place before. I swore they would push the car over.”
Michael giggled, “They get overzealous sometimes, but they love me, I just know it.”
“I used to want to be famous but after seeing that, I will just be happy with who I am”, Charlie laughed back as he looked at Michael in the rear view mirror. Michael’s face had gone pale and he was sweating “Michael are you okay?” he asked him concerned.
“Yeah I’m fine just tired”, he smiled back to him the mirror as he answered.
“I am so sorry”, Charlie said to him again.
“I know”, Michael replied as he stared to stare out the window.
His hand slipped through his hair as he watched the scenery fly passed, pulling his bangs out of his face. He watched as people wandered down the sides of the streets, carefree, happy, he envied them for their freedom.
“Are you people watching”? Charlie asked.
“People watching”, Michael said softly.
“Yeah kind of like looking in a fishbowl watching them swim”, Charlie replied.
“I like to study people”, Michael answered. Charlie did not know but he had nailed it, but instead of looking in Michael swam on the inside looking out.
“Oh my, look at this pretty young thing here” Charlie whistled as he said it.
Michael snapped his head in the direction Charlie pointed to. “She is beautiful”, he agreed.
“Beautiful my ass, drop dead gorgeous”, he answered back.
Michael laughed “Okay, your right, I was being a gentleman”.
Charlie pulled into the alley behind a bookshop and turned to Michael. “You know man; you don’t have to pretend with me, I will never repeat anything you say to me, ever”.
Michael sighed “It’s not you Charlie I like you I really do, but people have used me so much and made up so many things, it’s hard to trust people”.
“I owe you my life Mike, three weeks ago I was living on the streets, now look at me, and I will never be able to repay you for this.” Charlie said. “Where I come from a gift like that deserves the upmost respect”.
Michael looked him in the eyes and nodded at him as a lump in his throat form.
Charlie had a rough life, he was so grateful Michael recognized him that day. As a child who grew up without a father Charlie joined a gang when he was twelve, he robbed a store that year and was sent to juvenile camp till he turned eighteen, left to fend for himself he turned back to the gangs. This is where his live changed, Michael had hired some gangs to work on his video for “Beat It” and Charlie just happened to be one of them. After working with Michael, Charlie never went back to that life. Working dead end jobs one after another, he was down on his luck and homeless when Michael happened to come upon him again. To his utter astonishment Michael remembered him and gave him a job. He thanked God every day that he was lead down that street to see what everyone was yelling about.
“It’s okay, I have to earn that trust, and I will”, he said as he looked at Michael.
Michael smiled at him, “I have no doubt you will”. Michael reached to open the door “I’ll be back in a second”.
“Mike I don’t think this is a good idea”, Charlie said as he looked around. “What if someone recognizes you”?
“Then you have to come rescue me”, he giggled.
“What do I say if a cop comes down here”? Charlie asked.
“How about hi officer nice day isn’t it”, Michael shot back.
Charlie groaned “A black man sitting in a BMW in an alley enjoying the rain, Yeah that’s going to fly”.
“Ten minutes tops, they said it would be ready when I got here”, Michael said as he slammed the door and ran into the store.
Charlie sigh, “Hi officer, nice day isn’t it?” then he threw back his head and laughed. “No I swear I am waiting for Michael Jackson, nice suit”. He giggled Michael just had no idea of what the real world was all about.
Michael flew into the store, two women looked up from the books they were reading and stared at him. He pulled the hat lower on his face and adjusted his sunglasses, and walked to the counter.
“Excuse me”, he called.
“Just a second, I’ll be right with you”, a small voice replied. Coming to the counter the girl looked at her new customer “Did it quit raining outside”? She asked taking in his sunglasses.
“Not yet”, Michael answered.
“Did you go to the eye doctor or something”, she asked?
“No, why”, he asked?
“No reason, what can I get you”, she said.
“Yeah you called and said my books came in”, Michael said.
“Oh, okay, what’s the name”, she asked.
“Lenny”, he answered.
“Is that a first or last name”, she asked.
Michael found her to be irritating, why did she need to ask so many questions, “Last name”, he said shortly.
“I’ll be right back”, she said and walked into a back room.
Michael looked around the shop while he waited; the two other women paid him no attention. ‘It was working fine’, he thought to himself.
“Okay here we are Mr. Lenny”, the girl said as she brought out the huge box.
Michael ran over to take it out of her hands, “Thank you”, he said smiling at her.
“So they were paid for in advance, I just need you to sign that you picked them up”, she said to him as she handed the paper across the counter.
Michael laid down the box and signed his name, and the girl smirked “Something funny”, he said to her.
Leaning across the counter she whispered to him “you’re not fooling me with this outfit, I know who you are”.
Michael stared at her shocked.
Throwing back her head she laughed. “It was a pleasure to meet you, come back anytime Michael”.
“You too”, he mumbled as he picked up the box and headed for the door.
“Let me get that”, she called as she hurried to open the door for him. Following him outside she ran to open the car door as well. “Bye now”, she called as he was safely inside. She flew back into the store.
“WOW!” Charlie said as he watched Michael close the door “What a hotty”.
Michael glared at him, “Her no way, she was arrogant”.
“I wasn’t looking at her arrogance, but those are some pretty baby blues”, Charlie chuckled.
“Let’s go home”, Michael said to him, and off they went.

