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 Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"

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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty
PostSubject: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 18th 2010, 7:44 pm

Chapter 8:

So she answers questions now that’s good.
Only with a yes or a no, you have to find the right question.
Anything work better to her?
Her grandparents, if you bring them up to her, she responses well.
Did you ever meet them?
I met the grandmother when Joseph found her, very nice lady. Did you know her grandmother was Indian and her grandfather Irish?
No, really, that explains the temper?
The grandfather was a preacher, he died when she was 10, the grandmother died a year after we discovered her and started working with her, she was 16 then, I think.
They raised her then.
Yes, her mother died having her and the father ran out on them before she was born. We looked for him but could not find him; my parents stepped up and took legal custody of her then.
Did you always love her?
No at first she was a kid, like a sister to me, and then I don’t know what…..it changed between us, No matter where I went I could not stop thinking about her.
She told me that she loved you before she met you.
Yeah she told us that too, I thought it was kind of cute, made it easy to teach her. She is known to be a handful at times, but I would not change one day.

“Do you like cartoons”, Bobby asked her.
“Of course, Disney ones are the best”.
“What is your favorite one”?
“I love Snow white and the seven dwarfs, silly, best by far”.
“Who’s your favorite dwarf”?
“Now I would have hoped you would say Grumpy, I would have bet on it”.
“No way, who wants to hang around someone who gripes all the time”.
“But he loves Snow White and protects her, she loves him too, I don’t think he is all that bad”.
“I guess not, she can change him”.
“I think he was ready to be changed, I think he just needed a mission, protecting her became her mission”.
“Well he failed”.
“How so”?
“The queen found her, so she had to wait for the prince to kiss her and wake her”.
“Well if he was a prince he would have kissed her, instead they made her that glass box and put her in it”.
“Yeah I guess….Where are we going?”
“It’s time for you to go home”.

Michael leaned over and kissed her lips “Awake sweet princess and join me”.

Kay followed Bobby across the town, till they came to a bridge.
“Home is not over there”.
“Oh but it is, all you have to do is walk across and your home”
“Are you not coming with me?”
“I can’t yet, but I promise you will see me soon”.
Kay felt tears come to her eyes “I can’t do it…please don’t make me….come with me…...I’m scared….What is waiting over there?”
“Only happiness is waiting for you…..after you get across you just have to call me and I will follow you back…..just say my name….guardian angels never go far away”
Kay sniffed wiping her nose on her sleeve “Okay, but you hurry up; I don’t want to be alone for long”.
“You’re never alone, and I am always with you”.

Chapter 9:

Kay groaned as her eyes fluttered open, she tried to move but the pain to her shoulder was excruciating.
“Easy now, don’t try to move”, Michael said.
“Are we back at the hospital?” she asked.
He smiled down at her “Yup I think we will just built you a wing here…….I called the nurse, she will bring you something for the pain”.
“Is Liz okay?”
“Yes, not a scratch……she has been here as well as Teddy and the whole family, everyone has been so worried”. “What about Bobby?” Michael glanced away “Michael where is he?”
“He’s here in another room……he is not doing so well……there was a lot of swelling……I am making sure he gets the best care, I promise”.
“Take me to him”, she demanded
“There’s no way, your in pain, I don’t want you hurt again”, Michael said with a gasp.
“Then get him in here with me……Please….I have to help him”.
Michael sighed “He has the best doctors, there’s nothing we can do but wait and see”.
Michael stood aside as the nurse came in to check on here, surprised to find her awake she called the doctor. Kay’s room became filled with a lot of people in white uniforms, asking her questions, looking at monitors, amazed at her recovery. Kay became frustrated at the constant attention, and her pain became unbearable. Bring her a small dose of pain medicine, made Kay sleepy, soon she found she was asleep, lying in the small bed cradled in Michael’s arms, after recounting to him one of the most amazing stories.

So you’re just going to sleep now? No I’m coming.

Pulling herself out of Michael’s arms was hard to do without waking him; luckily he was sleeping so soundly he never felt her. She hung her legs to the side of the bed thinking of her next move. Her legs were weak standing on them almost impossible. Her large stomach did little to help her situation, she thought of waking Michael but he would only stop her. Forcing herself to stand, she tightly held onto the bed to steady herself. ‘You can do this, Bobby needs you, one small step at a time’ Spying a wheelchair in the corner she slowly made her way there until she reached it gratefully lowering herself into it. ‘See now you got it’, she said, ignoring the pain shooting through her shoulder she started to push on the wheels to the door. Pulling the door open proved to be difficult until suddenly it opened on its own.
“What the hell are you doing?” Teddy said as he came into the room.
“Shhhhh” Kay said pointing to Michael on the bed. “I have to see Bobby, take me to him”, she whispered.
“Hold on a minute”, he whispered back as he walked towards the bed, quickly he wrote a note and laid it on the bed beside Michael. “Okay princess, but you are so getting in trouble….right after I get fired”, he whispered as he pushed her into the hall.
“You won’t get fired”, she replied when she was sure they were out of earshot.
Kay started to cry as they come into Bobby’s room, although the staff was not happy to see her there, they did nothing to stop her.
His face was swollen to the point you could not even recognize him, machines controlled his breathing, his head wrapped with a white cloth. “What happened to him”, Kay gasped.
“He was shot in the head” Kay heard the shots ringing out in her head, she covered her hands over her face “Protecting me?”
“That’s his job, I would have done the same”, Teddy replied. Slowly he helped her remember that day.
As she reached the door Teddy spotted the woman in the crowd, not being able to reach her he screamed her name; she turned as the bullet aimed for her heart hit her instead in the shoulder. Seeing she had not hit her target the crazed fan shot again, but by this time Bobby had reached her knocking her down as the second bullet pierced his head, he fell on top of her, his last thought were to cover her with his own body. Teddy finding his target, made his shot count taking her down with one shot. “She died; I don’t miss, so now we’re here”.
“I can’t even trust you while you’re sleeping”, Michael said.
Kay turned around to find him lying in the doorway smiling at her. “Sorry, don’t be mad, I had to come”, she pleaded.
“I’m not mad….. looks like you had help”, he added glancing toward Teddy. “Yes he rolled me here, but he had the choice to help or get out of my way”.
Michael threw back his head and laughed “He is a wiser man than I am I see, so now what do we do?”
Kay knew what had to be done “Now we figure out how to take him home”.
“Home”, he questioned.
“Yup, he has to come to Neverland”, she replied.
“No way Kay, he needs to be here”, turning to him with her eyes blazing she countered “No he needs magic, we just need to figure out how do make it work”.
“He is not a child, this isn’t like the children that come there”, he added desperately.
“No”, she smiled at him “Your right, he is not a child, but he is my friend, and I know somewhere in there he is waiting for me to bring him back, and I WILL bring him back, just like he did me”. Listening to her pleas and remembering the story she told him about where she thought she went while she recovered Michael threw his hands up in the air “Okay, I’ll figure out what we have to do”, he said as he spun out of the room.
“Oh my God, your something else kiddo. Want to tell me this story as well?” “Gladly”, she said as she started to explain.

Chapter 9:

Throwing her hands on her hips Kay screamed “No way in hell, over my fucking dead body”. “Please listen to reason”, the doctor said in a whiny voice “There has been no change; his family has said it is time to pull the plug”.
“You listen to me”, Kay said shoving her finger in his face “That is not an option here, we are not playing God, he will wake up, just give him more time……look he is better his face isn’t swollen anymore, no he is getting better I know it, you are not pulling shit in my house, I don’t care if it takes years”.
“Mrs. Jackson listen to reason, there is nothing left in him”.
“Your fired, get the hell out”, Kay said.
Leaving the room the doctor’s thought was to talk to her husband, telling him to control his crazed wife.
“How many are you going to fire?” Teddy asked “As many as I have too…we don’t need him”, she said as she moved beside Bobby and took his hand “What an ass huh Bobby?”
“You can understand the position she puts me in……the families wishes are what we have to take into account here”, the doctor complained to Michael.
“Yes I understand, but you see, his family doesn’t come to see him, my wife does, she stays with him night and day, we sleep in there as well, their wishes are not my concern here, only my wife’s”, he told the doctor. “I will not have her being upset”.
“She fired me as well”, he scoffed.
“Well then I guess it’s time for you to go then, Tommy show the doctor off the grounds”, Michael said.

“So all you have to do is cross now, and I suggest you hurry, I don’t know how long I can hold them off”, Kay said to Bobby.
“Maybe he doesn’t know how”, Teddy said.
Suddenly Kay had an idea “That’s it, that’s why I went back to see them, you are a genius, of course”, Kay said as she flew out of the room.
“What is she up to now”, Teddy asked Bobby.

“You want what”, Michael said stunned.
“A shaman”, Kay repeated “What do they do again”, sighing Kay explained “I need to offer an offering, that will do it I just know, a shaman will offer a prayer and then Bobby will see his way back”, she said like it was the perfect solution.
Staring at his wife Michael doubted her idea “Trust me, I know someone” she said. “Okay I leave this one up to you”, he said.

Leery but strangely curious Michael watched as the shaman dance around the room, chatting in a foreign tongue he did not understand. The dance was truly beautiful to behold and the rhythm was inspiring. Glancing over at his wife sitting beside Bobby on the bed she looked beautiful, taking the time to dress in the same costumes as the people dancing around in a circle.
Teddy stood beside him in shock having never witnessed anything like it “Does she understand what they are saying”, he whispered to Michael.
“Yes she is fluent, I told you her about her grandmother, didn’t I”, he whispered back “What kind of Indians are they”, “Cherokee”, “Wow”, “I know”.
The drums stopped and the shaman stood before Kay, “Now call him back”, he said to her. “Grumpy, it’s time walk across the bridge and join me here……you promised”, she whispered in his ear. Placing a kiss on his cheek she joined Michael and Teddy.
Michael wrapped his arms protectively around her, as the shaman finished his chat. “Na-s-gi ge-sv-i ka-li-wo-hi”, he said as he turned to them.
“What did he just say”, Michael asked her.
“It is complete”, she whispered back.
“Wa-do”, Kay replied turning to see Michael’s question in his eyes she smiled “I said thank you”. He smiled back to her “How does one say I love you”.
“Gv-ge-yu-hi”, she replied smiling as he repeated it perfect “You learn quickly”.

Chapter 10:

Kay awoke in the middle of the night, which was not unusual since she was now nine months along. Careful not to wake Michael she slipped off to the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror staring at her reflection, her face was swollen, and it now matched her hands and feet. Smiling at herself she was shocked when suddenly after she just went to the bathroom, she peed on the floor. A sharp pain ripped through her stomach forcing her to gasp. She fell to her knees as another pain ripped through her, crawling across the floor she made it back into Bobby’s room. “Help me”, she hollered.
Jumping out of a deep sleep Michael leaped off the bed. Spotting her on the floor he reached her side. “Michael, we need to go to the hospital”, she moaned. Michael smiled at her “What is it with you and hospitals”. Jumping up he helped her to her feet and sat her on the bed as he used the phone. Kay looked over at Bobby “Now would be a really good time to wake your ass up”. She reached across to Bobby and squeezed his hand “I have to leave for a bit, but we’ll be back soon, the baby is coming”, was it her imagination or did he move his hand.
Rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night was a blast; Kay had never been awake for this before. Setting them up in a room, the hospital went out of their way to please them. Kay had wanted to do her delivery natural but after a couple of hours she was begging for drugs. After five hours their daughter made her first cries. Michael cried in her shoulder as they placed their princess in Kay’s arms.
“She is so beautiful”, he told her kissing her lips.
Kay stared at their new daughter “She’s perfect, thank you”.
“No, my love, thank you”.

Demanding to go home, they came back the following day “It’s not like there is not a nurse there”, Kay reminded him.
Michael carried their daughter in as Teddy helped her in the house. “We need to show Bobby”, she said. Michael smiled “He should be ready to meet her now, don’t ya think?”
Kay smiled at his referring to Bobby like he was awake.
“Hey Bobby, you want to meet my little girl”, he said as they walked in the room.
“Oh yes…I would be honored”,\.
Kay froze as she heard Bobby’s familiar voice.
“You okay?” Teddy said. “Damn it Michael, you didn’t tell her”.
Michael turned around from placing her baby seat on the bed close to Bobby and smiled “Oh yeah honey Bobby’s awake”.
Kay slowly walked across the room shocked beyond belief “You’re late”, she said to Bobby.
“Got a bit tied up miss”, he smiled back at her.

Chapter 11:

Elizabeth Pearl Jackson was growing quickly, although she had her own nanny, Kay and Michael took care of most of her care on their own. She was their precious gift, and everyone spoiled her rotten, not that they minded. Children to Michael and Kay were a blessing; they opened their home to them all the time, and were generous if a child needed help. Michael was always paying for surgeries and flying special kids out to enjoy Neverland for weeks at a time. He donated his appearance to charities and could turn his back on no one. ‘There was no better husband a wife could have’ Kay thought. She was a lucky girl she was, she was envied the world over.
“I think you both need to just get back to work, and leave her alone”, Kay heard Ellen tell Bobby and Teddy.
“I heard her say she wanted to play with her Uncle Teddy”, she heard his response.
“Like she wants to hang out with you two all day”, Ellen countered.
Kay came out of the bathroom to run them all off, Michael was leaving this week to start his Dangerous tour, and although she would love to go with him when he left, she was stuck for a few weeks until they finished making arrangements for their child to travel with them. There was no way they would both leave her at the same time.
“I think it’s time for her to go to sleep, so you all are leaving”, Kay said smiling at them. Truthful she wanted some extra time alone with her husband, but did not want to be rude about it.
Bobby glanced in her direction and smiled, he was doing much better, and he could walk on his own now although he was slow to get to where he was headed. It would seem his near death experience had brought them all closer together, and Kay welcomed her new additions to her family gladly. Elizabeth craved their attention and they were wrapped around her little finger, the child never had to cry someone was always waiting to help her out.
Smiling back at them Kay reminded them “You all are spoiling her, you want her to grow up and be a handful”?
“Sounds like payback”, Bobby said as he rose up.
“Payback to me?” she asked.
“Yup, you’re the biggest handful I know; she’s going to be ten times worse”.
Bobby laughed at her expression and headed for the door “Come on you all, learn to take a hint”.
“Want me to take her to the nursery for you”, Ellen asked.
“Please, thank you”, Kay said. Walking over to the bed she gathered her daughter in her arms, kissing her forehead she handed her off to Ellen, who left the room with Teddy following close behind her.
“Now, time to make some magic”, Kay whispered to herself.

