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 She's Out of My Life "Mature Readers Only"

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She's Out of My Life "Mature Readers Only" Empty
PostSubject: She's Out of My Life "Mature Readers Only"   She's Out of My Life "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 19th 2010, 5:22 am

Chapter nine

She understood the need for the ride as they got the gates, lining their wall were at least fifty girls, screaming as their car pulled up. “Michael. Michael”, she heard them chant as Katherine rolled down her window. “Sorry girls it is just me”, she called to them and quickly rolled it back up again “Hi Mrs. Jackson” she heard some of the girls holler back.
“Is it always like this”, she asked her. “Pretty much”, she replied “They will head home around midnight”, she chuckled. “How does Michael get out every night”, she asked. Katherine laughed “Honestly I have no idea but he does”. She pulled to the front of the huge home and got out. Susan quickly followed behind her till they were inside.
Her breath caught in her throat as she glanced around ‘This was amazing’, she thought to herself. “Hi”, she heard. Spinning around she saw a little girl “Your Janet”, she announced to her.
Janet laughed as she heard it “Yes I am, you know me”, she asked.
“Well I don’t know you but I watch you on Good Times, you are such a good actress”, Susan gushed. “I really love the show”.
“So you watch her show, but you don’t listen to one of my records”, Michael teased behind her.
Susan spun around “You didn’t ask me that”.
Michael smiled “it’s okay, I just think it’s funny”. Taking her hand he said “Let’s go….say good-night Janet”.
“Good night Janet”, her little voice called back.
Susan laughed “She’s so funny….Bye”, she called over her shoulder.
“Yeah she is a laugh riot”, Michael grumbled as he pulled her upstairs.
“Door stays open Michael”, his mother called after them.
Michael room was not what she expected, where the rest of the house was perfect his room was an absolute mess. “Oh my”, she said as she looked around.
“Sorry”, he said “I didn’t have time to clean up”.
“Someone doesn’t do it for you”, she asked.
“They would, but I don’t want them messing up my things”, he shrugged.
Susan giggled “How do you find anything”.
Michael grinned at her “Luck”.
As they sat on the bed Susan looked at his cheek it was not as swollen but the bruise had turned his eye black as well. She would not like to be seen in public like that herself. “Does it still hurt”, she asked touching his face gently. “Not when you’re here”, he said as her covered her hand with his, pulling it down to kiss the back of it.
Michael had picked Star Wars, Susan had already seen it, but pretended not to since it was Michael’s first viewing. Lying beside him on the bed, he held her hand through the entire movie. Right after Michael turned to her and said “What do you want to be when you grow up”.
Susan looked at him and smiled “We’re not already”.
“No what I mean is career wise, what do you think you will be”, he explained.
“You first”, Susan said.
“Well I’m a singer, that’s all I ever have known and I love doing it, but….what I want to happen is”, he looked away.
“Go on, what would you like to do”, she replied.
“I want to make a record so great, the music is so groovy, that the whole world dances…no matter what color their skin is….something that unites us….and I’ll be known the world over”, he said smiling at her.
“So you want to be more famous”, she said surprised by his answer.
“No it’s not about me, it’s about the whole world…..I want everyone to come together…no wars….no famine….just peace”, he finished.
Susan felt a bit choked up “That sounds like a beautiful plan”.
“Now you, what does Susan want to do”, he said as he turned to her.
“Nothing as grand as that”, she whispered feeling guilty.
Michael looked in her eyes “If you want to do it, then do it whatever it is….I won’t think it’s stupid…You like to draw does it have something to do with that”, he said searching her eyes. Susan nodded. “Then tell me”.
“I want to paint pictures, maybe even work in design…..God this is stupid….it sounds like all I’m worried about is myself”. She finished.
“No way that’s a beautiful thing, I love art in any form…you know a song is art….making the words mean something and touch someone, that’s art…..And museums are full of pictures people painted so long ago, I think sometimes I bet they never thought when they painted them they would still be looked at today in awe….even designing a costume is art Susan…you got to do whatever your heart tells you to”, he said smiling at her.
“You don’t think it’s dumb”, she said. “Nothing you could ever do I would consider dumb”. He replied back at her. “Now it’s time to take you home”.
“Oh it’s so late, I don’t want to wake your mother”, she said to him.
Michael smiled “We won’t I’ll drive you home”.
Susan did not know Michael was not a good driver, but she soon found out quickly. In the short time it took to take her home he had taken out their mailbox, a curb, and her neighbor’s trash can. “I can see why you walk”, she said as she held on tight.

Chapter ten:

Susan was thrilled to start collage, she enjoyed her classes, but going also took away from her time with Michael. Unable to handle it all Michael moved their walks to week-ends only, only if he was in town. They did a lot of TV appearances and special concerts. It seemed they were drifting away from each other at times. He made sure to call her as often as he could. Never were they seen together in a public place, Michael would not have her harassed like he was. However sometimes it felt like he was embarrassed of her, although she never told him that.
“Hey you, Michael’s on the phone” her brother said as she came out of the bathroom, having just taken a shower. “Okay man here she is” he said into the phone and handed to her.
“Hi Michael”, she said as she grabbed the phone. “How are you”?
“I’m great we just got home and I have the best news”, he said with excitement.
“Really what is it”, she asked.
“I’m going to be in a movie”, he giggled.
“No way”, she said as she fell in the chair.
Telling her about the movie called ‘The Wiz’, he rambled on excitedly, Susan’s heart sank when he told her it would be filmed in New York. “New York”, she interrupted “So you are moving there”. “Only for a little bit, and I already figured it out on week-ends I’ll fly you out”, he said. “Oh okay”, she said back. “We need to go out and celebrate, let’s go dancing I know a great club”, he said. “What about your fans, won’t they find you there”, she asked. “It’s kind of private all the stars go there, so I’ll come get you in an hour”, he said deciding for them. “Okay”, she agreed and hung up to get ready.
The music in the club was loud she could hear it before they entered. Feeling under dressed compared to the other women in the club, her shyness was at an all time high. Michael introduced her to his friends and danced her around the room, trying to teach her a few new steps now and then. Being with him, holding him close, nothing seemed to matter anymore, they were here and it was the best night ever.
“Michael I have to go powder my nose”, she said as he stopped to talk to a few friends.
Kissing her nose he said “Okay I’ll wait right here”.
Hurrying across the club to the bathroom she took as few extra moments to calm herself, her heart was racing from all the dancing.
“Your Susan right”, the voice said behind her.
“Yes” she answered turning around to stare at the young girl. Michael had introduced them earlier that evening “Tatum, right”.
Smiling back at her she said, “That’s right”. “I was watching you two dancing together, kind of hard to keep up with him isn’t it”, she said smiling sweetly.
“Yeah he has some pretty good moves”, Susan smiled back.
“You know there was a time we dated, did you know that”, she said as she fixed her lipstick.
“No I didn’t know that”, Susan answered.
“Yeah, we were very close if you know what I mean…..he swore we would get married someday….I almost believed him, but like all men they get what they want out of you and then good-bye”, she said.
“Michael’s not like that”, Susan said defending him.
Tatum whirled at her and sneered in her face “Oh he is like that….look at you, you don’t fit in here in…this is our world, your trash…..he is using you and as soon as you put out he is going to dump you….what did you think, he was going to fall in love with YOU…..he can have any girl he wants, think about it…do yourself a favor and get out while you can”, she said a she stomped out the door.
Susan turned to the mirror and looked at her reflection “She’s right I don’t belong here”. Anger ripped through her ‘She’s right’. Calming herself down she went out to find him. Tatum had her arm around him smiling into his eyes as she walked up “See here she is I told you she was right behind me”, she told him as Susan walked up.
Michael looked at her “Are you okay”. “Sure she’s okay, music is just giving her a headache, isn’t that right Susan”, Tatum said. “Yeah I have a headache”, Susan answered back. “I’m sorry let’s get you home”, Michael said as he wrapped his arm around her “Night everyone”. “Bye- bye now”, Tatum said to her, smiling at Michael she said “You must come by and see us, I will not take no for an answer”. “Yes I will”, he promised as they headed out into the night air into the car.
Susan was fuming in the car and stared out the window. “We can stop somewhere and get some aspirin on the way”, he offered. “I’ll be fine, I just want to go home”, she said back. Holding her anger in check was hard to do, finally the driver stopped in front of her house and Michael sent him on his way “I want to walk home”, he told him as he shut the door. “Did you have a good time”, he asked.
Susan whirled around at him “Did I have a good time…..no it was horrible…is that how you get the girls to put out”, she sneered.
“I don’t understand”, he said to her.
“Well I do Michael …tonight I finally got it….I’m glad you are leaving, and I never want you to call me again…..It’s over”, she announced.
Michael looked at her shocked “What did I do wrong”.
“It’s not you, it’s me…I realized tonight I can never fit in your world, I don’t belong there….I was fooling myself hoping I could”, she cried out.
Michael tried to grab her but she moved away quickly “I think you fit in well”, he whispered.
“So what happens Michael…do we get married…have children…wouldn’t that be lovely, we can just all sit around waiting till daddy is not busy uniting the world and decides to come home”, she sneered.
“I would always take you with me”, he said softly.
“Great we can live in hotels….and what happens when you get tired of us and find another girl…..I won’t have family like that…I want what my brother has…I want a normal life…and you”, she said softly “can never give me that”.
“I would do my best to make you happy Susan”, he whispered back.
“That’s just it….I don’t want you to have to try…..You deserve better than me….and I will not hold you back…..Be free Michael I wish you nothing but happiness and I hope you find it”, she said.
Michael stared up at her, tears fell from his eyes Susan wanted to throw herself in his arms and beg him to forget everything she just said; ‘your trash’ she heard in her head. “You will always be my Michael and my heart will always belong to you…..please don’t make this any harder than it is…..try to understand”.
Michael turned and quickly walked away, and Susan watched him till he was out of her sight and her life forever. Falling to the ground she cried until she had no more tears left.