Chapter 2
“Yeah it was him alright, I’d know his fine ass anywhere”, Joy said into the phone. “Oh yeah tell that witch to shut up, hell he even signed the receipt Michael Jackson…Oh it’s caught on tape …you all should come down and we will look at it then you will learn not to doubt me….Okay I’ll be waiting”. Joy said as she hung up the phone.
“Hi Mrs. Adams, is that all for you”, Joy said to her.
“I am just so shocked, I mean in here all alone, he is such a good looking boy”, Mrs. Adams said.
“I know”, Joy replied.
“You are so smart Joy, I can’t believe you figured that out”, Mrs. Adams said.
“Thank you, but I will admit I am a fan of his”, Joy returned.
“Such control then, if that would have been Elvis, I just would have ripped his clothes off”, she said laughing.
Joy threw back her head and laughed “I did not want him to feel uneasy, now maybe he will come back. Next time I will just rip them off”.
The two old ladies laughed with her.
Joy’s friends Amy and Debbie flew into the store. “Wow that was quick”, Joy teased.
“Cut the crap, show us the video”, Debbie demanded.
“I am so excited”, Amy wailed.
Joy had already watched it a few times herself, but put the tape back into the VCR and pushed the play button. Her friends screamed in surprised as they saw him walk into the store “It is him” They said at the same time. “Never doubt me girls”, Joy said cockily.
The bell over the top of the door announced a new customer. “Hi”, Joy said “May I help you”.
“Yes I need to pick up my books I ordered”, the man announced.
“No problem”, Joy said “What’s your name”.
“Lenny Williams, should just be under Lenny”, the man said.
Joy stared dumbfounded at him “Hold on a second let me look I think we might have had a mix up”. She raced to the store room and searched the other boxes. Her spirits fell as she found what she hoped she wouldn’t, on the bottom was a small box labeled Michael Lenny, “Crap”, she wailed to herself. “What am I going to do now?”
She smiled as she went back up front “I am afraid there has been a mix up, but I can have this straighten out in a jiffy”, she said as she purred sweetly at her customer.
“No problem”, he said smiling back. “These things happen all the time, I was just pleased to be able to get to meet a pretty lady. You new here?” he said leaning on the counter.
‘Just great’ Joy thought as she watched the man flirt with her. Putting on her best smile she leaned forward “Yes I am, please don’t tell Karen I really need this job”, she purred at him. If nothing else she knew how to wrap a man around her finger.
“I would not dream of it”, he said back to her. “If I may be so bold and since you’re new here in town, how about I take you dancing some night”?
Joy faked excitement “Oh my goodness, I would be delighted, sounds like fun Lenny”.
“Well Joy”, he said after checking out her name tag “Sounds like we have a date then”.
“I can’t wait, and I will take care of this mix up personally”, she promised.
Lenny grabbed a piece of paper off the counter “you just call me when they get back here, and um…..keep it for later, we’ll iron out the details then.
Joy giggled pretending to be flattered, “If you insist”.
“I do”, Lenny said as he reached across the counter to grab her hand, gallantly he raised it to his lips and kissed it, carefully placing it back on the counter and walking out.
Joy waited till he was out of sight and wiped her hand off “Bastard”, she said to the giggles of her friends. “He thinks he is doing me a favor, sci-fi geek, can’t even read a real book”, she fumed as she grabbed the phone to call Karen, “Like I need his help”.
“Karen its Joy, we have a small problem”, she said into the phone. As she explained what happened her temper begin to rise. “I know, I take full responsibility, I apologize, yes ma’am, your right, I’ll be more careful from now on, I will do it as soon as I close up, okay set it up and tell me where to go”. Placing the phone back she took a deep breath,
“Is she mad”, Amy asked her?
“Pissed”, Joy replied “I have to take him the right books and pick up the others when I get off”.
Debbie screamed “This means you are going to see Michael again”.
“Maybe”, Joy said highly doubting it; she expected to just switch it out at the front gates.
The phone call confirmed what she thought; it would be an exchange by the gate. Karen informed her customer was not happy with her. The news brought her friends spirits down; inside it did hers as well.

Chapter 3
Dragging the box to her car Joy dreaded the job ahead. Although as a fan she already knew his address, she had written it down anyway. Her Honda sputtered to life and she headed off to the far side of L.A. Listening to the radio she almost cried as “Billie Jean” began to play on the radio. “Arrogance was not a virtue”, she whispered to herself.
As she pulled up to the huge gate, she placed her car in park and got out, it was almost midnight, and she was worried about waking someone if she pressed the button.
“Can I help you”, a voice called out in the darkness.
“Um Yeah I’m Joy from the bookstore, I believe I am expected”, Joy replied.
“Miss blue eyes herself”, the voice said as he walked into her view.
The man was intimidating “um I guess so, do I know you”?
“Nope, but I saw you, I drive for Mike, I mean Mr. Jackson, I saw you as you helped him to the car, you can call me Charlie”. He replied.
“Oh okay” she said breathing a bit easier “Do you have my other books”?
“Nope, I am just here to let you in”, he answered.
“Oh I was told”, she began.
“Just drive your car up to the main house, I’ll meet you there”, Charlie said as he smiled at her.
Joy quickly got behind the wheel and pulled in as the gate opened. Pulling up in front of the house her heart began to pound loudly in her chest. Charlie opened her door as she shut off her loud engine.
“Where is the box”? Charlie asked her,
“I put it in the trunk”, she said as she walked to the back of the car, she opened the trunk and Charlie reached in and pulled it out. “No please I should carry that”.
“No I have it, all part of my job”, he said to her. “This way”, he added as they walked to the back of the house.
Joy felt disappointment as she realized they were not going inside the big home, but then again what did she expect. A small little house sat on the back side and this was where he was leading her. “Can you get the door”? Charlie asked pulling her attention back to him.
“Yes of course”, she said as she jumped ahead of him to open the door. As she followed him in she heard that unmistakable voice “Miss Weber it is a pleasure to see you again”.
“Mr. Jackson”, she said smirking to herself. Her heart raced as she tried to sound calm. “I must apologize for the mix up”.
“No problem”, he calmly said back. “Here is the other box”, he said pointing in the corner. “Charlie can you put them in her car”.
“Sure thing boss”, Charlie said.
“Wait I need to check those and make sure they are all in there”, Joy said.
“Don’t you trust me’, Michael said turning in her direction.
“I did not mean to imply that, it is our policy is all”, she answered.
Michael point to the box again “By all means”.
Joy went through and checked them against her invoice. Satisfied she smiled at Charlie “If you would be so kind, I would appreciate that help now”. “Mr. Jackson if you could make sure yours are correct, I will be on my way”.
“Of course”, he replied as he started to open the box.
Joy watched as Michael inspected his books, carefully he pulled them out one by one, running his fingers across the smooth hard covers. Joy shivered as she stared at those fingers, how they might feel as they caressed her body. Embarrassed she snapped back to attention as he looked in her direction. “So you’re an art fan”, she said as she found her voice.
“I like to study things”, he returned. “Medicine, Art, Movies, Music, People”, he added trailing off. “Do you like to read?” He asked her.
Joy smiled “Yes, I love to read”, she saw his eyebrow rise at her statement. “My love is Poetry; I think Dante Alighieri is my favorite”.
Michael’s eyes lit up “I love his work”.
Joy started into his eyes “No way, really?”
Michael cleared his throat and stared into her eyes:

“There is a gentle thought that often springs
to life in me, because it speaks of you.
Its reasoning about love’s so sweet and true,
the heart is conquered, and accepts these things.
‘Who is this’ the mind enquires of the heart,
‘who comes here to seduce our intellect?
Is his power so great we must reject
every other intellectual art?
The heart replies ‘O, meditative mind
this is love’s messenger and newly sent
to bring me all Love’s words and desires.”