Chapter 12:

Michael walked in the front door, noticing the immediate quiet to the house. Practicing for the show had worn him out and all he wanted was some much needed sleep. Still he was confused why his wife was not there to greet him like she did every night. Worried something might be wrong he started to search for her, finding Linda working late in the kitchen; he was relieved to hear she was in bed early and everything was fine. Assuring him she would make him something to eat, he headed upstairs for a shower.
Carefully opening the door so he would not wake his wife, he noticed there was no need to turn on the lights, the room was lit with candles, and the bed covered in rose pedals. He smiled to himself remembering the thought behind it was his idea to begin with. Glancing around the room he had yet to see his wife ‘Maybe I’m early’, he thought. Heading to the bathroom he took his much needed shower, suddenly sleep was the furthest thing from his mind.
Coming out from the bathroom his breath caught in his throat, laid across the bed looking seductive at him was his beautiful wife. Her beautiful hair hung down around her as she laid there poised on one arm, the long white gown with gold trim draped around her perfectly, she reminded him of an angel. He had not realized he was frozen on the spot till she smiled at him and sat up on the bed.
“U-li-he-li-s-di e-hu u-ya-hi” (welcome home husband)
“Wa-do (t)do-`hi-tsu” (thank you, how are you)
“Ga-li-e-li-ga a-da-ge-yu-di” (I am happy my love) de-ha-na ha-ya-ni (Come here), she added patting the bed beside her.
Michael groaned as her walked across the room. Sitting beside her he looked into her bright eyes sparkling with amusement. “I am proud of you Michael; you have learned the language very well”, she remarked. “I had a wonderful teacher”, he said. She stood up and slipped her hand in his “Come I have your dinner waiting for you”, she said as she pulled him up. Michael groaned food was the last thing he wanted right now, but he would not argue that point with her.
“Where is Elizabeth?” He asked as he noticed the table set up in the corner of the room. “She said she wanted to give mom and dad some alone time”, Kay answered back. Michael smiled “So she started talking today”. Kay giggled “No, okay I asked her too and she didn’t seem to mind”. “Good cause two months is way too soon to start talking, I am afraid she will be like her momma and never shut up”, he teased back.
Kay sat him in his chair and hugged his shoulders “I love you”, she said as she nuzzled his neck. “I love you more”, he said as he closed his eyes. “Now eat, your going to need the energy”, she teased as she moved to the other side of the table. They ate their dinner and made small talk about the household and their daughter, Michael felt a bit tired after having a few glasses of wine with his dinner, but there was no way he was going to sleep yet.
Kay faked a yawn as she stretched, knowing it would push her breasts out more. The move didn’t go unnoticed by Michael, her breasts where still swollen since she was breastfeeding their child, it was a good look for her. She moved across the room to the couch in front of the fireplace, sitting down she stared at the embers floating around, she smiled as Michael joined her. He was cradling her in his arms as she lay between his legs against his chest. “What about the baby, doesn’t she need to eat?” he asked her, “I feed her while you were in the shower, she’s good for a couple of hours”, she answered. “Now it’s time to take care of you”. She rolled over on top of him to kiss his soft lips.
Michael grasped her head and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss, and she moaned her approval. Her lips broke the kiss and slowly she moved to place small kisses down his neck. Michael threw his head back farther allowing her more access, he gasped as her hands began to unbutton his shirt, leaving a trail down his chest with her tongue. He moaned his delight as she pulled him up to completely remove it from his body. Staring into her eyes he lowered his head to lick her swollen chest; Kay forced him back to the couch and rose above him. Slowly she slipped his pants off his body placing them on the floor by his disregarded shirt. Pulling him up into a sitting position she lowered herself on her knees before him.
Pulling her head to his he kissed her passionately, driving his tongue into her warm mouth. Kay’s hand moved to his swollen member and placing his hand around it tightly she began to move it slowly. Michael threw his head back at the contact, moaning deeply in his throat. She smiled at the pleasure she was giving him and began to lick and kiss on his neck again; following it down his chest she allowed her tongue to lead the way. His moans became louder as she slipped lower down his stomach till they reached the hard center they sought.
Licking the tip of his penis Kay could have sworn he almost screamed out in his pleasure. Taking his cue she slid her mouth down the length of his shaft. Encouraged further by his excitement, Kay put her mouth around the tip and slowly slid it in her warm wet mouth. His hip thrust against her mouth as his hands gripped her head guiding it up and down. Harder she sucked as his groans began loud gasps, faster and faster it slid in and out of her mouth, driving him crazy, pointing him toward his edge. “God don’t stop”, he moaned she continued her rhythm until suddenly he thrust himself deeply inside her throat and his seed filled her mouth. “Jesus I’m sorry”, he said looking down at her. “Shh, I’m not” She smiled back as she swallowed hard. Pulling her back up to the couch beside him he captured her mouth with his as his hand shot up to rub her breasts.
Rubbing his hands down her body, he slipped them beneath her gown surprised to find nothing there to stop his attack. His fingers found her wet moist spot and he began to rub her gently. Kay moaned into his mouth as their tongues continued to battle. Her hips begged for more as they thrust against him begging for release. Michael struggled to figure out how to open her gown, finally in frustration he looked at her and said softly “It’s a very pretty gown my love, but if you want to keep it then I suggest you take it off, or I am going to rip it off you”, Kay glanced at him smiling almost tempted to let him, but since it was new she stood before him to take it off for him.
The fire added a glow to her as she stood in front of him, Michael stared in amazement as she slowly and seductively untied the golden ribbons on her chest, the gown opened showing him her swollen breasts, heaving with her excitement. The sheer torture of her moving so slow forced Michael to his feet, to push it down the rest of her body. Michael pulled her off her feet into his arms and carried her to the bed, gently placing her there.
Continuing his assault to her, he quickly joined her using his fingers to please her as his tongue licked her breasts. Sucking on them greedily he found himself excited again by her moans of pleasure. His mouth began exploring her body and her breath caught in her throat as Michael sought out her womanhood. His mouth took possession of her driving her wild in his exploration; he licked and sucked on her clitoris, bringing her closer to her peak. Slamming his finger inside her, she screamed out as the orgasm rocked her entire body. Releasing his hold on her, he quickly moved on top of her, lifting her legs on his shoulders he slammed into her. Kay screamed out first from the shock then from the excessive pleasure that rushed through her entire body. Never had Michael taken her so forcefully, and never had she enjoyed anything more.
As be moved in and out of her, he came back harder every move he made, she found she could not control herself, “Harder…Oh God…..Yes…Fuck me” she screamed. Michael pulled out of her and flipped her onto her knees, standing on the floor behind her, he reentered her again. Kay thought she would lose her mind as he continued to pound her, able to bury him self deeper into her, he slammed into her harder, just as she had asked him for. Kay’s screams became louder than before, as she reached her climax. Feeling weak she thought she might fall to the bed but Michael keep a firm grip on her hips and he continued to please her, Kay quickly recovered as she learned to slam back into him as well. Their cries filled the room as Michael’ thrusts became more urgent begging for release. Kay sensed his change and begged him “Yes…Yes”, she moaned “Cum in me….it feels so good…yes…Oh God yes”. Michael although surprised to hear her talk like this found it more exciting, he reached out and slapped her hard on her ass, Kay screamed as another orgasm hit her, Michael feeling her tighten around him could not hold back anymore, burying himself deep within her he came inside her.
Pulling himself out Michael rolled her back over, her eyes smiled at him as he smiled back at her, falling down beside her on the bed exhausted, he whispered “bad, bad girl”. Kay pulled him to lay his head against her breast, purring at him she sighed “Sleep now sweet prince”. Michael quickly followed her instructions and fell quickly into a deep sleep.

Chapter 13:
October 1, 1992 Bucharest-Dangerous tour

Kay hid backstage waiting to surprise her husband, she was a day early, and had talked Siedah into letting her fill in for her on her song with Michael. It was hard to stay hidden since he had just finished the Smooth Criminal number, but the lights were now off so she could slip to the opposite side of the stage and wait for the cue. The crew was great helping assist her, and the band was more than helpful in her surprise.
As the lights came up to cast a blue glow Kay felt her heart pound as Michael came back on the stage. Wearing a gold shirt with black leather pants, Kay’s breath caught in her throat.
“Each time the wind blows I hear your voice so I call your name………….This time is forever Love is the answer”
Kay walked to the stage taking her cue “I hear your voice now, you are my choice now, the love you bring” Michael smirked into his microphone as he immediately recognized her voice.
The crowd erupted as they realized who was on the stage as well. Staying in the different spotlights Kay smiled as she sang to him feeling all the words.
Michael started toward her with “I just can’t hold on”; she took his cue and started to walk across to meet him. They crossed to the center with “If I can’t be with you...Oh”.
Placing an arm around her they sang the chorus, Michael pulled away to point at her “I just can’t stop loving you” he bit his lip and Kay smiled at him.
Coming to the end of the second verse Michael reached across and rubbed his hand down the front of her leg “You know how I feel, I won’t stop until I hear your voice saying I do”…..”I do” Kay returned as she ran her hand up his arm to his face. Michael turned and pulled her face up “My life ain’t worth living if I can’t be with you OH” They flirted around the stage till Kay had to move to her next mark away from him as the backup singers continued with the chorus, her and Michael began adlibbing “All my life baby” Kay took her place as Michael sang“all my life baby”.
Her light went out and she quickly moved backstage as he moved on to sing she’s out of my life.
Taking the well wishes for the crew backstage, Kay moved to watch Michael from the wings off stage. He was always amazing to watch, as he got to his Jackson 5 medley Kay smiled, thinking back to the time he taught he all those moves. As he got to Jermaine’s part of I’ll be there, he ran over to her and hugged her, placing a kiss on her lips and whispering I love you before running back. She stood to the side taking a kiss every time he moved off stage to restart another number. The wardrobe department had a hard time keeping his attention.
As he started Heal the world he announced to the audience how Kay (his beloved wife) had helped write this song and how much they wanted to share their love with the whole world, Tears sprang to her eyes and he beginning singing, it was more magical than she ever thought it could be. Hearing their word sang along with Michael by the fans filling the audience, she truly believed the world could be a better place.
She watched as his stage rose up into the air, and feeling someone touch her arm she looked over at them “Michael said you are to come with me”. She followed not understanding why. Finding a group of children waiting Kay was told to grab a hand and follow them on stage, and she followed along around a huge model of the earth Michael caught her hand as well. “Heal the world we live in, save it for our children”.
Michael leaned down and kissed her lips as the music stopped. Grabbing a small child each Michael kissed his on the cheek as they headed back stage again in the same chain, it was very powerful a message to Kay.
Running back to her place on the side of the stage, she watched his last performance, like heal the world, the song man in the mirror was just as powerful. After Michael introduced everyone, he began dressing in a suit he flew off with a rocket pack. Kay was speechless never had she seen anything like it. Michael had a vision for his concerts and this one was no exception.
“Where is he going”, Teddy said beside her.
Kay didn’t really know but to tease him she said “The moon”.

Kay flew into the studio door, smiling as she saw Randy’s shocked face. “Hi there”, she called cheerfully.
“Red lights mean we are recording”, he reminded her.
“Yeah, yeah”, she returned hating to be treated like a kid.
“Sorry Mike, Kay flew in here we are going to have to start that again”, he talked into a microphone to tell him why they stopped.
“Hi baby”, Michael called to her.
Kay waved to him at the window, blowing him a kiss. “I want to tell him something”, she said turning to Randy.
He sighed ‘of course she did, why else would she be here’. “Come here”, he added calling her over to the control panel. “Push this button and hold it, let it go to hear him, got it”, he said smirking at her. Punching him playfully in the arm she fell in the chair beside him.
Feeling a bit guilty she started with “Sorry to interrupt you baby”.
“You are welcome interruption”, he smiled back at her.
Looking at Randy embarrassed she added “I need to tell you something important, or I wouldn’t bother you, I swear”.
“It’s okay”, he smiled as he blew her a kiss.
“O-gi-na-li-go-hi gv-do-di a-yu-le a-ya ta-lu-li”, she blurted out; laughing at his shocked expression “Okay see you at home”, happily she left the room.
Randy stared at his brother waiting to find out what she had said to him.
Michael came back to his senses struggling to get quickly out of the box. Flying passed everyone in the control room, he took off after her in a dead run.
Curious Randy followed to find him hugging his sister in law in the hall. “What the hell is going on” Randy asked Bobby. Bobby who was watching them smiling turned to him to explain.
Michael covered her face with kisses, holding her to him tightly.
Kay smiled “Took you long enough”, she teased.
“Sorry my love I didn’t know the Cherokee word for pregnant”.

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Kay heard her name being yelled as her bodyguard ran to her, turning to find him she felt the bullet rip into her heart, the world began to spin, she felt cold. Michael rushed to hold her in his arms, “Please hold on, you can’t leave me, I need you”. Her sight turned dark; suddenly she moved and looked down upon herself lying in a puddle of her own blood. Michael held her in his arms, tears streamed down his face, as he begged her to stay, she knew she was dead. “But who…..how”? “Heed my warning”, she heard her grandfather say, as she awoke with a start.