Chapter eleven:
Two years later

“She’s out of my life, she’s out of my life, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I don’t know whether to live or die and it cuts like a knife, she’s out of my life.
“It’s out of my hands, it’s out of my hands, to think for two years she was here, and I took her granted I was so cavalier, now the way that it stands, she’s out of my hands”.
“So I’ve learned that love’s not possession, and I’ve learned love won’t wait; now I’ve learned that love needs expression, but I learned too late”.
“She’s out of my life, she’s out of my life, damned indecision and cursed pride, kept my love for her locked deep inside, and it cuts like a knife, she’s out of my life”.

Michael’s voice hummed through the car and Susan could not reach down as turn it off. Tears burned in her eyes, two years and the pain still filled her soul. She wiped at her eyes hoping Karen missed it.
“Why don’t you just go say hi”, Karen said.
“No, I can’t do that to him”, she replied.
Karen scoffed at her “You want to tell me that song isn’t about you”.
“He didn’t write it, I checked….it is just a song”, she answered back.
“Umm….yeah he may not have wrote it but I am sure he picked it out…this is his first major album…Michael made all the calls”, she threw back.
“You read that somewhere…..he is a singer, he does what they tell him too”, Susan said determined.
“You’re wrong, why are you so stubborn…..I don’t care what you say…. it is for you”. Karen shot back.
“Just drop it” Susan begged her. “Please not today”.
Reaching her brother’s home she stopped in the drive, waving to him as he worked on the car outside. “Send them all my love, I’ll be over on Sunday for dinner”, Susan said as Karen got out.
“I love you, drive safe”, she returned as she shut the door.
Susan quickly drove away taking the long way around so she would not have to see the park. The sight of it still brought her to tears. She had moved into her own apartment last year, and just as she asked him too Michael had moved on with his life. She would see him on magazines smiling with other girls, and he looked happy. Walking into her apartment she felt her cat circle her leg “Hi Jack”, she said as she greeted him back. “Hi Michael” she said as she walked into her room filled with pictures she had drawn of him hanging around the room. She laughed as she thought of Karen, they used to call her as crazed fan, but if anyone ever saw this they would call her the same thing.
“When will I ever get over you”, she whispered to herself.

Chapter twelve

“Susan these are simply wonderful, you got a flare for this”, Lisa, her new employer told her. “By the time you finish collage you’re going to be an established designer…..I can see it now everyone will be wearing your clothes”.
Susan smiled “Thanks that’s very kind of you”. She answered meekly, silently inside she was thrilled Linda loved her designs, and if Linda said you were good, you could take it to the bank.
“You know I might throw some new clients at you, and see what you can come up with, would you be interested in that”, Linda asked.
Thrilled she answered back “Oh my God, I would be delighted”.
“Okay then let’s see”, she said as she pulled out her appointment book “I have a gown to make for an Oscar contender, some set costumes for a movie, and a wardrobe for an entertainer’s concerts”. She nodded “Yes let’s see how you can handle yourselves with them…remember they are always right…see you around three, I’ll call you up”, Linda said as she bounced away.
The day dragged by as Susan waited impatiently for the phone to ring. Ten minutes before three she was flying upstairs to the conference room. Running so she would not be late, she flew into the room; surprise hit her as to her loud entrance she found herself looking into the eyes of her obsession.
“Susan”, Linda said as she walked over to her “I would like to introduce you to Michael Jackson….Michael this is Susan Scott….I just know you will grow to love her”.
Michael extended his hand to shake hers, numbly she took it “It is a pleasure Mr. Jackson, I’m a big fan of your music”.
At her confession he raised his eyebrow “Thank you”, he said as he let go and sat down.
Susan took her place across the table busying herself with a notebook to draw in and take note, sitting next to him was a balding man, and a pretty blonde lady. The woman was dressed in an expensive suit and smiled in her direction, Susan tried to smile back, but she truly didn’t want to.
“So Mrs. Scott, Linda tells us you are going to college and working for her, must be a full schedule”, the bald man asked her.
Susan smiled at him “It’s Miss and I would like it if you just called me Susan, we’re not formal here….and it is a challenge, but I am doing well with it, luckily they have night classes, so I can get this experience as well”.
“Oh I am sorry I just saw the ring and assumed”, he said smiling back.
Susan glanced down at her hand. She had started wearing the ring to keep men from asking her out, now it seemed like a stupid thing to do. “It’s kind of protection from unwanted advances”, she added hoping he wouldn’t laugh at her.
“Well, now I guess I found out your secret….I promise not to tell”, he said flirting with her.
Michael snapped “Can we just get on with this, Tommy”.
As Michael’s new manager he had never heard him seem so angry. ‘He must be tired’, he thought. “Sure thing Mike”, glancing at Linda he said “Please continue, sorry to hold things up”.
Linda began asking Michael questions about his ideas, and Susan began to draw them out. Linda would look a few over and add suggestions. Susan was happy to have something to occupy her time, although her hands shook as she drawled. Passing them off to Michael his hand would brush hers; it was hard to remain as calm at the electric shock that was always there.
“I like this”, he would murmur. “This is too much…….It’s missing something”.
Susan found his assessment of her work infuriating ‘missing what exactly’, her mind screamed out; he was not going to make this easy at all. After deciding on five new looks Linda turned to her “I guess now all we need are his measurements”.
Susan groaned ‘Oh my God no’, her mind raced.
“Michael if you could just stand over here and remove you jacket”, Linda instructed. She turned to Susan “Ready”.
Walking over to Michael with the tape measure, she felt like she was sentenced to death “Can you hold you arms straight out”, she asked him.
Michael smiled at her and did as she asked, as her hands roamed over him taking the measurements, he enjoyed the feel of her soft touch. As she stood in front of him to take the chest and waist measurements he caught a whiff of her hair. ‘She is so close’, he groaned. All he wanted to do was grab her and pull her into his arms, instead he averted his eyes ‘Think of something else’, he said to himself.
Susan knelt down in front of him to do his legs, as she race the tape measure down the outside of his long legs, she had to almost choke the number out to Linda, who stood beside him writing them down. Groaning about the next task she tried to remain professional, lifting her hand to the top inside of his groin and pulling it down the inside of his leg, she felt his manhood grow at the touch of her fingers. A shocked sound escaped her lips and she quickly jumped up calling out the measurement.
Michael looked embarrassed at her and began to blush. “You alright”, Linda said.
“I jammed my thumb on the floor, no big deal”, she said as she hurried away. “Well I think I have all I need Linda if you want me to get ready for our next appointment, I’ll go get set up”, she offered.
“Good idea”, Linda said excusing her.
“It was a pleasure to meet you all”, she said to the room. Looking into Michael’s eyes she added “Your last album was great, you did a good job…I hope you will be happy with our work”, she said extending her hand to him.
Michael took her hand in his and stared back into her eyes “Thank you….I know they will be great…..the drawings were wonderful”.
Susan quickly took her hands from his and took her leave, running down the hall to the next room; she threw herself in and leaned on the door. ‘Now is not the time for this’ she reminded herself.