Joy whispered the ending as her heart swelled:

“His life, and all the strength that he can find,
from her sweet eyes are mercifully lent,
who feels compassion for our inner fires.”

The room filled with silence as they stared into each other’s eyes. Joy’s heart raced as she looked into his eyes, her breath caught as he stepped toward her. The slamming of the door behind caught her attention as she whirled towards it. Embarrassed she took a few steps toward Charlie as he entered the room.
“Thanks you so much for the help”, she said to Charlie. “Mr. Jackson, it was a pleasure to meet you again”, she said as she held out her hand toward him.
Michael smiled and he stepped up to shake it, her hand slid smoothly into his ‘so soft’, he thought as he let her take it away. “Thank you for bringing them to me so late in the evening Joy”, he answered smiling at her.
Joy jumped away from his contact like she had been burned; her whole body felt like it was on fire from one single touch of his hand. “No problem, I hope you will come see us again” she said to Michael. “Charlie nice to meet you as well, I should be going”, she finished as she reached for the door.
“Your all set”, Charlie told her as she ran out into the night. “She’s cute, nice behind”, he said as he watched her hurry across the lawn to her car.
Michael stared at the door as his thoughts raced.
“Mike you okay”, Charlie asked him when he received no response.
Michael’s eyes snapped to his face “Just tired Charlie”.
“Oh okay”, he said looking at Michael puzzled. “I think I’ll turn in myself”.
Michael stared as he went outside and turned back to gather his books, he could almost swear he smelled her perfume on them, as he inhaled the sweet smell. “Charlie you have the worst timing” he said to the empty room.

Chapter 4
“Joy”, she turned as the voice called her name, glancing around the store she felt disappointment that no one was there. “Great Joy now you’re hearing things”, she said to the empty room.
The bell above the door announced the arrival of a customer, Joy was grateful she would have something to do, but her sudden excitement was replaced with dread as Lenny came walking towards her smiling. “Mr. Williams”, she said smiling back at him “I take it you are here for your order”.
“Hi Joy, you must call me Lenny”, he answered returning her smile.
“Now I would just love too, but Karen would not like me calling a customer by an informal greeting, you understand it is simply policy”, she purred back.
Lenny beamed at her “Of course, I understand, Karen is something else”.
“That she is”, Joy smiled back. “Wait right here and I’ll get your order”.
Joy flew into the back room and grabbed his box, hoping to hurry him along, and get him out of the store. “Okay here you go”, she said as she placed it by his feet.
“You’re an angel” he said as he opened it and started slowly coming through his books. “Ever read sci-fi”, he asked looking up at her from the floor.
“I have, but I must confess I am a poetry fan”, she answered him.
“Hey I don’t hold that against you” Lenny shot back at her.
‘Idiot’, Joy thought to herself. “How kind of you”, she giggled.
“So I was wondering when I could take you dancing?” he said as he stood up.
‘How about never’, her mind raced. “I must confess something, I was so scared you would be mad I lead you to believe I would go out with you, truth is I already have a boyfriend, and I just can’t right now”.
“Really”, he returned. It was clear he doubted her word. “What’s his name?”
The bell above the store rang out, and her eyes shot towards it. “Charlie”, she almost screamed the words as she saw the familiar figure come in the store. “His name is Charlie and here is my baby now”. She said as her eyes pleaded with him to play along.
Charlie’s eyes caught the message as he looked at the man standing in front of her, smiling he opened his arms “Come give me some loving baby”. This was going to be fun.
Joy hesitated then thinking of Lenny she flew into his waiting embrace. “Oh I am so happy you are here, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Williams we were just discussing you”.
“You were”, he said as he hugged her tight. “Where’s my kiss?”
Cursing her luck she lifted her head as her eyes glared at him “Now I don’t think that is appropriate, I am at work darling” she purred.
“But Baby it’s been two long weeks since I have seen you, I am sure Mr. Williams will understand, what’s wrong with one small kiss to welcome me back”.
“I agree Joy, the man deserves that much”, Lenny laughed.
Nervously she laughed “Of course honey, you deserve this and so much more, just wait till I get you alone” she said sweetly to him as her eyes gleamed angrily into his eyes.
Charlie smiled he know that was a double meaning from her, but he was willing to deal with that later, he was helping her out he might as well get something from it. He lowered his head and kissed her lips sweetly with his, surprising she returned the kiss as her arms wrapped around his neck. He groaned as she stepped away and smiled at him “I think you can wait till later for the rest”.
Clearing his throat Lenny added, “Well I should be on my way, nice to meet you Charlie, you be good to this sweetie now”.
Charlie kept his hand around her waist as he waved at Lenny, “I will, nice to meet you”. As soon as the man had left their sight Joy jumped away from him.
“You are an asshole”, she shot at him.
Charlie smiled, “I know, but I couldn’t resist your charms, besides how often does that happen in life”. He threw his head back and laughed “I am sorry, forgive me, I was doing you a favor”.
Joy’s anger melted as his laugh filled the room, she found herself laughing right along with him “Your right, it was the least I could do, thanks for playing along, he gives me the creeps”.
“Anytime”, he said to her.
‘So what can I really do for you today Charlie”, Joy said as she walked behind the counter.
“I need to buy a book”, he said.
“Great anything in particular you need”, she asked.
Charlie’s head fell and he looked at the floor, “I don’t know what he would like, I was hoping you could help me with that”.
Joy sensed his uneasiness “I am sure I can, who is it for and for what occasion”, she smiled at him.
“It’s for Mike it’s his birthday tomorrow, and I want to get him something special. I know he loves books so I was hoping to get him something like that, something he will love, but I am lost as to what that might be”. He answered softly.
Joy felt for him, what you should get the man who has everything. “Let me see we can start with his past orders and go from there”, she suggested.
Charlie’s eye lit up, “See I knew you would be able to help me out”.
“Anything for my new boyfriend”, she teased as she winked at him. “Let me pull up his account and we will go for there”.
Charlie leaned over the counter as her finger flew across the keys of the computer, ‘You’re good at that”,
“It’s my job”, she smiled. “Oh my yes, this is work nicely”.
“What did you figure out”, he asked,
“A beautiful book of love poems”, she said.
“Poems, does Mike like poems,” he asked?
‘I assure you he does, we were talking about that last night”, she assured him.
“Do they make you sad”, he asked innocently.
Joy glanced over at him “I don’t see why they would; I guess if you could feel the words then maybe, was he sad after I left last night”.
“He said he was tired, but I thought there was something more to it, you were not mean to him were you”. He asked.
“No not at all we just talked about poets is all”, she said surprised. “I hope I did nothing to upset him, he seemed okay to me”.
“Mike’s kind of strange that way, it’s hard to describe. Have you ever met someone who sees the beauty in the smallest of things?” Joy shook her head no. “Me neither but he does, he is just an amazing person, I have never met anyone like him before”.
Joy felt her eyes fill with tears “that’s beautiful Charlie”.
Charlie looked away, “It’s not me, but it’s him”.
Clearing her throat she said “want me to wrap this as well”.
“Would you please”, he answered.
As Joy wrapped it he told her about his life and what Michael had done for him, Joy would wipe her tears away before Charlie could see, she thought she was a fan, but the man talking to her now, knew what it meant to be one. “You’re all set”. She said as she handed it to him. “Give me a call and let me know if he liked it okay”.
“God bless you girl”, he said as he pulled her in for a hug. “You ever get a day off?”
“We are closed on Sunday’s”, she said.
“Oh well then I’ll call you here Monday and let you know”.
“No I can’t wait that long, here is my home number, I hope he likes it”, Joy said.
“I am sure he will, I better go”. Charlie said as he started for the door.
“Bye Charlie come back and see us”, she said as he started outside.
“Will do blue eyes”, he said as he smiled back at her.
Heading into the alley he lowered himself into the front seat.
“That took forever” Michael said as he popped up from the floorboard.
Charlie smiled “Get back down there till I tell you to come out, you want her to see you”, he laughed as Michael did as he asked.
“Did you get her number”, Michael asked?
“Of course I did”, he laughed as he started the car. The ride home was filled with him telling Michael the whole story. Michael laughed over the kissing part, and although Charlie left out what his present was he knew he would love it.