Chapter 1:

Jumping awake from the dream Kay found herself startling everyone in the car.
“You okay baby”, Michael said looking concerned.
Kay smiled to reassure him “Bad dream, I guess”.
“Want to tell me about it” he returned.
Looking around at the other passengers sharing the car, she shook her head no. “Maybe later”, he said and squeezed her hand. She nodded back to him. Turning she stared out the window, watching the land pass by.
They were returning from their honeymoon to their beloved home Neverland. Michael had taken her to Paris to celebrate their wedding, at first it was magical, but unlike the fairy tales not everything was happily ever after. What was she thinking believing it would be? The first few weeks flew by; their days were filled with lovemaking and exploration of their new life. Then the reality hit, suddenly the press began to be more intense trying to get their precious pictures. Michael’s beloved fans began to camp out outside the hotel, chanting his name into all hours of the night. One month in Kay became ill; she could hardly keep anything down, nightmares began to haunt her every time she lay her head down. The Doctors could find nothing wrong with her, blaming it on stress. She felt like a prisoner surrounded by all the bodyguards, of course they were for protection from the mobs of people constantly chasing after them. Michael’s world was definitely different, she wondered if she could ever adapt to it.
“We’ll be there soon”, Michael said snapping her out of her fog. “Feeling okay”, he said as he gathered her up and kissed her head.
“Her color is a bit better” Teddy added “Maybe she was home sick”, he teased.
Teddy was one of her new personal bodyguards Michael had hired for her. He stood over six foot tall, nothing but solid muscle, very intimidating to look at. Inside him was a teddy bear, such a kind thoughtful man. Kay had not wanted him at first, but Michael insisted. They had formed a truce for his sake, okay maybe she was attached more to him than she wanted to be. Having grown up without a father Teddy treated her like his own. How could one not love someone who protected them like that? Robert was his real name, Michael had started calling him Teddy, and it seemed to stick. Kay was not allowed to go anywhere without him and Bobby. Bobby like Teddy was a solid man, not as fun as Teddy was, he took his job very seriously. Kay pitied anyone who made him angry, or got in his way, he was the head of her security team, and every move she took was after he said she could. She nicknamed him Grumpy, although he didn’t seem to like that much. She smiled thinking how much they looked like they worked for the FBI in their matching black suits.
“Anywhere you want to go today”, Bobby said
Kay thought about it, she would love to head to a book store or go shopping, but her stomach was upset and the thought made her tired. “No, I think I just want to get home and get some much needed rest”.
“I was hoping you would say that”, Michael added smiling at her.
Teddy laughed across from her.
Kay reach over to slap his leg playfully “I meant sleep not sex” she added,
Teddy turned red “Darn” Michael added. Turning to Bobby he added “If she still isn’t feeling well in a few more days we are sending her back to the doctor’s, hopefully they can figure it out”. “Let me know where and when”, Bobby said. “You mean vampires, all they do is take blood”, Kay protested. Teddy looked at her smiling reassuringly “We have to make you better, whatever it takes”.
They arrived at the house and Teddy jumped out to help Kay get out of the car. She was thankful for his help, since the movement made her very dizzy. Michael followed behind her and placed his arm around her waist, holding her steady. “Later gator” Teddy called as he walked away with Bobby to check up with the rest of security. They made their way up the steps to the house and the door opened as if on cue.
“Welcome home Mr. Jackson” Ellen the house keeper said. She took one look at Kay and her motherly care giving kicked in “Oh Miss Kay, you look so pale”, she moved to the other side of Kay and helped Michael get her to the room.
Kay lay on the bed grateful for the comfort. “How bout some nice hot soup and some tea”? She asked Michael “Let’s try it” he said.
Kay groaned “Oh god please no food”.
Ellen thrust her hands on her hips “Yes food, you are going to eat or I’ll make you, probably sick from that foreign food over there you been eating, you’ll see Auntie Ellen is going to make you feel all better”. She turned and headed for the kitchen.
“Auntie is going to make me throw up”, Kay groaned burying her face in the pillow.
Michael giggled “You got to try, and she will not stop till you eat something”. He moved over to the bed and ran his hands through her hair “please try”, he begged.
Kay rolled over and gripped his hand pulling it to her lips she kissed it “I will”.
Ellen was back quickly, propping Kay up in the bed she shooed Michael out of the room while she took care of Kay. Starting with just crackers Kay was surprised to find she ate most of the soup and her stomach had yet to reject it. It fact she felt stronger than she had in a month. She laid back on the bed and quickly fell asleep.
Michael came later in the evening allowing her time to rest; he smiled as he stared down at her. She looked peaceful; he curled up beside her and quickly joined her in sleep.

“Heed my warning”

Kay awoke with a jump and tears were streaming down her face. Michael quickly sat up beside her “Another bad dream”; he asked gathering her in his arms.
Kay nodded as she sobbed on his shoulder “okay time to tell me what it is now, that way we conquer it”, he added gently.
Kay started between her sobs explaining it to him, as she neared the end of recounting her dream she felt a bit better. Michael stroked her hair as he listened, concern etched on his face, he held her tight as he feared possibility of her dream becoming a reality.

Chapter 2:

Kay’s nightmares were not as frequent these last two weeks home, her strength had returned and everything seemed to be normal. Of course Ellen had taken full credit for it. Kay smiled it was great to be cared for so deeply. Kay had found a new place to hide in Neverland and that was her garden, she loved playing in the dirt, everything around her was so beautiful. She loved learning from their gardener Phil about the different flowers, how magical they seemed to her.
“You going to play out here all day long, or are you hiding?” Phil said looking in her direction.
“I’m waiting for Michael to get home, he had a meeting this morning and the house is so empty without him”, she said smiling at him.
Phil looked a bit concerned “Have any dizzy spells lately”.
Kay shook her head no. “Kay you get in the house and out of that hot sun”, Ellen yelled from the door.
Phil threw back his head and laughed “oops too late”.
Kay threw him back her best pout and turned to the house, “I was just telling Phil, he was going to have to continue without me….Swear it” she called back to Ellen.
“Liar”, he whispered. “Brat” she countered. Taking off she ran for the house before he turned the hose on her.
She flew into the door and headed for the kitchen, she was starving.
“Yup I knew you would be here next”, Linda said “Heard Ellen yelling at you”. Linda was the cook during the day, and like everyone else who Michael surrounded himself with, she was kind and sweet. She handed Kay a warm cookie “Fresh out of the oven”.
Kay accepted it and sat down at the counter as Linda made her some milk to go with it “Thank you” she said.
“No problem love”, Linda said smiling at her.
“You really need to stop making all these sweets I swear I have put on 10 pounds this week”, Kay moaned.
“Well you needed it, so I am happy”, she countered. “Besides men like a girl with a little meat on their bones”, she chuckled “Gives them something to hold on to, two sticks rubbing together makes a fire”.
Kay blushed and added “I like fires”. She finished off two more and drank downed her milk and headed for the living room.
Sitting down at the piano Michael bought for her, she ran her fingers down the keys; slowly she began playing to herself. Losing herself in the music she stopped when hands slipped over her eyes, “Guess who”? She smiled “Must be that smelly boy who likes to torment me”.
“Only with my love”, he said placing a peck on her lips. “Why do you taste like chocolate?” he asked.
“hum I don’t know”, she said acting innocent.
“Been eating my cookies, Linda made for me, haven’t you”? He said. “For you, I didn’t see your name on them”, she said batting her eyes at him.
Michael’s lips crashed down on hers, his tongue slipping inside hers as he pulled her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, as his hands moved down her back to fondle her behind. Hearing someone clear their throat Kay jumped back in surprise. Smiling back at her was Marlon “Honeymoon still going on I see”, he teased.
Kay flew across the room into his waiting arms hugging him tightly. Michael laughed “Oh yeah Marlon is coming over for dinner tonight”.
“Really” Kay shot back “could have warned me he was here.
“I forgot”, he said with a shrug.
“Look at you, your glowing”, Marlon teased as he released her, “They told us you were sick”. “I was”, she said feeling guilty “I’m sorry I should have called you as well as the rest of the family by now”.
“Well you can tell them that when they get here”, Marlon said.
“Is everyone coming for dinner?” she asked Michael. He nodded at her.
“Oh my God” she said “I got to go tell Linda”.
“She knows I told her on my way in”, Michael added.
“I really should go try to help then”, Kay said turning in the direction of the kitchen.
“No”, Michael said pointing her instead to the stairs, “First you need a shower”.
Kay looked down at her clothes still covered in dirt from the garden. “Oh I am so sorry”, she added as she thought of their clothes.
“Not to worry sweetie”, Marlon said “It washes off”. Kay ran for the stairs to get ready, as Michael and Marlon laughed at her retreat.
“She looks good”, Marlon remarked.
“Yes she does”, Michael said blushing feeling guilty of where his mind just went.

Chapter 3:

After a lot of teasing and good natured jokes, most at Kay’s expense, the family moved to the patio to eat, and catch up on their gossip. Kay was delighted to see Michael’s family; she had not realized she missed them so much. Everyone agreed Michael was taking good care of their baby girl.
Kay sat with the women and watched the men play with the kids, chasing them around the yard, making them scream with excitement. A smile would come to her lips every time one of her nieces or nephews would attack their Uncle Michael. He looked so happy playing with them. Occasionally he would send a smile in her direction that melted her heart.
Bobby stood in the corner watching over them, like one of the family members were going to try to hurt them, while Teddy played with everyone else. “Hey Grumpy, you can go eat or run around if you want”, Kay said to him. “I don’t need looked after today”. “Just doing my job”, he countered. Kay scoffed “I swear Grumpy if you don’t move, I’ll shove you in that pool”. Bobby almost smirked “If you say so miss”. Kay’s mind began to race ‘sounds like a challenge’; she began to watch him out of the corner of her eye looking for her chance.
“So dear, how are you feeling”, Katherine asked her. “Much better, thank you”, Kay returned. “That’s good; Ellen said you had no color by the time she got you home”. Kay smiled “I did look a bit rough, she took good care of me”. Just then Kay caught Bobby stopping to return a ball to one of the children. She flew out of her chair to cover the ground quickly, launching herself at him with all her weight, she caught him as he was starting to stand back up, sending them both into the pool.
Kay came back up laughing uncontrollably, as Bobby looked like he might choke her; he sputtered and choked on water, as he glared at her. Laughs and cheers from the rest of the family covered them. Kay smiled at him “At ease soldier”, she added with a salute. Michael joined her by the edge of the pool to pull her out. “Kay” he started, looking at her questionably. “I warned him”, Kay said. Michael’s eyes became huge as Bobby came up behind her and picked her up easily. “Permission to throw you in the deep end”, he said as he started walking towards it. Kay screamed “No…No…..Teddy, Michael”. Quickly he brought her over his head and threw her kicking and screaming into deeper water. She came up sputtering as everyone laughed uncontrollably. Kay recovered and laughed as well. “I’ll save you”, Teddy said as he jumped in to retrieve her. Slashing water in his face as he came over to her, Kay had started something, everyone began stripping down and jumping in with them, and they all played and splashed together. “You all are not riding in my car soaked”, Joe called to them. “Quiet Joe”, Katherine said as she reached for his hand “The kids are having fun”. He groaned “I’ll go get a bunch of towels”, as he headed for the house. “You’ll need help”, she sighed as she rose up.
They played like kids for hours, ‘What a wonderful evening’ Kay thought to herself. She was the first one in and the last one out, Michael called to her as he held out her towel and waited for her on the edge. He smiled thinking she reminded him of a mermaid as she slid gracefully through the water. She climbed up the ladder to meet him and he placed the towel around her. Bobby met her as well he smiled at her “You’re paying for the suit”. “Gladly”, she countered “Just admit it, you had a blast”. “Gladly”, he countered. Kay watched as everyone gathered their things and talked of going home, suddenly their words became fuzzy to her, she could not seem to focus on anything. Hearing Michael’s voice talking into her ear, she never realized he was yelling, and then night became darkness, as she passed out.

Chapter 4:

“Heed my warning”
Kay forced her eyes to open and focus on the room, blinking back tears from another bad dream, she groaned.
“I am so sorry”, she heard “If I would have known I would have never……your going to be fine…….please forgive me”. Her throat was dry she choked out “For what”; she blinked trying to clear her vision. Bobby’s face appeared before her “I should not have thrown you around like that…..can you talk”. “Water” she choked back, ‘Yes I know I threw you in there…please forgive me…don’t be mad”.
“You idiot she needs a drink, right baby” she heard Teddy say. Kay nodded her head to agree. Teddy appeared at her side lifting her to sit up. “Don’t do that”, Bobby started. “Be useful, go tell him she is awake, he is talking to the doctor down the hall”, Teddy said angrily. “Not to fast, just little sips, I don’t want you to get sick”, Teddy said as he held it to her mouth. Kay took a few drinks then looked around the room “Are we in a hospital?” “Very good”, Teddy said smiling at her. Michael flew in the room followed by a doctor. “Oh thank God”, he said pulling her into his arms and he sat on the bed beside her. Kay looked at him confused “Why am I in a hospital”, she asked. “Do you not remember?” Kay shook her head at him. “It’s okay, too much excitement I guess, you fainted” he started “When we could not get you to wake up we called an ambulance…….you’ve been out for hours”. “Sorry”, she whispered. “Nothing to be sorry about” he said smiling at her “You’re here now”.
The doctor stepped up and asked her what seemed like a million questions. Assuring him she was fine, he finally went away telling her to rest. Kay glanced over at Bobby in the corner; sitting in a chair looking like he lost his best friend. “I’m not angry at you, we were playing, and no one knew this would happen…besides I would shove you in there again if I could”, she said to him. Looking up at her he smiled “I wish you had told me”. Kay looked at him confused “Tell you?” Michael interrupted “She doesn’t know…….will you two step outside a few minutes”. Looking shocked as they headed for the door.
“What wrong with me…What is it ……is…Is it a tumor…….Will I die”, Kay said as she tried to fight back her tears. The thought of finally being happy and having it taken away filled her with such sorrow. That was it that was the warning in her dream, it made scene now, it was trying to tell her, how stupid she was to blow it off like that. Michael crossed the room and sat beside her on the bed, he lifted her chin and gently kissed her lips, staring into her eyes he started to explain “Kathleen, I want to tell you how much I love you”, placing her hand on his heart he continued “You are my heart, my life” Kay stared into his eyes as tears began to fall down her face “I want you to always remember this, because I don’t know if I will be able to stand you for these next seven months”, he finished smiling at her. Kay’s anger grew ‘not be able to stand me…..I’m dying and he might not be able to stand me’. Michael saw the immediate change to her eyes quickly he got out of her reach. “No wait, don’t be mad….you are not understanding what I am telling you”, Michael dodged as Kay threw a vase filled with flowers towards his head, followed by the remote, then the book lying on the table by her bed, she was finding anything she could get her hands on. Bobby flew into the room followed by Teddy after they heard the first crash, dodging her attacks Teddy made it to the bed and got a hold on her arms “Stop it, stop….hush now…easy”, Kay buried her face into Teddy’s shirt as she cried uncontrollable. Bobby glanced at Michael who was smiling from ear to ear suddenly he began laughing so hard.
“What the fuck is going on”, Bobby screamed “Why is she throwing shit at you”. Kay pulled her face out of Teddy shirt “Because I’m dying and he doesn’t know if he will be able to be around me while I die” she choked out. Hearing her words again Michael continued with his laughter “You told her she was dying”, Bobby said turning towards him, his anger growing. Michael immediately got his out burst under control as Bobby turned toward him, knowing things were almost out of control, and Bobby was not one to make angry.
Taking a deep breath to steady himself he said “No what I told her was, I didn’t know if I would be able to stand her the next seven months, then she went off……..and don’t look at me like that you work for me”.
Teddy burst into laughter beside Kay breaking the mood, Kay angrily shoved at his chest “You find this shit funny too, get out of here all of you……NOW!” “Your going to have to hold her down it looks like till she understands it”, Bobby said “You should have just told her outright, hints don’t seem to work”, he added as he plopped back in the chair.
Michael started toward the bed again as Teddy continued to hold her down “Stay away from me, I mean it” Kay said glaring at him. Michael smiled again as she started to fight against Teddy for her release, thoughts of their first kiss popped into his mind.
“Baby listen please”, he tried to begin again “NO”, she screamed back.
The door flew open as a nurse came flying in the room “What are you doing to her……she needs her rest…….you cannot upset someone in her condition”. Bobby quickly jumped up to escort the nurse out; he would smooth things out in the hall with her and explain.
“Enough of this”, Teddy said releasing her arms “Kay your pregnant, so settle your ass down” turning to Michael he added “I’m sorry, I know you wanted to tell her…to be romantic and all….but I can’t watch her be upset……..sorry…….fire me if you want”, he said as he stomped out of the room slamming the door behind him.
Kay stared at the door shocked “I’m going to have a baby” she asked. “Yes”, Michael returned smiling back at her. “That was the first test I ever got, they said I wasn’t”, she said softly. “They said it might have been too soon and some women can have a negative and really be pregnant”, he said. “Michael” she started “yes my love”, he countered. “This has to be the most unromantic way to tell a person ever”, she sighed. Michael walked back to the bed, gently he sat down with her, grasping her hands he looked into her eyes “Kay, my love, my life, we are going to have a baby” he said smiling. “That’s better”, she said as his lips caught hers.