Chapter thirteen:

“It’s all part of the job”, Linda told her at her objection “We stand by our work someone has to be there in case there is a problem…..it’s his opening night, I won’t take no for an answer”.
Susan groaned working on them had been hard enough, but so far she had not had to deal with him, now Linda was telling her it was her duty to be there in case something did not fit right. “I just don’t think I’m ready for this”, she said trying to explain.
“Susan I trust you and it would mean a lot to me, I feel bad enough forgetting about it….he is an important client, when people see him they will want to know who made them….think of the PR if nothing else….this could put us over the top….I cannot be in two places at once”, she pleaded.
“Your right, I’ll do it”, she said giving in.
Making sure to dress in her best design she entered the building, showing the guard her pass another lead her backstage, pausing at the door to knock lightly on it. “Come in”, a small voice called. Walking into the room she came face to face with the person she felt the most hate for.
“Miss Scott, it is an honor”, Tatum cooed to her “I just love your work”.
Susan felt like slapping the woman in the face, drawing in a long breath she extended her hand “Miss O’Neil, it is a pleasure to meet you”, she said as Tatum smiled and shook it.
“Oh I love your dress”, she said taking it in. “Thank you”, as she answered back sweetly.
Susan was dressed in a short dress that closed in the front draping her body in a cloud of light lavender color, her hair pulled loosely on her head, with large golden hoops, and heels that brought her up another four inches. Surprised Tatum did not recognize her ‘but then again the girl only cared about herself so what if she ruined someone’s happiness’, she thought. “Is Mr. Jackson here yet”, she asked her.
“Yes he is putting on the first costume…..they are simply amazing, I must have you design a few outfits for me…..do you have a card”, she said.
Pulling out the business cards she handed one to her “You tell them I sent you….that way I am sure you are getting special treatment”, Susan purred to her.
Michael came into the room, shock flying across his face “Miss Scott, an honor…I thought Linda would be here”, he said as he shook her hand.
“I am sorry Linda had two engagements tonight, I am filling in for her, she insisted since I was more familiar with your wardrobe having worked on it”, she answered. “I hope that will not be a problem…I apologize for not making sure someone informed you….I can get someone else here if you prefer”.
“No it’s no problem….I hope you will enjoy the show”, he said as she approached him.
“I am sure I will”, she said as she checked to make sure the costume had no rips “Michael you might want to zip up that zipper”, she said and blushed as he turned to quickly do so.
“I’ll see you later”, Tatum said as he turned back around “Miss Scott I will be in touch”, she said as she went out the door.
“Can I see the other costumes, I want to make sure they made it to you well”, she asked breaking the silence in the room. Taking the direction he pointed in and found them.
Watching her look them over, he came up quietly behind her “Is this how we are going to act to each other Susan”, he asked softly.
Hearing her name whispered softly in the air left her weak “What should I say”, she asked him.
“You could start by explaining to me why we are acting like we don’t know each other”, he said as he turned her around to him. “Look at me”, he demanded.
Shrugging his arm off her she crossed the floor to add some distance. “I am trying to remain professional here…..this is my job…..I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me to be here”, she hissed.
He stared back at her hurt ‘she doesn’t even want to be here’. The door flew open as Jackie and Marlon came walking in, spotting her in the corner Marlon’s mouth flew open. Jackie smiled at her “Susan, oh my God, how have you been”, he said as he walked over and pulled her in his arms for a hug. “Look at you, just stunning”.
Marlon hugged her next “It’s been years, what are you doing here”, he asked.
Susan smiled at them ‘I’m great……Thank you….I know almost three years…..I designed Michael’s wardrobe”, she said answering their questions.
Marlon looked at Michael “Why didn’t you tell us”, he asked.
“She works for Mrs. Davis, I found out a few months ago, it didn’t seem important”, he said looking at his brother.
Marlon saw the hurt hiding behind his brother’s eyes “Oh”. He turned to Susan again “You work for Linda…Wow how exciting…I heard she is getting ready for a showing in Paris…it’s great she is doing so well”.
Susan thanked him again “I really should move these to the area right off stage”, she said as she started gathering them up. Jackie helped her out the door turning to Michael he asked “You okay”.

Chapter fourteen:

Susan watched in awe off the stage, as he performed. He seemed to feed off the crowd, girls were screaming and fainting having to be carried to another area to be taken care of. As she helped him through the costume changes, he never acknowledged her, it was hard to watch as he would strip off the pants and quickly threw on another pair, quickly she would slide the jacket on his shoulders and he would run back to the stage. She was happy as he came in for the last change it was almost over and she could just leave.
“For my last song I would like to dedicate it to that special lady in my life, I am nothing without you”, he said to the crowd. Susan groaned as ‘She’s out of my life’ began to play, she stood there stuck to her spot letting the words rush over her, hearing it coming to an end she snapped back and gathered the costumes and ran for his dressing room to pack them away. The company would have them cleaned and returned to him, it was a courtesy they did to all their clients.
Michael swept in the room and headed for the restroom, not saying one word to her. She heard a shower come on and waited for the last outfit. As he came out his hair was still dripping, a towel was wrapped around his shoulders, he had no put a shirt on, and his legs were covered by some very tight jeans. “That was a great show”, she finally got out.
“Thanks”, he said as he handed the costume to her, quickly she packed it away. “Are you in a hurry”, he asked as he watched her pack it away quickly.
“I have a date tonight”, she lied to him “I promised to meet him as soon as I was done”.
“Really”, he said “I didn’t know…sorry to hold you up…by all means go…thanks for remaining so professional tonight…..I won’t put you in this position again”, he said as he sank to the couch.
Susan felt the hurt in his words, stopping at the door she laid the box down. “I didn’t want to hurt you….I hope you know that…..one day I hope we can be friends….because I have miss you”
Michael stared at her back “Why….What did I do so bad to make you treat me that way”, he asked her softly.
Susan felt the tears burn her eyes “I had too…..I didn’t want to hold you back….you deserved more than I could ever be”, she said.
“I never asked you to be more”, he said slowly.
“Please”, she begged. “Just tell me to go”. She cried out.
“No”, he screamed as he flew across the room towards her. Reaching her he swung her around to face him “I can’t do that”, he said as his lips crashed down on hers. Michael threw every emotion he had in his soul, not caring about hers ‘She had no right to stand there and try to cry’, his mind raced. His lips punished hers demanding her to respond. Trapping her against the door he held her tightly as he assaulted her senses.
Susan cried out as his lips claimed hers, he was angry and the kiss was not one of love. Trying to push him off, she finally got loose from his lips “Please Michael not like this”, she cried out.
Almost looking at her with a sneer he said “This is what you think of me, this is what you get”, he said as he kissed her again. As his tongue demanded her lips open, she gasped; her strength left her limbs as she hung onto him defeated, and began to return the frantic kisses. Michael felt her body change and he released his grip a bit as his hands began to roam over her body. She threw her head back as his mouth sought her neck. Quickly he undid the buttons holding her dress in place as his hand found her breasts. He fondled her roughly pulling her bra aside as he sucked her nipples greedily. She moaned as the fire moved through her body, and gasped as he ripped her underwear to take them off. “No wait”, she tried to tell him as he put her on the floor. Michael tuned her out as the fire raged through him, kissing her to silence her; he lay on top of her holding her down. Susan wanted to scream but at the same time had no will power to stop him. Her mind raced and her body betrayed her. A scream ripped out of her lips as he buried himself deep within her. Michael’s body stiffened as he looked down at her stopping immediately “You’re a virgin”, he gasped out.
Susan nodded as the tears ran from her eyes, reaching up she pulled him back to her and kissed his lips. Filled with shame at his behavior he softly returned it, trying his best to make it up to her. Slowly he began to move his hips as he felt her relax a bit, trying to take his time as she moaned softly in his ear. The tightness drove him crazy and soon he was unable to control his release as he buried himself deep inside her. Collapsing on top of her, he felt her arms holding him tightly to her “I’m so sorry”, he said as he looked into her eyes brushing the hair out of her face that now fell there from its confinement. “Hold on”, he told her as he jumped up and ran to the restroom to find something to help clean her up. Running back to the room, shock hit him, as he realized she was gone.