Chapter 5
“So what do I say”, Michael said to Charlie.
“I would start with hello”, he said back.
“I mean how do I explain I got her number, what if she is mad, or does not want me to call her”, Michael asked seriously.
“Man you really don’t know how to do this, do you?” Michael shook his head no. “No problem I’ll start the ball and you can make it all seem like it is my idea”.
Michael smile at him, “Great so what’s first”?
Sighing Charlie grabbed the phone, “stick with me boy, I’ll find you a woman yet”, he said as he dialed the phone. Waiting till she answered he said, “Hi blue eyes, is this a bad time?”
Joy’s excitement raced, “No I was just reading, How are you? Did he like the book?”
“Like it he loved it, I think I am in his will now”, Charlie said as Michael’s hand flew over his mouth to cover his giggles. “You are a life saver”.
“I am just so happy I could help out”, she returned.
“Hold on a second” he said to her in the phone, speaking loudly he said “I’m trying to talk to Joy here, what okay I’ll ask”, he said as he put the phone back up to his mouth. “Listen Joy, Michael would like to say hello, is that cool with you”?
Joy wanted to scream ‘was it okay with her, please’ “Oh that would be fine, I can wish him a happy birthday as well then”.
“Great, here he is and again sweetie thank you so much, see you soon”, he said as he handed Michael the phone and whispered “say hello first”.
Joy waited holding her breath until the small voice said “Hello Joy”. “Hi Michael and happy birthday, Charlie said you loved his present”.
“I did it was a great arrangement of poems, I can’t wait to read them”, he said honestly.
“Well that’s wonderful, I guess I should let you go then, you must be busy”, Joy said to him.
Michael almost screamed in her ear “no I’m not busy”, as his eyes shot to Charlie. Holding his hand on the phone he whispered “she wants to let me go because I am busy”.
“Tell her you want to ask her something”, Charlie whispered back. “Play it smooth”.
“I want to ask you something”, he said into the phone, as Charlie shot him a thumb up sign.
“Oh okay then, what can I do for you”, Joy answered.
“Um I was thinking that maybe you would like to come over next week and have dinner with me, I mean Charlie two of course, you know so we can thank you for the book, and um”, Michael stopped not knowing what to say.
“Well I would love too but I would feel a bit weird about that, I mean I like you both but um, just me”, Joy stammered out. With all her heart she wanted to say yes but she did not want him to think she was a loose woman or something like that.
Michael repeated what she had said to Charlie and as he whispered back Michael smiled “boy he is smooth’.” I would not want you uncomfortable, you can bring a friend, and I promise it will be fun”.
Joy smiled “I guess that would be fine, but you’ll have to help me decide on which of my friends to bring”.
“Bring them all, the more the merrier”, Michael said.
“Really, Okay, that sounds like fun, what time do you want me to come over”, she said smiling.
“How about after you get off work Saturday”?
“Are you sure?”
“Positive”, he relied “I don’t sleep well at night; we can start with a late night movie”. Michael said, “If that’s okay with you”?
“It sounds just wonderful, I can’t wait”, she said smiling to herself.
“Oh yeah” Michael said, “Bring the swimsuits as well, I have a pool”. Charlie shot him a big thumb up and he tried not to laugh.
“I’ll see you then, goodnight Michael”, Joy whispered into the phone.
“Night”, he said back and hung up the phone.
Joy jumped across the room. This was more than she ever hoped for. Running back to the phone she called both Amy and then Debbie. Both screamed their approval, Joy laughed at their excitement.
Michael beamed at Charlie “it worked she’s coming, but she is bring friends”.
“Not to worry Mike I got your back, I will keep the others away”, Charlie said.
“I don’t see how”, Michael said unsure of his plan.
“The ladies just love me, I’ll be smooth”, Charlie explained.
Michael highly doubted Charlie would be able to deliver that, but he would pray it worked. He felt excited as he thought of maybe having some time alone with Joy.