Chapter 5:

“I don’t think a woman opinion is not needed” Michael said coming into the living room to where Kay was playing her piano “Sweetie, what do you think of this outfit”, he said as he stood before her.
Kay turned and caught her breath Michael stood before her in black leather pants and a yellow shirt “Oh my”, she said. “Too much……. not enough…… what” he asked. Kay pushed herself back from the piano to stand and walk around him, the outfit was stunning “What is it for” she asked. “The give in to me video shoot”, he replied. “I love it, but I think we should unbutton this more, show a little chest” Michael blushed at her comments “But yeah this is hot I can work with this, you are keeping it right”, she asked.
Michael leaned down to whisper in her ear “Like this one what till you see the next one, real tight”, Michael laughed as she groaned. Placing his hand on her ever growing stomach he whispered to her belly “close your ears, your Mommy is being naughty”. Kay whispered in his ear as he came back up “Mommy needs some time alone with you……now”. Michael threw back his head and laughed glancing over at the designer he added “Okay got to show a little chest in these new video’s” he said as he winked at Kay “got to drive the ladies crazy……not that I’m trying to”, he said as he dodged her punch aimed at his arm.
Left alone again Kay moved to the couch to put her feet up. Placing her hand on her belly she whispered “Hurry up baby, mommy wants to hold you”. The kick from inside seemed to confirm her suggestion. It was hard to believe in three more months they would have her here with them.
“How are you doing”? Kay turned “Don’t you get up, I’m coming to you” Liz said as she crossed the room to hug her.
“It’s great to see you, finally back I see, where ya been”, Kay asked
Liz smiled down at her taking chair next to her as Ellen came in to check on them “Ellen darling would you be a dear and bring me a drink” “Of course” Ellen replied “What would you like?” Looking at her Liz asked for tea for them both. “Not for Miss Kay, lowers the iron”, Kay shrugged as Liz looked at her “Bring me what you bring her then”. Ellen left to fetch them both a healthy fruit shake.
“Do you know what you’re getting”, Kay asked. “Is it nasty” she said smiling at Kay “No but it is good for you”, Kay laughed. “Sounds like heaven then”.
As they sat catching up Michael joined them putting Kay’s legs across his legs and rubbing her ankles. “I tell you Liz I am so stir crazy, I swear I am about to go nuts”.
Liz looked at Michael smiling at her he jumped up “I’ll make the calls”. Kay looked at them confused “Where are we going”. “Shopping” they replied together.
Michael had arranged for them to go to the mall after it closed down, to Kay’s utter delight. They walked so much Kay’s ankles were swollen to the point of hurting, but it was worth it, the thrill of getting out more than made up for some small discomfort. Liz bought so many baby items for her, Kay swore they would need a huge truck to deliver it all.
Michael was thrilling the people who had to stay late, by signing autographs and taking pictures with them. Bobby seem stressed out too much, constantly talking into his radio, while Teddy made sure she had no falls, following her around like a puppy.
Kay watched as Bobby whispered to Michael, seeing his frown, she knew there was a problem before they reached them. “Sorry ladies we need to go”, Michael said taking her arm. The pace at which they moved was too quick for her and Liz “Slow down” she begged them.
Catching up to them the manger panting from running to catch them said “The car is coming up front, can’t go out through the garage”. “Okay”, Michael answered turning to them “Ladies we have been discovered, and there is quite the crowd outside….so we need to hurry and get to the car out front……Liz, Bobby will get you in and Teddy will take Kay……I’ll hang back and keep their attention…..Tommy and John are with me……Is everyone clear?” he finished. Everyone nodded their agreement as they made it to the front door.
Kay gasped at the huge crowd staring back at them through the door; cameras were flashing blinding her eyes. Michael kissed her forehead “it’s okay” he said trying to assure her. “Damn reporters had to have tipped them off”, Michael swore.
Police blocked the streets and started clearing them a line to the car, Kay breathed in a sigh of relief. Bobby took Liz’s arm and they made their way out, right before they reached the waiting car.
Michael grasped her hand “Let stay together he called to her over the roar of the crowd. Making their way through the crowd Kay could hear Michael begging people to move back, suddenly his hand left hers as he was pulled farther down the line closer to the doors again. She released the air in her lungs she had been holding as she neared the car on her own, luckily the fans were more concerned to see Michael and let her go. Bobby threw the door and jumped out to retrieve her.
What seemed like minutes flew by in precious seconds. Kay heard Teddy call her name and she turned to find him as two shot ran out, Bobby flew out of the car and pushed her to the ground covering her body with his. She screamed out in pain as it rocked through her entire body, she heard another shot and Michael screaming her name then there was nothing but blackness. Sweet darkness took her pain away and she welcomed it.

Chapter 6:

“I have a new song for you, want to hear it, tell me what you think; your love is magical that’s how I feel, but when I’m in your presence I’m a loss for words”.

“Kay who are you listening to now”.
“It’s Michael me maw from the Jackson 5, they have a new song, isn’t it just dreamy, he has the best voice, so cute and talented. You know I am going to grow up and marry that boy”.
Her grandmother turned to her “well if he ever meets you then how can he not help but love you”.
“Totally” Kay sighed “I will met him someday, Mr. Crow says I sing just like him, did I tell you that?”
“Yes dear, I heard you sing you have a God giving talent, it is an instrument to be used to glorify the Lord, not for rock and roll”, her grandmother reminded her.
“Yes me maw”.

You know I love you, can you hear me talking to you? Can you open your eyes and look at me? Why won’t she wake up?

“Me maw what’s wrong with her”, Kay whispered to her grandmother. “Why won’t she just wake up?”
“She will when the dream has ended, the spirits will decide if she is to come back to us, we must listen to our grandfathers voice and direction, if it is to be it will be”
“But she is so young; we could give the spirits gifts for her offer an offering to them, like they did when you were a child”
“Shhh Kay, your grandfather must not hear that kind of talk”
“He says in the church God gives us miracles right”
“Yes child”
“Then can we pray?”
“Yes let us offer a prayer for her”.

How is she?
No change.
You should take a break get some sleep.
No I have to be here when she wakes up, did you check on Bobby?
Yes no change as well.

“Aren’t you a pretty girl?”
“I ain’t supposed to talk to strangers.”
“But we are not strangers are we, I know you Kay, my name is Bobby, do you not remember me?”
“You have to go back”,
“Please, I need you too.”
“Me maw”, Kay screamed.
“Come to me child, now, I’ll keep you safe”. Grandmother whispered, and Kay ran into her arms.

Seems like I am always waiting on you, okay I wait some more. So what do we do now

Chapter 7:

“I simply forbid it” her grandfather yelled “no grandchild of mine is going to watch heathens dance around a circle”.
“Please, it is so beautiful, their costumes are so pretty”.
“No, end of story I said”.
“Why does me maw get to go and not me”.
“It is part of who she is and who she always will be”.
“Then I have a part too”
“No you are christen, we do not act like this in public, think of what people would say”.
“It’s not fair”, Kay screamed as she ran outside.

It’s not fair is it? I blame myself. I should have never taken you out that day and everything would be normal. “Oh baby give me one more chance……won’t you please let me”. You think she hears me?
Sure she does.
I want you back.

“Turn that rock music off” her grandfather yelled “I told you it is not right”.
“But I like it and me maw said its okay”.
“It is devil music and I will not have it in my house”.
“Benjamin, leave the girl alone”, “Do not encourage her Pearl”, “she is just a little girl”.
“Go play outside dear”, her grandmother asked of her.

Still no change in her I see. Bobby seems to be failing I think we will lose him.
I am sorry to hear that.

“Hey pretty girl”, Bobby called to her.
“Hi Bobby isn’t it?”
“See you remembered me”.
“Grandfather says it’s okay to talk to you, you seem nice enough”
“What about your grandmother?”
“Me maw says you will take me away from her”.
“I would never hurt you; it is my job to protect you”
“Are you an angel?”
“Kind of, yes, that’s it. I am your guardian angel”
“Okay then, wanta play?”
“I would love to play”.

So as soon as the baby gets here we are going to have many more, I want our house overflowing, they all will look like their mommy. Long dark hair, I love your hair, it’s so soft. I love your temper; I love to see your eyes flash right before you attack. I love hearing about your grandparents, I bet their proud of you. We should talk more about them when you get better, perhaps we can go visit their graves, put some pretty flowers on them. Would you like that?

“Yes”…….. Kay say it again, please talk to me again. What did I say? Your flowers do you want them, the garden? Was it the hair….that temper? Your grandparents…….. “Yes” ……….Are you with them?................... “Yes”………….. Are they taking good care of you my love?.......................... “Yes”………………Who am I?...................... “Michael”……….. Come home soon, promise, Kay do you promise me, you’ll come back to me?................ “Yes”………... He bowed his head and began to cry.

“Please don’t cry me maw”, Kay said hugging her “I’ll come back”.
“No you can’t come back”.
“Sure I can”
“No you can’t Kay the dream is near its end"

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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty
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Chapter 8;

The rest of the night they spent watching television, making plans, laughing together. Finally they fell asleep together side by side. The alarm sounded much too early, Kay leaned over Michael to shut it off, his arms slid around her in a morning hug. Kay laid her head on his chest and smiled, soon she would be his wife, and the thought filled her with happiness. Michael played with her hair “You going to get in a shower”, he asked. Groaning Kay slid out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. She hurried and got ready only to return to her room to find it was empty ‘where did he go’ she thought and went in search of him.
Coming downstairs she heard Katherine say “But she is so young, are you sure”. “Positive” Michael responded “I love her; you know she loves me, I am giving her plenty of time to think about it…we’re not rushing into it”. You two haven’t… you know….you didn’t”, his mother said worry sounding in her voice. “Never in your house mother, I have respect too much to you for that” Michael countered “Only after we are married”. “Well then I wish you both, happiness”, she said jumping up to hug her son. “I love you so”, “And I love you mother”.
Kay cleared her throat to let them know she was in the area. “Here she is”, Michael said holding his hand out to her. Katherine gathered her into her arms “I am so happy for you both….we will have so much fun making plans, when you get back”. “Nope, that won’t work, we have to get married the day she gets back”, Michael said smiling at her. “Oh my goodness, what are we going to do then”, Katherine fussed. “I’ll make the plans with you” Michael said. “Really are you going to try on the dress and all the girlie stuff as well”, she countered. “So we will join them on the road from time to time”, he countered. Katherine smiled “Oh I can’t wait, don’t you worry we will figure out all the details”.
Saying good-bye was harder than she thought; his family had taken the news with hardly any surprise at all, all of them wishing them the best. His brother’s teased them a bit, but all in all seemed thrilled she would join the family in the end. Michael has promised to get her ring to her soon, meaning he would join them shortly on the road, he just didn’t say when. Katherine made it her mission to start taking to designers to build her the perfect wedding gown, they would come meet with her at some point when they returned to the states during the tour.
The tour would start off in Australia and motor then all over the world, Kay was looking forward to seeing new parts of the world, but then it would be better if he were coming. She held him tightly afraid to let go “I won’t say good-bye” she said to him.
“Never, let’s say see you soon, I’ll join you here and there all the time, you’ll get sick of me”. Kay’s heart leaped as Michael bent down to kiss her lips; he placed a small kiss and leaned back up.
“Is that the best you can do”, Randy teased.
“Here Mike let me show you how it’s done”, Marlon offered.
Kay smiled “That was a bit weak”, “Weak, really” Michael counter grapping her back into his arms he placed a kiss on her that left her knees weak, his tongue explored her mouth as they held tightly to each other. Yells of encouragement fueled by his brothers, Michael gripped her bottom as well.
“Oh hell”, Joe said coming to the car “Get a room”.
Ending their kiss Michael smiled “Soon baby girl, soon”. Michael placed her in the car which was good, she suddenly knew what weak truly meant,

Chapter 9;