Chapter fifteen:
One year later

Susan listened to her niece and nephew screams as they ran around the park; she laughed and smiled at her brother and his wife as they cuddled on the blanket beside her. Returning to her tablet she continued work on her drawing. Her family had been a great support through her experience with Michael, at first they demanded she press charges, but she could not do that to him, it’s not like she said no, and they respected her decision. However Karen had thrown out all her Jackson records and swore to never listen to them again. Kenny had taken it the hardest since Susan would not allow him to go after Michael and teach him a lesson, seeing her hurt and not being able to help was not something a big brother did.
This past year she had finished up her degree and had helped Linda launch a great opening in Paris, their work was in high demand, and Linda had made her a partner. She was the hottest new designer and all of Hollywood demanded her to help them in their styling needs. She had definitely arrived as they say.
“Penny for your thoughts”, her brother said snapping her back.
“I was thinking I should buy you all a new house”, she replied, “A nice big one”.
“No way”, he said smiling at her “But if you buy one, I’ll move in with you”.
“Oh that would be so great, all of us together again, under one roof…the kids would be so happy, they have missed you terribly”, Karen said as she squeezed her hand.
Susan smiled “Yeah let’s do it, let’s move up on that hill”, she said pointing to the object she had been drawing. “I’ll make some calls when I get home and we can go look at them together and decide”.
Susan was more than generous to her family; to her it was a way to make it up to them for always being there for her. It would be their home since she traveled a lot, but it was a small lie to move them into something better, they deserved the best.
Walking back to their small home Susan placed her things in her car, it was getting late and she was ready to head home. Hugging everyone good-bye she noticed her brother stiffen in her arms “What’s wrong”, she asked him as she looked up into his eyes. He never said a word, Karen gasped and the children screamed “Michael”. Susan spun around to face the man walking up the driveway toward them.
Susan kept a protective arm on her brother so he would not charge the man. Stephanie and Steven ran to meet him, he reached down and hugged them both, smiling at them. Karen moved to husband to hold his other arm as she saw the anger on his face. “Hi”, Michael called as he reached them.
“Michael I don’t think this is a good idea”, Karen said to him glancing at her husband feeling his arm tighten.
“Karen take the kids inside”, he spat out “Now” he demanded.
“Kenny please stay calm, don’t do anything stupid”, she whispered to him, grasping their hands she lead the children inside against their protests.
Susan stared at them and the tension filled the air. “I need to talk to Susan alone”, Michael said to him. “I don’t think that is a smart idea”, Kenny shot back. Glancing at Susan for help, he was surprised she would not say anything instead she stood next to her brother holding his arm. The anger was just, he knew that, what did he expect, open arms. “Please Susan, I need to explain”, he begged her.
Kenny took a threatening step to him, and Michael took two smart steps back to keep his distance, he knew Kenny wanted to hit him, and truly he knew he did deserve it, but he also remembered how much it hurt. “Go away now Michael” he spat out “I will only warn you one time”.
“Thanks for that”, Michael said to him “But I think not….. I will not leave until I tell her what I need to say”, Michael said as he took a brave step forward.
“I thought you were smarter than Jackson”, Kenny said.
Michael smirked “Guess not”.
Susan pulled her brother back and jumped between them quickly. “Please Kenny”, she begged him “Not here, not like this”. Michael felt his stomach twist as he remember her saying that to him ‘Please Michael not like this’, he took a few extra steps back to place some distance between them, he didn’t come here for this, he just wanted to make things right.
“You bastard”, Kenny said “How can you show your face here, after what you did to her……you think I am going to let you hurt her again…I told you….you should have went to the police and threw his ass in jail”.
Michael looked at her shocked, she had told them everything. ‘No wonder Kenny wanted to kill him’, “Kenny you have every right to hit me, let him go Susan”, he told her.
“No”, she gasped. Turning quickly to Michael “He is going to kill you”.
“I deserve that”, he said
“No”, she said shaking her head. “Why not”, Kenny spit out. “Because I love him”, she cried out.
Hearing the pain in his sister’s voice cleared his head, “You can’t mean that Susan….he treated you like trash…even if you walked out of that room that night…he should have come to find you….If he loved you he would have done so”. Glaring back at Michael he spat out “What kind of man does that”.
“That’s not what I meant to happen”, he said softly. “I’m so sorry for what I did to her”.
“Oh yeah”, Kenny said sarcastically “Yeah all the phone calls and notes you sent her made up for it didn’t it…Oh wait…you didn’t do any of those things…now did you…in fact”, he spat out “You waited a whole year to show your face again”.
“I knew she would be mad”, he replied.
“Gee she would not have a reason to be mad would she”, he continued to rant “What did that bitch tell you Susan, he gets what he wants them he leaves……you got it already so leave”.
“What woman”, Michael asked.
“Tatum”, Susan said to him.
Michael felt like Kenny had already hit him, ‘of course, she started this after the club that night; she was fine up until then’. “What did she say to you”, Michael asked her.
“It doesn’t matter it was in the past and it’s been too long to worry about or mention it”, she said.
“Trash, she told her she was trash and wasn’t good enough for you”, Kenny supplied as Susan groaned “My sister thought she was doing you a favor, since she was so beneath you”, he growled out. “I wish she never meet you”.
“Susan you believed that, you thought of yourself like that”, Michal asked her. Not receiving an answer he continued “I never saw you like that….I thought you were amazing…..I hated to be away from you....I loved you then…and I love you even more today”.
“I wasn’t the person you needed…..you deserve someone famous like you….someone everyone would be happy to see on your arm….someone you could take out in public”, she said as the tears fell down her face.
“I deserved you…I needed you….I didn’t take you out because I wanted to spend time with you alone…..Susan I was happy just being with you”.
Staring at them both in shock Kenny was at a loss for words, he gathered his sister in his arms and whispered in her ear, she nodded and he whispered something else, Michael strained to hear it but could not make out the words, He stared as Kenny wiped her eyes and walked to the house.
Wiping her eyes again she strolled to her car “Get in the car Michael”, she said as she got in the driver’s seat.

Chapter sixteen:

They drove through town in silence, Michael dared not say a word, and she went over his words in her mind. Breaking the silence as his song played in car she asked “Why did you record this song”.
Michael listened to the music and heard ‘She’s out of my life’, “For you”, he whispered.
“Did you know I heard it?” She said.
“Yes”, he answered honestly.
“And you came to Linda to design because you knew I was working for her”, she sighed.
“Yes, I insisted she put you on the project, and yes I told her I wanted you there that night….so she sent you”, he whispered.
It all made sense now, “And Karen told you were I would be today, didn’t she”, she sighed as he answered the question she already had figured out. “So she has told you what I have been up to”.
“Most of it…I didn’t know about the club that night”, he said as he sighed. “Don’t be mad at her, she did it out of her love for you”.
“And her love for you as well”, she said back to him. “So after that night she just forgave you and everything was just great….She didn’t throw away the albums, did she”, she said smiling.
“I am keeping them safe for her”, he smiled back “And no she didn’t just forgive me, she hits almost as hard as your brother”.
“She hit you”, Susan giggled.
“Yeah right in the cheek…..but after I got her calmed down she listened and vowed to help me make things right between us…..I don’t expect what we used to have, but I value your friendship…..I was wrong to force you that night and I can never make that up to you or take it back…but please let me try”. He finished begging her.
Pulling the car in the garage she stopped it and looked at him “Get out”, she said to him. “Here”, he replied. Smiling at him she said “Yes this is where I live, you don’t know that”.
“That’s one thing she would never tell me, no matter how many times I asked”, he said smiling back at her.
“Well there’s one point for her”, she said. Taking his hand she pulled him to the elevator and to his happiness never released it till they were inside her apartment. A cat circled her legs as she walked in “Hi Jack”, she said down to him and reached down to pick him up. “Jack, who names a cat Jack”, he asked smiling at her. “This is Jackson I call him Jack for short”.
“Wow you almost sound like a fan”, he said to her.
She smiled and put the cat down “Come here”, she said as she pulled him to her room. “You are probably going to call the cops when you see how crazed I truly am”. Michael followed her confused into her room and stared in amazement at her walls. His face covered them done in paints and charcoals; walking around to study them he saw every detail, every stroke done with perfection, every picture dripped of her love for him, tears came to his eyes as he knew she had never stopped thinking of him. They filled her walls covering them from the floor to the ceiling, ‘there has to be hundreds’, he thought.
“Well do you like them, or do you want to run away”, she asked searching his eyes.
Michael crossed the room to her “I’m not going anywhere…..why didn’t you draw these designs that day in the office”, he asked her.
“Is there one you like in particular”?
“Yeah”, he said as he walked back over to one and pointed. Susan followed him and looked “Oh you like the gold too”, she said as she stared at the skin tight golden suit staring back at her. “One of my personal favorites as well”, she agreed
“Is this what you do at night, draw pictures of me”, he asked. “Yes”, she replied somewhat embarrassed to admit it. “I do that to…I mean of you….just so I can see your face”.
He put his hand on her face and caressed it. She smiled as she placed her arms around his neck and pulled him close. Holding her lips up for him to claim, slowly as her stared in her eyes he lowered his lips to hers. A sigh escaped from her lips as he sent the electricity down her body. Pulling himself back he asked “What did Kenny say to you in the driveway”.
She smiled again as him “He said show him the pictures, and get him out of here before I change my mind”. She sighed “So here we are”.
“Thank you”, he whispered. “Would you like to go for a walk”?
“A walk”, she said smiling at him “Mr. Jackson a walk is the furthest thing in my mind right now”.
Michael smiled down at her “And what do you have in mind”. He said as she whispered in his ear, he smiled “Are you sure”. At her nod he pulled her close kissing her and her words echoed in his head.