Chapter 6
The week drug by for Joy, but it had also given her time to shop for a few new items for her stay at Neverland Ranch. She felt like she was sleep walking as she hurried through the day today making sure to pack everything she needed so she could head straight there from work tonight.
The bell over the door made her groan she was hoping to close a bit early tonight.
“Hey Joy, you hiding in here”, Lenny’s voice called through the shop.
“Mr. Williams, so nice to see you, what can I do for you”, she said pleasantly.
“I need a new book for the week-end, and since you all are closed on Sunday’s I ran down before you closed to pick one out”. He smiled at her “I was hoping to try one with poetry in it, what do you suggest”.
“Poetry”, she questioned.
‘Yeah you said you liked it and if you like it then it can’t be bad. I am going to broaden my horizons, sort of speak”.
“Well I am honored to be such an influence, I have just the one I think for a new reader”, she said walking over to a bookcase and pulled one out.
“Does it have pictures?” He said Joy looked at him and realized he was teasing. ‘Money back if you don’t like it”, she said smiling back at him.
‘How is Charlie?” He said.
“Just fine thank you for asking, I am on my way to see him after we close up, I can’t wait”, she said honestly.
“Well that’s great, tell him I said hello then, you better ring me up so you can be on your way then”, he said as he walked to the counter.
Joy took his money and handed him the bag, “Now remember if you don’t like it then bring it back, but I hope you do”.
“I am sure I will”, he said as he walked out.
Joy hurried to lock the door behind him and ran through the store finishing up her work so she could get out of there. As she turned off the lights she had an eerie feeling she was being watch, quickly she locked the door behind her and ran to her car, and safely inside she locked the car doors, breathing a little easier she started the car. Pulling out she made her way to Debbie’s house to pick her and Amy up and then it was off to Neverland for the rest of the week-end.
Charlie was waiting for them at the gates and quickly let them in. “Evening ladies, I will meet you up front at the house”.
Joy waved to him and went down the familiar drive way, she could not wait to see it in the daylight tomorrow. As she parked in the front of the house Charlie appeared at her side of the car and opened her door, “How did you get here so fast”?
Charlie hugged her then pointed to a golf cart, “my carriage”.
“Oh, Charlie this is Amy and Debbie, my best friends, girls this is Charlie, he works for Michael”, she said.
“Hi Charlie”, they said as they shook his hand.
“This way please”, he said and started to the back of the house again.
Joy glanced around “Charlie is Michael going to join us”.
“In a bit I am supposed to show you to the guest cottages and let you get settled then take you to the main house. Are you all hungry?”
“Starving”, they said together and giggled.
“Well I lose that one, Michael just knew you would be, I thought you would be too excited to eat”. Charlie said chuckling.
“I think we are both”, Amy said.
“Yeah I have not eaten all day”, Debbie added.
Charlie smiled at them and shook his head “okay so get settled, then come into that door on the side”, he said as he walked out.
Debbie shrilled “We are in Neverland”.
Joy looked at her friend “Please remember treat him like anyone else, let’s have fun, okay”
“Okay”. Amy agreed “but when it is just us we get to scream”.
Joy changed out of her dress into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, looking at her friends she said “You all ready”. As they nodded to her Joy lead the way to the door Charlie had pointed out and they went inside.
Charlie had been waiting for their arrival and he winked at Michael before he left to go fetch them. Michael took a nervous breath as he looked at the table, he wanted an elegant dinner, and maybe it was too much. Hearing their footsteps in the hall he turned to greet them “Hi Joy”, he said as he walked across the floor and gave her a hug.
Joy introduced her friends and Michael hugged them as well, Charlie helped the ladies sit down as Michael went to tell the cook they were ready. He was impressed her friends remained so calm.
“Is wine okay with dinner”, he said as he came back in.
“Sounds great”, Amy answered for them.
They sat and ate with a lively conversation; Joy’s friends filled Michael in on everything about her he dared to ask. They laughed and joked Michael was having the time of his life.
It’s a very pretty home you have here Michael”, Debbie said to him.
Michael smiled in her direction and her heart leaped “Thank you Debbie, and might I say I am so happy you both came with Joy to see me this week-end”.
“She had no choice, if she didn’t bring us we would have hid in her car and came anyway”, Amy laughed.
“Well I hope you will have fun and maybe we can do it again sometime”, He answered her as he laughed. “Would you all like a tour of the house”?
“Yes”, they all answered laughing.
Joy was impressed with the art pieces Michael had on the walls but her heart stopped as they entered the library. “Oh my God”, she said as she looked at the books covering the walls there. “Have you read all these?”
Michael came up behind her and his voice scared her “Most of them”. He noticed her jump “did I scare you”.
“No”, she lied.
“Yeah I scared you”, Michael smiled. Looking over at Charlie he was surprised to see Amy and Debbie were busy in a conversation with him. Looking into her face he asked “do you ever take your hair out of that bun?
Joy’s hand flew to her head “Oh it would be a mess”.
“I would like it to see it down sometime”, he requested.
“Now”, she asked glancing over at her friends.
“If you want”, he said pointing to the couch, “I can help”.
Joy’s knee’s felt weak Michael was going to take her hair down for her. “I left my brush in the room, it will be a mess”.
“We can go over there”, he suggested.
Joy swallowed as she looked into his eyes trying to figure out what he wanted from her, “it is giving me a bit of a headache”.
‘Okay, hold on”, he walked over to Charlie and her friends and said something then he came back to her on the couch. “Okay, they will be fine till we get back”. Holding out his hand he helped her up and led her across the grounds to her room. Opening the door for her he waited till she found her brush out of her bag. As she walked back to him he held out his hand for the brush.
“You honestly want to brush my hair”, she said to him.
Michael smiled, “Yup, sit on the bed and take that out”.
Joy sat where he indicated and began to unfasten the tight bun. Michael came behind her on the bed and sat behind her. The hair fell way below her waist; he placed his hands in it to smooth it out a bit. Her hair felt so soft in his hands and he could smell the strawberry shampoo that she used. As his fingers ran through her hair the goose bumps rose on her arms.
Michael began to brush it out and Joy closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention, she could fall asleep right there. Michael smiled as she relaxed against him, he never wanted to stop, but everyone was waiting on them. The hair was wavy with small ringlet curls that had a mind of their own.
“Okay all better”. Michael said as he stopped brushing. Joy took the brush from him and walked to the mirror on shaken legs. “I have been meaning to have this cut”.
“No don’t do that, it’s beautiful”, Michael said to her.
“Thank you, you were right that feels much better already”, Joy said as she walked back to him on the bed. Holding her hand out he smiled as he allowed her to pull him back up. Her hand remained in his all the way back into the house. Following the sound of laughter and music they found her friends dancing in a room filled with video games and a pool table.
Charlie noticed they were holding hands as he watched them come in. He smiled at them both and turned back to Amy and laughed as she tried and failed yet again to moonwalk.
“I will never get it”, she laughed.
Michael laughed and released Joy’s hand to walk across the floor to Amy “Let the master show you how it is done”.
“Show em Mike”, Charlie encouraged, as Amy and Debbie worked to learn it. “Not bad”, he hollered to Debbie as she improved under Michael’s direction.
Joy sat by Charlie and laughed as she watched; Michael made it look so easy.
“Come on Joy”, Amy yelled, “show Michael what you can do”.
Joy laughed and kicked off her shoe’s leaving her socks on, jumping up she moon walked over to them.
“I did not see that coming”, Charlie yelled “Watch her now”.
Michael clapped his hands “You’re very good”.
“I should be, I have been watching you do it for years”, she smiled at him.
“Oh now the truth comes out, are you a fan Joy”, Michael asked.
Joy laughed “You bet your ass, I am, surprised?”
“Yes”, he answered.
The next few hours flew by as they danced together. Seeing her friend yawn Joy brought up maybe they should get some sleep.
Glancing at his watch Charlie said “Wow its 5 a.m., time has flown by”
“Okay everyone we better take a nap”, Michael suggested
“We are going to sleep the day away”, Amy whined.
“Don’t worry I don’t sleep much six hours and everyone gets up, deal?” Michael suggested.
“Deal”, they all agreed.
The girls made their way back to the cottage.
“So Joy what did you two really sneak off and do”, Debbie asked after they were in bed.
“Nothing we came in here and he brushed my hair out, it was nice”, she answered.
“I think he likes you a lot”, Amy whispered.
Joy sighed “I hope so”.
“Hey what about Charlie, does he have a girlfriend”, Debbie asked.
“You like him”, Joy asked looking over to her friend.
“I think he is sweet, and he is very open and honest, I like that”, she replied.
“I’ll find out tomorrow for you”, Joy promised. “Good night girls”.
“Night”, they both said.