Their tour was going smoothly the boys were having a blast, fights were at an all time low, she had talked to Michael almost every night on the phone, she worried about how much the calls were costing him, since sometimes they would fall asleep still on the line to each other. Michael would laugh when she asked him such ‘silly things’, he could handle the cost not for her not to worry was his response. Nights she didn’t hear from him left her sad, but then he was busy working on his new album “Dangerous” was the title, and she would giggle he didn’t seem so dangerous to her, but she wanted him to be.
She longed to hold him in her arms and touch his beautiful face. Michael would remind her “Had you meant me when I was your age you would have thought I was ugly”, he had put that picture in her locket to show her that very fact. Kay would stare at it and think ‘he was not ugly; his kindness still showed in his eyes, his smile still unmistakable, I would have still loved him, he was still beautiful’.
Tomorrow they would end their overseas tour in London; they had a press conference that morning. Kay usually did not go with them, this time Joe insisted. She was making quite a name for herself, their crowd was filled with the usual Jackson fans, but they also had a new supply of gentlemen coming just for her. She laughed never had she been asked for her hand in marriage so much, the fun was meeting them all, they were all so nice and sweet to her, she never minded signing autographs and posing for pictures.
“The fans support us, always have” Jermaine told her “But the press, you got to watch them, they like to twist everything”. Kay knew this from talking to Michael; they made up such stupid stories about him. ‘Well they won’t get me’, Kay vowed. They had decided it was not the right time to announce their engagement, Michael would make that decision, and all she had to do was talk about the music. “I can do that” she said.
The next morning found them sitting behind a large table. Kay sat between Marlon and Randy, they made her feel safe. The room was packed with press and they were recording and snapping pictures, trying to get their questions answered before it even began. Kay was nervous and scared, it was so overwhelming. Randy smiled at her and whispered “It never changes”.
“First off let me say on behave of the Jackson family, we are pleased to be here in London”, Joe began. “We will answer questions in a calm order, if it is not your turn please don’t shout then out” Mixed in this crowd they had members of the road crew trying to keep things in order.
Most of the questions were able to be answered by the boys, for that Kay was grateful. “This one is for the newest member, Good morning Kay”, “Morning”, Kay responded sitting up closer to the microphone “I wanted to know, how it feels to be a part of the Jackson history”, “I am in awe of these boys, they work so hard, they have taught me so much, it has been a wonderful adventure and I love every moment of it”.
“This is to Kay as well” another reporter began “Any special fellows in your life right now”. Kay blushed “Not yet, I’m still young and looking” Kay added with a wink. The reporter blushed and the room chuckled Kay sat back pleased.
They moved back to the boys and Kay was grateful again. Marlon was asked what he thought of her, “She is a special girl” he said holding her hand “We are so lucky to have found her, we think of her like a kid sister”, cameras flashed.
“Kay you must get lonely hanging out with all these guys”, “No they are fun, we kid around and like Marlon said they treat like they do their sisters, I adore them all”. Over and over the questions came till finally they were satisfied, Kay had never been happier to escape back to her room, she needed a nap.
The phone ringing a few hours later awoke her, she answered to find Michael on the other end. “Marlon are you serious…..why are you holding his hand and staring at his face……something going on there I need to know about”, he was almost screaming in her ear. “What are you talking about”, she countered back. “It’s all over the news, their talking about this special romance between you two……I warned you how they could be”, Michael continued. “Stop”, she screamed back “I would never betray you…..you can’t believe this crap…you know the media…Oh my god your jealous…..Michael Jackson heart stopping Michael is jealous of little o me…..I’m overwhelmed and speechless” Kay said.
The knock at the door sounded, she opened it to see Marlon standing there with a newspaper in his hand “I heard” she said handing him the phone “It’s Michael, tell him I am done talking to him till he sees reason”, Kay handed him the phone and stalked off to the shower.
The shower did little to calm her, coming back into the room Marlon was laying on the bed laughing into the phone. Whatever he said to Michael had made it okay, she however was not so calm, “yeah she’s out, looking pissed……ummmm yellow….hahahaha, no you got to do that…no way man…. Millions wouldn’t be enough……I love you too” Marlon said. He walked over to Kay “I did my part, he is thinking again with his head again, you two need to talk”, Marlon added as he walked out laughing. Kay walked over to the receiver and slammed the phone down as hard as she could ‘talk to that’ she said angrily.

Chapter 10;

New York city, how beautiful, so busy and so many people, checking in Kay left instructions ‘No calls to her room, absolutely no one’, she was still pissed at Michael and he would not get away with his distrust of her so easy. Katherine met them by dinner and was a buzz of all the plans already made ‘Michael hadn’t cancelled the wedding yet’, in the morning Katherine had them a meeting with a designer, he was perfect she insisted. “Yeah sounds great” Kay murmured. Kay was moody and not many knew why, just Marlon and he was not going to say anything. He kept her secret and for that Kay loved him more, the other assumed it was just ‘that time of the month’.
Excusing herself she headed for her room, again she found herself walking into a room lit up with candles; she groaned “Come out of where your hiding Michael……candles can’t fix anything”. Slipping her arms around her waist from behind, he surprised her, he had followed her in the room “Maybe this will”, he said as he spun her around and crushed her lips in a kiss.
Kay’s anger melted away, he felt so good pressed against her, she found herself pulling him closer ‘yes that will’ she thought as she allowed him to press her against the wall. He used the wall to lift her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, running her hands through his hair, demanding all he would give her. Their tongues danced together, and the room spun out of control to her, she held on tightly. “You need to tell me to stop”, Michael warned her.
“Like hell I will….you don’t have that option tonight”, she groaned back.
Groaning deep in his throat Michael carried her to the bed and tossed her on it. He strolled across her room and added the Do not disturb sign to the outside of the door and shut and locked it firmly “Last chance to change your mind” he said as he looked at her.
Kay stood on her knees in the middle of the bed holding her arms out in front of her and made the motion with her fingers of ‘come on’, he strolled back to the bed and pulled her up to him. “You have been a bad girl” he whispered “Spank me” she challenged. Her arms flew around his neck and pulled him down on top of her, his lips searched hers out and the kiss would seal the promise. ‘Shamone’ he thought.

Chapter 11;

Kay could not believe his hands could be in so many places at once, she could fell them running in her hair, down her face, on her chest squeezing her breasts. Her mind was floating in a cloud she never wanted to come down from. His tongue would battle with hers then run down her neck; she licked and bit on his neck when his lips moved from hers. Pulling her to a sitting position he pulled her shirt over her head, she responded by removing his as well as they looked into each other’s eyes, slowly his hands slid behind her back and released her breasts from their bondage, he laid her back on the bed and his mouth sought out her breasts, teasing and sucking them into hard peaks making sure to show them both the attention they craved.
Kay moaned and rubbed his shoulders, his mouth moved down her stomach till it reached her navel, he pushed his tongue in the small hole and Kay gasped. She could feel him begin to unzip her pants moving to a kneeling between her legs he lifted her hips to remove them. He fell to her side and began kissing her wildly, she rolled to face him pulling him tight, and the feel of his skin on her breasts was more than she could ever explain.
She rubbed her hand against the hardness between his legs, he groaned in her mouth taking a sharp breath. Excited by his response she rose above him and unzipped his pants as well, pulling them down his legs like she saw him do, she was surprised to find there was no underwear to keep her from seeing his manhood. Shocked at the size staring back at her Michael smiled at her reaction “Touch me” he demanded, placing her hand around his shaft. Slowly he instructed her how to move her hand slowly up and down the length, she enjoyed watching his face as he threw his head back in wild abandonment, he moaned and moved his hips against her hand, and she was thrilled she had invoked such a response from him. “Kiss me” he begged pulling her back on top of him.
He rolled her to her back and started licking her body again, lower and lower his head would move, till he reached her womanhood throbbing with desire for him. Easily he slid her panties off her hips and his mouth sought out the target he so wanted to taste.
Shock shot through Kay’s body as his mouth took her clitoris in his mouth gentle gave it a little suck, her hands found his head to pull him away but his pinned them to her sides. He continued his assault on her, licking, biting, sucking, as her hips began to move in a rhythm she didn’t know she had in her. He released her hands and she dug them in his hair as she ground her hips in his face. He easily matched her thrusts driving her wild with pleasure, his finger entered her wet waiting pussy, and she gasped at the feeling this move had brought her to.
Her head began to toss back and forth, he continued to move his finger in and out and licking her, and he drove her near the edge of reason, she cried out as she reach her first orgasm, her legs shook, and the room spun.
Releasing his grip on her Michael rose above between her legs; slowly he entered her welcome wetness, her breath caught in her throat as pain ripped through her body. Michael froze “just relax I don’t want it to hurt you”, he whispered. He stayed buried deep within her, it was so hard not to move, her pussy was so tight as it pressed against him.
He began kissing her to take her mind back to where it was. He moved to her breast and her hips began to move against him again, slowly he started to move, kissing her deeply as he held her close. The pain had began to diminish and her groans became louder, she griped his buttocks and matched the slow pace he had begun, demanding more she began to throw her hips higher, she wanted more, she wanted all of him. He began to force himself in more stretching her inner walls open more for him, she grasped at the soft pain as it turned into a fire she needed him to quench.
His hip began to move faster as he drove inside her harder, her legs were on fire, and the room began to spin again, she cried out as again she reached her peak, her muscles contracted around his penis, he groaned and shoved himself deeply inside her, his seed spilled as he came with her, collapsing on top of her.
Kay wrapped her arms around his back and smiled in his neck “wow” she whispered. Michael rolled to her side and gathered her close, “Still mad at me”, he asked. “Was I mad…. I don’t remember that”, she said. “Must have been someone else”, he returned. “Yup” she said yawning. There they lay until the morning, holding each other.

Chapter 12;

“Open this door right this minute” Katherine said as she pounded on it.
Michael and Kay’s eyes opened immediately “Oh shit” they both said. Kay grasped clothes and headed to the bathroom. “Coward”, he hissed after her. Quickly he dressed throwing the blanket off to the side to cover up evidence of their love making the night before. “Coming” he called to the closed door.
Michael smiled at his mother as she strolled in, taking in the room, to his horror she was accompanied by his father as well as his brothers. “Jesus…what the hell”, he started. “Watch your mouth”, she reprimanded. Michael closed the door behind his family and sunk in the chair. His brother’s faces said it all, they were caught red handed. ‘How embarrassing is this’, he thought to himself. He snapped to attention when he mother demanded “Where is Kay”, he pointed to the bathroom, his brothers snickered ‘this was priceless’. “Kay”, Katherine said as she knocked on the door “I want to talk to you now, open the door and let me in”, Kay unlocked it and stood back as Katherine entered.
“You dog”, Jermaine said smiling at his younger brother.
Michael held up his hands, “Please not you guys too…this is bad enough okay”
“I got to know”, Marlon said “Is she still mad at you”. They all bust into laughter.
“No way, she forgave him”, Randy added.
“After he got his spanking”, Tito added. His world threw more laughter around the room.
Michael covered his face with embarrassment “Please don’t do this”.
Joe came to his rescue “Knock it off, go find something else to do”, the brothers whined but left the room after protests. “It’s okay, their gone”, he informed Michael. Michael looked up to his father gratefully “Thank you” he added. “She’s okay right”, Joe said looking concerned. Michael nodded, “Okay then, see you later”, he said and walked to the door, he reached out to Michael on the chair and gave his shoulder a squeeze before walking out.
Katherine drilled Kay “He didn’t hurt you too bad did he”, “No, he was gentle”, “I should have talked to you before now, I blame myself”, “it’s not your fault”, “Did he use protection”, “I don’t think so”, “Oh my Lord…we have to get you on something today…I’ll call a doctor and make an appointment”. Kay was confused “Why..I’m not sick”. “What if your pregnant now”, Katherine said. Kay smiled at the ground that never crossed her mind ‘Michael’s baby’ the thought made her happy “Would they tell me today, if I was”. Katherine took a deep breath “No child it takes months to find out for sure, I am talking about birth control to keep it from happening”. Isn’t that our decision to make”, she countered. “Oh my god Michael”, she screamed throwing open the door. Kay followed her in the room surprised to find him alone in the room.
“Tell me you used protection with this child”, she screamed at him. Michael shook his head no. “I thought you were smarter than that….she’s still a child”, “I am not”, Kay piped up defending herself. Katherine rounded on her “Just because you turned 18 does not make you a woman”, “I know that” Kay said softly “Last night did”, and tears began to form in her eyes. Last night was beautiful and they were ruining it for her. Michael jumped to her side seeing her tears “Stop it mother, stop it now…enough”. Katherine’s mouth fell open, Michael never yelled at her, she cleared her throat, “What if she is carrying you baby right now”, she added softly “The wedding is six months away……I’m sorry I just don’t want another grandchild born out of wedlock”. Michael understood his mother’s plea “Then we just move it up, we do it as soon as possible”. Katherine smiled “Congratulation then, I’m happy for you both”. She kissed Kay on the cheek and left them to themselves. “Morning baby”, Michael said. Kay let out a breath she had been holding “Wow Michael your life is never dull”. Laughing he walked across the room coming back to her side he held out a small box “Here’s your ring”, he said. “Wow how romantic” she said drily. Michael fell to one knee “Kay baby will you marry me”. Kay laughed “That’s better”

Chapter 13;