“Make love to me”, she had asked. And tenderly and gently he did just that.

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Chapter one:

Susan watched her niece and nephew run crazily around the park, they had not been out of the house in over a week and were making up for it today, she was certain they would have no problem sleeping tonight. Susan’s brother and his wife had just started their new jobs and were still getting used to the hours. She was excited be here with them in California, it was certainly much different than their home in Oklahoma. After her brother finished his service in the army, he moved them here for a start fresh. Susan would start collage here next week, she was thrilled to be accepted and looked forward to her future. Life was filled with possibilities and California was a piece to that puzzle.
“Aunt Susan”, she heard her niece Stephanie call, “Come push me”, she demanded as she jumped on a swing.
“Okay”, she replied as she stood up from the bench.
“No, she is going to push me first”, her nephew Steven told his sister.
Susan smiled one was never to be outdone by the other, “I can push you both”.
She loved them so much, her heart swelled at the sight of them, the thought of ever leaving them when she had to find her own place made her sad. Their mother Karen was Susan’s best friend having met her when her brother Kenny started to date her, it was Susan who was there beside her as she brought these beautiful children into the world, as her brother had to miss both deliveries.
“We are going to have to leave soon, the sun is setting, your momma might get worried”, she told them as she started to push them, going from one to the other.
“No she won’t”, Stephanie said “She knows you will take good care of us”. Stephanie was five but already was quite smart, as well as bossy because she was the oldest by a year and thought she knew everything.
“Higher”, Steven called to her.
“No, I won’t have you falling out and hurting yourself”, she said to him.
“Will not”, he shouted back.
“Will too”, she countered. Steven was adventurous, like all boys Susan supposed. It was hard to look in those blue eyes and tell him no to anything.
After playing for a bit Susan suggested, “There is some ice cream over there, you all want to grab some on the way out”, the lights in the park had started to come on and Susan never liked to be out after dark
“Ice cream”, they screamed in unison. Susan quickly stopped their swings and helped them out. Immediately they took off toward the vendor, Susan had a hard time keeping up with them, by the time they reached their destination she was out of breath.
“Okay”, she panted, “What favor do you want?” “Chocolate”, they screamed. Susan laughed turning toward the vendor she smiled “Three please”. Passing them to the children she turned to pay for them when Steven screamed and started to cry “OH NO”. Susan turned back and saw he had dropped his on the ground, she quickly kneeled down and held him “Shhhh its okay we can get another one”.
“Is he okay”, she heard the soft voice ask.
“He’s fine, just dropped his ice cream”, Susan said as she looked up at the intruder. The sun setting behind him made it hard to make out his features.
Kneeling down beside them he said “I’ll get you another one, what favor”, he asked her nephew.
“It’s okay I’ll get it for him”, Susan said leery of meeting new people.
The smile that touched his lip, stirred butterflies in her stomach “Really you looked like you could use some help, I don’t mind”, he said looking into her eyes.
“Chocolate”, Stephanie announced.
“Thank you”, he said as he rose to his feet. He walked back to the vendor and retrieved another for Steven. “Here you go”, he said as he handed it to him.
“What do we say”, Susan reminded her nephew. “Thank you sir”, he replied as he smiled at him.
“Michael my name is Michael, what’s yours”, he smiled back.
“Thank you Michael, my name is Steven”, he extended his hand to offer a shake.
Michael giggled “Well I am pleased to meet you as well”.
“I’m Stephanie”, she shouted as she reached her hand out. Michael took it in his and shook it as well “Charmed as well”, he replied and Stephanie giggled.
Looking at Susan rising to her feet he asked “And you are”?
Blushing she reached her hand out as well “I’m Susan”. His hand caught hers and electricity shot down her arm. “My pleasure”, he answered as a blush crept across his face as well. “We really need to go”, she said to him. “Allow me to walk you to your car”, he offered. “We walked”, she replied “The house is just over there a bit”, she pointed.
Michael smiled “Then please allow me to walk you there”, he asked.
Susan smiled back “I guess that would be okay”.
The children talked nonstop all the way there, which Susan appreciated, she felt funny licking the ice cream every time he turned in her direction to ask her something. Passing a trash can she threw it in.
“Do you all come her everyday”, he asked her
“We just moved here, today was our first outing”, she replied
“Lucky me”, he answered back.
Reaching their home the children ran inside, Susan turned to Michael “Thank you for the escort home”, he smiled again “No problem, maybe I’ll see you there again soon”. Smiling back she replied “Maybe”.
Michael turned and started down the walkway, reaching the end he turned and waved to her, Susan waved back and watched till he was out of sight. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned and walked in the house.

Chapter two:

Kay sat on a blanket drawing a picture of the tree in front of her, as an art major she loved to draw things. Secretly she hoped Michael would come back and was relieved when Karen had taken the children out for a movie in town today. It was good they all needed family time, sometimes she felt like a burden to them, although her brother insisted she wasn’t.
Carefully she added her shadows so she would not forget where they were at this moment; the sun going down behind it was breathtaking. She found beauty in the smallest of things, and tried to capture how she felt in her work.
“Hi”, she heard as she lost herself in her work, she smiled not having to turn around to know who was standing behind her. “Hello Michael”, she answered back.
Michael sat down on the blanket beside her, moving close to see her drawing. Susan caught a small whiff of his cologne and smiled knowing he had taken time to put it on today. “Wow that’s very good”, he remarked.
“Thank you”, she replied as she started to close her tablet.
“You don’t have to stop because I’m here”. He said to her.
“It would be rude not too”, she answered back.
Michael smiled happy with her answer. “Where are your children today”, he asked looking around.
Susan looked at him questionably “My children…oh, Steven and Stephanie are my niece and nephew….I’m not married…I mean….I live with my brother and his family right now”, she stammered out.
Michael smiled at her happy with this new information “Good…that is, they are great kids…I just thought”.
Susan smiled back at him and blushed “I would see how it would seem that way….They look like their father who is my brother…and I guess since we look alike I could say they look like me too”.
Michael blushed “They are very pretty eyes you all share”.
Susan looked down to her lap, “Thank you”.
Clearing his throat he said “Want to go for a walk”?
“It’s getting dark” she answered back.
“I promise to protect you, scouts honor” he said as he held up his hand.
Susan smiled “What about my things, we could take them to the house first I suppose”.
“Milady, I will carry them for you”, he answered gallantly as he stood and offered her a hand.
Susan giggled as he pulled her to her feet “Thank you kind sir”.
Michael quickly folded her blanket and threw it over his shoulder; placing her tablet under his arm he offered her his hand, “Shall we”.
Susan took his hand and began to walk through the park with him. The glow from the park lights lit their way and for the first time in her life Susan was not afraid of the dark.
They followed the path deep into the park, Susan had no idea it was so big, coming out on the other side she spotted some huge houses with gates guarding them.
“How beautiful”, she said.
Michael glanced at her “What is”, he asked.
“The houses over there, what is this area called”, she asked him.
“Encino”, he replied, “Would you like to live in a house like that someday”?
“No”, she answered quickly.
“Why not”, he asked.
“People in there forget to enjoy the beautiful things in life, they forget to help others out, I never want to forget anyone or miss a thing”, she answered him.
Michael smiled to himself “I think we can’t truly say that, we don’t know them personally, one should always put themselves in the shoes of their fellow man…It’s not nice to judge someone based on where they live”.
Susan frowned in the dark thinking of herself, “Your right that was a stupid thing to say, I would not like someone to stand back and judge me…how old are you anyway”. She asked changing the subject.
“Nineteen and you” he asked back.
“Eighteen”, she answered.
Michael smiled at this new information. “Do you have any boyfriends?”
“Not yet”, she smiled at him.
“That’s good I didn’t want someone coming to beat me up or something”, he chuckled.
Susan laughed “Your safe…What about you, any girlfriends out there lurking”?
“Your safe”, he countered. “I think it’s time to go back”.
Susan felt instant disappointment, but followed along as he turned around and steered them towards her home. The closer they walked to her house the more her stomach twisted. As he took her to her door, she turned to him “Thank you for the walk”.
“Your most welcome, thank you for the company”, he said smiling at her.
‘God he had to know how powerful that smile was’, she thought to herself “Would you like to come in”, she asked hopefully.
“Maybe next time…but I would like to ask you if it’s okay if I give you a hug good night”, he said searching her eyes.
‘Hug, kiss, whatever you want’, she thought her mind racing with excitement. “I would like that”, she said instead.
He pulled her tight to his body, Susan sighed, he was perfect absolute perfection, and releasing her he waved as he started on his way again. She waved back and watched him again till he was out of sight “Just perfect”; she sighed as she went into the house again.

Chapter three:

“You know Kenny is only going because I asked him too; we could go and leave him here to watch the kids” Karen said to her.
“You know I don’t like the Jackson 5, I prefer the Osmond’s”, Susan sighed back to her sister-in-law.
Karen snorted “Are you crazy, the Jackson’s are twenty times hotter than them, their music has got it going on”, she said as she turned on the record player. Dancing Machine fills the air “Just listen”, she said as she danced around the room.
Susan smiled at Karen, although not a crazed fan like her sister-in-law she had to admit it was groovy. “I’m still not going, you and Kenny need a night out together, maybe next time”, she said hoping to satisfy her.
“Next time”, she wailed “They don’t have concerts everyday”.
“I’m sure there will be a next time”, she countered.
Karen switched to the song ‘One day in your life’ and began to sway around the room
Susan smiled as her thoughts went to her Michael, wondering if he would be in the park waiting for her, and would he be sad when she wasn’t. She laughed as her brother came in the room and took Karen in his arms, dancing with her slowly. She sighed wishing she had someone who loved her as much as Kenny loved Karen, they had a perfect life, and they were the perfect couple. ‘Maybe one day’, she hoped to herself. Quietly she walked out of the room to give them time to themselves as the song stuck in her head and she found herself humming it as she washed the dishes.
It took two stories but finally the kids agreed to go to sleep, now she wished they would have stayed up, she felt lonely. Taking out her tablet she began to draw, before long Michael’s face stared back at her from the page, smiling that beautiful smile. It was well after midnight before her brother and his wife made it back.
Smiling at their arrival Susan quickly cleaned up her mess. “Oh my God”, Karen said as she floated in the room “That was like the best concert ever”.
“It was okay, but I was glad when it was over I swore she was going to jump up on that stage and rip Michael’s clothes off”, Kenny laughed.
Susan piped up “Damn security”. Susan laughed at their exchange.
“Thanks for the night out”, her brother said as he kissed the top of her head.
“You’re welcome, and before you ask the kids were great”, she said.
“Come on you crazed fan, let’s see if you can come down from the clouds and get some sleep, before we both have to drag through the day tomorrow. He said as he grabbed his wife’s hand and put her to their room. “Night sis” he called. “Night”, Karen echoed as she allowed herself to be drug away.
“Good night” she returned as she made the couch up to sleep on. Sleep was not easy her thoughts slipped to Michael as she tossed. “Please don’t be mad”, she whispered into the room.
Michael ran to the park “Please don’t be mad”; he whispered in the dark, “Please be there”. Disappointment filled him as he reached the spot; he knew she was afraid of the dark why did he think she would be waiting on him. Heading towards her house he flew down the road “How could I not tell her, I was busy tonight”, he said to himself. Stopping short in front of her house he noticed the lights were off, it was well after midnight, he turned for home and slowly walked away.

Chapter four:

“So when were you going to tell us”, Karen asked her.
“It’s not like we are going out, we just take walks together”, Susan replied.
“Still I would feel better if you bring him in to met us, if he can walk you here then he can walk in as well….a gentleman would do so”, Kenny said to her.
“Well if he shows up and he isn’t mad at me I will….probably won’t though”, she sighed.
Pulling out her tablet she hurried to the park. Praying all the way he would show up. Coming across the lawn she saw Michael sitting on the bench, her heart beat wildly in her chest as she approached him. Staring off in the distance he never heard her walk up “I am so sorry”, she gushed.
Michael looked up surprised to see her, his heart leaped to his throat; he swallowed the lump forming there “You’re sorry, I should be saying I’m sorry”. “Something came up” they both said in unison.
Susan laughed “Oh my God you too”.
Michael patted the seat beside him and watched as she sat down, “I had a family thing I had to take care of; I forgot to tell you, until it was time to be there, I felt so bad all night….I just knew you would be mad at me”.
Susan looked at him “It’s no big deal it’s not like was set a time or it was a date or anything”, she said as she blushed.
Michael looked down at her “I kind of thought it was an understanding, I would be honored to meet you here every day”, feeling his cheeks flush he looked away before she could see “So what did you do last night”, he asked changing the subject.
“I had to babysit, so my brother could take his wife to see the Jackson five, they played here last night”, she said to him.
“Really, do you like them as well”, he said fishing for more information.
“Me, their okay I guess, I like the Osmond’s more…..My sister-in-law is crazy about them” Susan laughed “My brother said he had to work hard to keep her from going after Michael onstage”.
Michael threw back his head and laughed “Wow she must really like him”.
Susan giggled “Yeah she is like their biggest fan, has all the albums she plays them all the time and dances around”.
“Well I am not surprised every girl I met always says they are fans of them”, he said. “Michael has quite a lot of girls chasing him, lucky guy”.
“Why is he lucky, cause he’s famous….big deal….I like my Michael better, I would rather sit here in this park with you than chase after him”, she said boldly.
Michael smiled at her “Your Michael”, he said to her. Susan blushed “I mean”, she started. “I know what you mean…..and I like it”, he said as he wrapped her in his arms for a hug.
They sat on the bench as the sun set, Michael protectively keeping his arm around her neck as she snuggled into his side ‘My Michael’ she thought to herself . ‘Her Michael’, he thought as well, smiling to himself.
Walking her across the park to her home Michael was taken back when she said “By the way you have to come in this time and meet my family”. Thinking of her sister in law “Maybe tonight is not a good idea”, he answered.
“Why not”, she asked turning to him as they neared the walkway.
Michael didn’t know what to say “I just have a hard time meeting new people”, he forced out.
“So do I, but the kids adored you, so will everyone else”, she said smiling at him. Seeing the worry come to his eyes she asked “What’s wrong”.
Michael looked for an excuse “It’s really late, and I don’t want to bother them, besides kids are much easier to deal with than adults”.
“But they told me you have to met them, and their off tomorrow, the lights are on so I know their up, they are great people, you’re going to love them”, she pleaded.
Michael stared down at her not knowing what to do “Tomorrow, we can do this tomorrow”, he began “I promise, after we met, I’ll walk you home early and introduce myself, there is something I need to tell you first”, he explained.
“You can tell me now”, she asked hopefully.
Michael smiled down into her eyes “Just give me one day, to get ready okay”.
“They won’t bite”, she said taking his hesitation as fear “I promise”.
Michael surprised them both by pulling her chin to his face and slowly lowering his lips to her, gently he placed a small kiss on her lips, wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him tight to her, taking her sigh as permission Michael’s lips caught hers again in a lingering kiss. “Tomorrow”, he whispered to her. “Tomorrow”, she whispered back.
Floating to the house she never realized how quickly Michael made his way out of there that night. Tomorrow she explained to her family.