Chapter 7
Joy awoke to the sound of the shower running in the other room, glancing up she saw Amy as she walked by. “Amy what time is it”, she groaned out. A giggle came from behind her turning to the other side of the bed, Michael started back at her, and she almost screamed not expecting to see him. ‘Oh my God I am going to kill them’ as she thought of her friends not waking her sooner, “I bet my hair is just lovely this morning”, she said to him.
“Like a halo”, he smiled back.
Charlie laughed, “Really Mike I was going to say like Medusa”.
Michel busted up about his statement of her appearance, “Don’t listen to him, you are beautiful”. He said through his laughter.
Sitting up quickly she hit her pillow into his face as he sat at the foot of the bed, “Ass”, she said.
Charlie fell back onto the bed and choked, “Oh no she looked in my eyes, good-bye cruel world”.
“Knock that off”, Amy said as she walked over to her friend, in one hand she carried her brush and handed it to her, the other she carried an orange juice. “Here you go Joy, and it is ten, by the way”.
“Ten I thought we said eleven”, she said as she slipped her juice.
“Hey be thankful you’re a heavy sleeper, we have been awake since nine”, Amy said smiling at her.
Turning to Michael she asked, “You all have been here an hour watching me sleep”.
“Ha”, she heard Charlie say. “She thinks it was sleeping, I call it waking the jungle with her mighty roar, and you snore so loud by the way”.
“Charlie you be nice”, Michael said to him. “It isn’t that bad Joy”, he said as he started to run her brush through her tangled hair. “Drink your juice and wake up a bit; we got a big day planned”.
Joy almost purred as she followed his instructions, hearing the door to the bathroom open she thought of her friends request last night. “Charlie”, she said to get his attention. “No wonder you have not got a girlfriend, you’re so mean”, she said sticking her tongue out at him.
“Wow that hurts Joy, just because a man is waiting for the right girl to come along, doesn’t mean it’s because of how he acts”, Charlie replied.
Joy glanced over at him afraid she went too far, to find him giving her the finger and smiling. Debbie smiled at her for letting her know, it was a silent look between them, but Joy knew that bit of information just made her friend very happy.
“Don’t mind her”, Debbie said to Charlie. “I can be your girl today, it would be my pleasure”, she purred to him.
“See that Joy, Debbie knows a good man when she sees one”, Charlie said to her, “My pleasure as well”.
“Great, now I am the fifth wheel here this is just perfect”, Amy whined to everyone as she fixed her hair.
“Nope we cannot have that”, Michael said as he jumped up. “I’ll be right back”. He said as he flew out the door.
“Where is he going”, Joy asked Charlie.
“I would say he is going to find our little Amy here a date for the day”, he replied.
Joy looked at Amy and smiled as she went to the bathroom to shower as well. She heard Amy whine again as she closed the door, “I was really just playing, I’m fine”.
She hurried and showered and was putting on her make-up as Michael walked back in. “Problem solved”, he announced to the room.
“Who did you get”, Charlie asked him.
“Brett”, Michael answered him, “and he is delighted to do so”, he said as he turned to Amy.
“Michael, you didn’t have to do that, I would have been fine”, Amy said to him.
“No I want you to have fun as well, he has been asking me to introduce him to a new lady all the time, it is perfect”, he said as he walked over to Joy sitting in front of the mirror, grabbing her brush again he because to pull her hair back into a pony tail for her.
To Joy it felt like the most normal thing in the world, just like they had been doing it for years. The rest of the room exchanged knowing glances, it was very clear who Michael wanted to spend the day with. As he finished Joy stood and thanked him for the help, and they filed out to the patio where a large buffet was waiting for them.
Brett arrived as they were finishing up and Michael greeted him with a hug, “are you hungry”, he asked after he introduced his friend to the group.
“No, I have already eaten, I was not getting on the rides till I digested my food a bit”, Brett laughed.
Amy clapped, “we are going to go on the rides”?
“Well of course but first I thought we would go see the animals and then I would show you the grounds”, Michael answered.
Everyone agreed with his plan and they all set out down the path to Michael’s zoo. He kept Joy close as he told her all the animals names, and to her utter delight she even petted a few. They then moved over to the train station and rode around the estate. Joy was amazed it was a perfect place, so peaceful and so beautiful. As the day flew by they found themselves back to the rides, everyone was having an amazing time.
The roller coaster found Michael and Joy sitting alone in the far back; she screamed as the ride scared and thrilled her at the same time. Michael was delighted as she buried her head in his side and he held her tightly as he laughed.
The bumper cars proved to be a death match as they all were out for dominance. Joy was delighted that as the sun set Michael suggested the Ferris wheel. As they waited for the other couple to board, Michael kept his hand in hers.
As the sun set over the mountain top Joy allowed him to pull her close as they watched the display of brilliant colors in the horizon. Michael whispered in her hair:

I haven't known you very long
but that's not the way I feel;
I've told you all about me
I have nothing to conceal.

What I say may sound silly now
but you'll find it to be true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.

You are my new beginning,
you're the door to life beyond;
you're all that I could ever want
or ever need to carry on.

You're the future I have dreamed of,
you're a new and brighter day;
with you, there is no looking back,
the past can fade away.