The rest of the tour continued, Michael and Kay decided not to get married yet, if it were to be that she was pregnant then they would elope. Katherine seemed to accept this answer and the wedding plans continued. Kay was sad to learn she was in fact not with child, and Michael promised her their house would be so full of kids after they were married. He had moved into Neverland, she would join him there after their marriage, Katherine insisted. Michael talked their new home up to Kay; she was delighted to think of their dreamy retreat from the real world. They would share their lives with children around the world, helping those who were sick, making a difference in the lives of children who needed them; Michael always had a special place in his heart for them as she held in hers as well. They were going to make this world a better place. All children deserved the chance to be themselves, to keep magic in their hearts; they deserved the chance to be themselves.
The media continued spreading the horrible lies about her, making her seem like some whore. Michael continued to hear he was weird because of his love of people. They even had an awful pet name they used for him; Kay fumed every time she heard it. If one of them ever said it to her face she knew she would beat the crap out of them. ‘Why do they spread such lies’ she thought. No longer did she grant interviews to them, and the rumors grew more every day. The fans as always showed the family their love; they promised they would never believe such slander. For that Kay was so impressed in them. Michael always said he had the greatest fans in the world. He was right, they were always so supportive. The tour ended tonight in California, they were home, and Kay could feel freedom beckon to her. ‘Soon she would run away to Neverland, no one could ever hurt her there, it was magical and it was perfect’. She dreamed of a life in the story books, they would live happily ever after far, far away.
The concert went smoothly; the fans as usual danced and sang with them, their screams echoed in the arena. Kay played around and danced enjoying their time with the fans. Finally it was time for their last song. I’ll be there began to play, and Kay began her part, the crowd screamed and sang along with her. Kay waited for Jermaine to finish his part, suddenly she realized her microphone had been turned off, panicked see looked over to Marlon, he put his finger to his lips and told her shhhhhhh and motioned for her to come to him.
‘What the hell’, The spotlight shot to the left of the stage and Michael strolled out singing “Let me feel your heart with joy and laughter, Togetherness well it’s all I’m after, whenever you need me I’ll be there” Kay stepped back into the line with his brothers singing the backup lines.
The crowd lost their minds; he was dressed like a golden god, shining as the lights played off it. ‘Where do you get gold pants’, Kay said to herself smiling at him.
As Jermaine did his part again, Michael began hugging them all, “Nice outfit” she whispered in his ear as he held her, “The ladies seem to like them”, he laughed.
He walked back to the front and shared a hug with Jermaine as well. As the song ended Michael bowed to the fans walking along the stage blowing kisses. “Give it up to the Jackson’s”, he screamed. “Jackie, Marlon, Randy, Jermaine, Tito, and Kay”, we stepped to stand beside Michael as we were introduced, he had stole the show, and no one minded at all.
They all stood in a line bowing and sending love back to the audience. “Okay shhh” Michael said laughing “I have something I want to tell you”, screams of I love you reached his ears “I love you more” the crowd finally calmed down. “I love you all so much” he said looking to his brothers, “and I love you too” he said throwing his arm at the crowd. More screams erupted, it took awhile for them to calm down, and Kay had never seen anything like it. “Shhhhh” he said laughing, it was hard for him to speak between the roaring of the fans.
“I want to say…..I want you all to know something tonight……First off I am so proud to call these guys my family….we have been through a lot…… and I never want you to forget how much I have learned from you……. and how greatly you inspire me…….Secondly I want to say…… I have met a special girl…….and in a week she will be my wife…….she is an amazing woman…….a gift from up above……And I hope you will continue to love her as much as I do……..Kay” he said turning to her and holding out his hand.
Kay moved forward and gripped it tightly; he pulled her to his side. “I never in my wildest dreams…….would have thought……when I was training a replacement for myself …… to work with brothers……I was going to fall in love with her as well…….. She is my soul…….She is my light…….she is my heart”.
Tears streamed down Kay’s face, he took her face in his hands and lifted her face “I love you”, “I love you more” she said in a bare whisper, right before his lips came down to claim hers.
Marlon took his microphone as they stood in each other’s arms. The crowd screamed their approval “Michael and Kay Jackson everyone”, he said. The lights faded and they left the stage.
The band members all wishes them well, lots of congratulations and tears. They had grown to love the family; it was a beautiful ending, and the start of a wonderful beginning. Kay studied Michael as he kept a protective arm around her waist, she couldn’t help running a hand over the silky gold pants that hugged his behind so closely.
“I feel that”, he teased her “I would hope so, there is not much in these, is there?” she giggled. “Oh there’s something in there, wanna see”, he said winking at her. “As much as I want to peal those off you right now, I will have to ask you to just wait and bring them along”, she said. “Bring them” he asked looking at her confused. “Yes, pack them and bring them on our honeymoon, use your imagination for the rest”. “Promise?” he asked. “Oh yeah”, she added kissing his lips.

January 30, 1990
Chapter 14;

Kay stood being fussed over, her dress turned out superb, off the shoulders, embroidered pearls in the sleeves, she loved the silky feel against her body, it was perfect. White flowers fit in her hair and curls escaped to hang around her neck and face. She looked like she stepped out of a story tale. Michaels sister’s dressed in deep purple dresses would stand beside her this day, Liz was her matron of honor and was dressed in an off white gown, glowing in her direction she showed her approval, “I never would have dreamed”, she said.
Michael had taken it upon himself to fill her in the day Kay left on the tour, he had to tell someone. A knock sounded at the door and the girls jumped to cover her, in case. Marlon poked his head in “Just me”, he called. “Are we ready, I know that groom is”, Kay stood and Marlon let out a sharp breath “WOW! You look great”, he moved and placed a kiss on her cheek, lowered her veil, and offered her his arm.
They slowly moved down the stairs of Neverland making their way to the gardens out back, the music began as if on cue, and Michael’s sister started down the aisle. They smiled at their brothers standing up front. Liz turned and handed Kay her flowers, white roses tied with a purple sash, “Make sure you throw those at me later”, Liz said and then she started down the aisle.
Michael met her and kissed her cheek placing her in her position. The wedding march started and everyone stood at attention, all eyes moved to the doors leading to the house. Marlon swung the doors open and took Kay’s arm in his again. “One last chance to run”, he teased. “Only if it’s in that direction”, she said smiling toward Michael waiting up front.
Slowly they made their way up front the boys had all dressed in dark tuxedo’s with dark purple ties, all but Michael that is, he choose and black costume you might expect to see in a fairly tale as well. Long gold chains attached to the shoulders, made him appear like a prince. They reached the end of the isle and Joseph and Katherine stepped forward to pull her veil up and kiss her cheek, lowering it back in place, they began “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today, to join this man and woman in holy matrimony, if anyone sees any reason for them not to be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace” Kay waited daring someone to say anything “Who gives this woman to this man” “We do” Katherine and Joseph said. Michael took his cue and took her hand from his parents; pulling her beside him they faced each other.
Kay could not remember the rest of the words as she looked into his eyes, her hands shook in his and he covered them and gave them a small squeeze. She answered her questions promising to love and honor his till death did them part. Finally he was told he could kiss her, like a scene in a movie, Michael pulled her veil back and slowly his lips met hers, she quivered beneath him and he held her tightly in his arms kissing her passionately.
“Enough already”, Liz whispered beside them, lost in their special moment, they had forgotten how long they were taking. Michael broke the kiss to pull her to his side to the crowds delight. “Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Jackson”.
Kay smiled up at him as a shiver claimed her again, “Cold”; he said looking down at her. “No”, she said smiling at him “I was thinking about those gold pants”.

The end, or is it?
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Chapter 1: January 30, 1989 16th annual American Music Awards

The screams from behind the curtain were deafening. Kay could not believe she was about to head out on that stage, maybe it was all a dream. For the last two year she had been practicing so hard for this day. Her stomach felt queasy. “Oh my god what if I get out there and throw up” she said to herself. The music began to play, it was time.
“Let’s do it baby girl” Tito said to her.
“Keep your head down, no one can know till the end who you are” Jermaine reminded her.
“Let’s do it” she said as the curtain started to open.
The crowd erupted as they fell into the familiar dance moves America had grown to love. All but one seemed excited by the sight of the Jackson 5, and that one was Michael who sat in the front row watching intently. “You can do this baby girl, stay calm” he thought to himself.
He found himself taken back in time to the meeting of this young girl; it was hard to believe that was a few short years ago. She did learn quickly, she was a natural.
The music bumped and the girl took her place in the front of the stage. “When I had you to myself, I didn’t want you around, those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd”. Michael smiled, she was on fire, he loved surprises and already he could hear the murmurs of “Who is that”. “Soon people soon”, he thought as he found himself dancing right along with the rest of the crowd.
“I want you back”, the music stopped and the crowd applauded. “Clap your hands”, Kay yelled and the crowd followed along. They all started doing the familiar steps to ‘Stop the love you save’ and Kay let her voice sing to the back of the room. She was impressive, women were screaming.
“What a surprise they had coming to them” Michael laughed. The medley was an old Jackson favorite Michael still put in his own shows, his brothers looked so happy to be back on that stage, he was glad for them. How lucky they were to find this little miracle.
The music ended again and the chords to I’ll be there started, again the crowd lost their minds. “You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back, where there is loveeee, I’ll be there”, the screaming was insane.
Jermaine smiled as he stepped to do his part, God this felt so good, he looked at Michael and winked “I’ll be your strength, you know I’ll keep holding on” , the song continued and Kay started to tease the crowd, finally maybe they might see who was under that large fedora hat and glasses. Michael smile knowing it was his special gift to her. “Just call my nameeeeeeeeeeeeeee”, And I will be, IIIIII willlll beeeee (the glasses left her face) IIII willlllllll beeeeeee (the hat flew into the crowd and long dark hair fell around the face of the singer) THEREEEEEE!!!! , the Jacksons’ finished with her. OOOOO OOOO ooooohhhhhh.
The crowd was on its feet, screams echoed in the theater. Pushing her hair from her face Kay accepted the applause with the rest of the boys, bowing they left the stage.
The camera follows Eddie Murphy as he came out on stage to give Michael the Award of Achievement (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ush__7J5g4w & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsifCQEFoNg&NR=1).
Kay watched backstage with his brothers, and laughed as Eddie began to tease him. She loved to watch Michael looking so shy. People who knew him learned he was quite the trickster, Kay had been on the receiving end for the last two year, and he teased her all the time. She finally found one secret weapon against him, in one month he would learn she wasn’t playing with him, she was serious. Kay was totally in love with Michael, not a crush, no this was something more.
It was so hard to hide from him how she felt, but after she told Janet in confidence it seemed to spread through the rest of the family. Yes the boys had quite a laugh teasing him about her, but after a few months Kay finally said it out loud to him. When she turned 18 Michael was going to see how serious she was about him.
Her mind raced bad to the day in the studio when she listened to the finished Bad album with him. “This one I thought of you” he said “You are an inspiration”. The way you make me feel played, Kay thought it was a great song. She looked in his eyes, ‘was he teasing her again, maybe her hormones were running wild. Oh my, that smile did know how to melt you didn’t it.
He leaned towards her and she caught her breath ‘Is he going to kiss me’ her mind race wildly. His lips reached her forehead and planted a big smack there.
Kay had never been so disappointed in her entire life. ‘What the hell’, she thought. As he pulled back smiling she looked into his eyes and whispered “One day Mr. Jackson I will torture you, then you learn how this just made me feel”.
He threw back his head and laughed, “And one day, when your old enough, I might just let you”
Jermaine whispered something in her ear snapping her back to the present. “What sorry, it is just so loud in here”.
Marlon laughed “Come on little sis it’s time to go introduce you to the reporters, he’ll be at the house later”.
She wanted to stay Michael was going to sing later as well. Sighing she followed the rest of the boys to an eager awaiting public unveiling of her. “God I wish this was over already” she said to no one in particular.
Kay has been singing since she was four, it came natural for her. Being raise in a christen family she was not exposed to rock and roll music till a music teacher in fifth grade played them Rocking Robin. The Jackson 5 were so amazing to Kay, but that lead voice spoke to her. They performed the song in the talent show that year winning first place, Kay in the lead.
Something was so similar about her and Michael’s voice; if you just closed your eyes you would think you were hearing a young Michael Jackson. Her music teacher encouraged her and introduced her to more of their music.
Kay entered a lot of local talent shows, but at the age of 15 _word got back around to Joe Jackson, he came and heard her and the rest as they say was history. Michael wanted to be a solo artist and Kay was his ticket out, he hated to disappoint his brother, but he need to fly on his own. Michael made sure he taught her all the steps, hired her singing coaches, tutors for her school work, and to her dismay was the first one to remind her ‘It had to be perfect’. She became his mission for over a year.
Even though she loved working so closely with him, he could be trying at times. Now it worried her would she ever see him again. The tour with the rest of the family started in March, he was also moving out to his own home. She didn’t know if she could be without him, he had welcomed her so quickly in the family and included her in everything. He thought he was treating her like a sister, but Kay wanted to believe that just maybe there might be a place in his heart for her forever, she did not ask, nor did she want to be his little sister.
The car pulled up to the Encino home, Kay lagged behind. Opening the door and walking in she caught the unmistakable smell of fried chicken, her stomach growled. Most of the family followed a vegetarian diet, Kay hated vegetables. Since it was her big night they made sure to make the dinner after special.
Michael would complain but Kay knew deep down chicken was his one indulgences. “Eat it, eat it” she would laugh and sing at him, that Weird Al guy was so funny.
Snapping back Kay got caught up in a hug first from La Toya then Katherine, “You were great honey” said Katherine.
“It was awesome” La Toya added. “Thanks” Kay mumbled.
Grapping a plate Kay found Joe in the kitchen “I knew you would be able to pull it off” Joe said.
“It was fun, I was so nervous”, she replied.
“You looked great, you all did well”, Joe said as he walked into the dinning room.
Kay made her plate but went out instead to the patio. The younger children were eating out here and Kay loved to be around them. They all said a big hello and told her they loved watching her on the television. Kay smiled, to be young again. Why did she suddenly feel so old?
Finishing her dinner Kay headed to the one place she loved most, the recording studio. Sitting down at the piano Kay threw herself into working on the cords to the tune that could not seem to leave her head. Soon she would add more to the words, it was for Michael, and she hoped he would like it.
Engrossed in her work she never heard the footsteps behind her. Hands fell over her eyes “Guess who” the voice teased.
“Humm would it be that smelly boy who loves to torment me”, she replied.
“Hey now it’s all with love”, Michael said appearing hurt.
“I know”, she quickly replied not wanting him to be mad at her.
Michael studied her face; something was different about her tonight. “I was so proud of you, I bet the ladies were disappointed to learn you were in fact one of them” he said.
Smiling back Kay said sarcastically “They always have your brother to fall back on”.
“Now that you mentioned that I want to warn you, my brother get a little, shall I say wild on road trips”, he returned.
“Not with me they don’t, I would hate to hurt them”, she answered.
Michael always worried about her taking up with one of his brothers, did he not know he was all she wanted. “So was that my new song you were playing” he asked changing the subject.
“Yup” came the reply.
“Are you going to let me hear what you have so far”, he asked smiling sweetly at her. Michael knew a smile with Kay made her mind up faster than a demand, she was quite a little firecracker if you mad her angry, must have had something to do with that Irish-Cherokee temper. My but she had changed this past year, her dark hair was long almost touching that cute little behind of hers, hazel eyes almost yellow in the sunlight sometimes almost green then brown, you could read her mood by those eyes. Glancing down he watch her chest rise and fall while she made up her mind, those perky little breasts, he remembered how different they seemed last time everyone went swimming, she could fill out that two piece for sure now. Moving quickly back up to her face he looked at that cute little nose, moving on to her lips, ‘God’ he thought they were perfect. Sometimes he found himself wanting to taste them, ‘Damn stop it she is like a sister to you’ he knew she thought she was in love with him, but she was young in time she would come to see it was not meant to be. He was after all twelve years older than her, what would people think? He hoped nothing but the best for her, ‘maybe with the touring she will meet someone her own age’, the thought almost made him sad she was after all his baby girl.
“I don’t have much” the reply came forcing him back to her.
“So, give me an idea, if I like it I’ll help you add to it, we can be co-writers”, he said.
He sat beside her on the piano bench. Kay began nervously playing the opening lines. “This will sound better with more instruments”, she added.
“Got it” he said smiling into her eyes.
Kay’s heart fluttered. “There’s a place in your heart and I know that it is love, and this place could be much brighter than tomorrow, and if you really try you’ll find there’s no need to cry, in this place you’ll feel there’s no hurt or sorrow, There are ways to get there if you care enough for the living, make a little space to make a better place. Heal the world make it a better place”. Kay stopped running out of words, she glanced over at Michael.
His eyes were closed a smile hovered on his lips. “That is perfect Kay baby”, he said. “Can I work on it a bit more tonight; I’ll give it back in the morning”.
“Please, it would be an honor, if you want to change something go right ahead”, she answered back meekly. Truthfully if he changed one word she would kill him, but he already knew this.
Kay hugged him quickly then passed him her music and excused herself; suddenly she was just so tired.
Michael stared in amazement as she walked out of the room “Where the hell did that come from” he said as he stared at the music he now held in his hands. She was so amazing.

