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 I Want You Back

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PostSubject: I Want You Back   I Want You Back EmptyApril 21st 2018, 4:46 am

Michael had finished recording the last song for his new album.

He was tired and wanted to call it the night, but the perfectionist in him wanted to stay to hear the tracks and work closely with the producers to edit and mix down the tracks that would become the final masterpieces for his new project.

Michael asked softly, "How much time is it going to take us to run these songs back and mix them down Rodney?"

Bobbing his head to the futuristic beats coming out of his headphones, Rodney shrugged his shoulders and zoned out to the music.

The King of Pop shook his head annoyed with the lack of professionalism in the response to his question. He let out a long sigh as his tired body slipped back into the large black leather chaise lounger.

He hasn't meant to doze off but as his body gave way to the exhaustion as his eyelids became heavy welcoming sleep to take him over. She was there waiting on the other side of humanity waiting for him to return with a smile on her face.

"Hello my love," her greeting was warm as the sun high above the lateral plane of the universe. It had been nine years since he had thought of her. The first year after he had left her trapped in his dreams, she was sure that the vivid memories of their lovemaking will bring back to her yet time stole him from her.

Michael grew busy with his children, his aging parents and music career. When he left her, his journey back to her was halted by life. But all of that was old news now that he had returned to her.

Lovingly, Michael caressed her face and smile. "It's been too long lover."

"You're tired," she responded with worry in her voice.

Michael did not want to ruin their moment with conversations about how mentally tired he was. "I'm fine babe, I've missed you so much." He reaches for her waist pulling her close to him.

Softly he sings into her ear, "Hold me like the river Jordan..." A few notes into the song her lips cover his as they embrace for a passionate kiss.

They find the heavens, stars, and moon right there between the two of them for what seemed like an eternity before they let go of each other.

Passion thriving through her body she proclaims her need for him. " I Want You Back Michael."

His response, " I am right here."

I Want You Back Pbucket

He will forever be the king of my heart ♥️
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I Want You Back
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