Though I haven't known you very long
you'll find all I've said is true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.

Joy stared lifted her head to stare into his eyes, “William Thomas Kinsey”, she whispered as she shuddered.

Michael smiled back into her eyes, “That’s right, which is why I like you, you understand me”, he whispered back.

“I like you too Michael”, she said. Slowly she watched his head come down and claim her lips. The kiss was perfect, he was perfect. Joy sighed as he pulled her closer and his tongue slipped between her lips. Wrapping her arms around his neck she returned his kiss with the same passion he showed her. Cheers erupted around them as they came crashing back down to earth. Shyly Joy buried her face in his neck as she saw their friends surrounding them on the ground where the ride had stopped.

“Okay that’s enough of the peep show people, let’s go swimming”, Charlie said to the group.

The group moved to the patio area where new items to eat had magically appeared yet again, Michael and Joy watched as everyone swam, deciding to eat instead. “Amy and Brett seem to be getting along well”, she said to him.

He giggled back “I just knew they would, he said she was very pretty”.
Continuing the gossip she returned, “Well I know Debbie likes Charlie as well”.

“Really”, he said as his eyes lit up. “He deserves happiness, I hope they find it”.

“What about you Michael”, Joy asked him.

Taking her hand across the table he answered, “I have you”.

Joy’s heart swelled at his words “Yes you do”.

Michael’s smiled at her words.

The day had flown by as the girls made their way to Joy’s car, Charlie had loaded their bags and were saying their good-byes to her friends when Michael suggested they do again next week-end. Cheers erupted from everyone, and the date was set. Joy would see him again next Saturday and her heart was overjoyed.

Chapter 7
Weeks had turned into months for the new friends; every week-end was spent in Neverland. Amy and Brett were dating more throughout the week and seemed to be falling in love. Debbie and Charlie were always together; Joy envied her a bit, since she saw Michael more than Joy did. Debbie was the tag along everywhere Charlie took Michael, she was allowed to go. Michael called her every night during the week, and greeted her every week-end at her car. Although they loved hanging out with their friends Michael had always made sure to allow time for just them to be alone. She knew her friends looked forward to the get together each, but she was starting to want some more alone time. His touch was all she craved anymore, and she ached to be near him, his kisses filled her thoughts, and she waited for the day it would become more. Michael wanted to wait a little while before he took their relationship to a sexual nature. He was shy and like her a bit scared, so she understood, however her body burned at his touch and she wanted him like she had never wanted anyone before.
The rain fell heavy outside as she glanced at the clock and saw she had only thirty minutes left, they were going to pick her up here tonight and she had rode the bus today to make it easier on everyone tonight. Time was important to them she would not waste any more of their precious moments together.
“Hi Joy”, the voice called out behind her.
“Mr. Williams”’ she said. “You scared me; I didn’t hear you come in”
“Yeah well I parked out in the alley tonight, to try to stay a bit dry”, he said as he smiled at her.
“I’ll get your order”, she said as she hurried into the back room. “Just give me sec.”
“Take your time, I am in no hurry”, he called after her. “How’s ole Charlie boy doing?”
Joy smiled as she came back in the room, “just great”.
“You know Joy I always thought you were a good person, but then good people don’t lie to their friends”, he said sneering at her.
“What are you talking about”, she said as the uneasy feeling gripped her stomach. His eyes searched her with a crazed look, and she took a few extra steps away from him. “What did I do”?
“You lied, you did not have a boyfriend, and well of course I guess you do now, but not when you said you did.” He walked to the back door and Joy though he would leave, but instead he bolted the lock and turned again to her. “I simply do not like to be lied to Joy”. He said as he advanced on her.
Seeing the danger surrounding her, she flew to the front door, Lenny caught her and his hand pulled at her hair to pull her away from it. Joy grasped at her head as her eyes watered from the pain. Screaming she pleaded “Please Lenny let me go”.
“Lenny” he sneered at her. “Now I’m Lenny, good ole Lenny, what an idiot, did you laugh at me Joy with your boyfriend”, he said as he threw her to the floor.
“It was not like that”, she tried to explain, as she leapt to her feet.
“Shut up you bitch”, he said as his hand slapped her across the face. “You don’t get to talk now, I’m talking, and do you understand that?
Joy nodded trying not to anger him further, he walked to the other door and locked it as well and her hopes sank, her escape was now was not going to be easy. Her fear doubled when out of his pocket he pulled a very long knife. “Over there”, he said as he pointed to the store room.
“No”, she answered defiantly, knowing she would be trapped there.
“I will hurt you if you don’t do it now”, he screamed. “Please Joy don’t make me hurt you”.
“You already want too”, she said bravely.
“Yes I want you to hurt, you hurt me Joy, and I trusted you but you let me down. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? I saw you Joy I saw you hanging all over him, kissing him”, he yelled.
“Who Charlie”, she asked.
“NO”, he screamed as he jumped towards her, “the other one, the rich singer in the mansion”.
“Michael”, she whispered.
Lenny leered at her, “Yeah that’s the one, so this makes you a groupie, right, is this word for women like you”.
“Lenny, it’s not like that, we love each other, I could not tell you because I had to respect his privacy”, Joy pleaded.
“Liar”, he screamed as his knife buried itself deep into her stomach.
Joy crumpled to the ground from the pain, hearing his footsteps walk away; she tried to crawl behind the counter to the phone.
Lenny flipped her over to her back and his fist began striking her everywhere, trying to cover her face with her hands he pulled them beneath his legs and the blows made contact with her face. Again and again he hit her until suddenly there was nothing but darkness.