Chapter 2;

A hand roamed over her body, his kiss was crushing urgent in seeking out her lips. His tongue slipped between her lips, she moaned as it began to dance with her own. His body pressed her down on the bed, he broke his kiss and his tongue found its way down her neck, moving up to her ear, gently whispering words she couldn’t quite make out, her head was spinning a small moan escaped her lips again.
‘Come back to me, I need your help’ it whispered ‘anything my love, tell me what you want’, she whispered back ‘I want you to wake up’, the voice pleaded ‘I am awake, I am here with you, please don’t stop’ she moaned.
The voice became more stern “Kay…Kay I’m not playing wake up right now, I’ll throw water on you, I swear I will” the voice promised.
Kay’s eyes fluttered open surprised she caught sight of Michael standing above her beside her bed. He gave her a mocking smirk “Was it a nice dream honey”.
Filled with utter embarrassment she sat quickly up in bed “What time is it”? She asked.
“Four” he said smiling at her as he turned on the light.
“Four, this better be evening not morning, or I swear I am gonna kick your ass” she answered fuming.
Michael stepped back smiling at her, he held up his arms and moved his fingering in the sign of come on. He knew she was tired but he needed her help, besides she got a few hours of sleep already, he himself had yet to unwind. His eyes watched her judging her next move, Lord but she was pretty with that hair all wild from sleep, her eyes were a golden brown so he knew she was not going to be in a pleasant mood, she was not an early riser.
Kay launched herself off the bed at him, trying to knock him off his feet, he has anticipated this move catching her easily and pinning her hands by her sides before she could hit at him. She was only a little over five foot, he laughed because she was indeed a handful, she struggled to break free, to his utter delight and a giggle escaped his lips.
Pushing her back to the bed he quickly jumped on top of her straddling her with his long legs, forcing her arms above her head and holding her down pinning her to it.
Kay twisted beneath him cursing at him and threatens him with bodily harm if she was to get free. ‘I better sleep with my door locked today’ he thought to himself ‘Damn she is getting stronger’ he was having a hard time keeping her still. He adjusted his body to lie completely on top and suddenly her struggles stopped. Glancing down at her staring back up at him he noticed the tears coming to her eyes. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you”, he asked releasing her hands.
Kay cleared her throat “No…I just…umm..can you move.. please…I’ll behave” she begged.
Michael slid to her side and gathered her up in a hug; he never meant to make her cry; now it felt just horrible.
She sobbed into his shirt taking in the scent of him ‘damn why did I act like that’ she thought, he will never see me as more than a child carrying on like that. It was the hardest torture she had ever endured, here she was lying in his arms sobbing like a baby, when all she wanted to do was reach up and kiss that neck.
Michael held her as she cried, thinking it was from him hurting her; not knowing it was from her need to touch him. His hands ran up and down her back as he whispered in her ear “shhh it’s okay, don’t cry, I love you”.
‘I love you more’ she thought as she heard his words ‘so much more, why you can’t see that, notice me please’.
As her sobs calmed Michael raised her head by the chin to look at him, he reached down his fingers to her eyes and helped dry her tears, her tongue licked her lips to wet them, it did not go unnoticed by Michael, suddenly his mouth went dry, he should move, now, quickly, instead he stared at her, what was she thinking.
Kay’s heart leaped in her chest why was he just looking at her like that, ‘Oh my God he is looking at me like that’ her head screamed, she was afraid to move, not wanting this moment to ever end. Nervously she licked at her lips again, Michael’s breath caught in his throat, he had to know, He lowered his lips to hers brushing them lightly with his own, he heard her sharp intake of breath ringing in his ears as he traced her lips with his tongue, she opened her mouth to it and he slipped it inside the warmth of her mouth, her hand slid up behind his head pulling him closer ‘if this is another dream, may I never wake up from it’, she thought.
Their tongues danced together and he pulled it out and ran it over her lips one last time ending it with a quick peck on her lips.
Kay opened her eyes to the most beautiful smile she had ever seen “Good morning sunshine, go get ready and meet me in the studio” Michael said then he jumped up and strolled out of the room.
“What the hell were you thinking” Michael said to himself as he stomped to the studio. “She is a child, you took advantage”. Michael could kick himself had he no self control. He groaned thinking about the immediate pleasure he felt lying with her in his arm. She deserved more, she deserved better than him acting like one of his brothers. Turning on the lights he tried to figure out what he was going to say when she got there.
Kay stared at the door, “What the hell” she said aloud. Jumping up she ran to the shower, he was not getting away that easy. What a beautiful day.
Michael glanced up as he heard her enter the studio. She has taken a shower and pulled her wet hair up on top of her head, instead of the contacts she had the glasses on her face, and he smiled thinking she looked like a librarian. “Hi” he called to her, sitting beside him on the piano bench she smiled back “good morning to you as well”.
Clearing his throat Michael bushed “I need to apologize to you about what happened, I don’t know why I did that, there was no excuse to treat you like that… I don’t know what came over me; please don’t be mad at me”.
Kay’s heart sank he was apologizing to her for losing control, he didn’t mean for it to happen, was he crazy. She looked at him thinking about how to answer “It’s fine Michael, I am glad it happened, I wanted it to, but we can pretend for now it didn’t happen, one day we will look back and remember it fondly, but I am not sorry it did” she added “why am I awake”.
Michael smiled loving that she was going to act like nothing out of the ordinary happened. “The song I added more to it, and wanted to know what you thought”, Michael had finished the chorus and added another verse.
They spent hours going over it working it out. Michael stretched and moved from the seat walking around the room, his back was killing him and he was so sleepy.
Kay watched him from beneath her lashes she continued to play loving the sound of it ‘He was amazing words just flowed out of him’.
Turning to her Michael announced “that’s enough for now I need some sleep” he walked over and kissed her on top of her head, playfully pulling the clip from her hair and walked out laughing.
Kay quickly pulled her hair back up “you can try to sleep Michael, but I bet you have a hard time doing so” she smiled to herself, today was in fact a beautiful day.

Chapter 3;

“Can you just for once in your life listen to what someone else has to say”, Tito said his voice rising higher with every word
Jermaine counted with “When you’re ready to admit I am right as well, this isn’t always about you”.
Kay groaned this had been going on for over an hour, all she wanted to do was head for the house and go to bed, she was sore and tired and her head was pounding ‘why does Joe not stop this’ she thought.
Jackie looked over at here across the room making the sign of a cross against his chest, Kay smiled she knew he was going in.
“What the fuck is going on in here” she heard Joe boom as he came in the room, Jackie fell to his knees in an utter sign of gratefulness, Kay couldn’t help but giggle. “Why is there not music being played in here, your leaving in three days, I would think you wanted to make sure everything was prepared beforehand, God I can’t leave you alone for a second”, Joe continued to bellow.
Kay tuned him out as he was scaring her with his hateful presence; her mind began to drift off.
Over a month had flown by since that kiss from Michael, he had made himself scarce, he was hardly even home anymore, and it felt like he was avoiding her. She had blown it off pretending it meant nothing to him, but still he couldn’t seem to look her in the eyes anymore when he was home. He was as always polite saying hello and asking how the show was coming, but never again had he allowed them to be alone in the room alone anymore. Working on the song had become a passing of tapes recorded with ideas back and forth between them.
Her pager went off Kay glanced hoping it was from Michael, instead she was disappointed to see it was from Elizabeth instead, she was supposed to go there tonight, Elizabeth had a beauty night arranged for them, they were going to get their hair and nails done while they had some girl talk
Elizabeth Taylor was a good friend to Michael, and had been involved in Kay’s life since Michael introduced them a year ago, she felt a great comfort from Elizabeth she was a great mother figure. Elizabeth found herself in Kay, it was nice to mentor someone so sweet and innocent, and she would fix her up on dates with boys and help her with make-up and dressing tips, Kay could tell her almost anything, she had kept the Michael things to herself. They were good friends as well and she could not chance Liz might tell Michael anything right now. “I’ll be right back, I need to use the phone” Kay leaned over and whispered to Randy. He answered with a nod and she walked to the other room for some privacy.
Elizabeth answered herself taking Kay by surprise. “Baby girl you are still coming” she asked after the formal hellos were exchanged.
“I am looking forward to it, these boys have been trying today, all they have done for the last hour is fight” Kay said.
Liz laughed “that’s what boys do”, Kay sighed knowing Liz as always was right. After confirming what time she would head over Liz agreed and the conversation for now was over.
“Kay get the hell in here and let’s run through this from the top” Joe’s voice boomed. Finally she thought as she hurried to in the next room, Joe could be tough but he kept things running on time. The next three hours flew by, for that Kay was grateful. The show would start in three days and in two days Kay would celebrate her birthday, they had planned a party as a celebration for her birthday and a going away party as well, the whole family would attend, at least that is what Kay hoped.

Chapter 4;

Liz welcomed Kay with a big hug; she sank in her arms happy to feel some warmth. Breaking their embrace Liz leads her to the study, she showed Kay to a chair and poured her a glass of tea that she had waiting, and handed her the aspirin bottle. “Okay get yourself comfortable and spill all the details”, Liz said smiling at her.
Kay downed a few aspirins and smiled back, “I am just glad Joe finally got there, everyone is fighting about their ideas and their music and their way is better, drives me nuts, it ends up being the same as it always has been, Joe keeps it the same”, Kay said closing her eyes and sinking more into the chair.
“Oh well that is a problem, you know Michael always kept them so focused, he would even threaten to leave the show if they acted out”, Liz replied laughing to herself at the thought.
Kay returned “Well that is the difference between us I am not him, they wouldn’t care if I left, so I have no power over them, they are bigger than I could ever be”.
Liz threw back her head and laughed “Stand up” she insisted and Kay obliged “That’s part of your problem right there”, Kay looked at her confused “what do you mean”, “Your answer my dear should be “Why the fuck do you want me to stand up, I had a crappy day and I want to sit down” Liz explained “Grow some balls”.
Listening to Liz’s cussing cracked Kay up she laughed right along with her “Now how do I grow them, or do I steal a set” she laughed.
“Michael has always called you a firecracker, I don’t see it I see a meek lamb, who I love so much… so don’t take anything I say the wrong way…you got to learn you are special baby girl.. you do have power, without you there is no show…who’s going to sing lead, Michael won’t anymore…You sing the lead, you have to be the leader…if they don’t like it tell them to kiss your ass”, she said smiling sweetly.
“So when they fire me where am I going to go live, how do I make money to support myself, what do I become, who truly would I be”, she replied hopeless.
Liz smiled back “You become who you truly were all along… you are Kay…you can sing, write music, write songs, your beautiful, young, and you have your whole life ahead of you… and if you ever need a place to live you come stay with Auntie Liz” Liz said looking into her eyes. “The rest you will figure out on your own, but I’ll be there every step of the way with you my dear. Kay felt tears coming to her eyes she blinked them back, trying to stand strong, Liz stood and pulled her back in her arms “Your not Michael, your not a replacement…you are so special” she said as she patted her back. “Kathleen” Liz said using her full name to gather her attention “What are we going to do with this hair”.
Kay smiled “I am up for suggestions”, “Curls, you need curls and more body, some highlights would bring out those eyes”, Kay smiled and headed hand in hand with Elizabeth to the private pallor she had in her home ‘curls it is’.
Kay left late in the night, but she felt so beautiful, the hair Liz suggested looked fabulous on her. Quietly she made her way back into the house, everyone was asleep, or so she thought. Everyone was but the one who she walked right passed, Michael held his breath and sunk lower on the couch not to be noticed by her, he was grateful she had learned her way around by now and didn’t need the lights to guide her. He should have said hello he thought, but no this was better he had to make sure of what she wanted; she had to learn to stand without him.

Chapter 5;

Kay awoke the next morning feeling like a new woman, she spent extra time on her appearance and headed off for rehearsal, she knew she looked good, she felt a new power and today she would use it.
As she entered the rehearsal area, music stopped, every head turned in her direction except for one, Joe screamed without looking up from his notes “Your late, you better be on time from now on”. He added the last looking up and finishing his statement his mouth fell open “You do that last night, is that where you were”.
“Yes, Liz helped me out, do you like it”, Kay asked
“Yes you look all grown up, very nice, I can work with this, it will play up your image….. drive the boys wild”.
Kay smiled and bowed “Thank you”. She walked to the stage with cat calls from everyone in the room, the brother were looking her over and smiling.
“Damn you look hot”, Marlon said,
“Maybe you kissed a toad last night cause you look like a princess” Randy added.
“Wow, a day early isn’t it, your supposed to do this tomorrow”, Jermaine added.
“How are we supposed to get any work done”, Tito added as he pretended to faint and fell to her feet.
Jackie took her hand “Your microphone my queen”, “Okay enough… from the top opening number” Joe said getting them back on track.
Michael smiled from his hiding spot in the control room; she looked so great and handled the boys wonderfully. He had come to watch their final run through taking notes for Joseph. He found himself instead watching her every move. The dance steps were tough but she handled them with grace, every once in a while her shirt would sneak up revealing her stomach, sometimes a peak of the top of her breasts showing, he groaned and made a note ‘cover her up more, too much showing’, all in all the rehearsal went smoothly for the first hour, then Jackie missed a step making Marlon stumble and the first fight was on.
Kay groaned as they began arguing ‘Crap not today and not again”, Joe added his voice to the fight as two boys stood defiantly before their father. Everyone started scream how they were not putting up with this or that until Kay screamed into the microphone. The noise was deafening, ears cried for the noise to go away, everyone stopped to look at her. “Now that I have you attention” Kay started “I want you all to shut the fuck up and get back to work…..NOW”, “Baby girl”, Jackie started to say. “My name is Kay or Kathleen, baby is no longer allowed….and I strongly suggest you all fall back in line right now and let’s get this over with… I have plans” she added the last not knowing exactly why.
“Kay I got this, I don’t need attitude or diva acts from you too”, Joe said.
“Diva” Kay returned “Diva really, well let me teach you about a diva, from this day forward …I… I repeat…I am the leader of this group…. you will behave yourselves and act like professionals, or I am out of here…..Are WE clear”, she said.
Joe’s mouth fell open “Now listen here, we are making you, you listen to us” Jermaine said.
Kay spun to the left glaring him down “Fine you want to play that crap with me, then find someone else, I quit…have a great trip”, she added as she stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind her so hard it echoed in the hall. “What the fuck”, Joe said.
Michael couldn’t stop laughing as he headed down to the stage, this was priceless. “Good job” he said as he reached his brother’s.
“Michael” Joe began “you gotta help us calm her down, she has to go”.
Michael shook his head “Not this time guys, you made the mess you clean it up”.
If Michael wouldn’t help, Joe knew who would, running to the phone he called Katherine. By the time they made it home Katherine had calmed Kay, a meeting was called and apologies to Kay made and ground rules set Kay would travel with the group and they would leave in two days as planned. This time Kay had called the shots, and her “balls” were only getting bigger.

