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 How did you discover Michael?

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PostSubject: He Gave Me Music   How did you discover Michael? - Page 2 EmptySeptember 8th 2009, 4:25 pm

How did you discover Michael? - Page 2 Michael-jackson Growing up, my family was very much devoid of music. It was never really a big part of my life. I might have heard a couple of MJ's songs, but didn't really pay any attention. And in a little city in the Philippines, entertainment wasn't a big part of life. Or if it was, we focused more on our local artists.

Long story short, I was very busy in my younger years with my studies until I migrated to the US. From there, I was busy building a life and career, raising a daughter singlehandedly and just living a hectic life. Again, I probably ran into MJ's songs in the 80's but I was consumed about many of life's issues. I still didn't have much music in my life.

Until the day he died. Many say that was the day that music died. For me, it was the day that music was born!

I got curious about this entertainer name Michael Jackson. I did understand that he was bigger than life, had some scandals thrown at him, and died of cardiac arrest. That was where it all started.

Being laid off work, in a much depressed state, I got into researching MJ to kill time.

First, I read about the trials. I went passed mainstream media, got into YouTube, got into forums, read all the articles. From here I came to the conclusion that this man was severely maligned by the press, specially the tabloids. Well, I am an activist at heart and always feel passionately moved by right and wrong. The world did this man wrong, big time!

I read day and night, I watched thousands of videos. I cried for the loss of this beautiful soul. I read and watched how lovingly Michael hugged the sick and needy children. Only a man with a pure heart, you can see it in his eyes, can hug with so much love and tenderness. I read about his humanitarian work and I was forever hooked on this man.

I love the way he laughs, I love how he was such a great daddy, I love his writings. I love his sensitivity, his intelligence, his creativity. I got addicted to his interview videos, the outtakes, his personal home videos, and the countless productions about him - negative and positive. I cried throughout his Oxford and Carnegie lectures. I broke down when I heard "The Crucifixion". And I felt closer to him. I loved him as a human being before I got into loving him as a performer.

Then, I started really looking at him as an artist. For the first time in my life, I heard music. I came across his music vids, the gold pants video, his rehearsal videos, his concerts. I came to love him even more as I experienced how his music has changed my life. I'm sure it has changed millions of people's lives worldwide, including mine.

I was at a low point in my career when I adopted "Man in the Mirror" as my personal anthem. I have decided that I will live by this creed. Realizing that I need income to give to others, I renewed the intensity of my job search. In this economy, it is easy to get discouraged. Whenever I got another rejection, I watched MITM and my hopes are revived. It encouraged me never to give up. Tomorrow, I start an awesome job, thanks to God's goodness and MJ's inspiration. I know that with my income, I will always set aside a part of that to make whatever little difference I can in the world, especially the lives of the children.

It has been a bittersweet journey with MJ ever since. The one without music is now merged with her Ipod all with MJ's music and video. I have visited his Star and cried over it, played in Neverland (water fight with new found friends MJ fans), loved his energy and spirit at his Encino family home, and broke down in front of his Holmsby Hills home where he died. I have met friends from France, Mexico, Georgia (the country, not the state) and they have stayed at my home and we adopted each other as family when they came for MJ's birthday. I've spent many hours in forums, learning about MJ, grieving with MJ's fans, celebrating with them, and reporting his burial coverage for those without access. I have a whole new family because of MJ. I have a whole new way of looking at life, of living life on a daily basis because of MJ.

And, it may not seem a big deal to most, but for me I finally found joy in music, MJ's biggest gift to me. Now, I can't even imagine - What if I lived and died without ever enjoying the beauty of music? Because of Michael, it won't be so.

And I don't care what others say, it is possible to love Michael deeply even though I just came to do so after his death. Let's all remember that MJ is timeless, and many will come to love him even when we all are gone. His love will forever be alive in our world and we have been so mightily blessed that he has lived in our time. Let's pass that on to our children and our children's children.

... and it doesn't hurt that he is so HOT! ;)
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How did you discover Michael? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: How did you discover Michael?   How did you discover Michael? - Page 2 EmptySeptember 8th 2009, 11:41 am

What sparked it??
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How did you discover Michael?
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