Chapter 8
Michael listened as Debbie and Charlie talked back and forth, he would smile at parts of their conversation, and laugh when they said something funny. His mind slipped to his beloved Joy, who he could not wait to hold in his arms. This week-end would be special for them, he had it all planned out. His body ached to make love to his sweet angel and he knew she wanted him as well.
“See she already has the lights off”, Charlie said honking the horn as he pulled to the door out back.
Waiting outside for what seemed like an eternity to Michael, he said “I should go see what’s taking her so long”.
“No, sit here, she might have a customer in there, I’ll go”. Charlie said as he jumped out of the car.
As he approached the back door he noticed it was not closed all the way, entering through the door, his eyes found the back room lit up, the faint light did little to light the room. “Joy”, he called as he slowly walked in, “hey you better come on, and everyone is waiting”. Closer he crept to the store room as his eyes adjusted to the bright light, he found her lying on the floor in a large puddle of blood. “No”, he screamed as he raced over to her.
“I bet they are playing a joke on us”, Debbie said to Michael in the car.
Michael opened his door and started out, “well let’s find them then”. He stopped to help Debbie out of the car and they ran to the back door. Hearing the screams from Charlie in the back, they ran over to join him.
“Get back”, he yelled at them.
Debbie screamed as she saw her friend lying on the floor “what happened here”, she demanded.
“Call an ambulance”, Charlie yelled as he knelt over his friend, his shirt was taken off and he was pressing it to Joy’s stomach. “She’s alive but she is losing a lot of blood”. Seeing her standing still and not doing anything he screamed at her, “Now damn it”.
Debbie flew to make the call, and Charlie looked at Michael “You got to get out of here, before the cops come; you and Debbie take the car and get out of here”.
“No”, he yelled back “Let me help her”.
“Don’t touch her and stay back Mike, I mean it, this is now a crime scene, we can’t mess up the evidence”, Charlie warned.
“But you are touching her”, Michael said.
“If I don’t she’ll die”, he explain. “Michael, please trust me now, you two get out of here before the police show up, and we need them to be able to help her, one reporter and this place become a circus because you’re here”.
“He’s right Michael, come on I hear the sirens, let’s get you out of here, then we will head to the hospital, and meet them there”, Debbie said pulling him back out the door.
Placing her numb friend in the car Debbie jumped behind the wheel and took off, after driving a mile away she pulled the car over to the side of the road and it was there she let the tears fell as she thought of her friend. Michael jumped over the seat and gathered her close. “She is going to be fine, she a tough girl, please I need you right now”, his tears flowed down his face as he tried to comfort them both, “she has to be fine”, he whispered into her hair.

Chapter 9
Charlie watched as Joy was loaded into the ambulance, the tears flowed down his face as the rain mixed with them. “Dear God please let her be okay”, he prayed.
“Mr. Jones”, the police man called to him.
Charlie followed him back inside the bookstore, and had a seat where he indicated. “Can I go now; I want to get to the hospital”.
“Mr. Jones, what is you relation to Miss Weber?”
“I told you, she is my friend”, Charlie sighed.
“And you met her here right?”
“Yes, I already told you that”, Charlie replied.
“Do you know what happened to the surveillance tape?”
“How the fuck would I know, I told you I stopped in and found her and called you. How hard is it to understand?”
Glancing at the other officer to join him, Charlie groaned as he heard “I think we need to continue this at the station”.
The station was another nightmare the detective was an arrogant bastard, Charlie was not surprised as they pulled up his old police report, and he never said he was an angel, but to do the crime they accused him of made him feel sick.
His thoughts raced to Michael and Joy was he there with her now? Was his Debbie okay? He hated having to sit around this station knowing she might need him.
The door to his room opened and Debbie rushed in followed by a nice looking man in a suit. Debbie threw her arms around his neck as she kissed him full on the lips. “Are you okay” she asked as she looked him over for abuse. “This is Thomas, and he is a lawyer, Michael sent him to get you out of here”.
“I am glad to see you both, how is Joy”, Charlie asked her.
“Stable and she is talking now, I am so sorry my love, and we didn’t know you were here. Once we knew she was okay, Michael went out of his mind trying to find you”, Debbie explained.
“Charlie the police are talking to her now at the hospital, it should be cleared up in a little bit”. Thomas said smiling at him.
“Any idea on who did that to her?” He asked them.
Debbie started to cry again as Thomas said, “Some man by the name of Lenny Williams, do you know him”?
“Oh my Lord”, he said as the name brought up the face to him. “Did they find him yet”?
“Not yet, but they are looking, he won’t get away”, Thomas said.
The door opened and the detective walked in, coming beside him he released the handcuffs that trapped him to the table. “Mr. Jones you are free to go”.
“Thanks”, Charlie said as he rubbed his wrists, Debbie flew into his arms and he held her tight. “Let’ go see Joy”.
The detective looked him over a handed him a white t-shirt to put on, Charlie smiled gratefully,“By the way they have found the other man, they are bringing him in now”, he said as he turned to Thomas.
Thomas looked at the detective with disgust, “Well thank God he did not get away while you were harassing my client”. Looking over to Charlie he continued “I supposed an apology is too much to ask for, I ought to file a harassment charge against your department”.
“It’s okay Thomas, the important thing is they found the right man”, Charlie said as he looked at them both. “Let’s just get out of here”.
As they walked through the station Charlie saw the man he had the most hate for being lead in by the police in handcuffs. Debbie’s sharp intake of breath confirmed to him that this was indeed Lenny. “You bastard”, he said as he started toward the man.
Lenny froze and cowered as he saw the huge man coming towards him.
Charlie stopped short of him as Debbie pulled on his arm and Thomas stepped between them. “You are a lucky man”, he sneered at Lenny. “If I would have found you first you would be dead right now, do you hear me?” He screamed at Lenny.
“Is she okay”, he asked in a small pleading voice.
“She’s better than you are going to be, make no mistake Mr. Williams, if the courts don’t take care of you I sure as hell will. You better sleep with your eyes open from now on, because I am coming for you”, Charlie promised. “Rest assured I am a man of my word”, he said as he pulled Debbie close to him and left the building.
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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 20th 2010, 3:05 pm

OMG!! i abso-FREAKIN-lutely loved your story! i just hope the one i plan to write is just as good, or maybe even better! lol!

with much L.O.V.E.

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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 20th 2010, 7:54 pm

Oh thank you it has been a hobby to make me feel better...I will look for yours to read. I know it will be great.
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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 21st 2010, 5:13 pm

Nuffin wrong with sexin MJ up as a hobby! Do you validate parking?!! laugh

P.S You should find some photos of Michael to go with this story it would make it so much more yummy than it already is!!! I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" 432260
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NICE! I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" 432260
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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 22nd 2010, 4:57 pm

LOL that's funny it's all free to park here lol

yeah pictures would be nice, I will add some.

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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 23rd 2010, 3:50 pm

This is such a sweet story Lonnie - and a very sexy Mike! Yummy

Makes for lots of sweet Michael dreams

sleeeeping MjLuv
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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 26th 2010, 5:11 am

Have pleasant dreams then.

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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 20th 2010, 7:04 am

I'm applauding as we speak darling, wonderful.
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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 28th 2010, 9:12 pm

im gonna read the rest tommorow....i gota remember i was on chapter 16...i love the story
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PostSubject: Re: I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"   I Want To Love You  "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 29th 2010, 6:04 pm

aw...i loved it
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I Want To Love You "Mature Readers Only"
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