Chapter 6;

The house was decorated for the party, music filled the room for dancing, and Kay checked her appearance one last time in the mirror and headed down stairs. Dressing casual tonight she had on a pair of black dress pants with a deep purple button down silk shirt, the shirt had come from Liz as a present and Kay loved it, purple was her favorite color. Her wrist held her most prized possession a bracelet with golden heart and her birthstone, it was Michael’s gift to her on her 16th birthday, and she cherished it so, hardly taking it off. She loved how heavy it was and the jingle it made when she moved. She had pulled her hair on top of her head loosely, curls escaping to fall around her face perfectly. Make-up brought out the green hue to her eyes tonight and they danced and sparkled with merriment.
Looking around at all the guest Kay became star struck. The Jackson family knew a lot of people, and they had come to wish them a great concert. Kay’s stomach growled and she headed off to find food and look for Michael. Sitting with the children to eat, she smiled at the silly conversations back and forth between the cousins, they were so beautiful, and all of them had that Jackson look to them. There was no denying they belonged here. Kay couldn’t help but wonder where she was going to fit after they got done with the tour. “So why is he not coming”, “I don’t know dad said he was busy”. “Who’s not coming”, Kay asked “Uncle Michael” came the reply. Kay’s heart sank ‘But it’s my birthday, he has to come, he promised’.
The rest of the night passed with Kay being introduced to the guest, they even performed one song to the guests delight. Kay felt horrible her heart breaking more every hour ‘he really isn’t coming’. It was hard to make it through carrying a smile and listen to everyone, she wanted to run to her room and cry, she wanted to fall off the planet. She wanted, no she needed Michael.
Hours went by, she opened presents, smiled for pictures, ate cake, all while on co-pilot. Kay had left a long time ago; this was an empty shell, a sad lonely person. No one would understand that. “How could he do this to her tonight, he said he cared about her, he said she was always in his heart, was that all a lie’. Forty-five minutes before the day was over she said her good nights and headed off to bed. She was going to throw herself on her bed and cry herself to sleep.
As she entered the room, she found she did not need the lights because beside her bed and across the dresser were candles lit bathing the room with a soft light. She smelled ‘lavender’, and on her bed lay rose pedals with a small box and envelope. Running across the room she opened the card reading the sappy fond birthday wish, written to the side was I hope your day was filled with love and special new friends to meet, you are always in my heart, and have a great tour. Love always Michael.
She opened the box and inside was a locket shaped like a heart, she opened it and inside was a picture of her and one of Michael when he was her age, the back was inscribed “You are always in my heart, Love M.J.” Tears came to her eyes as she looked them over “Why you could not be here, just like you promised”, she whispered to herself into the empty room.
The voice scared her as it answered “If nothing else I am a man of my word” Michael said as he stepped out from her bathroom, in his arms he carried a dozen long stemmed roses. Kay’s mouth fell open and she launched herself at him from across the room, screaming in delight. Michael had to drop the roses to catch her; he smiled as he held her in his arms.

Chapter 7;

Her sadness forgotten replaced with a joy she could not explain. Why did he not come downstairs? Why was he hiding in her room? Why did he stop talking to her? The last thought reminded her of her anger. She pulled back and looked in his face. “Just where the hell have you been…..Why are you avoiding me….Did I say something wrong…Do something….I thought you were my friend”, she rambled on.
Michael knew he had a lot to answer for and he would explain in time, but first he lifted her chin and gently kissed her forehead, followed by her cheek, moving to her cute little nose, and ending on her pouting lips “Happy Birthday Kathleen” he said smiling into her eyes.
Kay couldn’t help but return the smile “Thank you Michael”, she returned.
He pulled her to the bed and sat beside her, reaching around her back he picked up the box and retrieved her necklace. “May I” he asked. Kay turned her back to him to allow him the access to put it on her neck. Michael’s hands shook as he clasp the necklace for her, “let me see” he ordered. Kay rose from the bed and stood in front of him “Do you like it” he asked, “Yes, it is beautiful, I’ll treasure it forever”, “I seemed to have dropped your flowers”. Kay turned and walked over to the door to retrieve them.
Michael watched her staring at her bottom as she bent over to pick them up. Kay turned and smiled at him and walked back to him, she laid the roses beside him on the bed but continued to stand in front of him. “So” she added crossing her arm “where have you been hiding”, she had to know what he was up to.
Michael cleared him throat and began “I have been busy….and I felt it would be better…or more easy for you…if I….if I would just give you some distance”, he could not look her in the eyes and turned his attention instead to his hands.
“Easy for me, you thought not talking to me or seeing me would make it easy for me…..BOYS!” she added borrowing one of Liz’s words. “Did you think I needed distance…..or was it really YOU who needed distance….I’m not stupid. She glared back at him
“I thought it would be easier for me” he whispered “I thought I could get you off my mind that way, so I threw myself into the new album…I’m sorry….and no it was not EASY” he added. “Every night I would walk by your door and wonder if you were awake…every night I wanted to come in here and tell you how much you truly mean to me….every night” he added looking at her helpless.
Kay stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close. He returned the embrace by wrapping his around her waist. “What do I mean to you” she whispered against his head.
“More than I can ever tell you, more than I could ever show you” he said.
“Please Michael….Please try….I need to know, I have too, I am tired of feeling like this…this not knowing…this wondering…this empty”, she finished feeling utter lost.
He raised his hand to cup her face “I love you…. always have…..could you not see that…..could you not feel it” he whispered to her as he looked into her eyes.
“I thought it was just me…..yes I feel it….it’s always been you Michael …right here”, she said covering her heart.
Pulling her face to his Michael kissed her with a passion she had never felt before, he lips forced hers open beneath his, it was almost brutal, his tongue began to invade her mouth, her head began to spin, her body responded to him as she fell back with him to the bed. Michael reached behind her to throw the roses back to the floor, and rolled her over on the bed, they lay side by side as the kiss deepened and her hands ran in his hair playing in the curls she loved so much. His hand began roaming over her back and finally to her stomach, then higher until it reached her one of her breasts, she inhaled quickly as his hand covered her breast and began rubbing it, squeezing her nipple through the fabric.
She wanted to touch him as well, but was unsure of what to do, her body was not under her control anymore, and Michael was. So she welcomed whatever he decided to do with it. He broke the kiss and looked down at her face, his hand went to her hair and pulled the clips out that held it in place and his fingers ran through it to straighten it out for her, he wanted it down, and he wanted to see it lying on the blanket with her. “You’re so beautiful” he whispered to her returning to her lips to reclaim them in another kiss.
Kay’s hand moved down his back to his behind griping it to pull him closer, his sharp intake of breath told her he did like her touching him as well. He broke the kiss again and his mouth moved to her neck the feeling of his tongue licking her neck thrilled her more than she thought possible, Kay slid her hand between them and touched the hardness she felt against her leg, his response was to bite on her neck and the tongue reached her shoulders, biting her with gentle nips as his hand began to unbutton her blouse, his lips made a path down her chest until suddenly she felt them take her nipple into his mouth.
The pleasure she felt consumed her body, as he sucked and licked them to a hard peak, she could not contain the moans that escaped from her lips at his torture to her mind. ‘Oh god yes’ her mind screamed. Michael gripped her hips to pull her back on top of him, she easily went, and her hair flew into disarray around her face, she could feel his erection between her legs, the thought of it drove her wild with anticipation. “Baby stop, we have to stop” he begged her, “No Michael, please don’t say that”. She added leaning down to kiss him again. His lifted his body to a sitting position holding her straddling his lap, her legs wrapped around his back.
He never broke her last kiss, running his hands again in her hair. “Not here baby…..not yet” he whispered as their kiss ended against her lips “I won’t treat you like this”.
“I want you too” she murmured.
Groaning he kissed her again pulling her closer to his body. She felt him pulling her shirt closed “Kay… deep breath okay….I need you to think clearly….this is my mother’s house….we have to stop”.
Kay wondered if anyone had heard her moans, it was like a cold immediate shower. “Oh my god” she said jumping up and off him and then the bed, she would die if anyone heard. “I’m sorry I got caught up in the moment…I forgot too…..then I thought I heard someone in the hall”, he started explaining “I didn’t want someone to walk in is all….Do you understand”. Kay nodded. “Give me a second…you um…. might want to cover back up” he said as she watched him walk toward her bathroom. Kay sat on the bed and buttoned her shirt then straightened her hair; she needed a brush and walked across the room to retrieve it to run through her hair. ‘Did someone turn on the heaters’ she thought as she fixed her hair?
Michael returned shortly strolling to the room, Kay could not seem to look in his eyes, she was so embarrassed by what almost took place, not really sure of what all of that entailed.
He joined her and sat on her bed. “Hi” he whisper to her, “Hello yourself”, she returned shyly.
“Do you see what I meant now? Do you see why I had to stay away?.....Look at me” he begged.
Kay glanced at him “Yes I see why…you didn’t trust yourself not to do that…Right?” she added.
“That would be correct” he answered. “I have always wanted to do that… you were so young…you know it’s not so easy to act like a gentleman….with someone a beautiful as you” he added “I thought after time you would met someone else and get over this crush you had on me….then that morning I kissed you, I didn’t want you too….I understood then…..I saw it in your eyes…..I felt it as well”. Michael groaned “It so hard to want to touch someone and know its wrong…..You were still underage, God am I making sense”?
Kay cleared her throat, “I get it I know what you mean…..it would have been wrong…..I’m sorry if I made it hard for you” Kay said softly. “But I am still not sorry” she added and started to giggle “That was amazing… I never thought being with someone could make you feel so many things at once…..You were amazing. When can we….you know….. finish?” she continued “I want to know everything, I want to feel everything”.
Michael laughed with her “I guess we will have to make some plans then, how about after the tour?”. “Eleven months you expect me to wait eleven months”, she wailed. “Won’t that make it more special” he asked. He smiled at her groan “I won’t have sex with you till our wedding night that is how it is supposed to be”.
Kay looked at him shocked “Are you asking me to marry you”, “hummmm” he answered “Is that a yes”. Kay threw himself into his arms “Oh god yes Michael , yes…..you will never regret it”. “I do already” he groaned at the pain ripped through him from her hitting him in the nuts as she leaped across the bed. “oops sorry”, she said covering his face with kisses. ‘Kathleen Jackson , Kay Jackson’, yes that sounded great.
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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 25th 2010, 8:07 am

OMG!!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST FREAKING STORY I'VE EVER READ!!! i was sorry to see it end!!! it was just too awesome!! you have got to write another one!! maybe you can make him younger and he falls in love with an older woman next time?? i dunno...just a suggestion! but that was so freaking sweet!!

with much MJ L.O.V.E.

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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 25th 2010, 5:57 pm

this is awesome!!!!!!!!
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Superfly Sister
Superfly Sister

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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 25th 2010, 6:01 pm

I was just gonna read the first part, but then it was good and I just kept reading and reading. lol Great job!
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PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyMarch 26th 2010, 5:09 am

THank you this was the first one I wrote, it was longer because I just had to revisit these characters, the story needed more, and I will admit my mind drifts to them alot as I write, since most of the people in there were based on my own family.

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Thank you Michael for knowing what a girl wants!
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PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 19th 2010, 8:41 am

That is the best girl. WELL DONE. My God I was upside down. Wonderful writing. THANKYOU.
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PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 19th 2010, 8:45 am

I really dont know how long I have been SITTING here reading this story. What a great storyline. Only a true fan could write those characters. I was laughing and just amazed at your talent of being able to hold an audience for that long. Not unlike our hero. God bless your talents. God bless the Chreokee nation. Are you really Cherokee? LO.V.E. LOVEYOUMOST.
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PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 19th 2010, 9:31 am

Oh thank you so much, Kay is based on my heritage as I said this was my first story, so I wrote about my dreams of who I would have loved to have been. I think I could have driven Michael right out of his mind (but don't we all)....My grandmother Jesse Pearl was Cherokee and my Grandfather Benjamin Franklin was Irish and he was in fact a preacher, although I did not live with them I spent a lot of time with them before their deaths and I loved to go with my grandmother to and celebrate her heritage the dances were something back in the day...As my teachers always say write about what you understand and know, so that's what I try to do, pieces of my family make their way into all my stories....She's out of my life has my brother Kenny in it...I had a blast with that.....I want to love you has my best friend and her daughter.
Thanks for commenting I am glad you liked it.

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Thank you Michael for knowing what a girl wants!
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PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 19th 2010, 10:45 am

THERE WAS A REAL KATHY....APPARENTLY a truck could go up his nose. What does that mean by the way. I have a feeling it aint a BLACK THANG but a MJ thing??
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PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" EmptyApril 29th 2010, 8:55 pm

yay! i love it.....im gonna read the rest tommororw
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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"   Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only" Empty

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Always In My Heart (Complete 2 parts) "Mature Readers Only"
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