Chapter five:

“Oh My God, it’s already out”, Karen screamed snapping Susan’s attention. She had agreed to come to town with her, but after three hours of running around she had reached her limit. Susan hated to shop and she hated walking down the crowded street, she worried about the children they were dragging behind.
Susan looked at Stephanie making a face, at her giggle she answered “What’s out”.
“Only a new Jackson album”, she said back.
“I want to see Mommy”, Stephanie demanded. Placing the album in her small hands Stephanie turned to her Aunt “Look its Michael”, she said pointing to a picture.
Susan quickly looked “That’s great baby…Karen don’t you think it’s time to head for home”.
“Did you know he was a singer Aunt Susan”, Stephanie said to her.
Susan looked at her confused “Who’s a singer”, she asked.
“Michael”, she replied looking annoyed “Michael Jackson, he is right here on the album”, she repeated pointing to it again.
“I said that’s nice”, Susan repeated as they headed for the counter. Karen took the album from her daughter to pay for it, “You convert her already”. Susan asked her.
“I didn’t know she knew his name, she just likes to hear him sing” Susan said as she shrugged.
As they were coming out Stephanie continued “I know him because I met him in the park with Aunt Susan, he bought Steven an ice cream when he dropped his on the ground…he was very nice and walked us home”.
Stopping in the middle of the doorway Susan stared shocked at her niece. Karen spun around at her daughter’s words, searching Susan’s eyes. “Let me see that album again”, she demanded. Karen handed her the sack it was placed in, pulling it slowly out she stared at Michael’s face smiling back at her, “Oh my God, it’s true”. She said feeling ill. “How did you know his last name”, she asked.
Delighted to be the center of attention she continued “I asked him as we walked home, and he told me”.
“He told us”, Steven piped up.
“Well I asked him”, she returned.
“So…So” they said as they started to argue back and forth.
Karen allowed them to continue “He told you who he was and you didn’t tell me…you know I am a fan Susan”. She scoffed glaring at her sister-in-law.
“I didn’t hear him say that”, Susan answered softly.
“How could you not hear him”, she asked placing her hands on her hips.
Susan’s mind raced trying to remember unable to come up with an answer she interrupted the fight. “When did he tell you”, she questioned them.
“Um…when you were at the trash can throwing away you ice cream….which Michael said was wasteful, by the way”, Stephanie replied.
“Oh my God”, Karen said hugging her “My sister is dating Michael Jackson…..Oh no…..he’s coming to met us tonight…we got to get home”.
Their drive home was filled with excitement by Karen who could not seem to shut up, and Susan felt like she had lost her best friend ‘did he not trust her, is that why he never told her’, she groaned ‘he was coming over tonight’.

Kenny looked at her shocked as he heard the news, which Karen was more than happy to inform him of, recovering he sent her inside promising to unload the car. “You really didn’t know”, he asked searching her eyes.
Tears sprang to her eyes “No”, she said as they fell from her eyes.
Kenny hugged her to him “It’s okay, you didn’t know, big deal, it’s no big deal….you didn’t sleep with him did you”, he asked.
Shoving him away she screamed “No”. Sitting on the curb she placed her head in her hands and cried “I must seem so stupid to him”.
Kenny sat down next to her pulling her back into his arms as she sobbed. “Susan I don’t know why he did it, but I am sure there is a reason why….he seems nice enough….you know how all those girls chase after him”. Susan nodded “Maybe he was happy to meet someone who didn’t like him because he was a star…maybe he was happy you didn’t know him…I don’t know maybe he wanted a friend”.
“I don’t want to be his friend and I never want to see him again, ever”, she said.

Chapter six:

Slipping out to the park to find Michael, Kenny’s footsteps were determined ‘How dare this man hurt his baby sister, star or no star he was going to never treat his sister this way’, he grumbled as he sought out the star across the park, marching up to him as he found his target.
Michael watched the man storm across the grass heading right for him, he looked angry. “You Michael”, he demanded from him. “Yes”, he answered looking up into his face. Recognizing him immediately from those eyes, he jumped up “Where’s Susan”, he asked boldly.
“Not coming”, he threw back. “And I am here to make sure you know why….Let me tell you something Michael Jackson”, he spit out. Michael groaned knowing that Susan had found out. “Maybe you like playing games with people…..maybe you like hurting young girls…but no one and I mean NO ONE hurts my sister”, he screamed.
“I wasn’t playing a game with her”, Michael tried to explain. Quickly his fist shot out and made contact with Michael’s cheek. Michael stumbled back stunned, his hand flying up to cover his cheek “I deserved that”, he said softly.
“Damn right you did” Kenny shot back
“I swear I was going to tell her tonight, before we came to your house”, he said.
“Why wait till then”, Kenny said then realizing he said “Oh never mind I know…because you knew we would recognize you” Michael nodded. “Well you’re a day late…she found out going to town today, where your picture told on you…..Why did you do it…Why did you not just tell her”, he glared at him.
Michael felt the tears coming to his eyes blinking them back not to cry in front of this man standing before him he replied “Because I needed to know she liked me because I was me….you have no idea how many people like you for what you are and who you know…instead of what’s in your heart or taking the time to find out what you are truly about”, he finished as he fell back on the bench and placed his head in his hands, hiding the tears he tried so desperately to hold in.
Kenny flopped down beside him patting him on the back “Your right, I’m sorry….I let my temper get control of me instead of thinking this through.
“It’s okay”, Michael mumbled back “I have sister’s too…..I am very protective of them as well”.
“Are we cool man”, Kenny asked extending his hand. “We’re cool”, Michael said as he took it. “Come on, I’ll straighten this all out for you”, he said as he stood holding his hand out to pull Michael up. Michael’s face caught the light “Jesus”; Kenny said “I didn’t know I hit you that hard”. “Is it bad”, Michael asked him. “Yeah, let’s get you some ice as well”.
As they walked across the park to his home, Kenny felt bad. Michael’s image onstage was defiantly different than the shy boy he had walking next to him. He found himself asking a lot of questions that Michael meekly answered for him. He was surprised Michael answered them so honestly, the boy really was not trying to hurt Susan, of that he was sure of. Another thing he was sure of was Michael Jackson defiantly needed a friend.

Chapter seven:

Slipping them in the back door to the kitchen, Kenny worked on an ice pack for Michael’s face. He groaned as he saw it in the light ‘damn temper’ he said to himself as he tried not to worry the boy.
“What are you doing”, Karen said as she heard the noise from the kitchen.
“Making a drink”, he replied.
Karen strolled in the kitchen stopping short when she saw Michael sitting in her chair ‘Oh my god’ her head scream. She wanted to jump up and down and run down the block in her excitement but her thoughts for her sister-in-law stopped her short. Seeing his face she whispered angrily to her husband “What the hell did you do to him”.
“I hit him”, he shrugged. “You hit him, you hit Michael Jackson, are you crazy. Strolling over she whispered to Michael “Are you okay…do you need a doctor”.
Michael was assuring her he was fine as Susan came into the room, “Why are you two being so quit…you better not be..”, she stopped short as her eyes fell on Michael. Karen moved quickly by her husband staring at her. Michael put down the ice pack to try to smile at her, the pain made him flinch. “Oh my God Michael what did he do to you”, she cried as she ran across the room to him.
“Told you to butt out”, Karen said to her husband smartly. “Didn’t I say she could not stay mad and she needed to calm down a bit”?
Kenny moaned ‘What she had said was Kenny you need to go over there and kick his ass’. Women were a strange lot “Yes dear, I was in the wrong here, I should have listened to you”, he added.
Susan fussed over him apologizing again and again. Kenny pulled on his wife’s hand “Let’s let them talk alone”. “But”, she started then looking at her husband’s face she followed him out.
“So I like your family”, Michael began.
Susan threw back her head and laughed “I can see that…my brother made quite the impression on you…here is some…and there…and over here”.
“No really”, he said again “After he hit me, we had a nice talk on the way over”.
“I’m sorry”, she said again “When I found out who you were, I was angry you didn’t tell me…then I thought about our walk to the houses and what you said when I judged them…I knew then you just wanted to make sure I like you because you were my Michael”.
“Exactly”, he said “I knew I wanted to get to know you better…I wish we had more time”.
Susan smiled at him “I have a lot of time on my hands”.
“How about a walk then”, he said to her. “A walk would be lovely”, she replied.
Strolling through the park again he brought her back to the houses “See that one there”, he said as he pointed to one. Susan nodded “That’s where I live…maybe someday you can come meet my family”. “I would love to”, she replied. Michael chuckled “Just don’t mention you’re an Osmond fan, my father would throw a fit”. Smiling back in his eyes she crossed her heart.
Walking her back to her house he paused outside to kiss her gently and bid her a good night as he walked away.
Michael’s cheek was throbbing, but for some reason it didn’t matter, all that mattered was Susan liked him and she was not mad at him for not telling her the truth up front

Chapter seven:

The knock sounded at the door and Kenny went to open it, looking at their visitors in shock he stood back and allowed them in. Karen walked into the room from the kitchen and screamed, and Susan followed close behind her. “Oh my Lord”, Karen announced “It’s the Jackson five”.
Susan stared in shock as she glanced at the men who in small ways resembled Michael. Karen had announced them as the Jackson 5 but in truth there were only three and two of them looked pissed. “Hello”, she said as she walked toward them.
“You must be Susan”, the man said as he shook her hand. “Michael described you so well I feel I already know you”. Susan smiled at his comment and blushed. “My name is Marlon, and this guy on my left is Jackie, and to the right is Tito”. Susan smiled at them and shook their hands.
“Would you please have a seat”, she asked pointing to the couch. “Something to drink perhaps”, she added.
Marlon smiled “That would be lovely”. Susan turned to Karen, “You want to help me in the kitchen.
“Not really”, she threw back. “I will”, her brother offered.
Hurrying around to make them all an iced tea Susan flew “So I told him, and he bought one then, Aunt Susan did not even know who he was, but I did”, Susan heard Stephanie’s voice echo through the house, and coming into the living room she found her sitting on Tito’s lap, as always demanding attention.
“Well you’re a very smart little girl”, Tito said to her.
“I know”, she shot back delighted when their company laughed.
Susan was amazed how they all had such soft voices, each one thanking her as she passed the drinks to them ‘Just look at their smiles’ she thought to herself. Karen was so quiet Susan had to look at her to see if she was okay. She found her sister-in-law staring with a dreamy look on her face ‘Wow, something could make Karen be quit, it was a miracle’, she thought. “So I guess I need to ask why you are here”.
“Well we were in the neighborhood”, Marlon started to say “We are here to find the man who hit our brother”, Tito said sternly. Susan and Karen both gasped.
Stephanie piped up “My daddy hit Michael last night….cause he made Aunt Susan cry”; she said pointing her finger at them.
‘Traitor’, Susan thought. “It was just a misunderstanding”, Susan started “My brother would never hurt anyone”, walking over to stand in front of him.
Jackie laughed “We know Michael said that…..he told us all about it….after our mother calmed down a bit”. He finished.
Breathing a sigh of relief she asked “So you’re here because”.
“Oh Michael said we had quite the fan here and he would love it if we would stop by and sign the album she just bought”, Marlon explained looking to Karen.
“My album, you came to just sign my album”, Karen shrieked, hopping up to run and fetch it.
Susan was stunned “That’s why you’re here?”
Jackie laughed “Well we have to admit we were curious as well….he has talked so much about you….we used it as an excuse to come meet you”
She blushed “He talks about me a lot”.
“Even in his sleep”, Marlon said smiling at her.
Karen flew back into the room handing Jackie the album with a marker “I’m sure Michael will sign this later, as well as Randy”, he said as he wrote his name and passed it along. Collecting it after they signed Karen hugged it to her.
Kenny who had been very quiet suddenly asked “how is his cheek?’
“Swollen and bruised”, Tito said laughing. “I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do that to him…boy is quick though”.
Marlon laughed as well “We got to find out his secret, how does one land that hard of a blow to someone that moves like him”.
Kenny laughed back “I guess he got distracted”.
They all shared a laugh about this.
“So besides that he is okay then, did he see a doctor?” Karen asked.
“He’s fine”, Jackie reassured them. “But Susan I do have a bit of bad news, mother is worried so much about him, she has begged him to stay home to heal….he wanted you to know there was going to not be a walk tonight, maybe a few nights”.
Susan frowned disappointed “Yes that will be fine, just tell him I will be here when he’s better”, blushing a bit she added “Please tell him I will miss him”.
“Well how about you give us your phone number and then, he can call you”, Marlon suggested.
Jackie chuckled “I can’t believe the boy didn’t get it already, that’s like the first thing you do is get the girl’s number”.
“He’s shy”, Tito said defending him.
“That only works with the girls, shy my ass”, Jackie countered. “We can’t get that boy to ever shut up”. He explained.
After talking to them for hours, they took their leave from the house, the brother’s hugged Susan and took her number for their brother, Karen got a hug as well as a kiss from them all, the children gave out lots of hugs for the road, and they even hugged Kenny to his dismay. ‘What a sweet bunch of guys’, Susan thought.
Closing the door after watching them drive away, Karen began jumping up and down and screaming, they all looked at her like she lost her mind.
“I don’t care”, she said. “Do you know how long I had to hold that in?” She danced around the room “I just met the Jackson 5…..Oh my god, they were here in my house….this is the best day ever”
Susan looked at her brother and he shrugged at her “At least they left with their clothes on”, he chuckled.

Chapter eight:

The phone rang that night when Susan would have went to the park to meet him, running to the phone she answered it breathless. “Hello”, she breathed out heavily.
“Is this a bad time”, that soft voice asks.
“No I ran for the phone I knew it had to be you”, she said smiling to Karen beside her. Nodding to her that it was him Karen smiling and mouthed ‘Tell him I said hi’.
Susan nodded to her again and motioned her away “Karen says hi”, she told him.
“Oh well tell her hello from me…did she enjoy meeting my brothers today”, he asked.
“I think she screamed for an hour after they left”, Susan told him laughing “I have never seen her so quiet before in my life…..I wish you could have been here”.
“Me too”, Michael told her “I am afraid my mother was a little upset about what happened, until this swelling goes down I don’t want anyone to see me”.
“I could come see you, if you want”, Susan offered.
“No it’s really dark outside, we should just wait”, he replied.
Susan sighed “I’m not scared, and I want to see you…..please”.
Laughing he said “Hold on”. She could hear him talking to a few people but could not make out what they were saying “Are you really sure you want to do this”, he asked her.
“Of course, is it not okay”, she asked.
“Just a second”, he said to her ‘please it would mean so much to me…..no one will get mad….I’ll beg you on my hands and knees…..see I knew that would work’. “Okay but don’t walk, someone is coming to get you, tell your brother where you are going and we will make sure you get safely home, we can watch a movie, is that okay with you”, he asked.
“Oh yes it’s perfect, I can’t wait to see you”, she said into the phone. “Hurry I’ll get ready”, she said as she hung up.
Telling her family where she was going brought another scream from Karen as well as, “You are the luckiest girl on this entire planet”. Flying to the bathroom Susan fixed her hair and touched up her make-up, right as the knock came from the front door. Coming into the living room she saw Michael’s mother smiling at her family as she talked to them. Glancing over at her she smiled “You must be Susan, Michael has told me so much about you”.
“I’m pleased to meet you” Karen said as she walked across the floor to shake her hand.
“In this family we don’t shake hands we hug” she answered as she pulled her into her arms. Susan was taken back but something about this woman made her feel so safe. Happily she hugged her back.
“Stay out of trouble”, Kenny said as he dropped as kiss on her cheek, “Tell him hello from me”.
“I will”, she assured him as she walked out the door with Katherine.
Turning to his wife Kenny pointed at her “Don’t you even scream”.
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write more
your story is like a drug to me.
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aw....i love it
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